Chapter 47 – WuYi’s family and friends

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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Chapter 1 - WuYi is a little hamster Chapter 2 - WuYi can't eat fish Chapter 3 - WuYi is a left-alone hamster Chapter 4 - WuYi's last call Chapter 5 - WuYi fell into a deep sleep Chapter 6 - WuYi became a biped Chapter 7 - Angry WuYi is very scary Chapter 8 - WuYi’s hardcore housekeeping Chapter 9 - WuYi opens the way to find his father Chapter 10 - WuYi picks up crystal nuclei everywhere Chapter 11 - WuYi arrives at the center of the city Chapter 12 - WuYi goes to Yuncheng University Chapter 13 - WuYi saves Xiao Yu-meimei Chapter 14 - WuYi takes a comfortable bath Chapter 15 - WuYi covers his tiny sockpuppet Chapter 16 - WuYi's first stop, Shancheng Chapter 17 - WuYi exerts energy and strength Chapter 18 - WuYi looks at the roadside flowers Chapter 19 - WuYi was held hostage Chapter 20 - WuYi overtakes space ability Chapter 21 - WuYi continues moving forward Chapter 22.1 - WuYi’s about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 22.2 - WuYi's about to reach Fengcheng Chapter 23 - WuYi enters the fog Chapter 24 - WuYi enters Fengcheng Chapter 25 - WuYi arrives riding on auspicious clouds Chapter 26 - WuYi is Daddy’s child Chapter 27 - WuYi’s safety depends on everyone Chapter 28 - WuYi loves Daddy the most Chapter 29 - WuYi is three years old this year Chapter 30 - WuYi will help build a base Chapter 31 - WuYi has a big baobei Chapter 32 - WuYi is an all-rounder little expert Chapter 33 - WuYi carries out search and rescue Chapter 34 - WuYi asks Daddy to charge Chapter 35 - WuYi belong exclusively to Daddy Chapter 36 - WuYi and Daddy takes a bath Chapter 37 - WuYi wants to fall in love Chapter 38 - WuYi sets off to Haicheng Chapter 39 - WuYi’s portable big villa Chapter 40 - WuYi will be good to Daddy Chapter 41 - WuYi is the Little Prince Chapter 42 - WuYi fishes a black box Chapter 43 - WuYi meets a mermaid Chapter 44 - WuYi learns a new kissing method Chapter 45 - WuYi hates zombie bugs Chapter 46 - WuYi is a native fairy Chapter 47 - WuYi’s family and friends Chapter 48 - WuYi arrives at the strait Chapter 49 - WuYi and the Little Vampire Chapter 50 - Mediating WuYi is online Chapter 51 - WuYi’s crossing the sea Chapter 52 - WuYi and the Zombie King Whale Chapter 53 - WuYi’s Daddy disappeared Chapter 54 - WuYi’s butt spanked

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Night soon fell again as they headed towards Haicheng.

Nie Xiao’s team all went into the villa to rest. Possier was now out of his estrus, and he didn’t want to sleep inside the black box in the living room anymore, so he crashed in Jiang Qiu’s room and squeezed in with him. It wasn’t known what means he used, but Jiang Qiu unexpectedly didn’t drive him out.

In this regard, everyone maintained the quietly eating melons attitude and tacitly pretended not to have seen this scene.

Otherwise, if Jiang Qiu was shamed into anger, there would be no more melons to eat. While on the road during an apocalypse, people count on these few mouthfuls of melon to balance their lives.

The big tiger wasn’t as finicky as Possier. It lay on the soft sofa in the living room, sleeping comfortably. After lazily yawning, he fell asleep quickly.

Meanwhile, in the master bedroom upstairs, a certain little hamster who hasn’t obediently gone to sleep yet was lying next to his daddy’s ear, saying ‘chi chi’ in whispers.

Nie Xiao was lying flat, eyes slightly closed, listening to the sweet and cute, hypnotic chi chis beside his ears while half-awake and half-asleep. However, the little guy’s next sentence completely jolted him awake.


By the way Daddy, Baby suddenly discovered today that General does not seem to have the need to absorb crystal nuclei!!

Hearing these words, Nie Xiao immediately became attentive. He couldn’t help but open his eyes. He turned sideways and looked at the little dumpling on the pillow beside him, and asked seriously, “How did Baby know?”

Seeing Nie Xiao’s serious and solemn look, the little hamster transformed into his teenager appearance, lay sideways, and retracted into the quilt. His small mouth answered truthfully, “Because everyone’s crystal nuclei is in my little storage ya!

