Chapter 32

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Since Jiang Zhan had an experience of being ignored by Jiang Li when he came to visit, this time, he found a very obvious position to brush up his presence, which was standing next to the director.

The director was a bit alarmed by the sudden visit of the investor, who was standing next to him like a threshold guardian. He shouted towards Jiang Li and the others who were in front, “Cut!”

In the drama, after Zhao Kui jumped on Lu Minyu, he quickly stood up again and grasped onto him, wanting to pull him and run out, but when the director said “Cut”, the two stopped and looked towards the director.

When Jiang Li saw Jiang Zhan standing next to the camera, he froze for a moment. He then immediately knew the reason why he was there. He lowered his head and laughed.   

When Jin Yu who was beside Jiang Li heard his laughter, he turned and saw him lowering his head while laughing lightly, gentleness could be seen on his face. It was unlike the usual expression of him being gentle and polite yet putting up an imperceptible distance between himself and the others. Jin Yu’s heart pounded uncontrollably, forgetting to let go of his hand for a moment.

Jiang Zhan stared at Jin Yu’s hand which was holding Jiang Li’s wrist and took a step forward subconsciously, wanting to go over and stop them from holding hands. The director next to him suddenly held up the speaker and said, “Okay, everyone take a half hour break!”

This made Jin Yu return to his senses and let go of Jiang Li’s hand. When he kept away his hand, his heart felt a hint of unexpected emptiness and disappointment. He couldn’t help but clenched his fist tightly behind his back and followed Jiang Li who was walking towards Jiang Zhan.

As the top one hit celebrity of Jiang Group, Jiang Zhan was quite familiar with him, but he didn’t expect that he was also in the ‘Undercover‘ drama crew.

In fact, not only him, even Jiang Li only found out that the second male lead was Jin Yu when he entered the crew. With the fact that the popular best actor in the industry took on a supporting role for a newcomer like Jiang li, he could already foresee the fans quarreling without going online.

However, Jin Yu himself didn’t mind much about this because he didn’t treat Jiang Li as a newcomer at all. In the few scenes of ‘The Long River Falling Moon’, perhaps others might not realize it, but he really felt that he was overpowered by Jiang Li.

“Is President Jiang coming over for business?” Jin Yu took the initiative to ask.

“En.” Jiang Zhan nodded faintly, his gaze swept over Jiang Li who was next to him as if he was unintentional, “I’m stopping by to take a look.”

Jin Yu noticed his gaze on Jiang Li who hadn’t been in the company for long.  Jin Yu wasn’t sure if Jiang Li knew President Jiang, so he patted Jiang Li’s shoulder and introduced him, “Jiang Li, this is President Jiang from the company, you should have met him too, right? Say hello quickly.”

“Not yet.” Jiang Li smiled at Jiang Zhan, stretched out his hand and said, “Hello, President Jiang, I’m Jiang Li.”

Jiang Zhan looked at him for a few seconds before shaking Jiang Li’s hand. Just after they held each other’s hands, Jiang Zhan could feel Jiang Li scratching his palm twice, a slight tickle could be felt, like a feather gently brushing on his heart.

There were still other people nearby, so the two withdrew their hands silently.

After they exchanged greetings, Jiang Li and Jin Yu went to the side to figure out the next scene.

Jiang Zhan sat down on the chair prepared by the staff and ordered Ji Shu to arrange afternoon tea for the crew. His gaze then landed on Jiang Li who wasn’t far away.

When Jiang Li was going through the script with Jin Yu, he could feel Jiang Zhan looking at him from his head till his toe like an X-ray. If Jiang Li were to turn his head, he might see Jiang Zhan’s sour expression as if he was wearing a green hat. 

When he thought of Jiang Zhan being jealous and always acted like nothing happened when he asked, he couldn’t hold back his laughter and he was so happy as if he was a blossoming flower.

Jin Yu saw him laughing and asked with a smile, “What are you laughing at? Did I say something wrong?”

“No, no, Brother Yu, you were right.” Jiang Li waved his hand, “I just remembered something happy. I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll talk to you later.”


Jiang Li placed the script aside. Before leaving, he looked towards Jiang Zhan as if he was hinting at him and Jiang Zhan, who had been looking at him all the time of course didn’t miss his hint. He then stood up and followed him.

