Chapter 2 – The Nation’s Male God (2)

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Chapter 2: The Nation’s Male God (2)
Editor: Mimishijie ☺


“…Male god?”

Shen Zhifan’s eyebrows seemed to struggle as they moved, wanting a practical understanding, yet reality still didn’t give him the chance to understand this current situation. The ringing of the doorbell that had been shocked into silence for half a day by Shen Zhifan’s actions began to diligently ring again.

“Ah, I get it now, alright, don’t be so anxious,” Shen Zhirou heaved a sigh. Seeming like she’d thought of something, she gave Shen Zhifan’s shoulder a pat, looking at her brother with a kind of affectionate encouragement, “No matter how much Olivia likes you or how much she wants to flee her arranged marriage, Yan Shuo won’t easily gun you down1把你突突突了 – I translated it as ‘gun you down’, but it literally says ‘get you tu tu tu’ – which is an onomatopoeia for shooting. just because of this one small green hat2绿帽 – green hat. If you put a green hat on a man, it means that his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him., right? Even if he wanted to, it wouldn’t be like this in broad daylight…”

“…hold on,” Shen Zhifan was uneasy, “Who’s Olivia again?”

“Wow, is today April Fools’? It’s not funny at all.” Shen Zhirou rolled her eyes, thinking that Shen Zhifan was playing around, and so she coldly closed the door of her room.

Shen Zhifan, aside from hesitating, could only let out a deep breath and go to open the door again.

As before, the meticulously groomed general stood behind the door. Although the other was always expressionless and one simply couldn’t make out his mood, Shen Zhifan really couldn’t hope for a man who’d gotten a door shut in his face to be able to be in any sort of good mood.

“Good afternoon, Mr Shen.” Yan Shuo – coldly and yet somehow without lacking courtesy – opened his mouth and spoke.

Shen Zhifan couldn’t stop himself from reddening: “Good afternoon, General Yan…uh, I’m really sorry for just then, I’ve always had a problem with hand tremors.”

After saying it, he wished he could give himself a good slap or something. He himself wouldn’t even believe this kind of excuse, right?

“It’s fine, Mr Shen doesn’t need to bother with formalities.” Yan Shuo obviously didn’t seem to mind. His tone was very cool but not quite ice-cold, it was like the ice of a thin creek melting from late winter into spring, bubbling towards him, “This time I’m just visiting as Olivia’s fiance.”

This light that had appeared in Shen Zhifan’s brain was hard to come by, but this time he had gathered some idea of what was going on from Shen Zhirou’s previous words.

Olivia was obviously the name of a young lady. Shen Zhirou had said something about an Olivia liking him so much that she wanted to flee marriage. Add the fact that Yan Shuo was Olivia’s fiance and, like that, the situation became very clear.

No. Way. Right?

Shen Zhifan had really never thought that the day would come when he would put a green hat on his idol.

With difficulty, he turned his eyes to look at Yan Shuo’s indifferent yet handsome face.

The other surely wouldn’t have already gunned him down in his mind like Shen Zhirou said, right?

This wasn’t merely a matter of hand tremors, Shen Zhifan now felt like his legs were about to go soft. The protection of his life was also absolutely not guaranteed.

“Is something the matter, then?”

Yan Shuo’s eyes were set on the body of the tall, handsome youth in front of him.

“Around six o’clock last night, we lost contact with Olivia.”

Shen Zhifan stared blankly: “Lost contact?”

As he had no impression of this young woman Olivia, upon hearing this news Shen Zhifan was only astonished. After all, she was the general’s fiancee, so this young lady’s position in society couldn’t have been low.

“During these past few days, Olivia has been disturbing her family and making them unhappy because of a few small matters. It’s implicated Mr Shen again,” Yan Shuo seemed to return to his militaristic mannerisms, and his words also seemed to become more interrogative, “If Mr Shen knows anything about Miss Olivia’s whereabouts, please inform me.”