“But only General has never asked me for a crystal nucleus ne!!!”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but be surprised when he heard this. Usually, the little hamster and the big tiger often stay together, and they always thought that the big tiger was absorbing crystal nuclei every day.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but rub his temples. He then gently poke the young boy’s forehead with his fingers, helpless and drained. “Why didn’t you tell Dad such a big matter earlier?”

Xiao WuYi lowered his head with a guilty conscience, pinched his fingers, and muttered with his small mouth, “Baby didn’t pay attention before. Besides, General won’t hurt Baby. He just can’t absorb crystal nuclei like me, that’s all. It’s not a bad thing.”

Nie Xiao saw Xiao WuYi’s little appearance that looked like he had been wronged in advance and uncontrollably took a soft bite of the youth’s white and tender cheek, somewhat hating iron for not becoming steel.

“You little fool.”

In these circumstances where crystal nuclei are absorbed to fully put abilities to use, WuYi and the big tiger are simply rare exceptions, and things are probably not as simple as they seem.

“Baby, can you tell Daddy carefully how you met General again?”

Xiao WuYi rubbed his little cheek that had been bitten by the bad daddy, a bit aggrieved and a little confused, but seeing Nie Xiao’s serious expression, he still carefully explained how he met the big tiger.

After Nie Xiao finished listening, he felt even more strange. “You mean General took the initiative to take you back into his cave and then was beaten by you randomly jumping around for a while but still willingly followed you?”

“Baby tried hard to defeat him, General didn’t go easy on me at all!!!”  Xiao WuYi fumingly retorted after hearing Nie Xiao’s casual description. “The seeds of the flowers and vines were also found in General’s cave.”

“En, en. Since Baby said he didn’t go easy, then he didn’t go easy!”

Nie Xiao placatingly rubbed the head of his little fool and then thought of the two extraordinary plants staying in the base. For a moment, he had the feeling that his cub’s relationship with the tiger downstairs wasn’t shallow.

He still clearly remembered that when the two plants first saw WuYi, they were so excited as if they saw a long-lost relative whom they finally got reunited with.

And now, the big tiger also has the same non-absorbing crystal nucleus characteristic as WuYi. Excluding him not having yet transformed into human form, his motivation for obediently following WuYi was obviously not something owed to “being defeated and subdued.”

“…Baby, I think General and the two strange plants in the base may have known you since a long time ago.” Nie Xiao pondered for a while and boldly speculated. Only such speculations could explain these unreasonable phenomena.

Recalling the big tiger’s usual behavior, it was just like he was the little hamster’s guardian.

Nie Xiao looked at the youth before him again and suddenly felt that he might have picked up a little fairy with an incredible identity.

“But Baby doesn’t seem to remember anything!”

Xiao WuYi couldn’t help but touch his head and look at Nie Xiao, a little puzzled. Out of the blue, he felt like he had lost something huge, and was a little uncomfortable and a bit empty.

Nie Xiao looked at the youth who suddenly began to feel sad, a bit disconcerted. He rubbed the other’s head and soothingly said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t remember. You were only very small when Daddy picked you up.”

Nie Xiao couldn’t help but draw the size of a small dumpling.

Hearing this, the youth became optimistic again, and he slammed his fist onto the palm of his other hand. “That’s right, I was young at that time, and it’s normal if I don’t remember. Then, Baby will ask General tomorrow to see if he knew my family and friends before.”

“Also, Baby always think that they would be very kind!”

Nie Xiao watched the youth suddenly become cheerful again and couldn’t help but smile. “Then ask tomorrow, it’s time to sleep.”


Xiao WuYi obediently agreed, got into Nie Xiao’s arms to find a comfortable position, and asked for a goodnight kiss from Nie Xiao as usual.

Nie Xiao readily complied.

Afterwards, the room sunk into silence, but no more than a few minutes later, the youth’s body restlessly turned and twisted. He opened his eyes, and black glistening pupils looked at Nie Xiao.

“By the way, Daddy, if General really is my family or friend, will he know of my biological parents? After all, Baby isn’t a little hamster that just popped out of a crack in a rock!”

Nie Xiao: “…”

At that moment, Nie Xiao felt that he was going to lose sleep tonight.


On the other side, Wu Qingfeng and Luo Yunhai’s team also rested early. Except for a few comrades in charge of the night watch, everybody else went to sleep.

Mo Ye was lying in his sleeping bag. He couldn’t help feeling a little excited when he thought of seeing Xiao Yan and the others in Haicheng Strait soon. After calming down after a while, he hugged his little dagger and obediently closed his eyes.