The two of them went into the bathroom one after the other. As soon as the door behind them closed, Jiang Li pounced on Jiang Zhan and pressed him against the wall, tugging on the collar of his coat with both hands. He then pulled him towards himself, tilted his head and kissed him.

Jiang Zhan obediently wrapped his arms around his waist and kissed him back hard on his soft lips, his tongue intertwined with his playfully.

After the kiss, Jiang Li asked as he panted, “Why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming, I was shocked to see you just now.” 

“I came over for business.” Jiang Zhan used his hand to help Jiang Li wipe off the dust on his face during the shooting, “I’m stopping by to visit you as well.”

The excuse was so lame that Jiang Li didn’t believe it at all, “Nah, you came over to visit me and stopped by for a business trip, right?”



Jiang Zhan looked at him and said honestly, “I specially come to visit you, I’m not here for any business.”

It was rare for him to be so honest; Jiang Li felt a hint of indescribable sweetness spreading out in his heart. The corner of his lips couldn’t be suppressed, his forehead rested against Jiang Zhan’s chest as a deep laugh could be heard from his own chest.

When Jiang Zhan saw his joy, the gloominess he felt earlier was swept away completely.

Since they were still outside, there were many actors and staff not too far away from them, so the two didn’t stay for long. Jiang Li whispered to Jiang Zhan, “I will ask Feng Dong to give you the room card, I’ll leave first.”

After speaking, he quickly dropped a kiss on Jiang Zhan’s lips and left. Jiang Zhan touched the part where he was kissed. He didn’t actually mind letting others know about his relationship with Jiang Li, he couldn’t even wait to tell the world that Jiang Li was his, making people who coveted him to retreat. However, Jiang Li’s current status really wasn’t suitable for it to be exposed. 

Jiang Zhan returned to the seat earlier and sat down. Not long after, Feng Dong handed Jiang Li’s room card to him when the others weren’t looking and told him that Jiang Li asked him to go back to the hotel and rest first. 

Jiang Zhan kept the room card and didn’t go back first, instead, he stayed at the scene to accompany him till the end of the shooting. He then went out to eat with Jiang Li privately afterwards.

The two were now passionately in love. Due to filming, Jiang Li had been staying in Jiang City for half a month, and they could only contact each other by video calling. Now when both of them were close to each other, they couldn’t suppress the naughty thoughts in their minds. Once the room door was closed, they couldn’t wait and embraced each other as they kissed, walking and stumbling towards the bed.

After taking a shower, Jiang Zhan stripped Jiang Li’s pants and asked him to lie on the bed so he could apply the medicine for him. He held two bottles of medicine and asked, “Apply this bottle of medicine first?”

“En, apply the ointment after the medicine dries.” Jiang Li laid face down on the pillow, he was only wearing pajamas, not even his underwear. The heating of the house was switched on to high, so he didn’t feel cold.

Jiang Zhan carefully rubbed the medicine for him, put the bottle away, instructed him to lie down and wait for the medicine to dry before moving. He then got up and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. Just before he reached the door, he heard a knock. Looking out through the peephole, he found out that Jin Yu was standing outside the door.

“Who is it?”

When Jiang Li heard the sound, he poked his head out of bed to ask, looking like he was about to get out of bed and walked to the door.

“Don’t move.” Jiang Zhan looked back at him, stopping him from moving. He reached out and opened the door directly, wanting to meet Jin Yu who was planning to knock on the door again.

Jin Yu was here to pass medicine to Jiang Li. He wasn’t at the scene when Jiang Li was injured yesterday, he just learned of the news from his assistant, so he asked his assistant to buy some ointment from the pharmacy nearby and brought it here personally.

However, when the door was opened, what appeared in front of him wasn’t Jiang Li, but someone he didn’t expect at all.

“… President Jiang?” Jin Yu looked at Jiang Zhan, his expression turned blank for a moment, but he reacted quickly, suppressing the shock. He then inclined his head to look at the room number.

10208, it was indeed Jiang Li’s room. His line of sight swept past Jiang Zhan and he could see Jiang Li poking his head out, looking towards his direction while wrapped in a quilt. 

