Chapter 20 – WuYi overtakes space ability

A Filthy Rich Hamster in the Apocalypse
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As soon as Xiao WuYi tied Meng Guangyao up, he immediately pulled off the aperture on Kang Kang’s neck. The boy regained his breathing and the flush on his face instantly subsided.

Immediately afterwards, Xiao WuYi released Xie Jun and everyone, conveniently pulling apart the aperture in passing. However, before everyone could figure out what was going on, Kang Kang’s condition suddenly began to deteriorate.

“Brother! Wake up!” Nana felt Kang Kang’s scalding body and cried loudly in fright.

Xie Jun and Liu Dashan hurried over to give Kang Kang first aid but still failed to make it better. Everyone immediately began to worry, sweat trickling down their foreheads.

Finally, Xie Jun who heard Wu Wenyu’s shouts from outside the elementary school suddenly seemed to remember something. He hurriedly overturned the crystal nuclei he always carried on him and stuffed them all into Kang Kang’s hands.

The power that was about to collapse was replenished. Kang Kang’s body temperature began to drop and he was stable the next second.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. It was only a false alarm.

When Wu Wenyu and her party found the little black room, they saw a large group of people sitting around a little boy, cutting a sorry figure. There was also a man bundled up like a dead pig on the ground beside them.

“How’s it going?”

Seeing the crowd that looked like they had fought a war, Wu Wenyu and the people with her stepped forward curiously. They found out that everyone had deep marks from strangulation. Among them, the little boy lying on the ground in the middle was covered with the most bruises.

Several medical students quickly stepped forward to give Kang Kang emergency treatment for his injuries, and under Xie Jun’s instructions, they were careful and did not dare touch the crystal nucleus in the boy’s hand.

Nana and the boys were originally guarding Kang Kang, but when they saw TaoTao who was being carried by Headmaster Yuan, they immediately rushed over with joy and wept tears of excitement.

“Great! TaoTao, you’re fine too!”

Headmaster Yuan looked at the little white-radish heads surrounding him with a distressed face. He sat down on the floor so that he and the several children could talk better.

Wu Wenyu looked at the bind marks on Xiao WuYi’s body, and also felt badly hurt. The bright red scars on his fair skin stood out in a shocking and alarming manner.

“It doesn’t hurt me! Xiao Yu-meimei!” Xiao WuYi comforted Wu Wenyu in turn, and also asked for credits like, “Little Hamster Warrior and everyone defeated the villain together!”

“Call me auntie!” Wu Wenyu carefully wiped the young boy with the ointment. As for the little hamster warrior’s cute words, it passed from one ear to another.

After dealing with Kang Kang and everyone’s injuries, everyone obtained a clear understanding of the cause and effect of the entire incident. Through Nana and the two boys, they learned that Meng Guangyao, a man who was inferior to a pig, was actually a teacher of this school.

When the apocalypse arrived, Meng Guangyao relied on his own abilities to lock up all the survivors of the whole village within the school. The adults became his slaves and carried supplies for him, but when he was upset, he would maim and kill them. All the surviving children were also imprisoned by him, wantonly subjected to his toying and torture.

Headmaster Yuan listened to the retelling of this dark series of events and was deeply disgusted with Meng Guangyao. At the same time, he also felt extremely saddened by the children’s experience. Especially after seeing the corpses of the adults and children on the school’s back mountain, it was safe to say that everyone was eager to slash Meng Guangyao a thousand times.

“How could there be such a thing lesser than a beast among the ranks of teachers!” Headmaster Yuan, a cultured man, couldn’t help himself and stepped forward to kick Meng Guangyao. “You’re a beast!”

Meng Guangyao was like a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water, without an ounce of desire for repentance. With blood running down the corner of his mouth, he laughed wildly, spluttering, “Hate me? Then why not kill me this instant? In any case, Laozi has already had enough fun. I wanted to do this long before the apocalypse, but unfortunately, the parents at that time were all watching closely, and I only dared to sneak up on the children to get rid of my addiction! Every day I wished for the parents to die, and who knew, the apocalypse really came hahaha, now not only did the parents die, but god also gave me abilities so I could play with those children hahaha!”

“This apocalypse! It’s one great apocalypse ya!”

“In the future, it would be the world of ability users. The strong is the king and everyone would be cannon fodders. What’s the matter with Laozi playing with a few children and adults?”

When Meng Guangyao said this, the depths of his eyes showed morbid madness. Both Nana and TaoTao at the side were scared until they trembled and quietly shed tears.

Hearing this, Xie Jun couldn’t hold back his constant stifling wrath, his eyes were red as he landed strike after strike of the man’s face. Meng Guangyao was beaten until his mouth was full of blood due to losing seven or eight teeth.


