Chapter 67 – Do I look like I’m so free to hear your nonsense?

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Although Chi Fang had never seen Jiang Li being bullied and ostracized by his classmates before, he had heard of it from other people. In addition, when he first met Jiang Li, he gave him a sense of cowardliness and timidity. If said directly, he seemed just like a weak chicken.

Although Jiang Li’s personality changed a lot later, he also became cheerful and confident but in Chi Fang’s heart, he always felt that Jiang Li needed his protection.

However, this person who needed his protection had now defeated three men taller than him by himself?!

Chi Fang looked at the three people who were curling up and rolling on the ground and then looked at Jiang Li, who looked innocent. He felt that his own understanding had been overturned.

“What happened…”

Chi Fang wanted to ask what happened but he suddenly saw blood on Jiang Li’s calf. He hurriedly strode over, squatted down to check his injury, and asked anxiously, “Are you injured? Where is the injury?”

Seeing his nervous and worried expression, Jiang Li felt warm in his heart and squatted down to comfort him, “It’s alright, it’s just that my skin was accidentally scratched a little.”

When he was taking action just now, the other party drew a stool. When Jiang Li was dodging, the leg of the stool accidentally scratched his calf. The wound was not large, but because he didn’t have the chance to stop the blood it started bleeding downwards. His skin was so pale that the wound looked a little serious.

He said it lightly, but Chi Fang didn’t think so. He got up and wanted to go to the table to get a tissue. As he passed by one of the people on the ground, the other party’s hand stretched forward and he stepped on it without thinking.


The other party was stomped on by him and cried out in pain, desperately trying to withdraw his hand but was stepped on even harder by Chi Fang.

Chi Fang crushed his feet hard twice before stepping over him. He took a tissue and helped Jiang Li press on the wound. Then he looked at the people on the ground and asked, “Who are they?”

Jiang Li wiped off the blood on his leg with the tissue. He then pressed the wound with a clean tissue, shook his head, and said, “I don’t know, but Jiang Hai owes money, so they want to take me to pay off the debt.”

“To pay off debt?” Chi Fang’s face turned gloomy when he heard his words. He bent down and grabbed the collar of the person beside his feet with one hand and directly picked up half of his body. “Come here in the daytime to ask someone to repay the debt, you are very fucking bold.”

The other party was being held by him and the collar of his clothes was tightly strangling his neck. His face flushed red and he said intermittently, “…His father owes our gambling venue money, it’s… it’s only right to pay back the debt!”

“It’s only right?” Chi Fang sneered, the muscles on his arms tensed slightly. He grabbed the other party’s collar and threw him to the side, “If you touch Laozi’s person, it’s only right for Laozi to hit you!”

The other party was thrown by him and directly hit the TV cabinet nearby, making a loud “bang”, and blood slowly flowed out from the edge of his forehead that was hit.

However, Chi Fang felt that it was not enough, so he stepped forward and wanted to continue. Jiang Li hurriedly stopped him. “Chi Fang, stop hitting, he will be killed if you continue hitting.”

Chi Fang stared at the twitching man lying on the ground with obvious ruthlessness in his eyes. He pulled Jiang Li’s hand away and said, “I know the limit.” He then went over, turned the other party over with his foot, and said condescendingly, “You said venue just now, right? Which venue? Say it.”

The other party was beaten half to death by Jiang Li earlier and then was hit again by Chi Fang. At this moment, he was very dizzy and couldn’t even hear clearly what Chi Fang was saying, but another person next to him said, “We are under Southern District’s Zhao ge!”

In the original host’s previous life, apart from going to school and working as a part-time worker, he didn’t care about or understand external affairs at all. It hadn’t been a long time since Jiang Li came to this world, so naturally he didn’t know the person he was talking about. So, he asked Chi Fang in confusion, “Zhao ge, who is it? Is he great?”

“Zhao ge?” Chi Fang sneered, “I’m even Chi ge.

“Pfft.” Jiang Li was amused by him.

Chi Fang squatted down, touched the man’s body, took out his wallet, took out all the cash from it, and threw the wallet back. “This is compensation for damaging our house’s items. Out of respect for the Zhao ge that you said, I will give you a discount, and now you can go.”

That person: “…”

The pile of money that Chi Fang had drawn out was at least 2,000 yuan. Only two old stools that were not even accepted by the junkyard were broken in Jiang Li’s house. They didn’t need so much money for compensation. His words made the three people on the ground yell at him, “Aren’t you just fucking finding fault?’ uncontrollably in their hearts. However, they didn’t dare say a word, for fear that the two of them would take action again after a disagreement, so they could only hold onto each other and leave.

After the people left, Chi Fang took Jiang Li to the sofa and sat him down, took out the medicine box from the drawer of the TV cabinet, sat next to him, lifted his foot and put it on his leg before helping him to disinfect his wound.

His movements were very gentle and he blew on the wound with his mouth while applying the medicine. People who didn’t know would have thought that Jiang Li was seriously injured, but in fact, it was just a scratch not longer than the length of a finger.

Jiang Li saw his tender and cherished actions with his eyes, remembering his reflexive actions to protect himself under his body during a car accident in his previous life. Jiang Li’s heart gradually became warm as if it was covered with his hands.

No matter which world he was in, the person in front of him always put himself at the top of his heart like this.

“Chi Fang.”


When Chi Fang heard the words, he raised his head and saw Jiang Li’s face enlarged in front of him, and in the next second, his lips were kissed.

