Chapter 7

Getting the male lead’s favorability to reach 100% was the requirement for completing the mission. And if the favorability dropped to -20 then there would be a punishment.

Jiang Li was bewildered due to the sudden drop of favorability. He did not meet Jiang Zhan at all after he left the hotel and neither did both of them communicate with each other. So how come did the favorability drop without reason?

He stared at the [Favorability] level at the virtual board and refreshed it several times while stubbornly asking the System, “Babe, did your trash system become spoiled again?”

“I just checked backstage and found that everything seems normal.” The System felt strange as well, so he checked before Jiang Li asked him and found out that the data was perfectly normal.

“Are you sure?” Jiang Li doubted it.


“Then just what is that crazy guy throwing a tantrum for?”

After confirming from the system that it was not an error, Jiang Li felt a headache. He did not want to put his effort into capturing Jiang Li at the moment. And instead of dating, he found out that acting was more attractive to him. However, because of the current favorability level, he was forced to put aside his work just to carry out the main mission.

This gave him a feeling of having his plans disrupted, which he was unhappy about.

“I’m sorry Host, I’m not too sure about this.” The System thought for a while, “Maybe it’s as you said, that he is a capricious man.”


Jiang Li really thought that he had jinxed it, he rubbed his temples and asked, “Okay, so there will be punishment if the favorability reaches -20, so what about -100?”

“This account will be deleted and you will have to do it again.” System answered.

“Then I want to delete and start again.” Jiang Li said blankly, he had enough of Jiang Zhan who was unreasonable. “Please change the male lead for me.”

“I’m really sorry Host, if you delete your account you can only start over in the same world. And if your mission is incomplete, it will only repeat endlessly. Also, before you drop to -100 and get your account cancelled, you will be punished for every 20 points dropped.”

“…… There’s definitely something wrong in this game.”

Jiang Li was speechless, he pressed open the yellow light on the table that indicated the punishment, and found that there were two choices of punishment.

[First Punishment: To hover between life and death]

[Second Punishment: To be in seventh heaven]

Jiang Li, “…… What does this mean?”

There was no detailed explanation, it could only be understood literally, but the literal meaning made Jiang Li feel that something was wrong.

“To hover between life and death means that the Host will experience the pain of disintegration of your body, you can’t die if you want to and you can’t live if you want to. This pain will continue for about half an hour.” System explained.

“…… How painful is it?” Jiang Li asked curiously.

“Probably as painful as giving birth.” System was not quite sure how to describe it since it had not experienced it before.

“You said it as if you had given birth before.” Jiang Li laughed, “Little Cutie, you know a lot.”

“……” System fell silent towards Jiang Li’s tease, “Host, you can try.”

Although it has a robotic voice, Jiang Li seemed to hear its helplessness. He kept his intention to tease, “What about the second one?”

“The second one is just its literal meaning.”


Jiang Li read the words ‘to be in seventh heaven’ again, he winked , “It’s not what I’m thinking about right?”

“Yes.” System answered, “The target person is the male lead, Host, please prepare well.”

“…… This game is R18 right? This will be banned in my world!” Jiang Li put his hand to his forehead, what kind of punishment is this? This is clearly to make opportunities for me and the male lead!

System was in silence as if it agreed with his statement.

Jiang Li now knew that if he did not solve the problem of favorability, he would not be able to focus on his work. He kept the tablet, took his mobile phone and called Ji Shu.

“Secretary Ji, I would like you to help me with something. I want to meet President Jiang, please help me to invite him…… Hm…. Preferably tonight…… I want to talk to him by candlelight.”

System, “……” Host acted without delay, what a good play.


Ji Shu ended the call and thought deeply about the words ‘talk to him by the candlelight’ that Jiang Li said, fusing with the boss’s change of reaction earlier, he smelled a sense of adultery.

Having to work beside Jiang Zhan for a few years, he knew that Jiang Zhan had no interest in relationships based on his memories. He was not like the other bosses who would take action on the celebrities from their own companies. A beautiful and alluring secretary once seduced him ended up being thrown out of the office by him.

Linking everything that had happened before, Ji Shu suspected that his boss had problems that could not be said openly, so it caused him to be so capricious. He thought that God was really fair towards this, God had opened every door for his boss and closed one of his windows.

But he did not expect that the appearance of Jiang Li would make that window open!

Judging from the fact that Jiang Zhan wanted to arrange an assistant for Jiang Li, Ji Shu could see that he was interested in Jiang Li. Whether it was because of his body or other reasons, he was interested in him. Since Jiang Li was not only good-looking and had acting skills, he was also able to open the window of his heart.

And Jiang Li’s call meant that he seemed to want to open another window for his boss.

Talking to him by the candlelight, what were they going to talk about, how would they talk, these would go without saying.

Ji Shu did not hesitate as he thought about this and went to Jiang Zhan’s office.

In the office, Jiang Zhan was still mad at the words ‘Mr. Jiang said you’re a pick-up artist’ that Ji Shu said. He did not even pursue Jiang Li for simply crawling beds, instead, he accused himself of being a pick-up artist?

As the President of the Jiang Group, I’m able to get any beauty I like. Do I need to cheat for a man with only a tad bit of beauty? Moreover, I had also promised him that I’ll compensate him if he fails the audition. I also don’t mind giving him the male lead of another drama. However, not only did he not appreciate it, but he said that I’m a pick-up artist?

