Chapter 29 – The farmer has become an owner

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The door of the hall at the ground floor was also open and the people inside saw them both first. A middle-aged woman who was sitting inside stopped knitting and stood up in surprise. She called out towards Jiang Li, “Xiao Li? Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming back?” 

Jiang Li carried the luggage and took a step over the doorsill, he put down the luggage, leaning it against the wall, and smiled as he called out towards the woman, “Mum”. He then turned and called out towards another woman who was older, “First Auntie”. He noticed Jiang Zhan was still standing outside holding the gift boxes with both hands. He waved his hand towards him, “Why are you still standing there? Come in.” 

Jiang Zhan carried the things and followed him in. He called Jiang Li’s mother “Auntie” and only simply nodded towards the first aunt who wanted to introduce Jiang Li to the female with the master’s degree. 

“You’re Xiao Li’s friend, right?” Mother Jiang felt surprised at Jiang Li suddenly bringing someone back home. Jiang Li’s personality was gloomy, and he was an introvert.  Other than Zhang Ziyang, this was the first time that he had brought someone home as a guest. She was really happy and quickly took a chair out for Jiang Zhan. She noticed that his outfit was not ordinary, so she specially used a clean cloth to wipe the chair, “Sit down quickly, sit down quickly.” 

“Thank you.” Jiang Zhan placed the things on the table beside him and said to Mother Jiang, “These are some welcome gifts, I’m in your care.”  

Six delicately wrapped, high-class gift boxes filled up half of the coffee table. With one look they knew that they were really expensive.

Mother Jiang had been living in this small village for most of her life. The gifts that the people of the village gave and received were mostly cigarettes, wine, or homemade meals. The fact that Jiang Zhan gave so many expensive gifts on this first visit made her panic. “It’s fine that you come, why did you bring so many things, how aloof…” 

Jiang Zhan explained, “Jiang Li bought it, I only helped him carry them.”

After Mother Jiang heard what he said, she breathed a sigh of relief. But she still turned her head and scolded Jiang Li, “Why did you waste your money again?” 

“I didn’t waste it; I just spent a bit.” Jiang Li smiled. He didn’t expose Jiang Zhan. 

Frankly, all these gifts were prepared by Jiang Zhan himself. Most of them were supplements suitable for the elderly; they were given to Mother Jiang to strengthen her health. Although Jiang Li said that he had bought some for Mother Jiang, Jiang Zhan still insisted on bringing them over. 

Jiang Li saw his sincerity and placed it in his heart, he then let him be. 

After asking Jiang Zhan to take a seat, Mother Jiang then went into the room to boil water and make tea. The first auntie who wanted to introduce that female with a master’s degree then started chatting with Jiang Li. She asked him if he had a girlfriend. After getting a satisfying answer, she then started to act as a matchmaker. 

“Xiao Li, let me tell you, this girl is really outstanding!” First Auntie showed a good sign with her thumb stuck out, “Although she’s older than you by a few years, as one says, a wife three years older than the husband ensures a richer life. If you guys can live well with each other, age isn’t a problem!” 

Age isn’t a problem, but President Jiang has a problem, Jiang Li thought. He then rejected her gently, “Thank you for taking care of me, first auntie, but I don’t plan to find a girlfriend for now. I’m rather busy with my work, it’s not good to hold them up.” 

“You can’t say it like that, isn’t there a saying that usually men will get married and then start one’s career? You get married first, then you start your career. It’s the same.” First Auntie disagreed with his words. She saw Jiang Li wasn’t persuaded and asked Jiang Zhan who was sitting beside him, “Sir, you agree too, right? 

Jiang Zhan was thinking about why he joined Jiang Li on this rough trip just to see him going on a blind date and didn’t really hear what she was asking. “What did you say?” 

Jiang Li quickly interrupted, “It’s nothing, we’re just chatting casually…” 

Before he was able to finish his sentence, First Auntie’s energetic voice covered his own. “I said Jiang Li should get married first and then start a career later. He’s not young anymore, so he can date someone first, right?” 

Jiang Li thought, What the hell? First Auntie, you’re not helping me, you’re pushing me to death! Just as he was about to change the topic, he heard Jiang Zhan say, “You’re right.” 

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Zhan, “???”

“Since she has such good qualities, there’s nothing wrong with meeting her.” Jiang Zhan didn’t look at him. Instead, he looked at First Auntie with a serious expression. “Why not call her out tomorrow? See if you’ll take a liking to her at first sight. There’s no rush to get married. There’s nothing wrong with dating first.” 

