Chapter 33 – President Jiang, please present your first love experience

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Shen Yuzhi looked at Jiang Zhan taking off his coat, stuffing it into Jiang Li’s arms, and walking towards him with a darkened expression. He kept walking backwards and said, “It’s just a joke, don’t do it, we are good brothers, why are you being so calculative…”.

A ‘pop’ sound was then heard, it seemed that Shen Yuzhi felt nervous at that second and accidentally pulled the string of the confetti popper that was in his hand, spraying the confetti all over Jiang Zhan.

Jiang Zhan reflexively inclined his head to dodge them, but it was too late, there were confettis all over his shoulder and head. There were also a few pieces of them, which were about to fall off, hanging on his eyebrows.

The room fell into complete silence. A few seconds later, Zhao Guanyu and Sun Zelin, who were watching from the side, burst out laughing. They pointed at Shen Yuzhi as they said, “Old Shen, you’re bold!

Shen Yuzhi was also a little confused, he looked at his own hands, didn’t know what to do. He then looked at Jiang Zhan, gulped and explained: “Ge, I really didn’t mean to… ouch!”

Jiang Zhan didn’t waste his time talking nonsense with him. He grabbed his shoulders and directly threw him to the sofa. He pressed his knee against the back of his waist and exerted a little force on it. Shen Yuzhi screamed in pain and stretched out his hand towards Jiang Li, “Sao zi, help me!

Since he was called Sao zi, Jiang Li couldn’t sit idly by and do nothing anymore. He went over to Jiang Zhan and helped him clean the confettis that were on his head and his clothes, and then scattered all of them on top of Shen Yuzhi’s head. He then smiled at Jiang Zhan and said, “It’s fine now, stop being angry.”

Shen Yuzhi “…”

The audience, Zhao Guan Yu and Sun Zelin didn’t expect that this way of resolving the matter existed. They looked at Shen Yuzhi, who had a head full of confettis, and said to Jiang Zhan in the same tone as Jiang Li, “It’s fine now, stop being angry.”

Jiang Zhan “…”

This matter went over quickly. In order to save his own life, Shen Yuzhi called someone to take the banner down. He rubbed his own waist that was almost broken by Jiang Zhan and sat in the farthest position of the sofa from him. However, after a moment, he couldn’t resist and went closer. He then asked while sitting next to Jiang Zhan, “Hey, when did you two become a couple?”

He was really curious about it. Sun Zelin and Zhao Guangyu were also curious as well. After all, Jiang Zhan was the only one among them who hadn’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend for so many years, so they were curious about how Jiang Li took him down.

Jiang Zhan had no interest in sharing his love story with others, even if they were his own close friends. He annoyingly pushed Shen Yuzhi’s face away, “It’s none of your business, go away.”

“Don’t be like this, tell us to relieve the boredom.” Shen Yuzhi was really nosy, he held the microphone in front of Jiang Zhan, “Please present your first love experience.”

“First love?”

When Jiang Li, who was choosing songs from the tablet heard these two words, he stopped his action. He looked at Jiang Zhan, averted his gaze towards Shen Yu Zhi, and asked surprisingly, “Did you say first love? You’re talking about Jiang Zhan?”

“Yeah.” Shen Yuzhi pointed at Jiang Zhan, “Our President Jiang has been single for thirty-two years, you are his first boyfriend, or perhaps his first friend with bene… Wuu!”

Before he got to finish the words ‘friend with benefits’, Jiang Zhan picked up a snack and immediately shoved it into Shen Yuzhi’s mouth, blocking him from finishing the sentence.

“Get out of here.”

Shen Yuzhi was afraid that he would beat him out again if he didn’t get his words right. He bit the snacks as he left nimbly, but Jiang Li had already heard the important part.

Jiang Li really didn’t expect that he was Jiang Zhan’s first boyfriend, which simply surprised him. With such conditions that Jiang Zhan had, how hard could it be for him to find the person he wanted? And yet, he was single for thirty-two years?

