Chapter 26 – You’re wearing fox ears, why are you meowing? 

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— I can only blame myself for being too young at that time, I couldn’t even see clearly whether he’s a dog or a human.

Jiang Li’s clean-cut and vulgar sentence did not only scold Zhang Ziyang for being a dog, but also scolded himself for being blind. Jiang Zhan felt like he was just punching into soft and fluffy cotton, his punch didn’t have a place to land. The anger in his heart wasn’t released at all, instead, he felt aggrieved. 

No one had ever made him feel like this before, being aggrieved and frustrated, except Jiang Li. 

All these years, there were so many outstanding people around Jiang Zhan. Even some celebrities that were cold and pure in front of the fans would grovel and scheme to have connections with him in order to climb up the social ladder. 

His heart that didn’t pound for any of these things, fancied a brat like Jiang Li who didn’t even have a nice mouth. 

Even though they hadn’t stayed with each other for that long yet, Jiang Zhan felt that the warmth that filled his heart in this period of time was much more than the warmth he had accumulated throughout his whole life. 

It might be because of the light that was left on by Jiang Li after he came back home from a business dinner, or the smile that Jiang Li showed him when he went to the kitchen in the morning. The throbbing that was felt at those moments grew like a new sprout in the spring or the first snow during the winter, making him happy. 

However, he didn’t expect that Jiang Li would agree to being kept by him just after he was willing to sell his body for others, making him think that the warmth he felt in this period of time wasn’t as great as he thought. 

Everything was just a mirage that he used money to exchange with. He paid to buy Jiang Li, while Jiang Li acted as a lover, coaxing him to make him happy. He accidentally got addicted to it, almost forgetting the fact that they had the relationship of a seller and a buyer. 

Jiang Li’s acting was so good, it was hard for him to know what percentage was acting from his heart and what percentage was faking. He was considered to be exalting him if he said Jiang Li was thoughtless, he was actually heartless. 

Once Jiang Zhan thought about this, his expression was blank for a second, causing him to loosen his grip on Jiang Li’s wrist.

Jiang Li noticed his change and broke free from his left hand. He waved his hand in front of his eyes, “What’s wrong?” 

Jiang Zhan avoided his gaze, he kept the emotions that were hard to be noticed and released Jiang Li’s hand. He then stood up, took the blazer that was placed beside him, and walked out. 

The person who was furious earlier suddenly left without saying anything. Jiang Li couldn’t react to it in time, instead Jiang Nuomi chased after him, blocking Jiang Zhan’s footsteps. It then lifted its head and called out, “Meow?” 

Jiang Zhan’s footsteps stopped, he lowered his head and looked at the little guy, meeting its eyes. Looking at Jiang Nuomi’s innocent eyes, Jiang Zhan had the impulse to touch it, but he still averted its gaze and continued walking out. 

Jiang Li quickly ran up to him, “Where are you going?” 

“Do I need to tell you where I’m going?” Jiang Zhan looked at him with a calm expression, but the words he said weren’t as calm as his expression. He said with an aggressive tone as his anger wasn’t released yet, “Did you forget your own position?” 


Jiang Li felt helpless as he was using his position and status to insult him again, “Didn’t I admit that I was wrong? Why are you still angry?”  

Jiang Li’s words made Jiang Zhan feel that he himself was being unreasonable. 

“Admit you’re wrong?” Jiang Zhan scoffed, he looked at him straightly, “What did you do wrong?” 

“I shouldn’t have agreed with Zhang Ziyang to make a trade with others, I shouldn’t have any relationship with him, I shouldn’t be acquainted with…” 


Jiang Zhan interrupted his self-criticism that sounded like he was memorizing a script. He was annoyed listening to him saying nonsense that wasn’t even sincere, “Do you really think you’re at fault? Or are you just entertaining me?” 

“I’m of course…” 

Jiang Li met his eyes and saw the coldness and confidence in his eyes, as if he knew how he would answer. He suddenly couldn’t respond, his lips moved, and finally fell into silence. 

