Chapter 11 – The General’s Seduction (2)

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Chapter 11: The General’s Seduction (2)

Editor: Mimishijie 😍

Shen Zhifan followed behind Yan Shuo. After walking for a while, though, he felt something was off. He looked on blankly as Yan Shuo led him out of the interrogation room, then out of the military building.

For the individual interrogation…were they going to a completely different place?

Internally, his was puzzled, but as a qualified, brainless fanboy, Shen Zhifan didn’t plan on asking. At most, he was just a little curious.

The young military officers that they passed would salute to Yan Shuo. Even if they were laughing and playing around, as soon as they saw Yan Shuo their expressions would immediately straighten out. Shen Zhifan faintly sensed the strength of Yan Shuo’s character. His strictness could clearly be seen from his subordinate’s attitudes, especially since Yan Shuo wasn’t even their direct officer.

Occasionally there would be a few flabbergasted gazes landing on him, but Shen Zhifan actually didn’t really feel anything. Since he was little, he was considered to be the alien of his family (because he was good-looking) and the looks that he’d received had never been scarce.

His good looks never really earned him any advantages growing up, so he was still often required to be studious. Perhaps the reason was that N-192’s economy was so backward, it could not trigger any kind of needless vanity, or maybe because Shen Zhifan had a good reputation and had been treated kindly by this world since he was little. He wasn’t very cunning; but made up for being a little gullible by being fairly lucky.

Even though he had stepped into this unfamiliar world overnight, he wasn’t staggering around, bruised and bloodied. It was as if he had some sort of divine protection.

Just as Shen Zhifan thought this, a hand suddenly touched his back.

This was way too sudden, so much so that he was startled, unconsciously bringing his hand up in preparation for a shoulder throw. The other person was caught off guard and was actually almost thrown down. Luckily, they were still able to react. It was a pity that when they lost their centre of gravity, being graceful was no use. Their landing posture was barely easier on the eyes than that of a crawling dog.

“Ai, it’s really as they say, completely untouchable.”

Shen Zhifan didn’t even have enough time to be surprised at his own skill when the other person had already started blaming him.

That person’s voice was very frivolous, with laughter in his words, though it wasn’t any sort of pleasant laughter. Unconsciously, Shen Zhifan didn’t like it, although, after all, he didn’t get to have a say since he’d thrown the other person down.

Just like his voice, he was indeed a very frivolous man. Frankly, his looks were pretty good, with extremely pale skin that seemed like fine china that’d just come from the kiln. His features were deep and serene, almost sunken, and his refined silhouette was somewhat sharp. It was just a pity that his features, without cause, held more traces of wicked beauty. When his gaze swept over, it was like being pricked by needles deep within his eyes.

From tip to toe, his style seemed to be as expensive as fine china as well. Unfortunately, the person himself didn’t have much refinement; everything about him had ‘Laozi is the richest of the rich kids’ written all over it.

Shen Zhifan didn’t really want to help him up, but this person was also rather fond of acting dumb. After falling down like that, it seemed as if he had no intention of getting up. He sat there on the ground, watching him with a smile, his eyes sizing him up coquettishly.

This wasn’t Shen Zhifan’s home ground, after all, so he could only crease his brows a little, extending a hand towards the other. His hand hadn’t even fully extended before Yan Shuo pulled him behind his body. Shen Zhifan felt the warm fingers pulling at his wrist, and was temporarily stunned.

“Oh, why so protective?” That person raised his eyebrows. Seeing Yan Shuo, he could only become modest and get up by himself, patting nonexistent dust off his body and saying in an extremely provocative tone, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you two had some kind of relationship.”

Shen Zhifan wasn’t actually concerned with being carelessly talked about, at most, he would be slightly disgusted. However, the other person just had to badmouth Yan Shuo, which made him very irritated.

Yan Shuo’s expression didn’t change, although his tone became somewhat colder. His way of speaking seemed to have some innate severity, “Your Highness, people must take responsibility for their own words.”

Your Highness? Shen Zhifan blanked.

“Responsibility? Speaking of responsibility…” The carefree rich kid laughed, changing the topic and becoming incisive, suddenly carrying a dark undertone, “I wonder which one of you will take responsibility for Olivia, hm?”

“Princess Olivia will certainly be safe and sound.” Yan Shuo’s plain and honest wishes were indeed completely lacking in sincerity, but since they came from his mouth, there was a kind of steadiness that made one have no choice but to believe him.

The rich kid raised his eyebrows, and it seemed that he’d already been aware that Yan Shuo would give such a response. He seemed to find it boring, and so turned his gaze back to Shen Zhifan who was still behind Yan Shuo, “Shen Zhifan, you’re really exactly like what they say, it’s a pity that I wasn’t here before. When I got back, my wise, capable, diligent, people-loving brother had already gone out again, otherwise I really would’ve wanted him to introduce me to you…”

Shen Zhifan stared blankly for a bit. His words were disorderly; aside from finding that the rich kid had actually known him, he hadn’t really caught anything logical.

