Chapter 15 – Faced With Homosexuality (1)

The General's Cat always wants to climb into my bed
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Chapter 15: Faced With Homosexuality (1)
Editor: Mimishijie 💜


Even after reaping some benefits, it continued to act obedient, calling out softly and sweetly while tilting its head, staring with clear, round eyes. Those eyes were like pieces of natural crystal, exquisite beyond compare. Filled with a sheltered naiveté, it tried to bluff its way through.

Then he could take another step, and peek at the scene under the blankets or something like that.

However, Shen Zhifan didn’t buy it. Reaching out, he picked up the cat by the scruff and gently placed it on the floor.

“You’re not allowed to come up.”

Shen Zhifan pulled back his hand and returned to his nest, looking at it righteously.

It hesitated for a moment. From his experiences these past few days, his skill for acting as a cat was increasingly outstanding. It meowed twice as if it’d been wronged, an extremely practiced act. Then, it reached out a paw to scratch at the bedsheets, finally facing upwards to look at the other man lovably. It seemed that it was completely lacking any evil intentions.

Shen Zhifan’s face was still red.

Although the other party was only a cat, he still found it embarrassing. Of course, the important thing was…the things he’d dreamed of last night were rather shameful.

Clutching at the blankets, he thought for a while. Actually, he couldn’t really remember what had happened at the beginning of the dream, only vaguely feeling like he had returned to the N-192 of many years ago. However, regarding anything before that…no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t recall. The only thing he remembered was that fiery body that had been pressed against his own at the end.

He remembered this part extremely clearly. It wasn’t simply that hot, pressing body, but also the other person’s soft, burning lips, and that firm waist.


He couldn’t stop himself from curling in and covering his face, ashamed.

Because the person in the dream had been Yan Shuo ah!

Although they had been in darkness and he hadn’t clearly seen the other person’s face, his subconscious mind told him that the other person in that absurd, painful, yet delightful dream, was Yan Shuo.

For this sort of thing to happen with his dream lover in a dream, it really couldn’t be more normal, right?

He consoled himself like this, but he couldn’t help his still-red face.

Yan Shuo had earnestly treated him well as a younger brother, and since he seemed to owe a life debt, Yan Shuo was exceptionally lenient with him. Even with the matter of Princess Olivia, the General didn’t seem to mind it in the least.

But Yan Shuo definitely didn’t know that he wasn’t just Shen Zhifan’s revered vision for the future. He was also his lover, in, his, dreams, ah!

And so, on one hand, he inwardly disdained his own mind for a moment. On the other…he couldn’t help but thoroughly reflect on last night’s dreamscape.

I’ll just – just think about it for only a moment.

He whispered to himself.

Because of this little slip of self-indulgence, the rough, ambiguous panting of the dream appeared in his mind.

…ah, he continued to cover his face, it really was enough to kill him ah!

He grabbed his pillow to smother himself. Realising that his underwear was still wet, he blew out a heavy sigh with a red face. Then, he could only face his fate, getting up to shower and wash his underwear.

Since the aftereffects of that dream had been too strong, he didn’t have the leisure to mind the cat under the bed. He sluggishly climbed off the soft bed.

Thus, the movements of the cat that was currently pawing at the bedsheets slowed, its eyes secretly focused on another place. Then, it very quickly found the image that it was looking for.

The youth’s body was the same as the last time it’d seen it. With longs legs and arms, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and utterly perfect bodily proportions, he was perfect in a way that made finding fault impossible. Since he didn’t go out much, his chest was very fair, but it wasn’t a sickly white that spoke of weakness or delicacy, rather, it was warm and refined, jadelike. A little higher up were his smooth, pretty collarbones and slender neck. A little lower revealed his tight, lean abdomen. At this moment, under the sunshine, it reflected the light ever so slightly, as if there were water droplets trickling down the surface. Just by looking, one could imagine the loveliness of touching it.

Very quickly, the cat’s eyes shifted from his stomach down to his elegant mermaid line, and to the three-point zone covered by underwear…

It involuntarily used a paw to check its nose. Thankfully, this time he was exceptionally successful.

Remembering what’d happened last time, it meowed softly again, with a slightly guilty conscience. As an esteemed…cough, having little affairs like this, no matter how it was looked at, it was somewhat inexcusable.

