Chapter 16

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[T/N: Le Yu’s (the male lead of the drama) name is changed to Jin Yu.]

— If the cat calls you daddy, what about me?

— You’re my sugar daddy, what about calling you grandpa? 

Jiang Zhan’s expression changed instantly, his good mood plunging down. In order to keep himself from throwing Jiang Li and the cat out of the house, he held back and walked away with a blackened face. 

Jiang Li looked at his furious back and pursed his lips as he laughed secretly. He pinched the cat’s ears and whispered, “Baby, be obedient, I’ll go and sweet-talk your grandpa.” He placed the cat back into the bed and quickened his pace in order to chase after Jiang Zhan going back into the room. 

Jiang Zhan returned to his room and planned to take off his shirt and go take a bath. Jiang Li followed him in, he stretched out his arm and wanted to pull him as he teased, “President Jiang, are you angry? It’s just a jok–” 

Before he had finished speaking, Jiang Zhan shoved his hands away instantly. He looked at him with a frown, his expression cold and blunt. It was obvious that he was mad. 

“Jiang Li, know your position. I spend the money and you do your job in bed, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch.” 

Jiang Li became dazed for a moment by his words and his hand that was being shoved away froze. He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say at that moment. 

Jiang Zhan asked him to know his place properly; he spent money to keep him so he should know his position. 

It might be because of Jiang Zhan’s act of rushing back late at night in order to accompany him last time, or because of Jiang Zhan’s sudden surprise this time; but Jiang Li had his mind heated up and forgot that Jiang Zhan was his sugar daddy. He was just a kept man, just a kept lover who needed to make him happy. He reached out for a yard after taking an inch and forgot his position just because of those moments of pampering. 

His feelings of satisfaction and happiness from earlier disappeared instantly like bubbles that were popped by needles. It was so fast that Jiang Li didn’t realize it in time. 

Yeah right, I’m an actor, why can’t I act like a kept lover properly. Where are my professional ethics? 

Jiang Zhan regretted the words as soon as he said them. He saw Jiang Li’s widened stunned eyes staring blankly, clearly caught off guard; which made him feel even worse. He wanted to open his mouth and say something but he couldn’t let go of his pride to do so. He thought that the fact that his mood was being influenced by a kept lover who he had kept for only a month was something he shouldn’t be doing with his position as a CEO.

Both of them stood still for a while. Jiang Zhan then turned and went into the bathroom. He was afraid that his heart might turn soft and result in face-slapping himself. 

Not long after he went into the bathroom, Jiang Li followed him in, naked. 

Jiang Zhan who was showering noticed him, and his action of pumping the shampoo slowed down by a beat. 

Due to his work on the drama these days, Jiang Li’s body had become firmer. His collarbone extended to the arc of the shoulder concave and two sexy shoulder nests were shown. His body lines looked smoother as well, and his waistline was so thin that Jiang Zhan felt like he could hold it in one hand. 

Both of them were busy with their work this week. Let alone making love, they didn’t kiss much either. A gust of passion slowly flowed out in Jiang Zhan’s eyes as beauty was in front of him, his throat feeling a bit dry. 

As Jiang Li slowly got closer to him, he could hear his own slightly hoarse voice. “What are you trying to do?” 

Jiang Li heard his words and smiled, both hands holding onto Jiang Zhan’s firm and strong waist. He pressed his nose tip against Jiang Zhan’s and said with a seductive tone, “I’m here to do something that suits my position.” 

Jiang Zhan, “……” I just blasted off on the spur of the moment and now you are getting serious about it? 

“It’s been one week since we’ve done it, don’t you miss it?” 

Don’t you miss it? 

How could Jiang Zhan not want it, he wasn’t Liu Xiahui1Liu Xiahui is a historical figure who encountered a woman who had no place to live. He was scared that the woman would get cold so he invited her in. He sat quietly with the woman in the night and did not take advantage of her.

It was impossible for Jiang Zhan to resist his desires if not for worrying about Jiang Li’s stress at work. But, now this person took off his clothes and was seducing him as if challenging him.

Jiang Li kissed his chin and continued going down, kissing his Adam’s apple. 