Meng Guangyao was so beaten up that he couldn’t speak, but there was still an unrepentant smile at the corner of his lips.

Except for Xie Jun, Liu Dashan, and Wu Wenyu who were ability users, everyone present was ordinary people, and these words really cast a lot of shadows over them.

If abilities were possessed by people like Xie Jun and Liu Dashan, then it was a good thing for the people and the world. But if it were possessed by such vicious and terrible people like Meng Guangyao, then this apocalypse would really become a devil’s paradise.

Counting in the whole world, it was impossible to determine just how many bad people who awakened abilities in the apocalypse had their arrogance fueled.

When everyone had this passing thought, they felt a chill all over.

If the future was really like what Meng Guangyao said, then the world would really turn into a dark place. There would be no end in sight and ordinary people would absolutely have no way to survive.

Seeing the silence and fear in the eyes of many students, Headmaster Yuan immediately stood up to stabilize the children’s mentality, “Don’t be brainwashed by a bad person’s words. Just look at Xie Jun, Dashan, and Xiao Yu, do you still feel afraid?”

Xiao WuYi immediately raised his hands to comfort everyone, “My daddy said, be a good boy! I’m also a good boy! Good hamsters will not bite people randomly! So don’t be afraid everyone, I will protect all of you!”

Hearing these cute words, the shadow that shrouded everyone’s mind was dispelled, and then they looked at Meng Guangyao with a touch of determination and hatred in their eyes.

There are always more good people than bad people.

Raising his hand and giving Meng Guangyao another punch, Xie Jun also spoke in agreement, “My old man also told me to be a good boy! So beating someone like you is not a negotiation!”

In the end, everyone discussed how to deal with Meng Guangyao. Everyone agreed that it would be too cheap to kill him directly and it would be hard to get rid of their hatred that way.

At this moment, Liu Dashan stood up and looked with cold loathing at Meng Guangyao who was still unrepentant and had a wicked smile hanging at the corner of his mouth. It was very rare for a kind and honest person like Liu Dashan to be this cruel.

“Let me, I have a method to make him regret ever being born into this world.”

With that said, Liu Dashan took a scraper out of nowhere and practiced on a small piece of wood. He scraped out a piece of timber as thin as a cicada’s wing, it could transmit light.

“A skill passed down by my old man.”

“I haven’t tried flaying people yet.”

Everyone: “……” Honest people are indeed scary when provoked.

Kang Kang also recovered at this time and he seemed to have heard Liu Dashan’s words. Regardless of his injuries, he lifted his feet and walked towards Liu Dashan. He stretched his hands and pulled at the hem of Liu Dashan’s clothing and then looked at Meng Guangyao with resentment, “Brother, can you bring me too?”

After Kang Kang finished speaking, Nana and the two other little boys also came over, their hearts filled with hatred.

TaoTao in the arms of Headmaster Yuan also struggled, wanting to join in.

Headmaster Yuan had originally thought about giving psychological counseling to these children, but looking at the situation in front of him, there seemed to be nothing more befitting of relieving their hatred than handling their own personal enemy. This is the apocalypse. Since Meng Guangyao himself said that in the struggle for power the one who succeeds is the king and the one who fails is the cannon fodder, what kind of humanitarian laws are there to be worried about?

Not to mention, this was originally a sin worthy of death.

Being hacked into mincemeat couldn’t be considered excessive at all.

Thinking like this, Headmaster Yuan handed TaoTao to Liu Dashan. Liu Dashan held TaoTao with one hand and took the children to play outside while Xie Jun dragged Meng Guangyao—this whole group of people went to the back mountain.

Others who wanted to be onlookers also followed.

Ultimately, blood-curdling screeches begging for mercy and regret sounded out and hovered above the sky of the back mountain, in offering to the innocent adults and children who died a miserable death in the village.

After disposing of Meng Guangyao, everyone came back.

Headmaster Yuan was very old, so he and several female students did not join in the excitement. However, based on the screaming heard just now, it could be imagined that the pictures were very bloody. They just wanted to see if the children were scared but each one of them unknowingly ended up sleeping contently in the arms of an adult.

The hatred between their eyebrows had dissipated and their sleep was peaceful and quiet as if away from all darkness and evil. They had gone back to their initial cute, carefree, and naive appearance.

Headmaster Yuan couldn’t help but smile when he saw this and gently touched the children’s heads.

It was the few ordinary male students, who followed them to join in the fun, whose faces were pale and gait were a little unsteady. One of the male students approached Headmaster Yuan with a shy face and wept sullenly, “Headmaster, can you give me psychological counseling? I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight.”


Headmaster Yuan glanced at the male student in front of him and felt deep conscientious dislike. “Didn’t you have quite the courage when you plotted about escaping from the dorms before?”

The remembered male student QAQ: “…” I was wrong.