Shen Zhifan fell into a daze. The sixteen-year-old him was completely ignorant about this, but…if the twenty-three-year-old Shen Zhifan was involved in these things, he wasn’t too clear about it.

“Because of Olivia’s identity, this situation is being temporarily suppressed. However, there will soon be relevant personnel asking questions in your direction. At that time, you don’t need to be too nervous.”

Shen Zhifan blanked out again. He didn’t know why, but the impression he got from Yan Shou’s words was one of “I’ve come to give you a heads-up; in any case, it’s not a big issue,” inexplicably…there was a hint of softness.

Yan Shuo, whose words were succinct and easy to understand, seemed to think that there was nothing more left to explain. As he was about to turn away, the youth in front of him called to him again.

“Uh, would General Yan like to come in for some tea?”

He froze slightly, then turned his head to meet the other’s eyes.

Now, within the empire, Shen Zhifan was a celebrity and a mighty figure3炙手可热 – lit. burn your hand, feel the heat. The arrogance of the powerful in the Mecha Sports League. He had risen to fame thanks to his cold, indifferent, and sullen temperament as well as his extremely handsome appearance. Nearly all those from ages seven and eight to those of seventy and eighty could easily be captured as his fans, and in the period of a few short years, he had won first place in popularity amongst those of his year. It was said that his excellence was limitless; the limelight stayed on him and strayed to no other.

However, just like his so-called cold, indifferent, and sullen temperament, his eyes were like thousands of strands of amber entwined, a green forest deeply hidden in a dense fog. On par with his appearance, his skills were immaculate and efficient – these were all praised to the high heavens by his passionate fans. However, he bet that those eyes had never once been like they were now; the depths of his pupils were clear, so much so that they carried a slight shyness.

Yan Shuo would even go as far as to say that when they had met yesterday, Shen Zhifan hadn’t looked like this.

It was as if he was a different person…no, it couldn’t completely be said like that.

The Shen Zhifan of many years ago had indeed been like this.

Yan Shuo had perceived an unspoken, subtle change but it wasn’t good for him to draw his final conclusion yet. He nodded at the youth opposite him whose gaze carried a slightly shy anticipation.

After that, as soon as he entered through the door, he was confronted with the huge black-and-white photograph at the centre of the living room.

“This is…” General Yan Shuo’s expression was very hard to describe as he looked at Shen Zhifan, “I apologise, it seems like I came at the wrong time.”

Shen Zhifan lamented bitterly in his heart; after all these years, his sister’s sense of aesthetics really was as unique as before.

He could only force himself to explain: “This is the latest style in replicating black-and-white photography, it’s for my sister’s new photo.”

In the end, he still had to explain it. He absolutely didn’t want Yan Shuo to think that he also had this kind of taste.

Yan Shuo, unperturbed, easily replied: “En, it’s very beautiful.”

Shen Zhifan: “…”

To be able to turn nonsense into a prediction of such success when he spoke, General Yan Shuo – even next Shen Zhifan, a male god of many years – was still not an ordinary person.

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“So then, does Mr Shen have any other matters?” Yan Shuo folded his legs as he sat on the soft sofa. He was already almost thirty, but it seemed like there was no difference between him and the General in Shen Zhifan’s memory, there was only some additional maturity and steadiness.

Shen Zhifan felt like his tongue had started disobeying him again, after all, the person in his memory that’d only ever existed on the television had appeared in front of him. It simply overwhelmed him with emotion – to be more precise, he could now die without regrets.

In his heart, Shen Zhifan was crying tears of emotion, thinking that after he had grown up and become successful, it was really too good. Even if he was dreaming right now, it was still good.

Even if it was the Yan Shuo from seven years before, he had already been in a position that all youths yearned for. Shen Zhifan, this kind of young man who survived on a small planet in an outlying corner of the empire, had even known of him.