What he said was completely what he heard while he was outside. Normally, people who were not familiar with him would think that he was really thinking seriously of Jiang Li’s future. But Jiang Li only felt a headache after listening to what Jiang Zhan said. He knew he was going to get his revenge. 

When First Auntie heard what Jiang Zhan said, it was as if she had found her soulmate. She patted her lap and said with a bright smile, “That’s also what I thought. Let’s do it this way; I’ll go and ask if she’s willing to meet, and if she has no objections you guys can have a meal together in the town’s restaurant tomorrow! The girl comes from the next village, it’s really near! If you guys marry each other in the future, it’s convenient to move around too!” 

With just a few lines she talked till marriage. If she continued talking, she might just decide what kindergarten his kids were going to. Jiang Li, who was beside her, couldn’t even interrupt her. Jiang Zhan looked at him meaningfully and said to First Auntie, “Okay, sorry for troubling you.” 

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” First Auntie said as she laughed. “When one gets to this age, one just likes to matchmake the youngsters.” She noticed Jiang Zhan had a charming appearance and outstanding temperament, so she then asked enthusiastically, “How should I call you, sir?” 

“My surname’s Jiang, and the name’s Zhan.” 

“Ohh, Xiao Jiang!” First Auntie laughed and said, “I’m Xiao Li’s First Auntie, you can call me like how he calls me.” 

President Jiang, who had not been called as ‘Xiao Jiang’ for many years, showed an indescribable, subtle expression, and didn’t answer First Auntie. 

Jiang Li pursed his lips and laughed secretly beside him. He then called him ‘Xiao Jiang’ silently. Jiang Zhan looked at him with a warning expression in his eyes, yet the former shrugged indifferently. 

First Auntie didn’t notice their eye contact. She asked Jiang Zhan nosily, “Xiao Jiang, are you married?” 

“No.” Jiang Zhan answered, then his eyes brightened up, “Do you want to introduce someone to me?” 

“Sure!” What he said was spot on. “I have a lot of connections here, tall or short ones, fat or slim ones, which one do you like? I’ll check and see.” 

“Are there any females with master’s degrees?” Jiang Zhan asked. 

Jiang Li’s hand trembled as he heard what Jiang Zhan said. As he was placing the sweet potatoes into the fire, the sweet potato fell directly into the charcoal. 

“Female with a master’s degree, huh.” First Auntie thought for a while and felt that his requirement was too high. She hesitated and said, “I’ll go back and check first, alright?”

As they were both talking, Mother Jiang had made the tea and brought it out. Jiang Li went over and helped her place it onto the coffee table. He then poured one cup for each of them. First Auntie drank a cup of tea and left after talking for a while. She said she was going to contact the female with the master’s degree who she wanted to introduce to Jiang Li. 

Mother Jiang didn’t expect things to be set just after making tea. She felt weird and asked Jiang Li, “Xiao Li, didn’t you say that the company doesn’t allow you to date? Why did you agree with your First Auntie?” 

“The rules are dead, it’s fine to just meet.” Jiang Zhan, who was beside him, said. He just wanted to see just how outstanding that female with a master’s degree who could ensure a richer life was. 

Since his boss said it’s fine, there’s nothing Jiang Li was afraid of. He was as if possessed by internet trolls and said along his words to Mother Jiang, “Yeah, it’s time for me to date at this age as well, it’s fine to just meet, right? Maybe I’ll like her when I see her, get married this year, and bring you a big, plump grandson next year, right?”

Jiang Zhan, “…” What a brat.

As Mother Jiang heard what he said, she didn’t say much of anything anymore. Jiang Li was already an adult; he definitely had his own way of thinking. 

It was already in the afternoon, a little later and then it would be time for dinner. She initially planned to just heat the dishes she had made during the afternoon while she was alone at home. Now that Jiang Li brought his friend back, she thought that she should serve them well and should be courteous. Therefore, she wore a pair of rainboots and went out, planning to buy some meat from the market and harvest some fresh vegetables from the garden. 

Once Mother Jiang left, both Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan were left in the house as they stared at each other. 

Jiang li looked at Jiang Zhan’s unhappy expression. As if a heavy rain was going to come, he touched his nose and flipped the sweet potatoes that he had buried under the charcoal. He then pressed the sweet potato with his finger, chose a well-cooked one, and handed it to him, “Try it, my mum planted it herself, it’s really sweet.” 

