Chapter 13

Jiang Li did not purposely make breakfast for Jiang Zhan, he only made it because he woke up early and there were ingredients in the fridge.

When he heard System reminding him that the favorability increased 20% in a jump, his mind turned wild and thought if the favorability could reach 100% if he made more breakfast.

System: Host, please come to your senses. 

Jiang Li: Ok, I was just being a little naughty.

Although there were only two people, Jiang Li still prepared a lot. There were steamed dumplings, cold noodles with sauce, Chinese steamed egg, stir-fried vegetables, Chinese onion pancake, shredded pork and simple millet porridge.

The aroma of the food made Jiang Zhan move his fingers. He used chopsticks and took action on the Chinese onion pancakes that were cut into small square pieces.

The Chinese onion pancakes were made with two pieces of crust and a thin layer of onion and minced meat in the middle. Both sides of the dough were then fried into golden-yellow. With a bite, the aroma of the onion and the minced meat drifted in his mouth, causing him to have a good appetite.

Jiang Li asked after he saw him finish eating a piece, “How is it? Does it suit your taste?”

“It was fine.”

Jiang Zhan commented half-heartedly, he then took another portion of cold noodles.

Jiang Li laughed at his act of speaking in a way and thinking in another way and did not unmask him.

Jiang Zhan was feeling comfortable physically and mentally after that breakfast. Even Ji Shu who came to fetch him to work could feel the spring-like breeze from him.

In a short while after Jiang Zhan left, Jiang Li saw the drama’s wechat group was tagging him. It said that the retoucher had finished editing his picture from the photo shoot that was carried out hurriedly yesterday and they planned to upload it to their blog today to give publicity.

Long River and Falling Moon’s drama crew would post some pictures of the actor or the drama on weibo to maintain the popularity. This was a way to publicize as well.

The weibo account that the original host used was specially used to support Zhang Ziyang. Jiang Li applied to terminate the account and registered for a new account.

After receiving the message from the drama crew, he logged into his account, followed the drama’s official weibo account and sent a message to them. After a short while, the official account then posted the stage photo of Liu Chuandeng and Liu Baizhu, they also tagged his account at the same time.

Long River and Falling Moon’s drama crew V: The people said that I caused chaos in the court and harmed the society, but who knows how I was forced to this point step by step! — Liu Chuan Deng [Picture]; Being in this world, a road, a horse, a jug of wine, a sword, all I wanted was just to have a clear conscience. — Liu Baizhu [Picture] @JiangLi The Liu Chuandeng in the picture was standing on the stairs outside the court, he was wearing a black clothing and had his chin slightly lifted. He looked ruthlessly at the hundred court officials below the stairs as a cold and gloomy aura was surrounding him. Whereas Liu Baizhu was riding a white horse in the forest of the mountain. He was wearing a white clothing, wish a smile on his face, he casually grabbed the kingfisher that tried to swift past him.

They had the completely same faces, but had entirely different temperaments. One was like Lycoris radiata by the underworld, while another one was like bamboo amidst the mountains and forest.

The official account had posted lots of stage pictures earlier. Almost all the photos of main roles to supporting roles were posted and hot discussions would be carried out by the fans of the novel and the actors every time a stage photo was posted.

However, the actor for the greatest antagonist, Liu Chuandeng and his twin brother Liu Baizhu was not announced yet. Everyone was still guessing who would take the roles, they had chosen the reserved actors for a few rounds and the fans of each actor were quarreling with each other.

The fact that officials suddenly announced the stage photos today made the comment section explode!

The actor of the most controversial roles in the drama was not the reserved actors that were chosen and recommended by the fans, it was not among the currently popular stars, instead, it was a newbie that they had not seen before.

Jiang Li?! Who is this? I’ve never heard of him before.

The people pressed into Jiang Li’s weibo and found out it was a new account with only a few followers. Other than the drama’s weibo account, the others following him were zombie followers! His homepage did not even have a post!

What’s this person’s background? There’s not even any information about him? 

But no matter if they knew Jiang Li or not, his appearance was too outstanding. He had interpreted the two characters with completely different personalities vividly and thoroughly by using only two stage photos.

It was unclear what kind of people existed the most in this world, but there must be many people who judge others based on appearances! After uploading the two photos, hundreds of comments appeared and it was still increasing.

— OMG! Xiao Gege is so good-looking! I wanna push him down!!!!!!!”

[T/N: Xiao Gege, a way fans call male idols. Xiao means little/small, Gege means brother.]

— Man, Although I dunno where this Xiao Gege comes from, he looks just like the Governor in my heart ahhh!!”

— My mum asked me why I’m kneeling down while scrolling weibo.

— He got these important roles using his face? Looks like Long River and Falling Moon is not going to go well.

— Jiang Li, has anyone heard of this name before? What background?

— Baizhu Gege’s smile just made my heart melt, Xiao Gege do you wanna date online? I have a loli’s voice!”

— I was originally afraid of the novel being ruined but now I’m so looking forward to the drama ahhhhh!