However, Yan Shuo’s complexion had changed, and he interrupted the other’s words, “If Your Highness was truly worried about Her Highness Olivia, it would be better to not wait to come more than twenty-four hours after Her Highness Olivia’s disappearance.”

The rich kid narrowed his eyes and gave an ‘oh’, stretching out the word.

“I’ve been enlightened by Lieutenant General Yan.”

People were simply different. This rich kid could actually make these words sound as if he were saying ‘Lieutenant General Yan, let’s visit the brothel tomorrow’.

Yan Shuo evidently didn’t like His Highness. He glanced at him somewhat tiredly, then unexpectedly, pulled Shen Zhifan with him to leave.

Shen Zhifan still had some misgivings. Even though he didn’t really like this man, he was still counted as royalty, regardless. If Olivia was a princess then this person was a prince, right? Yan Shuo seemed to not give the other any face.

He unconsciously turned his head to glance at the other, and His Highness didn’t forget to smile at him. Shen Zhifan didn’t even pay attention to Yan Shuo’s palm pulling at his wrist, and couldn’t help but ask, “General, is this alright?”

Yan Shuo was a little inattentive and unresponsive for a split-second. His steps slowed slightly, his deep gaze on Shen Zhifan, “What?”

Being swept by Yan Shuo’s gaze, Shen Zhifan’s eyes and mouth all became useless. The words he was going to say were completely choked off with just one glance.

The two people locked eyes for a while, not saying a word.

Yan Shuo’s eyes were very deep. They were obviously an azure blue, but they seemed more abstruse than the black eyes of the prince from just then. The corridor was brightly lit and so those eyes looked as resplendent as fragmented stars, as if they could draw one in with a glance.

Yan Shuo’s features held an extremely noble handsomeness. Some sort of struggle seemed to flash past in those azure eyes, as well as a sense of silent restraint. Slightly above that, his eyelashes were very long. They shuttered his eyes for a moment and his deepest emotions were swept away.

Shen Zhifan’s heart shook. He didn’t know why he’d thought of that rich kid, His Highness from just then, and the way he’d said ‘Lieutenant General’.
After seven years had passed, a lot of things had changed. For instance, that esteemed Major General in Shen Zhifan’s heart had already been promoted to the position of Lieutenant General.

“What happened just then, I didn’t clearly hear what you said?”

In the end, it was still Yan Shuo, remaining calm and collected, who moved his gaze away. His brows pinched, and it was a pity that from Shen Zhifan’s perspective he couldn’t see the hidden emotions in the other’s eyes.

Shen Zhifan’s attention was diverted, and in a flash, His Highness, the rich kid was thrown away to god-knows-where. He unconsciously blurted out:

“I suddenly thought of the first time I saw your appearance, General.”

After saying it, even he was stunned. Seeing Yan Shuo looking at him somewhat doubtfully, he regretted falling into a daze just then. Without a better option, he turned to explain his words with difficulty.

“It’s just…the look in your eyes just then, it’s the same as in the photograph of you on the ‘Mechanical Falcon’ all those years ago.

Yan Shuo’s pupils moved, “What is the ‘Mechanical Falcon?”

Shen Zhifan’s voice paused. He didn’t know why, but his enthusiasm was suddenly waning. “It was a local magazine back when I was in junior high. There were a lot of trending topics in it…back then, it was on there that I saw you for the first time. I never thought that after so many years I’d actually get to see the real person.”

Yan Shuo nodded, “Is that so? What was that picture like?”

Shen Zhifan suddenly sighed, yet couldn’t help but explain it as if he’d done it a hundred times, “It was a photo taken on the day you were awarded the title of Major General ah, wearing a military uniform of navy blue, with your eyes set on the ‘Raphael’ mech behind you, your gaze was…”

“We’ve known each other for so long, but you never told me about this before.”

Yan Shuo’s words took him by surprise, and after the sigh Shen Zhifan had let out, he almost couldn’t inhale again.


That phrase was filled with meaning, making Shen Zhifan fall into a daze.

The keys in Yan Shuo’s hand clinked together. His private vehicle had already automatically arrived by his side. It didn’t seem like he planned to explain, only opening the car door and motioning for Shen Zhifan to get in.

Shen Zhifan had been scared a little dumb by his words, and just simply sat inside.

The car was self-driven. Yan Shuo didn’t forget to take out a drink from the fridge, passing it to Shen Zhifan.

Shen Zhifan didn’t know what he’d done right, but then suddenly thought of the purpose of him being there in the first place.

“General Yan, aren’t we having a personal interrogation?”