The distance between the two was very close, Jiang Li’s leg was still placed on Chi Fang’s thigh and he maintained this posture, hooking around Chi Fang’s neck with his hand and kissing him.

The two warm and soft lips were pressed against each other and Jiang Li’s wet tongue lingered between Chi Fang’s slightly opened lips for a bit, and then he expertly penetrated into it.

“Your injury…” Chi Fang was still thinking about the wound that he had not finished dealing with.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Li said in a soft voice, retracting his legs and sitting directly on Chi Fang’s thigh. Wrapping his hands behind his neck, Jiang Li bowed his head and kissed him again, when their lips and teeth met, he said, “Let me kiss you…”

As they were going to have fun at the rural inn, both of them were only wearing thin sports shorts. Due to the fight earlier, Jiang Li was still warm and his hot body temperature spread to Chi Fang though the cloth on their thighs that were sticking to each other. It made Chi Fang feel as if his skin had been scalded, the pores all over his body opened up and an uncontrollable craving burst out from the depths of his body.

He was only stunned for a few seconds then immediately turned from passive to active by stretching out his hands and putting them around Jiang Li’s waist. He pulled him into his embrace with all his strength and kissed him back on his lips, not to be outdone.

It was an intense and long kiss. Both of them were reluctant to let go of each other and neither could control their thoughts of wanting to get close to each other.

After a long time, Jiang Li leaned on Chi Fang’s shoulder and panted, trying to calm down the desire emerging in his body.

Chi Fang was not much better, his chest was heaving violently, his hands still wrapped tightly around Jiang Li’s waist and after a while, he said in a hoarse voice, “There are still two years, it’s really fucking hard to bear. ”

Hearing this, Jiang Li chuckled and raised his head from his shoulder: “One year, next week will be my seventeenth birthday.”

“One year…” Chi Fang let go of Jiang Li’s hand, leaned on the back of the sofa, and looked at him lifelessly. “Three hundred and sixty-five days!!”

“Instead of thinking about this, you might as well think about your university goals.” Jiang Li reminded him, “Tsinghua University, you really dare to think about it.”

Chi Fang was unhappy when he heard this. “What am I doing this for? Isn’t it for you? You and Jiang Nuomi are really father and son. Both have no conscience.”

“Speaking of…”

Jiang Li’s words were interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone. Chi Fang took out his mobile phone from his pocket and when he saw Feng Yu’s call, he and Jiang Li looked at each other. Only then did the two remember that they were going to the autumn field trip, and it was time to gather.

“Chi ge, where are you guys?! Don’t tell me you guys overslept?!” Feng Yu asked over there as soon as the call was connected.

“No, something happened suddenly. Tell Abbess that you guys will go first and we’ll go directly to the rural inn to gather.” Chi Fang said.

“Ohoh, what happened? Do you want me to come over?” Feng Yu asked.

“No, we are ready to go now, let’s do it like this first.”

Chi Fang hung up the phone, and helped Jiang Li clean up the wound again. He then put on the gauze and asked, “Does it hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Jiang Li shook his head, this little injury was nothing compared to the injuries he suffered from filming before.

Even though he said that, in Chi Fang’s eyes, any wound on the person he liked would be magnified infinitely. When he helped him deal with the wound earlier, he couldn’t help but regret that he didn’t hit the guys harder.

The living room was messed up because of the fight just now but there was no extra time to tidy up at the moment. Jiang Li returned to his room and changed into clean clothes, and the two went out first.

On the way to the rural inn, Chi Fang asked about Father Jiang and Jiang Li told him what he saw on the news about Father Jiang.

At that time, the nightclub that was captured in the news was in the South District. Father Jiang was able to appear there and owed money to those people just now. Chi Fang guessed that he would not be clean. He might be hiding somewhere now, so he told Jiang Li of his suspicions.

“I think so too.” Jiang Li nodded, “I just don’t know who the Zhao ge those people were talking about just now is. Jiang Hai owed them money and ran away and they will definitely come again next time.”

“You don’t need to care about this.” Chi Fang said carelessly, as if he didn’t put this man named Zhao ge in his eyes, “I know this man, and he will quiet down after I ask someone to check his venue tomorrow.”

He said this in a casual tone, as if asking someone to check Zhao ge’s venue was as simple as going grocery shopping, but his uncle was the director of the Provincial Department of Education, so he would definitely know a lot of officials. Asking them to check the venues of a small county was naturally no problem.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li didn’t think too much anymore. He looked at him and smiled, “It seems that I’ve clung onto someone influential, how should I thank you?”

Chi Fang glanced at him, reached out and squeezed his palm, and whispered, “Grow up quickly.”

Jiang Li laughed silently and was speechless. He was about to make fun of him when he heard him say, “By the way, what happened just now? You fought three people by yourself?!”

Chi Fang’s shocked expression earlier was still in front of his eyes, Jiang Li couldn’t say that he had been trained before in his previous life as well as in his original life. Let alone three people, he could easily wipe out four trash that were useless.

So he looked at Chi Fang with a sincere tone and a cordial expression and said, “You know what? Once a person is in a desperate situation, fear will stimulate the infinite potential in one’s body, which is an uncontrollable and amazing explosive force. You may not believe it but if you hadn’t suddenly appeared just now, I wouldn’t be able to control myself.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Do I look like I’m so free to hear your nonsense? Why don’t you say that your seal has been broken?!


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