The President of the Jiang Group is a pick-up artist? If this is said openly, it will be sent directly up onto weibo’s most trending topic!

Jiang Zhan became even angrier the more he thought about it. And just as he was thinking if he should punish Jiang Li for being ignorant, he heard Ji Shu knock on the door before coming inside with the look of having something to report. So, he decided to keep his emotions and made an eye movement asking if the other party had anything to say.

“President Jiang, I just accepted a call from Mr. Jiang…..” Ji Shu noticed that the pen in Jiang Zhan’s hand stopped as he said that, and continued, “He said that he wants to meet you tonight and asked if you would like to do so.”

He asked to meet me?

Jiang Zhan was still thinking about how to punish the little bastard, but he did not expect that he would send himself at the front of his door so soon. He snorted in his heart but his face didn’t show a sliver of emotion. “He asked to meet me?”

“Yes, he said he wants to talk to you by the candlelight.” Ji Shu stressed on the words ‘talk to you by the candlelight’. He used his eyes to observe Jiang Zhan’s reaction secretly and found out that his pen was completely put down.

Talk to him by the candlelight, these words reminded Jiang Zhan’s memory of that night with Jiang Li.

That moment of indescribable pleasure once again flowed into his mind. That unrestrained feeling was like a traveler in trek through the deserts for years and encountering an oasis in a stroke of luck.

Jiang Li’s misty eyes, naked back, and irresistible moans were like demons that constantly plagued his mind and vision. Jiang Zhan could feel blood heating up in his body, wanting to release it immediately as he thought of the scene.

He could not deny that the person called Jiang Li had attracted him.

Ji Shu looked at his boss who fell into silence and had a black expression, he asked lightly, “President Jiang?”

Jiang Zhan snapped back into reality and suppressed the enchanting thoughts in his heart. He then said with an unhappy tone, “What kind of person does he think I am? Does he feel like he can meet me so long as he wants to? Do tell him to look at his position first.”

Ji Shu did not expect this, he looked at Jiang Zhan’s uninterested look, he figured that he may have overthought. He hesitated and said, “Ok, I understand. Then I’ll reply to Mr. Jiang.” He turned and prepared to leave, after taking a few steps, he heard a sentence from behind.

“Book a private room at Mo Tian tower, 7 at night.”

Ji Shu stopped on his tracks, he turned his head and looked at Jiang Zhan who was reading the documents without expression as if the sentence wasn’t said by him. He was amazed by his ability of fronting, the boss is truly the boss, he had a way to pose.

“Understood, President Jiang.”

After leaving the President’s room, Ji Shu booked the room for dinner and called Jiang Li to agree on a time to fetch him. After finishing everything, he sat on his seat and sighed, “Rich people do know how to play.”

After agreeing on a time with Ji Shu, Jiang Li threw his phone aside, he did not have the mood to study the characters anymore after solving the problem so he decided to take a nap first.

As he lied down, the phone rang again, it was an unknown number. Jiang Li accepted the call and said, “Hello.”

“Jiang Li, why can’t I get through your phone? You blocked me right? Let me tell you…”

As Zhang Ziyang’s voice echoed out from the phone, Jiang Li immediately ended the call.

A message was sent to him quickly, “You’ll regret this!”

Jiang Li felt that Zhang Ziyang is truly an uninteresting person, he did not have much capability yet he was always trash-talking. Jiang Li blacklisted that number once again.

“Host, why didn’t you tell Zhang Ziyang that you were chosen for the characters in ‘Long River and Falling Moon’? If he knows that you were able to join the drama that he could not enter even if he tried his best so easily, he will definitely be mad.” System asked curiously.

“If I tell him, it will not be as provoking as making him see it himself.” Jiang Li said. If Jiang Li were to tell a guy who had no ability and could only be a trash talker like Zhang Ziyang, he would not believe it either.

“I see,” The System understood. Indeed, making someone see things themselves was better than listening from others.

After the nap, Jiang Li took a bath before going out. He looked at his own body in the mirror before wearing his clothes, thinking that he might need assistance. He then adjusted the tablet and tapped the ‘Pill of Fair Skin as Jade’ from the beginner’s package to use it.

After swallowing it, Jiang Li felt a cool sensation emitting from his body. In just two minutes, he felt that his skin had been repaired and had turned into a new one.

Jiang Li caressed his skin on his arm and found out it was indeed smooth and delicate, the touch was like suet and jade.

Although the original host’s skin was already not bad, the repairing effect had made it go against God’s will.

Jiang Li went down and saw Ji Shu was already waiting beside the car as he walked to the junction. He fastened his pace, once reaching the car, Ji Shu then told him that Jiang Zhan was in the car.

Jiang Li glanced at the car’s window which was closed and understood his meaning. He went to the window and knocked twice lightly.

The window was gradually winded down and a side of Jiang Zhan’s expressionless face was shown.

Jiang Li suppressed the impulse to beat his dog head as he thought of the negative favorability. He then smiled and greeted him, “President Jiang.”

“Hm.” Jiang Zhan’s gaze paused on his (JL) face for a few seconds, he thought that he had turned white and his skin was glowing after not meeting for a few days.

“Thank you for finding time to meet me when you’re busy, let’s go?” Jiang Li asked.

Jiang Zhan nodded his head, “Get in the car.”

Jiang Li made an OK sign, he then went around the car, pulled open the front seat’s door and sat inside.

Jiang Zhan who was in the backseat “……”

Why don’t you just directly sit in the driver’s seat and drive?


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