Chapter 42 – WuYi fishes a black box

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When the sun rose early the next morning, Nie Xiao and the others simply grabbed a bite and then continued to drive forward.

That morning, Xiao WuYi didn’t get enough sleep so he shrank into Nie Xiao’s pocket and continued to sleep in the form of a little hamster, adorably clinging to the edge of the pocket.

Ning Feng looked on in envy for a while; he was also eager to sleep in.

“The suspension bridge is up ahead.”

Duan Wenyu looked down at the map in his hand, pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, then raised his head and said, “We’ll be in Mingcheng after crossing the bridge. But, we still don’t know where Wu Qingfeng and his team are right now.”

Xie Jun, who sat in the driver’s seat, holding the steering wheel and looking at the roadside out of the corner of his eyes, spoke, “They’re coming from the capital which is quite far away. They should be a little later than us, but it should be no more than a day or two’s time. If we arrive there ahead of schedule, we can just think about how to cross the sea.”

Nie Xiao, who was sitting in the rear compartment, was listening to the conversation between Duan Wenyu and the others.

Nie Xiao looked down at the little hamster in his pocket and then suggested to everyone, “Perhaps, we can speed up a little bit more. Although the zombies will become more active when it’s dark, we can still continue on the road.”

As far as their combat effectiveness was concerned, driving in the dark was not a big problem.

Xiao Yan nodded in agreement as she heard this, but couldn’t help but look at the road outside, saying, “Not to mention we’re also very lucky for not having met even a few high-level zombies along the way.”

“That seems to be true indeed.”

Ning Feng thought about it carefully and was also quietly surprised. Then he stroked his chin and surmised, “It may also be due to our high-speed driving. We don’t have that many people in the first place, and generally, high-level zombies are more likely to appear in the center of a city.”

“Maybe.” Xie Jun nodded in agreement.

Bai Mei listened to everyone’s discussion in silence. With a shallow smile, he deeply hid his merit and name.

The little hamster soon woke up after sleeping in Nie Xiao’s pocket for a while. He then took out a big strawberry from the space for breakfast, held it in his arms, and nibbled at it with a happy face.

Ning Feng stared in shock. “Why do you still have fresh strawberries stored up!!!”

Nie Xiao looked down at the little hamster’s cute chewing appearance and suddenly laughed.

There were some strawberry seeds mixed with the seeds he collected near the base before. They have only been planted in the space for several days and there weren’t many strawberries, but it makes the little guy extremely happy nonetheless.

Every time he eats, he would change back to his little dumpling form. In order for the strawberry to be eaten for a long time, Baby has to resemble it1dumpling can also be strawberry dango–if you remember the very first chapter.

The little hamster saw Ning Feng’s eager appearance and somewhat begrudgingly held his strawberry, innocently looking back at Ning Feng.

“Chi!” Baby doesn’t have any more.

Ning Feng didn’t need an interpreter at this time. With a face full of disbelief, he said, “You’re lying, there must be more!!!”

The little hamster’s small face immediately wrinkled into a bun, and he finally looked at everyone. He knew that eating alone was not good, so he could only painfully push his soft cheeks with his claws and give two strawberries per person.

Jiang Qiu and Duan Wenyu looked at the strawberries in their hands then at the pained face of the little dumpling, and suddenly laughed.

The strawberries were quickly eaten in two bites, and in exchange, the little hamster was thunderstruck, clutching his chest with an expression saying, ‘You all don’t know how to eat things sparingly’.

It was exceedingly cute.

The two fruits didn’t even reach Ning Feng’s throat, and he could only sigh in lament. “It would be good if I could also shrink; one strawberry would equal to a hundred in my arms. In this apocalypse, saving food is necessary, especially if you are providing necessities.”

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but look at the little hamster, who was good at providing necessities and could feed their large group.

Noticing everyone’s gaze, the little hamster couldn’t help but wearily sigh: it’s too difficult for this baby.

Looking at the sighing little dumpling in the palm of his hand, Nie Xiao couldn’t help but smile and pet him, making the little guy very comfortable.