Seven years ago, the barely-twenty-one-year-old Yan Shuo had reached the top rank of major general, belonging to the empire’s first regiment. He’d been the current commander of the Royal Special Operations team, the third commander of the Royal Guard, and was a member of the empire’s first mech regiment “Heaven’s Gate”.  He had also achieved first-class military merits once, and third-class merits twice.

The Emperor himself had personally bestowed upon him the S-class mech “Raphael”.

“Actually, there’s nothing pressing,” Shen Zhifan reminisced about the news that he’d just seen yesterday and absentmindedly asked: “May I touch you?”

Yan Shuo: “…”

“Ah-ah-ah no, I didn’t mean it like that!” Shen Zhifan suddenly realised what he’d said, his face quickly flushing a deep red, “I don’t need to touch, just-just an autograph is fine!”

Yan Shuo didn’t say anything, his eyes unmoving and calm as they rested on the youth in front of him.

The handsome youth’s expression was rarely like this, helpless and…cute.

However, it really was quite abnormal.

“I-when I was young I just really looked up to you, I didn’t think the day would come when I could see you alive ah – of course I don’t mean that you’re old, this…” Shen Zhifan actually couldn’t be counted as inarticulate, it was just the events of this one day had really exceeded his expectations – to say nothing of his most anticipated lifelong idol appearing in front of him.

In the end, he could only feel that his tongue had curled into itself and his head drooped down slightly. He let out a disheartened sigh.

Ah, that was probably enough, he should’ve thought it through. He’d already made Yan Shuo wear a green hat, moreover, it seemed to be to a degree that it was known by everyone. Even though he simply didn’t know an Olivia, any man would find this kind of matter intolerable. On top of that, his incoherent, idiotic way of speaking would’ve definitely left an even worse impression.

And there was that something about the latest style of replicating black-and-white photography with that deceased person’s photo ah-ah-ah he was simply a retard ah!

The downcast Shen Zhifan couldn’t see the curve that the corner of General Yan Shuo’s mouth made as it lifted up softly, or that General Yan Shuo had already taken out the black pen that he carried on his person. It was a pity that at this time a communications device suddenly began to ring. Yan Shuo’s gaze darkened, and he was forced to return the pen to his pocket and get up to leave.

“I’m sorry, I have other matters to attend to today. I’ll take my leave for the time being.”

“No, it’s nothing.” Shen Zhifan replied at once.

Yan Shuo’s gaze stayed on the somewhat disappointed youth, then moved slightly.

“But about signing an autograph, rest assured, I will faithfully attend to it.”

Yan Shuo’s voice was cold, indifferent, and distant, yet it was wonderful to listen to.

Shen Zhifan stared blankly. He didn’t have time to give a polite farewell nor the time to think why nothing more than signing a name needed to be faithfully attended to,  when he could only follow the back of General Yan’s tall, slim, and upright figure with his eyes as he left.

Faithfully attend to it.

Faithfully attend to it…

Faithfully attend to it ah!

Shen Zhifan felt as if a firecracker had gone off in his head – although he knew that it might’ve just been something polite that the general often said, he couldn’t help tossing, turning, and thinking over those words.

“Is General Yan gone?” Shen Zhirou seemed to have come out as soon as possible. After seeing Shen Zhifan’s expression she blanked, “Brother, what’s your face red for?”

Shen Zhifan’s slightly red face turned towards her and said righteously: “Your photo is too ugly.”

Shen Zhirou had a face full of grievance and was at a loss.

Was being ugly her fault?

What could she do – she had also given up all hope, alright?

Also, wait a minute, your face was red, what did that have to do with her picture huh?

End of Chapter 2

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  • 1
    把你突突突了 – I translated it as ‘gun you down’, but it literally says ‘get you tu tu tu’ – which is an onomatopoeia for shooting.
  • 2
    绿帽 – green hat. If you put a green hat on a man, it means that his wife or girlfriend is cheating on him.
  • 3
    炙手可热 – lit. burn your hand, feel the heat. The arrogance of the powerful


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