Chapter 12 – WuYi goes to Yuncheng University

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Liu Dashan walked over to lift Liao Yong from the ground and then turned to look at the dirty Lin Mengfei’s breakdown, her complexion pale. He originally thought that she was just a little bit fragile and unable to endure hardships, but he didn’t expect this beautiful external appearance to be so ugly inside.

Honest men like himself wouldn’t be able to see it at a glance. The lessons handed down by their master had never taught them to use their brothers to block the gun.

Lin Mengfei’s lips quivered slightly. She seemed to want to explain a few words for herself but was blocked by everyone’s cold eyes. Her tears flowed down like rain as if she had been wronged.

“I… I didn’t mean to!”

Zheng Wenjun couldn’t just stand silent, so under the pressure of everyone’s sight, with a flushed neck and lack of breath, he snapped out, “Xiao Fei is also not to be blamed. Survival is just a subconscious instinct during emergency situations like this!”

“Instinct?” Xie Jun dug his ears as if he had heard a joke. The good mood built by saving these people was now completely destroyed.

It was like eating a meal deliciously but then a fly suddenly flew inside your mouth. It was disgusting to the point that everyone instantly felt some sympathy for Liao Yong who had to walk with two such people.

“If I heard it correctly, this was pushing people into the zombie horde to get out and run, right? If you run by yourself and say this is because of survival instincts, then no one can really blame you. But pushing your best friends to be the bait and turning your back to run, that’s quite a vicious instinct!!!”

Xie Jun didn’t care whether the other party was a girl or not. The words were sharp and cruel, as he sneered sarcastically, “Right, then if we saw someone on the verge of death and didn’t save them, wouldn’t that also be called self-protection instinct!?”

Zheng Wenjun flushed red as he suddenly choked and couldn’t utter a word anymore. Lin Mengfei shrank in fear behind Zheng Wenjun, only knowing to cry. However, this appearance of pear blossom bathed in rain, no one except Zheng Wenjun would eat this set.

There was a trace of imperceptible resentment under Lin Mengfei’s tear-filled eyes as she looked at Xie Jun and his group.

Xiao WuYi looked at Lin Mengfei and Zheng Wenjun, then looked at Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, and suddenly, he felt he was very lucky.

Xie Jun wanted to ask about the specific situation in Liao Yong’s school when he felt his sleeves being pulled. When he looked back, he saw his little boss holding a milk carton and looking at him seriously.

“Xiaojunjun, you’re all great people! Thank you for accompanying me to find my daddy!” The little hamster spoke very sincerely with only the purest and cleanest gratitude in his bright, glistening eyes.

Xie Jun froze for a moment. Somewhat embarrassed, he turned his head as his face slightly flushed red, and quickly said to Liu Dashan and his other younger brothers, “The little young master is hungry again, hurry and get some food.”


The little hamster couldn’t help but suck on his straw, confusedly tilting his head.

Humans are really strange and shy creatures.

While the little hamster was being forced to eat by Liu Dashan and the others, Xie Jun also learned about the situation of Yun Uni from Liao Yong’s mouth. Although the school still hadn’t started when the end of the world broke out, students arriving early were not in the minority. Some teachers and students even stayed in school for the entire holiday because of issues in their subjects.

Liao Yong also came to the school early because he had related topics to study, but he didn’t expect to be met with the apocalypse as soon as he arrived.

“There should still be living people in the school. The brothers next door to my room also didn’t turn into zombies; I saw them from the window that day. The dormitory must be blocked by zombies by now and they won’t be able to get out of the dorm room. If no one saves them, they can only starve to death!”

Liao Yong’s eyes were red with tears, “I know it’s dangerous, but I still ask you to rescue them. The school is so big and I don’t know how many people are trapped!! I originally fled with A-Lin1阿琳 = He said A-Lin… But the Lin as in beautiful jade and not Lin Minfeng’s (林) Lin which means forest. and some others, but now only the three of us are left!” 

Xie Jun felt moved. Although he knew that the trip was dangerous, he couldn’t help but agree to go. Regarding this decision of Xie Jun, Xiao WuYi and Liu Dashan didn’t have any opinions.

Lin Mengfei and Zheng Wenjun looked at them with a gaze as if looking at crazy people, but at this moment, no one cared about their thoughts.

The students inside the school were the future of the motherland. Although Xie Jun and Liu Dashan didn’t read too many books, they admired those people who could read. They couldn’t just sit back and ignore the survivors.

It would be a great loss and sorrow for those who worked hard just to die in vain because there was no one to rescue them.


At this moment, Yuncheng University.

Almost all the survivors in the school were concentrated at a small playground. A horde of zombies had densely surrounded a transparent, semi-circular protective cover from every side.

The zombies, confronted with the fresh blood and flesh close by, crazily and constantly banged against the transparent protective cover as they remained isolated from the outside.

Inside the protective cover, a slender girl in the middle was being supported by everyone. Even if her physical strength was close to exhaustion and cold sweat was continuously running down, she still held her hands high, clenched her teeth, and held up this protective umbrella for her classmates and teachers.