Soon, the group arrived at the suspension bridge, but the bridge in front was clogged with numerous and densely-packed zombies. It seems that because they had set up a flag earlier, they were now met with so many zombies all at once.

Fortunately, everyone’s abilities are getting stronger and stronger as they absorb crystal nuclei. This matter was not difficult to solve; it would merely delay a lot of their time.

Bai Mei wasn’t lazy at showing his power and was using the huge boulders in his space to crush the zombies from above while simultaneously collecting the ability cores brought by the zombies in a calm and collected manner.

The little hamster standing on Nie Xiao’s shoulders, like Bai Mei, used the “Sky Descending Justice” skill and let loose boulders on the bridge with a dong dong.

Feeling the vibrations of the bridge floor and seeing Bai Mei and the little hamster’s brutal approach, Duan Wenyu suddenly became a little worried about the bridge under his feet. He shouted to the two, “You two, hurry up and take a break. Stop doing that for now or else the bridge will collapse.”

Bai Mei and the little hamster immediately became embarrassed.

In any case, Bai Mei had already successfully stowed the ability cores in his space. It doesn’t matter if he’s dismissed at this time. It was only surprising that the zombie seemed endless, and there was an ceaseless amount of them pouring from the surrounding area to the vicinity of the bridge.

Regarding this, Bai Mei couldn’t help but frown slightly. He was obviously no longer calling for these zombies and was even carrying the intention of driving them away.

“What’s going on? How come the zombies today are gathering at this bridge!” Jiang Qiu couldn’t help cursing. Although these were just low-level zombies, they were also very much annoying because they were so congested and a waste of time.

Especially this rancid and bloody smell that assails the nostrils and suffocated people. Nie Xiao brows also furrowed. He then looked at the serene surface of the river under the bridge. “Is there something in this water?”

As he said that, Ning Feng suddenly shouted anxiously, “Fuckshit, these zombies are jumping into the river. Isn’t this fucking polluting the water source?!!! This is our Yangtze River ah, damn it!!!”

Although they don’t dare to drink water from lakes and rivers indiscriminately now, it was still very sad to see this scene.

For a while, everyone’s expressions were unsightly.

The little hamster unhesitantly jumped onto the big tiger’s back, grabbed onto the other’s fur using his small paws, and prepared to fly to the surface of the river to see what happened.

“General, let’s go and see!”

However, in the wide and far-reaching Yangtze River, the currents were rapid and turbulent, it was difficult to see what was under the water clearly. The zombies that jumped into the water were washed away, and there was no way to judge where their target was based on just the direction.

Duan Wenyu stood on the bridge, transformed his body into his ability, then flipped over the railing. He jumped down the bridge and stood steadily on the water.

When he came in contact with the water surface, Duan Wenyu sensed the changes in the water. His face suddenly changed, and with a light stomp, jets of water protruded one by one on the water surface under his feet, pushing out the zombie-turned fishes.

Zombie fishes with upper and lower lips that kept opening and closing, revealing their mouths full of murderous fangs.

Seeing this scene, Nie Xiao and others who were standing on the bridge were shocked. Their expressions became even more unsightly and solemn.

“How could this happen!? Why have animals begun to mutate? Then what the hell will become of the ocean now!?!!”

Ning Feng was too scared. So many days have passed since the arrival of the apocalypse yet they haven’t seen an animal that turned into a zombie. Many people thought that the zombie virus only targets humans like them.

However, the scene in front of them was simply slapping them in the face.

Bai Mei’s face was also a little awful. Others might not be sure, but he knew better than anyone when these animal zombies appeared.

Just a moment ago, he hadn’t sensed these zombie fishes in the water, but now, he could feel their numerous, thickly dotted, and scalp-numbing amount for several miles.

Bai Mei couldn’t help but look up at the sky, and then suppress the gloominess in his eyes. The only person capable of manipulating all of this was probably that person…

The little hamster prompted the big tiger, wanting to pull Duan Wenyu up from the water.

