Chapter 41 – Uriah’s Secret (1)

The General's Cat always wants to climb into my bed
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Chapter 41: Uriah’s Secret (1)

Editor: SleepyMango123

CW: Incest (o.O) right at the end of the chapter, after the line break!

It felt a sliver of grievance, slowly curling up into a ball and settling next to the youth.

It was so soft—just by looking at its fur, one could imagine the silken feel. Under the moonlight, it glowed ever-so-faintly, as clean as white snow.

Late in the night, it hadn’t slept, instead travelling a long way to come back and see him. It didn’t dare to turn back to its original form, in case it alarmed the other man. It could only walk up to his side and quietly watch over him.

It rubbed against the young man’s chin. Although it’d accidentally disturbed him, it still continued, as if this kind of cute action could allow it to be more unscrupulous, and so it could surreptitiously be even more intimate with the other.

The youth, who’d been sleeping well, was still rather hazy but seemed to have been woken up, since he was a light sleeper in the first place.

He’d originally been cosily wrapped up, and as he shifted to look at it, the blanket covering his body slipped downwards, exposing his fine, beautifully shaped collarbones.

Seeing this, its face heated up. It unconsciously turned away, but couldn’t help but turn back at lighting speed to take a peek.

It also meowed lovably, showing that it was just a simple cat.

Catching sight of him1 author switches between ‘him’ and ‘it’ for nyan shuo, Shen Zhifan’s dazed, sleep-addled mind cleared somewhat. He reached out a hand to rub its head and yawned, the blanket on his shoulder slipping even further downwards. It was very…extremely indecent.

How was this indecent? It seemed like it had come from distant parts only to make a meal of a present that had already wrapped itself.

This time, it wasn’t its fault. The heavens knew that he really hadn’t had any ulterior motives.

Looking at this, naturally, its eyes became hot, and it seemed like it was looking down in shame; but it was secretly striving to maintain its appearance of a soft, weak, and innocent little ball, shifting towards that shoulder without batting an eye.

Ai, now it really was plain as day. This was clearly an audacious cat—if it could even be called a cat.

It first lifted a soft paw, lightly resting it on the youth’s shoulder before patting it. Tilting its head, it contemplated the youth’s movements—they really harboured ulterior motives.

It was a pity that the young man was still in dreamland, and his body was more perceptive of this restlessness and shamelessness—using a hand to slap the other away.

Caught off guard, it was swatted away and took a tumble. It licked at a paw, head spinning, as it lamented silently and gazed at that beautiful body, incredibly wronged.

It was probably because of its ancestral bloodline—whenever they used this form, it would influence their temperaments, making them a little more willful and impudent. This was what cultivated its usual arrogant and awfully shameless character, as well as its film-emperor-level acting skills.

It thought; since it had come all the way here in the middle of the night, it couldn’t leave without doing anything, right?

Then, the youth seemed to chuckle lightly. He squinted, still very tired from being woken up, but as soon as he saw it, he could muster up some energy.

“Meow meow meow.”

It lifted its head, calling out extremely lovably.

Those clear, marble-like eyes widened, and even under the dim moonlight, there was a special kind of brilliance within—as if it were extremely intelligent.

Unfortunately, Shen Zhifan didn’t quite sense its unfathomable motives and terrible shamelessness, nor its inner grievances. He only thought the fact that this cat could crawl into his house in the middle of the night was really quite…really quite, well, inconceivable?

Right then, he couldn’t even think of an adjective.

However, this didn’t really matter, since his attention was now drawn by something else. He actually, unexpectedly felt that its appearance after being swatted away and rolling around was quite amusing.

Therefore, the kitty, full of anticipation, watched as the other lifted up the blanket slightly. With even more anticipation, it watched as he extended his bare arm—it waited, as his palm came ever closer to it, then…

The long-awaited, tender caresses didn’t come, and while it was still thinking certain distracting thoughts, it was directly snatched up and rolled into a ball again. A flash of bewilderment and suffering appeared in its eyes.

“…Aiyo, baby, you’re too funny.”

Shen Zhifan spoke, and even laughed.

Cat, “…”

There was no end to this—it’d already almost rolled to the edge of the bed, and as the other brandished a hand, he brought it back from the edge with a slap.

Unfortunately, it had never been able to refuse him, especially since it felt that this was quite cute and intimate. And so, after a few rounds, its fur was in disarray, looking as if it had been forced into a humiliating surrender. WIth a heart like dead ashes, it was rolled around many more times.

Here, it couldn’t help but sigh—as expected, this was karma ah.

It was a shame that the youth couldn’t bear to continue, and was still rather merciful2 do-m nyan . Again, it was the middle of the night; lying on his soft bed, he could fall into slumber in the next moment.

And so, eyes closed, he reached out and absent-mindedly felt around the bed, as expected, meeting something extremely soft. After a moment, he directly set it onto his bare chest.

Well, it was quite warm.

“Meow meow meow!”

Panicked, it pressed its paws against the youth’s chest. Those small paw pads were cool, resting on the young man’s nice and warm skin.


