Chapter 28 – Yi Jia’s Secret (1)

The General's Cat always wants to climb into my bed
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Chapter 28: Yi Jia’s Secret (1)
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After finishing the magazine, Shen Zhifan started to sneakily replay what he’d just seen in his mind.
His collarbone in this picture was very provocative, his back in that picture was even more sexy, even though it only revealed a teensy bit, and the last picture as well….
Honestly speaking, it wasn’t the first time he’d done something like this, it was just that the frequency wasn’t often. To this day, his record still firmly remained in the single digits.
His peers near to his age would occasionally tease and joke about these things, discussing which girl’s appearance was more beautiful, whose figure was more moving, even sharing the going-ons of their first wet dream and what kind of beauties were featured in them.
However, Shen Zhifan’s first wet dream was the complete opposite of theirs. At that time, the one who’d appeared and he’d held feelings for wasn’t some gentle and pretty young lady, nor a sexy, slightly more mature woman.
The other was tall and handsome. In his dream, their actions couldn’t be counted as gentle, yet it burrowed deep into the depths of his consciousness, lingering there.
Aside from that fantasy-like dream, he was completely self-taught on those types of things.
This kind of act, it would indeed let someone taste a hint of ecstasy, but when it was over, it would always leave behind a kind of emptiness. After all, it was only a fleeting dream. Ever since the beginning, Shen Zhifan had never placed a single speck of hope on this unrequited love. It was therefore undeniably somewhat dull for him.
That rural planet was also unlikely to be open-minded. He’d never met anyone who had been the same as him, and he’d also never planned on telling anyone, so it was even lonelier. 
Besides, he had never looked upon Yan Shuo as just a receptacle of his lust. The role played by the other in his heart wasn’t like that. 
Ever since the first enlightening dream, Shen Zhifan rarely had that kind of dream again.
Yan Shuo was a dream that one could look at but not touch; if it weren’t for the fact that he had really gone through these series of experiences, it would have remained as an unrequited love for the rest of his life.
Meanwhile, the other wouldn’t even have known that somewhere in the faraway galaxy, there was a young and tender youth holding onto unimaginably passionate thoughts for him.
He suppressed these feelings of his into the depths of his heart and never let anyone around him know about it.
But things were different now. Shen Zhifan hugged his pillow and lay down, gently closing his eyes. His fingers followed his thoughts as they slowly slid lower and lower.
…It was very different.
There was a voice that called out gently as it cut across his heart.
Because things were already completely different now.
Maybe it was the lack of practice that made him feel guilty whenever he did it.
He had even specially turned off the lights and closed the windows. He didn’t know if there was someone who was hired to come clean up this place periodically, but it was surprisingly clean, even the blankets had a faint smell of mint.
Ah, just the thought of shooting it once while lying in this soft and clean nest of blankets…it made him feel free and unfettered. 
If he could lie with that person in the same bed, what kind of feeling would it be? Would their bare skin slide against each other?
Would their limbs intertwine? Would their breathing become disordered? Would they kiss?
Would they nestle together as they exchanged their tastes, just like how he had imagined it those thousands of times before?
Shen Zhifan bowed his head and let out a low groan.
Even if these things were blatantly explicit, as he simply thought of them, all at once …he couldn’t cope with the feeling.
If it was with him.
Shen Zhifan was practically about to bury his entire face into the pillow, yet his hand movements wouldn’t stop.
However, he was still feeling extremely guilty. Most of this guilt came from the embarrassment that welled up from inside him.
So much so that when a call came in, he practically acted like something had knocked him off the bed as he immediately bounced up
He looked like a shrimp that had been excessively shocked.
…He went limp.
Shen Zhifan stared at the phone that lit up the dark room with its weak light, sighing silently and feeling extremely wronged.
It was rare enough for him to feel like shooting for once, why did this timing have to be so accurate?
If the caller was Shen Zhirou, then Shen Zhifan knew that he wouldn’t be giving her any pocket money anytime soon for a while.
Otherwise, there shouldn’t be anyone else looking for him. His phone was practically just for decoration. As proven by his abnormally clean call logs, he really couldn’t see anyone contacting him.
Even though Shen Zhirou was technically innocent, Shen Zhifan didn’t care.
But…what if it was Yan Shuo?
Shen Zhifan’s fingers, which had reached out to grab his phone, paused. One didn’t know what he’d thought of, but his face suddenly flushed red and he squeezed the pillow tightly. 