Frankly, Jiang Zhan was right. He didn’t think he was at fault in his heart, this was because the person who did the trade with Zhang Ziyang wasn’t him, so he shouldn’t have to take the blame. The second reason was that he had a certain position in his previous life, he had his own temperament and pride. Although he was apologizing, he was only coaxing Jiang Zhan as if he was completing a mission. 

They both fell into silence for a while, disappointment could be seen in Jiang Zhan’s eyes. However, it disappeared quickly. As he walked past him, Jiang Li suddenly stretched out his hand and clenched onto the edge of his shirt. 


Jiang Zhan’s footsteps stopped almost at the same time, he thought if Jiang Li admitted his mistakes he would forgive him and pretend the past didn’t happen. But, he heard Jiang Li’s voice filled with worry and objection next, “You drank too much, it’s not that good to drink and drive.” 


The anger that was stuck in Jiang Zhan’s heart expanded to its maximum like a balloon due to those words. He shoved away Jiang Li’s hand which was clutching onto the edge of his shirt and turned and walked towards his room, planning to have a cold bath to calm himself down. 

Jiang Li saw that he wasn’t going to leave the house and asked again, “I still have a lot to say, are you not going to listen to my explanation?” 

Jiang Zhan said without turning his head, “Think about it yourself.” 

“… You’re not even going to ask, what’s the point of thinking about my mistake?” Jiang Li murmured. He was scared that he would sulk by himself so he bent his waist and carried Jiang Nuomi who was circling around his legs, following behind Jiang Zhan. He followed him to the bathroom door and was faced with a slam of the door being shut. 

Click clack. The door was locked from the inside. 


Jiang Li felt amused towards him acting like a kid, he couldn’t stop laughing while leaning against the wall. 

Setting aside the fact that it wasn’t him who agreed to Zhang Ziyang, even if it was him, this was already in the past. Jiang Zhan made him feel like he was being caught in the act. 

He heard water pattering from inside. Jiang Li thought that he wouldn’t come out any time soon, so he simply carried the cat and sat on the single sofa. He was planning on communicating with him after he came out. 

System saw that he wasn’t doing anything but only sitting there and stroking the cat. It then asked, “Host, are you not going to do anything?” 

“Of course I want to do something, but he has already locked the door .” Jiang Li said helplessly, “Don’t panic, he can’t possibly stay inside the whole night.” 

“But… “ System sounded worried, “The favorability has dropped to 51%.” 

“…” Jiang Li sighed, feeling a headache. “Why did it drop again, can’t we communicate first? Why must he sulk alone?” 

Jiang Li initially planned to talk to Jiang Zhan about this, but he didn’t expect to suddenly meet Zhang Ziyang yesterday so he wasn’t able to tell him in time, and things just failed. 

Jiang Li thought of Jiang Zhan saying that he was just entertaining him and asked System, “Little cutie, do you think I’m heartless?” 

System looked like it was thinking about how to answer, it only asked after being silent for a while, “Host, do you wanna hear the truth or sugar-coated words?” 

“Sugar-coated words then.” 


After teasing System and listening to it choking on his words, Jiang Li didn’t feel as satisfied as before. His expression became moody, he caressed Jiang Nuomi’s tail with his palm indifferently. 

System and Jiang Li’s mind were bound together, so it noticed him getting moody and roughly knew what was on his mind. It hesitated and said, “Host, don’t mind too much about this being a game world, every dimension exists for its own purpose. As long as you treat it sincerely, then everything is real.” 

“Is this real?” Jiang Li opened his eyes, his sight dropped on the suspended ceiling, he raised up his left hand, gradually blocking the light in front of his eyes. 

Coming to this world without any clear reason, it was impossible for Jiang Li to say he wasn’t scared. 