This cat really couldn’t play cute anymore—anyway, no one was watching, so it used its little paws to press on the youth’s chest, rubbing its face against it. Its back curving, it felt like it had ascended.

The youth mumbled, turning over and half-covering the cat under his body. Pulling up the blanket, he didn’t forget to sneak a hand underneath and rub the kitty’s fur.

As the cat was petted, it let out a few frail meows, but after a few moments it felt that the place where it was being petted was not a very proper place.

Frightened, it cried out, “Meow meow!”

Exactly like a good, innocent cat.

Shen Zhifan muttered as he touched.

“…Oh, you’re not a little eunuch?”

Cat, “…Meow.”

It weakly called out, planning to risk its life to squirrel itself away if the other man’s paws came grasping again.

Luckily, Shen Zhifan finally became sleepy, and only rubbed its face. With an exasperating gap left by his blanket, he fell back into a deep sleep.

It was also sleepy; it pillowed its face on the youth’s warm chest and nuzzled into it, then licked at its paw. After adjusting into a comfortable position, it also fell asleep.

Shen Zhifan was woken up by the doorbell when the sky was already bright outside. He dazedly looked at the alarm clock by the bedside—it was eleven in the morning. It appeared that he’d slept very well last night.

The sound of the doorbell seemed like it was trying to summon a soul. He slowly waited for Shen Zhirou to take care of it, then suddenly remembered that he didn’t know where she’d gone to fool around last night.

Shen Zhifan didn’t treat getting up too seriously—he and Shen Zhirou both thought that it was the one thing in the world that put one’s willpower to the absolute test. Luckily, he didn’t even have to go to school now. Back then, on N-192, he had to wake up every day at six in the morning, use cold water to wash his face then leave home, arriving at…

His expression was bitter, and as soon as he crawled out of his blanket nest, a fluffy white ball fell next to the bed with a thud—it bounced, then slowly opened.

Somewhat astonished, he looked at the fluffball. Since he was still a little sleepy, his memories last night hadn’t surfaced yet—he thought, when did this devilish kitty sneak into his bed, and into his blankets to boot.

Luckily, he remembered everything while he was pulling on his pants. As he was in a rush, and the doorbell downstairs was still ringing urgently, he didn’t have time to care about whether the cat was watching him or not.

And so, the white fluffball yawned slowly; this time, its face didn’t redden nor did its pulse race, it simply appreciated the sight of the beauty dressing himself.

Could there be anything more pleasant in the morning?

Extremely satisfied, it proudly stuck up its tail.

Seeing this, Shen Zhifan was amused and used a finger to tease that tail.

It let out an aggrieved cry, exceedingly soft. In one minute, it could pretend to be the pinnacle of cuteness.

It cheered up Shen Zhifan considerably.

But when he opened the door, his spirits dropped.

It was Yi Jia. Her originally sweet face was now panicked, and her happy-go-lucky air seemed to have suddenly disappeared. One couldn’t even a shadow of her usual naivete.

Although she was anxious, she suddenly steadied herself, speaking directly.

“Shen Zhirou’s gone!”

The emperor planet, in the Crane Palace.

His Highness, the young, dandy prince, was lounging on a wicker chair, with a small book next to him—it had an extremely erotic, yet unbearable cover. There were no maids nearby, so he was alone.

At this time, he was supposed to have lunch, but today, he’d woken up late and had plenty for breakfast. Therefore, his lunch was moved to afternoon tea. After a while, he became sleepy again, and so began to doze off on the chair.

With the warm sun shining on him, it brought along a feeling of sleepiness.

However, though the sunshine was warm, his heart was not. The Crane Palace was filled with Yan Shuo’s people, so how could it be warm?

This move of Yan Shuo’s had not been denounced by others, and for the old geezers on the Central Committee to not have kicked up a fuss meant that he had already informed them beforehand—this was what displeased him.

Yan Shuo was using dirty tricks.

But he didn’t know what to do—usually, biding his time would be the best option, but his hands couldn’t help but itch.

How could he allow Yan Shuo to continue on like this?

His gorgeous yet malicious features still hadn’t relaxed under the sunshine. Luckily, his external appearance was truly beautiful, and even so, as long as he closed his eyes, he became somewhat more gentle—still pleasing to the eye.

He didn’t know that a new arrival had been watching him from the side for a while now, gazing at him noiselessly.

When a shadow leaned over him, it was only then that he opened his eyes in surprise, moving involuntarily—but the other had already captured his lips.

This person’s kiss seemed like a gentle, honeyed poison, completely surrounding him. His mouth was pried open, and they sucked at all the flavour between his lips.

Swallowed to the point where his back felt numb, he couldn’t help but fall limp, reaching out to intertwine himself with the other.

The other chuckled softly, fingertips slowly running through his hair. His movements were light and unhurried, as if he were petting the dearest thing to his heart.

“Uriah, did you miss me?”

His reply was an even more passionate kiss.

  • 1
    author switches between ‘him’ and ‘it’ for nyan shuo
  • 2
    do-m nyan


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