Jiang Zhan’s Adam’s apple bobbed suddenly. He held Jiang Li’s waist with his two hands and strongly pushed him towards the bathroom’s wall. He then lowered his head to capture those lips with his own. 

The atmosphere was filled with hot, fervent waves. The water from the shower nozzle was cool, yet their bodies were boiling hot. It had only been a week since they felt the other’s touch, but when both skins touched again, the both of them shuddered. 

Jiang Zhan’s breath was heavy. He pressed onto Jiang Li’s lips as if in punishment and said aggressively, “Say, do you know what your mistake was? Do you dare to be so naughty next time?” 

Jiang Li had already reached his limits, the feeling of almost reaching the peak but stopping was making him really uncomfortable. 

But, the pride in his heart made him unwilling to answer and he clenched his teeth tightly, the edges of his eyes red. He lifted up his head slightly in order to avoid Jiang Zhan’s kisses. 


Jiang Zhan looked at Jiang Li who was refusing to admit defeat, and.. felt unwilling to punish him. 


The water from the shower nozzle sprayed onto the floor, but neither cared about it as they sank deeply into the happiness given by each other, tangling up till late into the night. 

When the hand on the clock hanging on the wall struck 3, the city view outside of the French window slowly turned dark. 

Jiang Zhan frowned as he looked at the new marks on Jiang Li’s back. He was already careful enough, but marks were still inevitable. He helped Jiang Li pull up the blanket, switched off the lights, and lay down. 

After a while, Jiang Li opened his eyes and asked the System in his mind, “Little Cutie, please help me check the favorability.” 


“The favorability is 48%.” 

He thought that the favorability would decrease since Jiang Zhan was so angry. He didn’t expect that it would remain the same.

Jiang Li tilted his head and looked at Jiang Zhan with the moonlight shining on him through the window, his vision pausing at his handsome face. His lips curved and he flipped his body over to sleep. 

After a long while, Jiang Zhan who was supposed to be asleep suddenly opened his eyes. He tilted his head and looked at Jiang Li. He slowly went closer, stretching out his hands and holding his waist. He then lowered his head and kissed the edge of his lips. 

“…… I’m sorry.” 

Inside the silent room, a voice that was so soft that it almost disappeared in the air echoed. 

The edge of Jiang Li’s lips curved up slightly as he had his back towards him. 

Good night, paper tiger2paper tiger refers to people who act threatening/ strong/ dangerous…etc but are actually not


The shooting for Long River and Falling Moon was progressing orderly, there were also netizens posting photos and videos of the shooting site on Weibo. With Jin Yu and Feng Yating’s popularity, there was no doubt that they would be on the hot search. Other than the both of them, Jiang Li was on it too. 

A weibo of “Saw the god-like appearance of Jiang Li Xiao Gege at the shooting site! Those people who said that the pictures are largely edited, shut up!! I’d already become a hardcore fan ahhhhhhhh!!!!” was being shared more than thousands of times in just half an hour, and it was still rising. 

In the video, Jiang Li was in Liu Chuandeng’s make-up. He was standing beside the shooting site and looking at the others who were shooting. He was holding a mini fan in his hand and had noticed that someone was filming him. He looked towards the camera and a few screams echoed out from the video. “Governor, I love you!” could be heard clearly in a high-pitched female voice.


Jiang Li seemed like he was amused by the confession which was screamed in a cracked voice. He said as he laughed, “Hi.” A few screams that sounded like pigs then echoed out from the video again. 

The video was very short. The last scene was Jiang Li waving towards the camera as he said, “Aren’t you guys hot? Don’t stand there anymore, hide under the trees over there.” 

The beauty filter of the camera wasn’t switched on. Although Jiang Li had makeup on, the shape of his face wasn’t any different from what was shown in the stage photos. It wasn’t like what some people said, that he only got this heart-shaped face after lots of editing. 

After the video was posted, many people were attracted by his friendly attitude. More than half of the posts that were shared had the words “Xiao Gege is so gentlemanly. A new fan here!”. But, there were still some people who criticized that he relied on makeup to look good on camera. Who knows if he’s a human or a ghost without it? 

It had only been half a month since the drama’s Weibo publicized Jiang Li’s stage photos. The drama hadn’t aired yet and Jiang Li hadn’t joined any variety shows either. But, his followers on Weibo had reached 2 million. 