Although Jiang Li didn’t really mind how many people Jiang Zhan had around him before, after all, it was all in the past before they got together. What he valued was the future days. However, now that he suddenly heard that Jiang Zhan only had him before, he still couldn’t help but feel happy. It was like winning the lottery.

The more affectionate way to put it was that Jiang Zhan had been single for so long, and it was like Jiang Zhan was waiting for him.

When Jiang Li thought about this, he was bursting with joy in his heart. He wasn’t in the mood to sing anymore and threw the tablet aside. He went closer to Jiang Zhan and asked, “Am I really your first boyfriend?”  


The delight in Jiang Li’s eyes was too obvious. Jiang Zhan felt a little uncomfortable being stared at. His ears were getting hotter as he cursed Shen Yuzhi a bastard in his heart for a hundred times, and turned his head away from answering the question, “Why are you so close, be cautious when we’re outside.”

“I have earned my right to date, what do I need to be cautious of?” Jiang Li raised his eyebrows and looked at him.

Jiang Zhan “…”

When Shen Yuzhi who was used to being bullied by Jiang Zhan saw what happened, he could see that Jiang Li seemed to have a slightly higher status in their relationship, and so he daringly yelled towards Jiang Li, “I guarantee you that you’re his first boyfriend. I found a boy for him before, but the boy ran away halfway!”

Jiang Zhan, “…”

Jiang Li, “…”

“So there’s still a little boy…” Jiang Li nodded as if he was thinking about something. He looked at Shen Yuzhi and asked casually, “Where did the little boy come from, your clubhouse?”

“…” Shen Yuzhi, realizing that he had gone overboard, stammered and moved towards Zhao Guangyu, rigidly changing the subject, “Today is Old Zhao’s birthday, why is everyone just chatting and not singing? Haha!”

The atmosphere suddenly became very awkward. Until the end of the party, Jiang Zhan looked at Shen Yuzhi as if he wanted to kill him.

The shooting duration of ‘Undercover’ was four months. As it coincidentally clashed with New Year’s Eve, they had to delay it for half a month. When the shooting was over, summer had arrived.

After the shoot, Jiang Li didn’t immediately accept other jobs. Instead, he applied for a half a month of leave and went abroad with Jiang Zhan to enjoy themselves.

Unbeknownst to him, he had been in this world for almost a year, and ‘Long River and Falling Moon’ was about to start airing.

‘Long River and Falling Moon’ was scheduled to be broadcasted on Nanjiang TV and Anping TV at the golden hour of 8pm. At the same time, it would also be broadcasted on several major video broadcasting platforms.

As the top No.1 among the most anticipated TV dramas voted by netizens, ‘Long River and Falling Moon’, which was led by top-notch director Zhou Jin, adapted by the famous screenwriter Huang Lisheng, and starred the top celebrities Jin Yu and Feng Yating, very dominantly grabbed six of the top ten weibo hot searches on the night of broadcast, while the viewership on Nanjiang TV and Anping TV also steadily took the first and second place among the major TV channels.

The broadcast of the drama allowed the two characters played by Jiang Li, Liu Chuandeng and Liu Baizhu, to finally appear in everyone’s sight. The two characters with completely opposite personalities and styles did not contradict each other in his interpretation and caused a huge controversy as soon as they appeared.

The character of Liu Chuandeng was both hated and heartbreaking. The inhuman torture he endured as a child created his ruthlessness when he grew up. If he was able to receive a little kindness from others when he was young, he wouldn’t have lost the last bit of hope inside him.

While Liu Baizhu who grew up in a completely different environment had also caused him to have a different personality.

The relationship between the two brothers was good when they were young. When Liu Chuandeng was sent to the palace, Liu Baizhu cried all day and all night for a few days. However, the feelings of children could be easily replaced by new things. As Liu Chuandeng left for a long time, he also gradually got used to the days without his brother. The appearance of the male protagonist, Murong Jing even took the place of Liu Chuandeng in his life.

After that, when Liu Baizhu received the news of Liu Chuandeng’s accidental death by drowning in the palace and facing his mother’s heartbreaking cries, other than feeling sad, he was actually more confused. As Liu Chuandeng had left too long, his memory about his brother was so blurry that he couldn’t even recognize his shadow.