As it thought, it also followed behind the other’s slender legs without any hesitation.

…sure enough, this upright gentleman of a cat really couldn’t win when faced with homosexuality.

Oh…from the cat’s low viewpoint, it seemed to be able to clearly see that protruding bit. Since it was damp…it was especially distinct.

Underneath his full buttocks were his bare, slender, perfectly straight legs. The straightness of his legs made the shallow dip behind his knees seem very cute. The taut little legs of the cat followed in his steps…


The bathroom door was mercilessly closed.

As the cat wasn’t careful, it almost ran nose-first into the door. Luckily, it pulled the brakes in time, although it still felt very wronged.

Within these short few days, the esteemed General had already grasped the majority of skills needed to act as a cat, as well as how to throw tantrums, play tricks, act cute, and so on.

Unfortunately, since today’s Shen Zhifan was very shameful for some reason; even if it mewled softly from outside the door and pawed at it for half a day, there was no response.

It could only listen to the rushing of water inside…and secretly imagine.

No no no, this kind of behaviour was completely erroneous.

In his mind, he sternly and righteously checked himself.

Its original intention wasn’t to come here to act as a peeping tom or something, en, that wasn’t the most important thing. Its original intention was just to – just to see how Shen Zhifan was doing, nothing more.

Although, when Shen Zhifan came out from the bathroom with steam still faintly dispersing from his pale skin, once again, the cat began to shamelessly follow him around.

Shen Zhifan wrapped a towel around himself, and after seeing the eyes of the cat that were so lovely that they constantly looked as if they were gleaming with tears, he was somewhat forced to pick up the cat. He gently tapped its nose.

“Ai, kitty,” Shen Zhifan rubbed the cat’s silky soft fur. He really didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as he shook his head, “When we first met you were quite cold and aloof, not at all like this…with such naughty eyes.”

The cat’s paw, which had just reached out to sneakily pat his abdominals, froze.

Had – had he been discovered?

He’d – he’d actually been discovered?

Shen Zhifan had also noticed its slight stiffness with its dirty trick. Slightly puzzled, his brows creased and he mumbled to himself, “Is it really so intelligent that it can understand what I’m saying?”

The cat softly and guiltily called out twice, “Meow…meow.”

“If you can understand,” Shen Zhifan drew the cat tighter into his arms, and poked at its little pink nose again, “Then you have to learn good things ah, since your owner is an extremely admirable person.”

The cat, “…”

“General Yan ah,” After mentioning his male god, Shen Zhifan couldn’t help but recall the dream once again. He became slightly frantic, but internally he really couldn’t hold back his excitement, “He is certainly an extremely honourable man, and he would definitely never look at others like that. Right, can’t you learn a little from your owner’s elegant character, hm?”

The esteemed General, who had developed a special shamelessness in his cat form…actually felt a hint of shame.


It called out softly once, turning its head away, deflated.

“Speaking of, are you a little tomcat or a little female cat?”

Shen Zhifan’s interest was suddenly piqued. Turning the cat over, he was about to brush aside the long, soft fur when the pink pads of a paw immediately pushed at his fingers.

Shen Zhifan realised something and his mind whirred. Laughingly, he brushed away the cat’s delicate paws.

“Oh, you get shy too, baby.”

The cat, “ ! ”

He – he’d been careless.

Freeing itself and avoiding Shen Zhifan’s clutches, it leapt over to the other side of the room at lightning speed.

Shen Zhifan thought it was hilarious, and closed the window extremely carelessly. Only the closed door behind the cat was left. No matter how, a cat would never be able to open a door that had been locked from the inside, right? Thinking that victory was within his grasp, he approached the cat step by step.

Shen Zhifan, who had, with great difficulty, just found a way to retaliate, didn’t forget to make a gentle threat.

“Tsk, you don’t look too big, baby, have you been neutered yet? Good children have to be sterilised earlier, hm?”

The cat couldn’t help but cry out softly in fright.

Seeing that Shen Zhifan seemed to actually be taking this seriously, the cat fell silent for a moment. Then, it leapt backwards resolutely. With a ‘click’, it took down the lock and pushed down the handle of the door, then…smoothly escaped.

Shen Zhifan, who had witnessed this series of movements, was astonished.

This – this cat was really fishy ah!

The author has something to say:
*Shamelessness won’t give you a good ending”


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