Chapter 32 – Intoxication Play (1)

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Chapter 32: Intoxication Play (1)

Editor: SleepyMango123

In that moment, he forgot to breathe.

Yan Shuo’s voice was as hot as molten iron, violently surging and directly entering his body, pressing down on his limbs. He even felt that he could hear the sound of coal burning and crackling as his body boiled.

But he was simply heating up.

Though every inch of him was burning, he was not in pain at all.

Yan Shuo’s lips softly touched his ear; after a short moment, those lips shifted slightly downwards, and his body directly leaned on Shen Zhifan’s. Exactly how long that moment was, he didn’t remember, since there was no way for him to think about the length of time.

In his mind, where his soul resided, countless seasons had already passed. The moment before his eyes was inevitably one that stretched to the end of time.

His gaze landed outside of the balcony, a land of silvery snow, hiding the sky and covering the earth. It seemed like a cold, endless wintry forest. The person beside him was the only source of fiery heat in this world.

Suddenly, he couldn’t recall what the other had just said. He could only feel the other man’s breath flowing by his ears and neck, scalding and disorderly.

It threw him into turmoil.


He heard his own voice leave his body, his soul calling out as it returned to the heavens. Fine beads of sweat appeared on his nose. 

However, the other man hadn’t made a sound.

This dangled his heart up and down, again and again.

But he soon got used to it, since the other man didn’t make a sound.

The other was already making faint breathy sounds, completely ignorant of the thousands of waves he’d just stirred up, as well as what he’d just said. He had entered a dream.

Shen Zhifan, “…”

His heart, along with all of his thoughts and emotions, were thrown into the mud with a splat. After that, there were some donkeys and cows that came up to trample on them.

His legs were a little sore, his brain swollen and dizzy. Still somewhat red-faced and embarrassed, he dragged Yan Shuo along, wanting to find a place to let him lay down.

Yan Shuo had fallen asleep.

…He’d actually fallen asleep!

My male god, isn’t it suitable for you to take responsibility at this sort of moment?

Clearly, it’s very unsuitable ah.

Shen Zhifan was so pissed off he wanted to groan, but still didn’t say anything.

Yan Shuo’s whole body was practically collapsed on him. Although a grown man of a-hundred-and-something pounds couldn’t be said to overwhelm him with weight, it wasn’t great either.

He couldn’t just drag his male god back with his face mopping the ground, right?

Shen Zhifan let out a heavy sigh; a sigh that was physically and emotionally exhausted.

The celebratory party outside was extremely lively. Although the main character wasn’t present, he was completely unimportant. A little embarrassed, he went inside for help – there were a few lounges to the side. After thinking, he decided that dragging his male god in would be good.

Before this, he had shaken his male god’s shoulder extremely seriously a few times, but didn’t receive a hint of a reaction.

…He was really mad ah.

Shen Zhifan suddenly wanted to hit someone. Looking at his male god’s face for half a day, of course he couldn’t bear to actually land a blow.

Huh, this was actually his male god.

His male god.

No matter how pissed he was, he had to endure it.

…But he was still so mad ah.

Shen Zhifan stifled the irritation in his heart and finally dragged Yan Shuo into the lounge. Turning on the lights, he casually tossed Yan Shuo onto the sofa like a bag. Pausing, he felt that it was not quite proper, and covered him with a thick blanket.

Afterwards, he left the room and asked Laurent for some hangover soup, leaving it next to the sofa.

Like this, Shen Zhifan felt that he’d done his utmost duty with extreme benevolence.

After working so hard, there should be some benefits, right?

Thinking of this, Shen Zhifan looked at his male god – whose brow was slightly creased – under the light, his heart itching unbearably for a moment.

Even though he made for a tragic sight when he was drunk, he was still extremely handsome.

He was quite different from back in those days. Perhaps it was because his hairstyle had changed; back then Yan Shuo had somewhat tsundere-ish short bangs. Now, his hair was quite short, almost in a crew cut style.

Shen Zhifan suddenly thought of a joke.

Some people with crew cuts are male gods, while others are criminals. 1 This joke isn’t funny in either Chinese or English, someone save szf his brain is addled from being with the general all day


He laughed internally for a moment, but then suddenly realised there was nothing funny, and also felt that he was a little dumb. Luckily, he didn’t let any laughter show on his face.

Because he was scared, he didn’t go up to kiss him, but secretly took a picture.

As a souvenir.

A souvenir of what? Bored, he suddenly thought of this question.

To commemorate the first time he saw his male god drunk, or his male god saying those kinds of words to him. 

En, those words?

They were…Shen Zhifan’s face went red.

Extremely embarrassed, he covered his forehead.

Opening the door and walking out, he silently said goodbye.

The feast going on outside was still bustling with excitement. Clearly, the mech division had been repressed for too long; now, the backlash was extremely powerful.

Distantly, he heard the sound of shouting.

“Go! We’re going to try the newest mechs right now!”


“Stamp through the mech division!”


“Stamp through the emperor planet!”


Listening to them, Shen Zhifan was completely stupefied. He didn’t know that the division members had such grand dreams. It was a pity that the crowd of drunkards had completely powerless limbs and fuzzy brains; they could only blow up to the sky with their bullshit, then pass out here.

“Find a pretty girl!”


The leader was obviously a bachelor. Listening to him, Shen Zhifan couldn’t even smile bitterly; at this sort of time, no matter what was yelled, the rest of the drunkards would probably agree.