Xiao WuYi had also followed to watch. Although the scene was a bit bloody, as long as he thought of what Meng Guangyao did, he did not feel scared at all. He stood up with two cute little fingers in front and excitedly shared with Headmaster Yuan, “Grandpa Headmaster, Dashanshan is so powerful. I counted it and it took a total of 2,300 cuts before the big bad guy died. I haven’t missed a single count!”

Liu Dashan touched his nose embarrassedly and modestly said, “It’s nothing.”

Headmaster Yuan and the others: “……”

Having to deal with Meng Guangyao’s incident, the trip was delayed again. Looking at the darkening sky, everyone had no choice but to spend the night in this elementary school.

Because Meng Guangyao basically wiped out the zombies in the village, this night was fairly peaceful. Everyone carefully searched the school and discovered that the supplies of the entire village under the mountain were concentrated there, even some agricultural tools in the villagers’ homes had been looted.

Including those crystal nuclei collected by Meng Guangyao, it was all very convenient for Xiao WuYi and them at this time. But they couldn’t possibly move so many things away, so they could only stare at Xiao WuYi and sigh in a pretentious manner.

“It’s a pity that so many good things can’t be taken away!”

Xiao WuYi looked at the farm tools and crop seeds, and suddenly remembered the fertile soil in his little storage. He rubbed his cheeks and hugged his strawberry bag before eagerly saying to everyone, “That… I’ll try and see if I can put it in my bag.”

“Un, go on and try.”

Soon after, everyone watched as a huge threshing machine was eaten by a small strawberry bag.

“My bag seems to be particularly awesome and can fit it in!” Xiao WuYi hugged his little strawberry baby and looked at everyone’s face with a serious expression and a guilty conscience.

Everyone just pretended to clap their hands in surprise.

“Wow, the strawberry bag is so amazing!”

The little hamster saw that everyone didn’t notice. While breathing a sigh of relief, he glanced at Xie Jun and the younger brothers, as if to say, ‘Look, Baby hasn’t been exposed yet.’ After that, he continued to cheerfully put things in the strawberry bag.

Xie Jun and other younger brothers: “…”

Well, the little boss is happy.

The rest: “…”

Well, we are all dedicated, good actors.

Before going to sleep at night, Xie Jun who was in charge of the night watch suddenly remembered a strange thing that happened during the day. He couldn’t help but bring it up and talk about it with Headmaster Yuan, who has yet to go and sleep.

“At that time, our abilities and that of Dashan were immobilized. Only Kang Kang was not affected, and he was able to activate his abilities when he was tied up.”

Headmaster Yuan pondered this observation carefully as he looked at Kang Kang, who was asleep, and the other children. His eyes were peaceful as he slowly opened his mouth, “I think this could be attributed to the peculiarity of the psychic ability users. Meng Guangyao is a variant of the space system, a person who can bind everyone’s flesh but not the mental ability. Just as the saying goes, you can restrain my body but you cannot restrain my thoughts of struggle. “

Xie Jun couldn’t help but come to a realization. Then he looked at Xiao WuYi who was asleep, and couldn’t help but lower his voice as he said, “Actually, there’s one more thing…”

After listening to it, Headmaster Yuan couldn’t help but be surprised. He looked at Xiao WuYi’s well-behaved sleeping face and thought for a while, half guessing, “Is it repression among fellow ability users? If both of their spatial abilities were related, but the spatial abilities of Xiao WuYi were stronger, more comprehensive, and more advanced than the other, then don’t the other variants of the space system below him cause no damage or influence on him?”

To test this possibility, Xie Jun walked with light steps to wake up Wu Wenyu, who was also a variant of the space system and briefly explained this context.

When Wu Wenyu heard it, she immediately became curious. She cooperated at once and released a defensive shield over herself while Xie Jun turned and walked back, waking up Xiao WuYi from his sleep.

The young boy whose beautiful dreams were disturbed, sat up, pouting unhappily. He was so sleepy that he couldn’t completely open his eyes. The soft, sticky voice whined, “What are you doing, baby wants to sleep!”

Wu Wenyu spoke quickly before the young boy could lay down again.

“Xiao WuYi, I have some candy here oh!”


As soon as he heard that there was candy, Xiao WuYi rubbed his eyes and walked up to Wu Wenyu. The dark environment made him unaware of anything unusual, and he walked straight into Wu Wenyu’s defensive shield and got the candy.

The defensive shield seemed like nothing to him.

As soon as Xiao WuYi got the candy, he immediately went back to sleep, “Xiaoyu-meimei, goodnight!”

Seeing this sleepy face of Xiao WuYi that looked like a well-behaved baby, all the people who were still awake could not suppress the shock in their hearts.

A small but terrible boss!


Countdown: 6


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