This protective umbrella, which originally accommodated two people, now sheltered the entire school’s survivors. It had been growing bigger and never shrunk the slightest.

Seeing Wu Wenyu was clearly unable to hold up but was still struggling to move, trying to take them out of the school and away from the swarm of zombies, many emotional female students started to cry.

They didn’t even know each other and they weren’t classmates either, but Wu Wenyu saved them all when she could have obviously easily escaped with this special ability by herself.

Many boys standing near the outer side felt their eyes turning red. Wiping their tears, one shouted with agitation at Wu Wenyu in the middle, “You, narrow down the circle. Let me out! Don’t save me and save some strength instead. Maybe you can take the other students out!”

Han Lin who was standing beside Wu Wenyu also cried, “Xiao Yu, please let me go too! Don’t worry about us and just go by yourself!”

“No, your life was saved by me, only what I say counts!” Wu Wenyu shook her head, her weak tone filled with unquestionable finality.

Facing Wu Wenyu’s stubbornness, everyone’s eyes reddened. As they saw the increasing number of zombies outside the protective cover, many became sad and the wails of despair continued to grow.

As one of the survivors in the school, the old headmaster of Yun Uni was also squeezed into Wu Wenyu’s periphery. He looked at Wu Wenyu sympathetically and felt distressed as he spoke with a smile, “Student Xiao Yu, why don’t you have an old guy like me go out. I’m already at this age anyway, there are not many years left for me to live.”

“Never! Every one of us will go out together!” Wu Wenyu shook her head stubbornly, her rosy face already becoming sickly pale.

“Why do you bother doing this!” The old headmaster’s eyes also instantly turned red. It was not known whether he was moved or angry, “How persistent! How stubborn!”

Listening to this comment, Wu Wenyu couldn’t help but grin, and quite proudly she said, “My brother taught me!”

However, in the face of so many zombie collisions, Wu Wenyu’s ability that was on the verge of collapse due to over-exhaustion just a while ago, was now only relying on strong willpower to sustain it.

Seeing Wu Wenyu’s dry, white lips, Han Lin unscrewed a bottle of mineral water. Tears in her eyes continuously flowed as she gently and carefully delivered the water to Wu Wenyu’s mouth. With a smiling face but a choked-up voice, she spoke, “Xiao Yu, drink some water. I still have some biscuits on me, you can have some.”

After Han Lin said this, the others also spoke one after another and contributed all the food that was left on their body, encouraging Wu Wenyu to eat more.

The old headmaster wiped his tears with his hands as he looked at Wu Wenyu with tenderness and distress. A petite figure at a glance, but concealing unimaginable power.

“How was this Capital University able to get help from such a good child for its old, undying students!” 

“Because this Capital University has a higher scoreline!” Wu Wenyu swallowed the cookies, at the same time not forgetting to make a joke with the old headmaster. There were endless optimism and strength in her weak stature.

Han Lin at the side looked at such a kind and beautiful Wu Wenyu and in her heart, hated Lin Mengfei even more and liked Wu Wenyu even more.

If it wasn’t for Wu Wenyu, who suffered a high fever and awakened her ability when they were pushed into the zombie horde, she was afraid the two of them would’ve already turned into zombies or bitten by the zombies until their bones were torn apart.

“Xiao Yu, if we can still live after this, can you let me be your only bestfriend2閨密 Girlfriends refers to: A close friend, a female same-sex friend, having intimate behaviors but not homosexuals… I translated it as “bestfriend” to avoid confusion. (It would’ve been shocking if Han Lin said let me be your only girlfriend in the future lol) in the future?” Han Lin wiped her cheeks as she cried, “You’ll come to Yun Uni in the future and play with me, okay?!”

Hearing this, Wu Wenyu paused a bit, and then pulled up a smile with a touch of both sadness and happiness and nodded to promise.


From now on, she no longer knew the person named Lin Mengfei.

Hearing this mysterious conversation between Han Lin and Wu Wenyu, the others felt curious to know the inside story. However, when they saw Wu Wenyu, who had always been optimistic suddenly become silent, everyone tacitly evaded the issue.

Looking at the zombies outside, everyone couldn’t help but pray; even unrealistically hoping that God would bring down a hero to the world and save them all.

It’s a pity that before the heroes came, the zombie swarm was the first to break and bring out a strong change.

A zombie suddenly seemed to develop an autonomous ability. Instead of slamming at the front, it turned its head to open its big, bloody mouth at the other zombies around him.

Numerous white fangs flowing with blue pus bit on half of the head of the zombie next to it. With the bitten zombie tumbling down, the zombie’s strength seemed to have exploded causing it to begin to bite its kind more frantically.

Such a horrible scene made many girls scream in fright, the boys’ faces also followed after and went pale.


At this time, Xiao WuYi’s group finally arrived at  Yuncheng University’s main entrance.


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