Jiang Li’s Weibo was managed by Feng Dong. Normally this kind of work was done by an assistant. However, Feng Dong only had Jiang Li under him right now, and Jiang Li had only accepted one drama so there wasn’t much to take care of. 

After refreshing Weibo, Feng Dong found out that Feng Yating had also shared the video posted by the netizen, fully supporting Jiang Li. 

The Earth’s Unbeatable Beauty Feng Yating V: As a person who has interacted closely, I’m willing to worship Brother Liu’s beauty. [Bye]// @Saw the god-like appearance of Jiang Li Xiao Gege at the shooting site! Those people who said that the pictures are largely edited, shut up!! I’d already become a hardcore fan ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Ever since Feng Yating debuted, her mindset was beyond common sense. Golden phrases like “I’m so pretty, why do I need to lose fat?”, “I look so beautiful, even my fart smells nice”, “No need to praise my acting, praising my beauty is enough” could be heard from her. 

She always had exceptional persistence on beauty. You can say that she has lousy acting skills, but you can’t say that she’s ugly. This was the first time for her to admit another person was more beautiful than her, and it was even a man? 

Her Weibo had 60 million fans and the number of comments broke 3000 in no time at all. 

It wasn’t only Feng Yating whose brain was out of this world, even her fans were odd. The comments were lining up orderly with five big words — Sister Ting, please expose him! 

It was admitted publicly that Feng Yating was beautiful. She was also a person who wasn’t afraid of anything, so she pulled out a picture unhesitantly. It was a picture that she had taken with Jiang Li. Moreover, both of their faces didn’t have any makeup and the beauty filter wasn’t switched on! 

The Earth’s Unbeatable Beauty Feng Yating V: I’m exposing, it’s time to prove your true love, please stay if you love me, if you don’t love me, turn left and find him @Jiang Li [Photo]

The photo was taken in the dressing room. Both of them had just taken off their face masks and the essence on their faces hadn’t been washed off yet. It was truly a picture of them without any makeup. It wasn’t beautified or edited and the little pimples on her forehead and the little mole on Jiang Li’s nose tip could be seen. 

When the photo was posted, the comment section exploded! 

— Xiao Gege is really good-looking! How can your skin be so smooth?? 

— Sister Ting, you’re really good, but I choose Jiang Li. 

— I loved Sister Ting, but I deserve better! 

— Sister Ting, please don’t worry, I still love you! 

— Xiao Gege’s appearance really makes my heart soft, the little mole on his nose is so cute!

— Sister Ting without make-up is really pretty, but I wanna know why Sister Ting has the courage to post this photo? 

— Love is like a bubble.

Feng Dong was passing the tablet with Weibo open to Jiang Li and he coincidentally saw her post a reply to a screenshot of the comments. The Unbeatable Beauty, Miss Feng Yating sent two angry exploding memes that stated “Love is so fragile!” that made Jiang Li laugh. 

Although they only knew each other for a short time, they had shot a lot of scenes together. Feng Yating was also a cheerful person so they got along pretty well. 

Jiang Li took the tablet and used his Weibo to share her post. 

Jiang Li V: I choose to stay.// @The Earth’s Unbeatable Beauty Feng Yating V: I’m exposing, it’s time to prove your true love, please stay if you love me, if you don’t love me, turn left and find him @Jiang Li [Photo]

On the other side, a new notification suddenly popped up on Jiang Zhan’s computer as he had followed Jiang Li’s Weibo with his personal account. He clicked to open it and saw that Jiang Li had just shared a weibo. 

Under that post, Feng Yating replied with a love emoji to Jiang Li. The comments under hers were saying “Xiao Gege and Xiao Jiejie are in true love, get together get together!” Both of their names were sent up to the hot trend list. 

Jiang Zhan, “……??” 

Why is the artist under my company stealing my person away instead of working hard and earning money for me? 

  • 1
    Liu Xiahui is a historical figure who encountered a woman who had no place to live. He was scared that the woman would get cold so he invited her in. He sat quietly with the woman in the night and did not take advantage of her.
  • 2
    paper tiger refers to people who act threatening/ strong/ dangerous…etc but are actually not


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