— Attracting fans only with appearance? Is the border to join a drama so low now?

— I agree with the floor above.

As the comments increased, Jiang Li’s weibo’s followers increased. It broke 10 thousand followers in a few minutes and the name ‘Jiang Li’ went onto the top trending topics of weibo in half an hour.


Jiang Zhan went on a business trip for a few days, a few investment plans were waiting for him to be dealt with once he came back. He spent a whole morning and afternoon on the meeting and felt a bit exhausted. After he finished listening to Ji Shu’s report, he thought for a while and asked him to cancel the dinner tonight.

Ji Shu looked at his exhausted expression and suggested, “President Jiang, do I need to help you to postpone the plan later to tomorrow?”

“No need.” Jiang Zhan pinched the middle of his eyebrows and remembered Jiang Li said that he wanted a pet, “Oh yeah, find a pet for me.”

Although he said he minded it last night, it was just that moment of anger. He would not go to a point to reject such a small request from Jiang Li, and Jiang Li had even made breakfast for him.

His lover proactively expressed goodwill, he needed to repay that as well.

While for the type of pet, Jiang Li thought for a while and remembered the scene of Jiang Li closing his eyes and lying on the bed comfortably.

“Get a cat then, an obedient one, one that won’t scratch.”

Having worked beside Jiang Zhan for many years, Ji Shu had not seen him interested in pets before. He instantly guessed that it was for Jiang Li, he then asked, “Do you have any specific species you want? Cats like Garfield, British Shorthair, American Shorthair and Domestic short-haired cat.”

Jiang Zhan was not familiar with the species of the cats and was unclear about how they look, he then said simply, “Prepare a set of photos of the cats’ species and send it to me, I’ll choose it myself.”

He’s gonna choose a small matter like this himself? Mr. Jiang indeed has his own ways. He nodded and asked again, “I’ve ordered lunch for you, do you need it to be sent to you?”



After Ji Shu left, Jiang Zhan took an archival bag from the drawer. It was a document of personal information, Jiang Li’s name was written on it.

When he decided to keep Jiang Li, he asked JI Shu to investigate Jiang Li’s information. At his status, it was impossible for him to keep an unknown person as an impulse.

The information was sent to him two days ago, but he was still on his business trip so he was unable to read it in time.

He found a comfortable posture and started reading.

The information was detailed, it included Jiang Li’s score reports from the schools that he had attended. Jiang Zhan was not interested in all these school reports, he just wanted to know Jiang Li’s family background.

After living with Jiang Li these few days, he wondered what kind of family could bring up a little bastard like Jiang Li that would sometimes make him angry and sometimes tickle his heart.

Jiang Li’s family background was unexpectedly simple, his hometown is in a village of the Southern, he’s from a single-parent family and his family manages a small shop. It’s an extremely ordinary family.

Jiang Zhan’s corner of his lips could not resist to curve up as he remembered the scene where he returned to Jade River Garden last night, Jiang Li thought he was a thief and wanted to fight against him with a knife, only to find out that it was a misunderstanding and helped him to prepare the bath water. He flipped using his fingers, wanting to continue reading it.

A ringing tone halted his actions, he closed the documents, put it back into the drawer and accepted the call after he saw the name of the incoming call.

The person who called was his family’s butler, he said that his mum asked him to return to his home as they had something to discuss.

Jiang Zhan frowned, he said “Noted” and ended the call.

At the same time, Ji Shu was sending the lunch that he ordered to his office. He placed the lunch box on the coffee table of the reception room and brought out the food.

Three dishes and one soup, it was ordered from the private restaurant beside the company based on Jiang Zhan’s preferences.

Jiang Zhan sat down and told Ji Shu who was standing beside, “You go and eat as well.”

“Okay.” Ji Shu hesitated and did not leave immediately, instead, he asked, “President Jiang, Long River and Falling Moon’s drama crew had posted Mr. Jiang’s stage photos on weibo today, do you need to take a look?”

There were reasons why he purposely asked the question.

He could see that Jiang Zhan was interested in Jiang Li from the actions of changing the flight, rushing back to Jade River Garden after he got off the plane and ordering him to buy a cat.

Although he did not know how long he would be interested in, at this point, Jiang Li was favored by him. It must be right to report more of Jiang Li’s information to him.

As expected, Jiang Zhan spread out his hands towards him after he heard his words, asking him to show the stage photos.

Ji Shu swiftly took out his phone, pressed into weibo and showed him the two stage photos that were posted by the drama’s account that morning. He did not forget to compliment Jiang Li, “Mr. Jiang suits these two characters very well indeed. His appearance and temperament are outstanding, the comments are praising his appearance.”

Jiang Zhan did not say anything. He pressed open one of the photos and zoomed in.

He has the aura, it seems like he didn’t lose my face.

Jiang Zhan was satisfied, he then pressed open the comments below the photos. And the first thing he saw was the top comment.

— OMG, Xiao Gege is so good looking! I wanna push him down!!!!!!

Jiang Zhan: “…”

You wanna push him down? I think you are looking for death! 



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