At that moment, in the pitch-black night, a small black shadow flew noiselessly towards the truck.

It was a little boy in a black robe who has skin as white as snow, dark red lips, and two pointed tiger teeth jutting out of his lips.

He tiptoed to the side of the vehicle, opened his red lips, and then let out an invisible sound wave.

Soon, the soldiers who were in charge of the night watch inside the truck became drowsy.

The little boy seized the opportunity. He climbed into the car and started to gobble up food when he found food, appearing to be completely starving.

The little boy was about to go out after filling his stomach, but when he caught sight of the dagger in Mo Ye’s hand, he couldn’t help but stop and curiously want to touch it.

But he didn’t want to disturb Mo Ye’s person.

Mo Ye opened a little seam between his eyes and saw a sneaky little figure squatting next to him, quietly touching the dagger he placed on his chest.

Mo Ye only felt he was being taken advantage of. On impulse, he stretched out his hand and directly grabbed the other’s ankle. “Who are you?”

Having been caught so suddenly, the little boy was so spooked out of his mind that he instinctively flew outside, bringing Mo Ye up with him.

“Aahhhh, stop flying ah!!!”

Mo Ye looked at the ground that was getting farther and farther away from him, and he was immediately frightened to death.

The noises coming from the two people awakened Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and the others in the vehicle. They saw Mo Ye who had been taken away and ran after him without any further thoughts.

Ultimately, they managed to catch the two children in one net.

Under the light of the flashlight, everyone was able to see the little boy’s appearance clearly, and they couldn’t help but be astonished.

“A foreigner child?”

Sislow was illuminated upon by a strong light, making him shrink in the corner and shiver. He was so scared that his tears were about to flow out. He spoke with great difficulty and spoke in fluent Chinese, “Wuwuwu, don’t capture me. I only took your food because I was hungry, plus I compensated you in exchange too!!!”

Mo Ye looked at Sislow’s clothing and his pointed little tiger teeth, and couldn’t help feeling it a bit novel and strange. “Are you playing a vampire?”

Sislow hugged his head and became even more frightened.

QAQ wuwu, I was recognized!!!

Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and the others went back to check the food in the truck, and they really found a few missing. They instantly figured out who the little mouse that was pilfering food these days was.

“What’s your name? Why are you following us? Also, what was the compensation you were talking about?” Wu Qingfeng interrogated the little boy in front of him with a serious expression, owing to his vigilance as a soldier.

Sislow suddenly became more frightened, and he didn’t dare to speak at all.

Mo Ye somewhat couldn’t stand it. He walked to Sislow’s side and patted the other’s head. Seeing this little brother who looked only about seven or eight years old, a sense of being a big brother surged within him. “Be good, don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you!!

“These adults just like to scare children with a straight face.”

Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and others: “…”

Sislow instantly felt a bit relieved with Mo Ye in sight. He sniffed, wiped his tears, and said, “My name is Sislow. I want to go to Haicheng to find my two brothers so I followed you.”

“I gave you compensation by helping you get rid of all the zombie insects, otherwise, you would’ve been bitten long ago.”

Sislow was super aggrieved as he wrapped his small body with his cloak and shrank into the corner of the truck pitifully.

Hearing this, Wu Qingfeng, Luo Yunhai, and the others couldn’t help but look at each other. No wonder their journey went so smoothly.

Wu Qingfeng couldn’t help asking, “How did you get rid of the zombie insects?”

Sislow glanced at Mo Ye again, and then said bitterly, “You all know that I’m a vampire, why do you still ask when you already know how!!! Of course it’s through using my bloodline’s innate skill, the sonic wave ability!!!”


Mo Ye couldn’t help being shocked. Then he squatted down, looked at Sislow’s two little tiger teeth, and sat on the ground in alarm, “You weren’t cosplaying!!!”1I honestly don’t know if the author made a typo on writing “cospy” instead of cosplay bc they wrote it in english.

“Goodness! Uncle Qingfeng, his teeth are real!! Ah ah ah, there are really vampires in the world!!!”

Sislow looked at everyone’s shocked appearance, and his little face gradually turned green. He covered his aggrieved mouth as he cried without tears.

Earthlings are too cunning!!!

I want to go home!!!



The author has something to say: A case of covid has also been found around my neighborhood. Everyone must wear a mask when you go out ah!!!

Hope everyone is safe.



Xena: When the author was writing this, covid cases were striking up in China. Good thing the curve is already flattening in several countries. Stay safe everyone!



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