It was only moments ago that he’d been relying on thinking of the General to do such indescribable things. Having him call right at this moment would inevitably make him feel quite embarrassed and also…an inexplicable sort of excitement.
It probably wouldn’t…shouldn’t happen? They’d just called each other earlier but…it still wasn’t impossible.
This line of thought made Shen Zhifan a little excited.
Yet it turned out to be none of that.
Shen Zhifan blanked – none of his guesses were right. This was a very unremarkable call, with a number that was very long and very unfamiliar. 
Just in this moment where he hesitated, the phone stopped ringing. 
Since the phone stopped ringing, the light from his phone screen dimmed, plunging his room back into darkness.
Usually, if something had happened, even if the first call didn’t go through one would expect to receive another – although there were people who were afraid of interrupting something that would wait for the other person to call back. 
Shen Zhifan didn’t know who the other person was, and was undecided on whether to call back. 
However, very quickly, that call rang out again, unceasingly. 
So it shouldn’t be someone seeking to harass him, then. This time, Shen Zhifan didn’t hesitate as he picked up.
He lurched; the sound started too abruptly and made him feel uneasy.
He couldn’t hear anyone on the other side, only wave after wave of static-like sounds.
He glanced at his phone in suspicion, pondering over whether it was his problem or the other side’s.
 However, very soon, he noticed something wrong.
It wasn’t that there was no sound, it was more like the signal was too shitty.
He still could faintly discern some voices in the background. It should be a male voice, but it was too cut-off and the static was too ear-piercing. Accompanied by the voices, it became somewhat terrifying.
 What was this?
Shen Zhifan unconsciously wanted to hang up on this somewhat strange call, but then the static abruptly ceased. 
It was as if the other side’s call was also adjusting. Although it was still a little unstable, it finally sounded normal.
Shen Zhifan’s heart jumped. He still felt somewhat uneasy, as if the person on the other end of the line…was someone he had to be wary of. 
From the other side of the line, an extremely clear, cold voice sounded. 
Shen Zhifan’s ear went numb. He couldn’t describe the feeling he had when hearing this voice, but he felt…
A feeling of shock, as if he’d been woken from a dream.
Shen Zhifan tried to recall, somewhat unclearly, making sure that he’d never heard this voice before. 
But of course, he couldn’t remember anything anyway.
The other seemed to laugh very lightly, but in Shen Zhifan’s mind, it was as if he could see this person’s lips curve up.
“We haven’t talked in so long, did you miss me?”
Shen Zhifan’s hand shook, so frightened by these intimate words that he almost started crying. 
…Bro, who are you?
Shen Zhifan wanted to speak, but his throat had suddenly gone dry. 
Did he need to reply? Or inquire after the other’s identity? He didn’t know who the other person was at all, could he trust him?
Shen Zhifan didn’t know why he kept feeling as if his amnesia should be kept secret. He didn’t want to let other people know, if it wasn’t Yan Shuo…it could only be Yan Shuo. 
“How come you’re not saying anything?”
The other person’s voice deepened a little. 
Shen Zhifan hesitated for a moment, then said vaguely, “Your voice sounds unclear from my side, you are?”
The other suddenly paused. 
Shen Zhifan felt as if his heart was a drum. For the other person to pause like this…it was as if he knew something. 
“So it’s like this? I understand.”
He said softly. His voice seemed to have lost its teasing intent from the beginning. 
Shen Zhifan was startled. 
What do you understand?
Did he simply understand that the call signal was unclear and that his voice couldn’t be specified, or…did he mean something else?
“You…” Shen Zhifan couldn’t help but begin to ask. 
“I’ll be returning very soon.”
The other didn’t give him the chance to ask before speaking softly.
“You don’t need to hesitate, Zhifan.”
The other’s voice was undoubtedly clear, yet it was as if it carried poison. 
Shen Zhifan looked down at the call that had already been hung up, and suddenly shuddered. 
This person came inexplicably, and left inexplicably, making Shen Zhifan feel as if it had been a dream. 
But it wasn’t…it wasn’t a dream. 
Shen Zhifan sighed. Resigned to his fate, he turned on the lights again and swept a look around the room. 
Although he now knew a part of what had happened, he was still at a loss. 
Exactly where was his second diary?

“Yi Jia, have you or have you not finished bathing ah? It’s been half an hour already, is that still not enough to have drowned you?”
Shen Zhirou stood pantless, really wanting to kick the bathroom door a few times.
Yi Jia turned off her phone and placed it to the side before turning to the door and enthusiastically laughing.
“Rourou can come in and join me!”
Shen Zhirou couldn’t deal with Yi Jia.
Yi Jia lowered her gaze and laughed a little. The young girls played around in the warm water. 
The phone that had been put aside suddenly glowed with a reply she had been waiting for a long time.
“I understand. You’ve done well.”


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