“Find Yan Shuo and fight him ah!”


Unexpectedly, a weird silence fell upon them. It was only after half a day that they burst into laughter.

“Hahahahahahahaha I recorded it! Ahahahaha this idiot!”

“Hahahahahahahahaha there’s finally something good to watch ah! Let’s go, find the General and fight him ah!”

“Lao liu2 Lao liu, literally ‘old six’. A familiar way to address someone – this person is probably sixth in rank in the division. is fucking awesome ah, let’s go! Brother, I admire you!”

“…You-you guys better stop there for Laozi!3 Laozi, you’re probably familiar with from various BL novels – ‘the great me’ or ‘I, your father’ are common translations. Basically refers to oneself in an extremely arrogant/superior way.

…Shen Zhifan’s face had been immediately slapped.

He smiled for a moment, slowly strolling out of the building. Outside, the snow had started falling again, but it was still warm.

I’ll come back tomorrow.

He thought, taking his first step into the snow.

Then, he silently stepped back.

Wait a minute, he knew he’d forgotten something.

…How could he go home?

  1. No car. 2) No person.

In the hazy snow, he froze, suddenly realising that there were only a group of drunks here.

Ai, ten minutes ago at least Yan Dao was still alive, but unfortunately, Shen Zhifan glanced at the man, who along with Laurent, were now crying on each other’s shoulders. His present drunkenness, as well as his mood, made it clear that he was completely incapable of communication.

He could only send a text to Shen Zhirou letting her know that he wouldn’t be home tonight.

Shen Zhirou replied immediately: “Brother ah!!!!!! What happened today ah!!!! What retirement ah!! I called you but your phone was off!! Are you still alive!!”

Shen Zhifan suddenly remembered that he had muted his phone because of too many notifications; scrolling up, he could now see the flood of texts Shen Zhirou had sent him.

He laughed lightly and replied, “It’s fine, I can still support you anyway.”

Then, Shen Zhifan ran into the building again with a little excitement.

Ah, I can openly sleep in the same room as my male god!

He subconsciously removed the other empty lounges from the equation, happily opening the door to the room with the lights still on.

But there was no one on the sofa.

In disbelief, Shen Zhifan searched around. He’d actually disappeared.

How could a drunkard suddenly wake up?

Really, what the hell?

Shen Zhifan’s plan fell apart, and he gave up hope.

He sighed, resigning himself as he lay down on the sofa his male god was just sleeping on. Clutching the thick blanket tightly, he prepared himself to put up with this for a while.

Since the circumstances were like this, he wouldn’t be able to attend to his little sleeping habit. 

The night was already dark.

…Yet outside, the bunch of drunkards kept singing some military song from who-knows-where. It was supposed to stir up one’s blood, but they managed to turn it into a chorus of pigs being butchered. 

What chorus of pigs being butchered? It was simply the sound of killing a group of pigs.


Shen Zhifan lay on the sofa and covered his ears, tossing and turning. He thought, if he had to be tormented for another half hour, he might as well go out and drink a few bottles of wine as well, directly transforming into a ghoul and making a racket with the others.

However, this time, they calmed down quite quickly. Shen Zhifan dazedly listened for a while – the cacophonic sounds could no longer be heard..

Oh, they’d finally stopped.

Hope climbed out of despair in Shen Zhifan’s heart. It was a pity that before he could be content for even two minutes, the door to the lounge was kicked open. 

Shen Zhifan, “…”

A huge flurry of snow floated in. Though it wasn’t cold, it was still pretty scary.

Even though his temper was usually good, it had now been set alight. Just as he wanted to get up and see which pig slaughterer it was, the scene before him made him freeze. 

Just then, even though those men had drunk themselves into puddles, at least they still looked human. The esteemed General, whose clothes were usually crisp and clean, now looked like a complete mess.

His collar was askew and his clothes were wrinkled. Though his eyes were open, it was obvious that he wasn’t quite awake. 

The rather eye-catching thing was actually that he was holding a large cluster of weeds from who-knows-where. They were very fresh, with warm snow clinging onto them. 

Not just in his hands; there were quite a few stuck on his body. 

His whole person was overflowing with green.

Shen Zhifan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry; looking at this drunkard, he saw the man wrinkle his brows. Extremely serious, he walked in front of the sofa Shen Zhifan had been lying on, and dropped down to one knee.  

Shen Zhifan, “!”

Shen Zhifan suddenly bolted upright on the sofa, his mind in disarray. 

But the General kept his dignified and handsome appearance, “For you.”

“…General, what is this?”

He paused for a moment, seemingly confused himself. Glancing at the messy pile of weeds mixed together, he felt very wronged.

“Flowers.” 4 The word flower is ‘hua’ but general says ‘huahua’ so it’s super cute and childish uwu.

Death: This author…is such a goddamn tease. I just want them to bang…I’m halfway through the story, my pants are down, and this is what you give me??!??!!

  • 1
    This joke isn’t funny in either Chinese or English, someone save szf his brain is addled from being with the general all day
  • 2
    Lao liu, literally ‘old six’. A familiar way to address someone – this person is probably sixth in rank in the division.
  • 3
    Laozi, you’re probably familiar with from various BL novels – ‘the great me’ or ‘I, your father’ are common translations. Basically refers to oneself in an extremely arrogant/superior way.
  • 4
    The word flower is ‘hua’ but general says ‘huahua’ so it’s super cute and childish uwu.


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