At this time, Jiang Zhan was wearing a bathrobe, it was obvious that he had just finished showering. The fact that he appeared in Jiang Li’s room at this late hour… It was impossible that he was here to share a room with Jiang Li, unless…

Jin Yu’s heart sank, he figured out they had some kind of relationship that his heart didn’t want to believe. 

Jiang Zhan nodded towards him and asked faintly, “Is something wrong?”

Jiang Li also saw Jin Yu, he didn’t expect him to come over at such a late hour. Since Jin Yu had already seen Jiang Zhan, it was too late to hide, so he could only ask, “Brother Yu, is something wrong?”

Jin Yu quickly gathered his emotions, shook the ointment in his hand and said to Jiang Zhan with a smile, “Nothing, I’m just here to hand these ointments to Jiang Li.”

“He has already applied them.” Jiang Zhan stood at the door, holding it with one hand, without any intention of letting him in. His attitude showed his possessiveness of Jiang Li and was dissatisfied with Jin Yu coming to meet Jiang Li at this hour.

On the contrary, when Jiang Li heard that he had brought medicine for himself, he quickly waved and said, “Thank you Brother Yu, I already bought the medicine.”

“That’s good then.” Jin Yu nodded and said to Jiang Zhan, “President Jiang, forgive me for being abrupt, rest early.”

Jiang Zhan nodded and closed the door.

Looking at the door closing in front of him, Jin Yu stood at the same place for two seconds. He looked down at the ointment in his hand and laughed lightly, as if he was mocking himself subtly.

A person like Jiang Li, it was impossible that he was the only one interested in him, right?

Jin Yu shook his head and kept away his feelings that had just sprouted in his heart, it was still not that obvious yet. He turned away and walked towards his room.

In the room, Jiang Zhan was still feeling bitter towards Jin Yu bringing the medicine to Jiang Li late at night. He pinched Jiang Li’s butt with a sour face.

Jiang Li “…”

Since Jin Yu knew about Jiang Li and Jiang Zhan’s relationship, he had been keeping a certain distance from Jiang Li sensibly. Other than some physical contact during the shoot, he didn’t overstepped his boundaries.

Jiang Zhan was satisfied with this and waited until Jiang Li’s shooting in Jiang City was over before returning to City S together.

Before they boarded the plane, Jiang Zhan received a call from Shen Yuzhi, saying that Zhao Guangyu was going to celebrate his birthday tonight, so he asked him to go to the clubhouse.

Jiang Zhan agreed but when he was about to hang up the phone, he heard Shen Yuzhi shouting, “Oh yeah, remember to bring Jiang Li!”

Jiang Zhan fell into silence for a moment. He tilted his head and glanced at Jiang Li next to him. He then corrected Shen Yuzhi, “It’s not Jiang Li, it’s Sao zi1Sao zi means sister-in-law..”

Shen Yuzhi: “…??”

When Shen Yuzhi was still pondering on the word ‘Sao zi’, Jiang Zhan had hung up the phone. The next moment, Shen Yuzhi jerked up from the chair and said incredulously, “Crap, Sao zi?”

He didn’t expect that in this half a year, Jiang Zhan didn’t get tired of Jiang Li and had even successfully advanced to the next level?!

Shen Yuzhi was so surprised that he walked back and forth in the room twice before calling his assistant, “Go and prepare a banner for me, it has to be in bright red! Now, immediately, this instance!!”

The assistant’s action was quick. In just one hour, the banner was sent to him. Shen Yuzhi asked someone to hang it in the most conspicuous place of the room, so that it could be seen as soon as the door was opened.

So when Jiang Zhan and Jiang Li arrived at the clubhouse together at night, they saw the huge red banner hanging in the center as soon as they opened the door. The banner, with a line of words written in golden bold font, was shining brightly:

[Congratulations to President Jiang for getting out of being single and dating Sao zi!] –(From Shen Yuzhi)

Dating Sao zi, these words sounded so wrong as if Jiang Zhan was dating his own sister-in-law. 

When Jiang Li who was beside Jiang Zhan saw the banner, he laughed so hard that he couldn’t stand up straight.

Jiang Zhan’s entire face darkened. He looked grimly at Shen Yuzhi, who was holding a salute and was ready to discharge it. Jiang Zhan then asked as he gritted his teeth, “Shen Yuzhi, are you fucking illiterate?”

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    Sao zi means sister-in-law.


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