Jiang Zhan looked at the blackened sweet potato in his hand, he didn’t stretch out his hand to take it. 

Jiang Li had been staying with him for so long and knew that he had slight mysophobia. Moreover, with his status, he probably didn’t normally eat this kind of roasted sweet potato that had been directly dug out from charcoal. He scolded him as he laughed, “Troublesome”. He then helped him peel off the sweet potato’s skin and only left a small part for his fingers to hold. He then used tissue to wrap around it and gave it to him, “Eat it, President Jiang.” 

This time, Jiang Zhan took it. The sweet potato that was just roasted was still steaming hot. He lowered his head and took a bite. The soft, fragrant, taste dispersed in his mouth. 

It’s indeed very sweet. 

After Jiang Li saw him finishing the sweet potato, he also peeled one for himself. After eating, he then went to wash and cook the rice. 

Jiang Zhan remained seated. He continued warming himself as he looked around Jiang Li’s house. 

The Jiang family’s house wasn’t big. Other than the small living room he was in currently, there were still two other rooms, one kitchen, and one toilet. 

The floor of the house was not covered by tiles, only a layer of cement was spread out. The wall’s putty was also old-looking, but the house was clean, and things were organized. Although the space was small, it was cozy. 

A metal basin was used to keep the fire; firewood was placed underneath the basin while the charcoal was burning above. There were still a few sweet potatoes that had been dug out by Jiang Li sitting beside the metal basin. On the coffee table was placed the normal green tea that had been brewed earlier. It wasn’t aromatic enough and bitterness lingered. There wasn’t even a heater pad in the house. 

Jiang Zhan felt that he was out of place, but he also somehow felt an indescribable warmth in his heart. 

Mother Jiang came back really quickly. Jiang Zhan sat at the door and was setting the fire. As he saw her entering the front yard, he stood up, wanting to take the basket that was in her hand; but she avoided him by tilting her hand. She smiled as she said, “There’s no need for you to help me. It’s cold outside, go inside and tend to the fire.” 

Jiang Zhan couldn’t help much either. He followed her and watched her for a while. He then went back into the house to continue warming himself while sitting. 

Jiang Li made dinner. There were four dishes and a soup, just right for the three of them to eat. 

They both had been busy for two days. After dinner, they chatted with Mother Jiang for a while and they were then rushed by her to bathe and rest in their room.

The new house was still under construction, there were only two rooms in the house. Mother Jiang took one room, so Jiang Zhan could only stay with Jiang Li in the other room. Mother Jiang felt bad about this and felt that she wasn’t a good host. Whereas, Jiang Zhan thought that it was fine since he had been used to sleeping with Jiang Li. 

Jiang Li’s room was very small. Only a bed, a table, and a cabinet almost filled the room, which was only a meter wide. 

Although Jiang Li didn’t come back frequently, Mother Jiang still always cleaned his room. The blanket and bed sheet were newly changed, so other than being not used to it as it was Jiang Zhan’s first time, he could still accept it. 

However, some dog from someone’s house barked for almost the whole night and Jiang Zhan could only sleep as morning came. When he woke up the next morning, Jiang Li wasn’t there anymore. His clothes that were prepared were placed on a stool beside the bed.

It was chilly in the countryside; the temperature was slightly lower compared to the cities. Jiang Zhan trembled due to the cold once he came out from under the blanket. He swiftly wore the clothes and walked out of the room. 

“What did you say?” Jiang Zhan thought he had heard wrongly. His footsteps that were walking towards Jiang Li suddenly stopped and he looked at him unbelievably. 

Jiang Li raised his head and looked at him. He said naturally, “Feed the chickens. Can’t you see that I’m busy right now?” 

As the president of Jiang Group, Jiang Zhan didn’t expect that he would be called on to feed chickens one day. Moreover, by his lover who he was keeping. He felt it to be incomprehensible and said, “Do you know what you’re talking about? Did you forget your position…?” 

“I’m sorry President Jiang.” Jiang Li interrupted his words, his smile becoming wider, “Please let me remind you that our kept contract has ended yesterday. You’re living here and eating at my place now, what’s wrong with just feeding the chickens?” 

Jiang Zhan, “…” 

It’s only been a night and the farmer has become an owner? 

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