However, Duan Wenyu did not immediately climb onto the big tiger’s back, but rather looked at the surface of the river and said, “There’s still something in this water. All the zombie fishes are swimming towards the bottom of the water. The zombies that just jumped down, their goal should also be it.”

With that said, Duan Wenyu manipulated the water. A huge waterspout rose from the surface, and a heavy, black metal box was pushed out. There was a myriad of zombie fishes underneath, and they desperately jumped up from the water, wanting to swim upstream the waterspout.

Everyone looked at the huge black box and was suddenly stupefied. The little hamster thought of the fishing nets in his own space and immediately used them to fish it out.

Afterwards, Duan Wenyu dragged the fishing net and returned to the bridge with the little hamster. The box was heavier than they thought.

The zombies who had originally jumped over the bridge all turned around at this time and continuously charged towards the black box.

Seeing this situation, Nie Xiao’s group showed great power. They forced their way out of the bridge, killing all the way to the road, and then drove away with the black box.

Bai Mei also made a ruthless gesture at this time, completely releasing the might of a zombie king which can stop more zombies from wanting to come to their side.

Looking at the black box, his eyes were also full of scrutiny and doubts. The allure of this black box to low-level zombies nearly surpasses his zombie king’s coercive powers.

The big tiger couldn’t help but get close and smell the scent on the black box— there was a familiar smell that made the big cat hungry.

Everyone sped along until they finally got rid of the dense army of zombies. Then, they placed their attention on the seamless black metal box.

Ning Feng couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. “It isn’t some large caliber biological weapon inside it, right? That after opening it, we’ll bear the brunt of the attack and become zombies?”

Jiang Qiu placed his hand on top of the metal box and suddenly stiffened. He looked back at everyone. “Are we really opening it, or not?”

Everyone hesitated. Then, they heard faint voices and flapping sounds coming from the box. Jiang Qiu immediately took two steps back in fright.

Everyone looked at each other.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but bring out the issue of souls at this time. She swallowed her saliva before saying, “That, what… is it possible for submerged humans to live, and furthermore, speak?”

Ning Feng covered his face in horror. “Could it be a water ghost?”

Hearing this word, the little hamster suddenly dived into Nie Xiao’s pocket in fear and hid his small body.

Nie Xiao’s eyebrows creased as he looked at the black box and said, “It might also be a water ability user like Duan Wenyu. Anyway, open the box first. Although it was unclear what it said, in any case, it’s not a zombie.”

Jiang Qiu listened to Nie Xiao’s words and didn’t hesitate anymore. Whether it was a Pandora’s Box or not, open it first and decide later.

Jiang Qiu put his hand on the metal box. The material was something he had never touched before, it was extremely hard, and it took a while to make a seam on it.

The sound coming from inside became clearer, and at the same time, a fragrant scent assaulted everyone’s noses through the gap.

——An unprecedented good smell.

As soon as this delicious fragrance came out, even Bai Mei became agitated for an instant.

Nie Xiao couldn’t help getting nervous. He stared fixedly at the box, the lightning and wind blade in his hand making a whistling and blasting sound.

The little hamster also stuck his head out of the pocket. With the support of his small claws, he leaned forward to look while sniffing the somewhat inexplicably familiar smell.

For the big tiger, the sense of familiarity was getting stronger and stronger, inducing a hunger that seemed to come from the soul.

Jiang Qiu gulped and slowly and carefully opened the lid.

Thereafter, everyone saw a box filled to the brim with sparkling, spotlessly-white pearls.

Everyone: “???”

Afterwards, a sound that was extremely sweet and pleasant, which seemed as if it could bewitch a person, echoed from under the pearls. Simultaneously, a clean and flawless arm stretched out of the pearls and suddenly grabbed Jiang Qiu who was closest to the box.

Grabbing Jiang Qiu’s collar, it tried to drag him down the bottom of the box.

The next words, were tiger-wolf talk.

“Motherfvcker, quick, give Laozi some water, or just fuck Laozi!!”




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    And someone gave ko-fis so next week will also be a double update!!! yey~


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