He had been doing his best in the entertainment circle for more than ten years in his previous life. He couldn’t say that he had seen the marrow of life, but he knew the ways of the world. No matter if he was being treated coldly by his relatives after his parents passed away when he was young, or being considered an outcast when he was sent to the orphanage, or the plots and schemes after he entered the entertainment industry; these all made him have the habit of not trusting others easily. No matter who it was, he was still guarded towards them and stayed away from them. 

This habit had been following him for many years, even though his body and the world had changed, this habit had not. 

Jiang Li knew Jiang Zhan liked him, some feelings could still be felt even if System wasn’t there to notify him of them. However, he had been living his life with a mask for too long. He couldn’t entrust his heart to someone in such a short time, he had too many things to learn. 

Indeed, he really wanted to have a relationship with Jiang Zhan. Not a contract, but to be truthfully living with this person. 

He didn’t know when it had started. It might have been his action of rushing back home from far away with just a phone call, or the touching moment he felt when he suddenly received a pet after being busy with acting for a whole day.  

Or maybe… Jiang Zhan’s tenderness of waiting for him in the parking lot even though he was in rage. 

However, he was just a soul who came from the other world and was being pulled into this dimension with an unknown system. Although he was using another person’s body to stay alive, it still felt unreal in his heart. It was like the hollowness he felt when stepping onto air. He could only dare to treat this world as a mission, not a real life. 

So, before facing the throbbing of his heart towards Jiang Zhan, he would be scared and indecisive, restraining himself as if he was protecting himself while treating Jiang Zhan with a sincere heart. 

When Jiang Zhan questioned him earlier, Jiang Li felt a surge of loneliness and sadness in his heart for some reason. 

He was able to live another life, but he still didn’t know how to love someone. 

However, System told him that if he treated it seriously, everything would be real. 

Jiang Li laughed in a low tone. He suddenly felt free and cheerful as if the shackles in his heart were broken apart. He then set his mind back on to pleasing Jiang Zhan and asked System if it had any good suggestions. 

“Please wait for a while.” 

As system’s voice ended, the virtual tablet was then showed in front of Jiang Li, the menu was changed into the system’s mall, showing him the part where sex toys were available. 

“Since the ‘cat sex toys set’ was effective, Host, you can try other designs.” 


Jiang Li looked at the dazzling items on the screen. There were ‘cat costume’, ‘rabbit costume’, ‘bear costume’, ‘fox costume’ and many more sex toy costumes. As he recalled last night where both of his legs trembled due to Jiang Zhan, he could only feel like fainting and recall the pain in his ass. 

“… Are you a demon?” Jiang Li clenched his teeth tightly and forced the words out. 

“I’m your little cutie.” A sense of humor could be heard from System’s calm and robotic voice. “As one says, there’s nothing having sex can’t solve, if there is, it’s two nights of sex.” 

“…” These words were familiar to him. 

Jiang Zhan only came out after staying for half an hour in the bathroom. He had gone inside in a rush so he hadn’t brought his clothes in. So, he wrapped a bath towel around his waist and came out. 

Although he was in his house, he didn’t have the habit of being naked. He wiped his hair as he walked towards the cloakroom. While he was walking closer towards the door, he heard Jiang Li’s faint voice echoing out from inside. 

“… Fuck, why is it so hard to deal with this.” 

Jiang Zhan frowned slightly. He walked two steps forward and saw Jiang Li’s back facing towards the door. He was half-kneeling on the rug, his butt stuck up. His hand was holding a fluffy thing, trying to stuff it into that secretive part. 

Such a shocking scene made Jiang Zhan’s eyes widen. His gaze swept across his white and tender butt and slowly turned his gaze to the pair of fox ears that were on his head, his Adam’s apple slipping. 

“… What are you doing?” 

Jiang Li’s hand froze at the sudden voice. He turned his head and saw Jiang Zhan standing behind him, staring at him as if his eyes were blazing. He impulsively called out towards him, “Meow~”  

Jiang Zhan, “…” 

You’re wearing fox ears, why the fuck are you meowing? 


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