A week after ‘The Long River Falling Moon’ was aired, there were even netizens who made a special comparison motion picture of the two characters. Jiang Li’s superb acting skills shut the mouths of the keyboard warriors who had scolded him for relying on his face. His name and character name hung on the hot search for several days.

Jiang Li was awakened by the alarm clock. He reached for the alarm clock placed on the bedside table but wasn’t able to reach it after searching for it for a while. A hand went across him and accurately turned off the alarm clock, the voice echoed from above, “Are you up?”

Jiang Li had been playing games until two am last night, so he was still sleepy as hell at this hour. He turned over and hugged Jiang Zhan’s waist, rested his head on his chest and said with a sleepy tone, “I’ll sleep a little longer, wake me up after half an hour.”

Jiang Zhan stroked his hair, “Sleep then.”

Jiang Li soon fell asleep. Jiang Zhan put his phone on silent next to himself and answered when Feng Dong called.

“Ah Li, are you awake? I’m going to pick you up later.” Feng Dong said on the other side of the phone.

“This is Jiang Zhan.”

Jiang Zhan lowered his voice and took a glance at Jiang Li who was still asleep, “I’ll just send him over later.”

“Okay, okay.”

After Jiang Zhan ended the phone call, he also took a small nap. He then woke Jiang Li up to prepare himself when the time was up. 

When Jiang Li was washing his face, the breakfast which Jiang Zhan ordered was delivered. Besides that (Jiang Li and his food), he also ordered fish for Jiang Nuomi.

Jiang Li had a perfume advertisement to shoot today. After breakfast, the two of them cleaned up and Jiang Zhan drove to the shooting location with Jiang Li.

Jiang Zhan also had his own work today, so he left after dropping Jiang Li off at the shooting location. 

The ‘Riel’ perfume was one of the world’s top ten famous perfume brands and was produced in France. With a history of nearly 100 years, its flagship product focused on luxury, seductive, elegant and other styles.

Jiang Li was the spokesperson of ‘Riel’ in China this year and it was the first time to shoot the advertisement today. While getting his styling done, he idly picked up the newspaper that was placed aside to read. As soon as he flipped it open, his attention was drawn by the news that took up half a page.

–Exclusive report, Jiang Group and Shen Enterprise have the intention for marriage!

The content of the news was not much, but the headline and photos took up half of the page. The news said that Mrs. Jiang, who was Jiang Zhan’s mother, revealed that Jiang Group and Shen Enterprise were looking to tie the knot this year.

Shen Enterprise, it was Shen Yuzhi and his family’s company.

After dating Jiang Zhan for so long, Jiang Li had never met Jiang Zhan’s mother, and rarely heard him mention his family. He only knew that he and his mother’s relationship was not close as he rarely went back to where Jiang’s family was living.

“Host.” The system’s voice echoed, “The male lead is getting married.”

“Little cutie, I saw it, no need to tell me.” Jiang Li laughed.

“… Oh.” System said strangely, “You don’t look like you’re nervous.”

“I’m feeling nervous inside.”


System thought: I can’t even feel an inch of nervousness inside Host. 

Jiang Li knew that Shen Yuzhi had a younger sister, but he never heard about this marriage from Jiang Zhan. When they were having a gathering with Shen Yuzhi a few days ago, he also didn’t mention this. If they were not hiding this from him, he thought that Jiang Zhan was still unaware of this based on his relationship with Mrs. Jiang. 

So Jiang Li took a picture of the news and sent it to Jiang Zhan’s WeChat.

When Jiang Zhan received Jiang Li’s message, he had just arrived at the company’s ground floor. When he clicked on it and saw the content of the photo, his action of getting out of the car paused. He closed the car door, sent a message back to Jiang Li, restarted the car’s engine and left.

 –Jiang Zhan: There’s no such thing, I’ll deal with it.

Jiang Li looked at Jiang Zhan’s reply, the corners of his lips curved. He then put the phone away.



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