Yan Shuo couldn’t be more clear on Shen Zhifan’s amnesic state, and he’d originally thought that the other would definitely chase after his question just them. However, it happened that Shen Zhifan was oblivious to the point that he was hard to predict.

He couldn’t help but laugh lightly, fingers coming up to cover his lips.

Shen Zhifan suddenly couldn’t bear it.

The male god had just laughed, right? Why did he laugh? Ah, he looked really great when laughing ah. His voice was really nice ah, I can save that laugh in my head for a year ah no wait a minute, did I just ask some sort of dumb question? It’s not that dumb ah, wasn’t I supposed to be interrogated from the beginning? Why did the situation develop in a completely different direction from how I thought it would???

(t/n: if yall confused, that was some complete gay panic^^)

Yan Shuo looked at him for a moment and finally couldn’t help his light laugh. After a few low chuckles, he replied, “That’s right, it’s a personal interrogation.”

“…but you don’t look serious at all,” Shen Zhifan froze, and inexplicably felt a little shy, “I…I remember that I came as a suspect of Princess Olivia’s disappearance case.”

Yan Shuo looked at him. Not one trace of the red lights of the city outside entered his eyes, and the deepness within was something that could only ever be portrayed three-dimensionally.

“Let’s leave that for now, Zhifan.”

When the ‘Zhifan’ that Yan Shuo spoke reached Shen Zhifan’s ears, he was a little dizzy. He didn’t know whether or not it was deliberate. When Yan Shuo usually spoke he was succinct and detached, and that indifference radiated out from his whole body. However, those words from just then had a slight pressure, with the proper mellow allure of a man.

“Tell me how you’ve been recently.”

Shen Zhifan had just been in heaven, but this line took him right back to reality, and then he suddenly became aware of a problem.

He and Yan Shuo…knew each other.

So of course after his awakening seven years into the future, their meeting outside the door wasn’t the first. At that time, Yan Shuo being kind and familiar to him wasn’t beyond reason, and although he said this was a personal interrogation, he really was just helping him out…

To all others, they were obviously love rivals who were as incompatible as fire and water, but Yan Shuo didn’t seem to have any enmity towards him.

Even Yan Shuo’s cat treated him especially well.

So this was all within reason and not completely senseless…since they had already known each other.

Unconsciously, Shen Zhifan wanted to bury the matter of him being amnesic. After all, he and Shen Zhirou were interdependent siblings, but how could outsiders be trustworthy?


But as he lifted his gaze to meet Yan Shuo’s own, his brain crashed right then and there.

What if the other person was Yan Shuo?

To this day, Shen Zhifan still remembered his emotions at the first glance at that photograph.

At that time he was still quite young, about fourteen years old. N-192 was a backward planet whose natural resources were almost dried up. Although they still had the most metal storms; when they blew over the land, they left practically nothing behind.

Most children who were born here stayed for a lifetime. Even if life was hard, they were all part of a complete family. This was a forgotten planet, and it’s deterioration didn’t give them the circumstances to be able to leave home and seek success.

Since he was little, Shen Zhifan had been imbued with these kinds of ideas; that he couldn’t go out into the world, and that he’d be shackled to this overgrown planet for a lifetime. However, he wasn’t happy to settle for this, since everyone around him was the same.

So much so that, because Shen Zhifan was handsome, his mother had already begun to discuss his future marriage.

It sounded rather lamentable to just live a life that was neither good nor bad on this planet, but to the families that lived there for generations, there was nothing bad about it.

Until one day, he saw that photograph.

Children always longed for new things. Even if those mechs were millions of light-years away, Shen Zhifan still bought every issue of ‘Mechanical Falcon’.

Mechanical Falcon wasn’t something very novel. Compared to genuine news, it would circulate slower by months or even years, but to a youth living on a remote planet, being able to acquire knowledge of the outside world was enough.

That issue of Mechanical Falcon hadn’t been the most interesting and didn’t have an abundance of content since that whole issue had been introducing one person.

That person had been very young and very handsome. In his navy blue military uniform, his tall, upright figure was more attractive than anyone else.
Behind him was a grand mech; one that youngsters couldn’t even imagine. That mech had once signified a new era.

His face was slightly turned, leaving only a razor-sharp side profile as well as a pair of azure eyes which were somewhat cold; just as he was now. However, at that time, his eyes had hidden the mettle of this General, as well as the wild ambition of conquering the vast universe.

It was only a photograph, but with that expression in his eyes, as well as that steely incisiveness as if it were a blade forged from the galaxy, he’d completely conquered that youth that would’ve stayed on the same path otherwise.


Shen Zhifan inhaled slowly.

Yan Shuo wasn’t just the youth’s complete ideal and longed-for vision at that time.

He was also…his first lover in the lingering dreams of his adolescence.


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