Chapter 7

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Qi Xun briefly stared at the figure not far away from him. He walked over, stood behind Le Han, and said, “Your trumpet—”

“This one is so hard to pull!” The boy interrupted him loudly, then turned back and said shyly, “Zhan Ge, can you help me?”

Qi Xun: “…”

He reached out and silently hugged the boy from behind. Covering his hands, he grasped the leaf of the radish.

The ears of the boy quietly turned red.

Qi Xun squinted his eyes and said, “Gua Gua, what I just said—”

“Ah, it came out!” Le Han smiled sweetly and said shyly, “You are really strong.”

Qi Xun: “…”

He was dazzled by the praise.

Qi Xun took a deep breath and remembered that he had not yet asked what he wanted. He continued, “Gua Gua, let’s talk about alternate—”

This time, before he even finished speaking, the boy had already run to the hut with the big radish in his arms.

Qi Xun: “…”

This Gua Gua definitely had a trumpet!!!

What was the matter? Why was he this evasive? Was it hard to tell? Or was there another dog man hiding in the small golden house!!!

Le Han threw the two radishes that had just been pulled out into today’s vegetable basket, and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He was still a little frightened.

How did this happen? Why did he suddenly ask about him!!

It was frightening to death. He didn’t respond and pretended not to hear the other. Le Han didn’t want to let others know the identity of his trumpet!

Hearing the footsteps coming from behind him, he quickly turned around, closed his palms, and asked in a very cheerful tone, “Zhan Ge, are you busy this afternoon? If it’s ok, why don’t we go to the World Congress together? We can sell this basket of vegetables on the way!”

Quickly saying that, he held his breath and looked at Qi Xun eagerly.

The handsome black-haired man crossed his arms over his chest, leaned on the doorframe, and looked at him coldly.

Le Han swallowed his saliva and maintained a naive smile as if he didn’t notice anything, but his face was almost stiff.

Finally, the man snorted and laughed.

Le Han shivered silently.

“Well,” Qi Xun said slowly with a smile. “Let’s take our time. We still have a lot of it today.”

Le Han: “…” Save, save me?

The World Congress was an annual celebration organized by the game company.

Usually, there were more than 30 countries on the Warring States mainland, plus the rebel organizations that were constantly changing. There were frontiers between each force. Players had nothing to do and couldn’t waste gold coins to cross the border. Therefore, unless there was a need to attack a city, players — especially life players — mainly did their own activities in their own countries.

The World Congress was held in September and October every year. During this time, the game company would open up a piece of land to allow all players to gather without any restrictions and have fun.

Players were very enthusiastic about the World Congress. In the first half of the year, some businessmen and players would start bidding for a location in the congress. After the biddings, they would then make preparations and build restaurants, teahouses, inns, cloth shops, and so on in the corresponding areas. As long as it didn’t violate any of the game laws, anything could be done in the game. Of course, players had to think of such ideas first.

Furthermore, the World Congress’s bazaar also specially set aside lots for small merchants and hawkers. This kind of location abided by the ‘first come, first served’ rule. Fortunately, everyone was well-aware of the fact that no one would occupy the position for a long time; within a week of the World Congress, players would snatch a spot once, and then quickly withdraw after selling everything out.

However, there were too many life players in the game. To grab this kind of location, players needed to go early in the morning. Le Han was so calm because he had already made arrangements with a life player friend long ago. Last year, Le Han got up early, grabbed the slot, sold things, and directly handed over the position to the other party. This year, the friend was the one who got up early.

The access to the World Congress was on the control panel.

Le Han and Qi Xun each carried a vegetable basket.

Under the chilly gaze of the person beside him, Le Han rigidly touched the World Congress transmission icon, and the entrance to a bustling city appeared on the screen.

His friend sent him a game location, so they quickly looked for it and received the slot.

Seeing Qi Xun, the person poked Le Han with his elbow, smiled ambiguously, and asked, “Your husband?”

Le Han was teased and felt a little sweet and shy, but when he turned to look at Qi Xun, he was frightened by the other party’s thoughtful and suspicious eyes, and the sweetness vanished.

The two sat down, surrounded by vendors selling small things like them, and opposite them was a big row of merchants. They were facing a teahouse; it could be seen at a glance that it was full of people.

Le Han slowly put down the vegetable basket, unfolded the cloth, and spread it out. He then arranged the vegetables that he brought with him into different categories.

Waiting at the back of the booth, the pair of husbands sat down with the people around them. Not even squinting their eyes, they stayed silent for a minute.


“Gua Gua…” Qi Xun’s voice sounded.

The boy covered his face in an instant and cried bitterly, “I don’t want to say it!”

Qi Xun: “!!!” So it was a deliberate evasion before!

Just now, Le Han studiously pretended not to hear his questions to avoid the topic. However, his reaction was so evident that he knew avoiding the topic further was no longer possible. It was better to open up and explain.

Qi Xun said dangerously, “Gua Gua, as long as you want, I can tell you my main account right away. So what’s the reason you don’t want to tell me? Is your trumpet married to someone else?”

Qi Xun found out today that he was also a bit possessive.

If the one beside him dared to say ‘yes’, he might want to beat up someone.

Fortunately, after Le Han roused from his daze, he lifted his head and said, “No, I’ve always been single. I have only married you.”

Hearing this, Qi Xun’s body relaxed and he finally felt a little more comfortable… so that wasn’t the reason.


He asked, “Then why did you react like that?”

Le Han whispered, “I have too much black history on my trumpet…”

“Black history?” Qi Xun wondered.

Le Han pointed his finger and said, “I used the trumpet to do a lot of crazy things when I was in a bad mood…”

Qi Xun didn’t expect this to be the reason and asked curiously, “What’s the matter? You can still do crazy things?”

“I don’t want to say it!” Le Han groaned. He leaned to the side and fell on Qi Xun. Le Han was hugged by him and asked for mercy in a low voice, “I haven’t used that account for a long time. Just don’t ask about it, okay? It’s quite stupid!”

The gesture made by Le Han was a little coquettish, and it was quite useful against Qi Xun. He didn’t know that this boy could be so attractive when he acted this way. Qi Xun coughed, rubbed Le Han’s shoulder, and said warmly, “Well… if you don’t want to say it, then don’t say it.”

Anyway, if it was only black history, then it didn’t matter.

And what kind of black history could there be in the game? It could be nothing more than a rookie that couldn’t single out high-level players, but this kind of thing was not shameful in Qi Xun’s eyes. Maybe Gua Gua just cared about this kind of thing.

After thinking about it, Qi Xun asked again, “Really don’t want to know my main account?”

He was really itching to show off the charm of his main account.

When talking about this, Le Han’s tone became more serious. “I know that some people in the game will care about whether the other party’s rank is high or not when they get married. However, I don’t care about those things, so it doesn’t matter whether you say it or not. Even if you are a new character now, I don’t think there’s anything wrong.”

After hesitating for a bit, Le Han continued, “But if you really want to ask me what I think… I think we are doing fine at the moment.”

In other words, he actually didn’t want to know about Zhan Ge’s main account.

Le Han just wanted to fall in love, and everything was okay with him as long as there was Zhan Ge. As for the identity of Zhan Ge’s main account and his friends, Le Han currently had no interest at all and didn’t want to know.

Realistically, the relationship between many people in the game was very chaotic. Although Le Han thought that Zhan Ge seemed very good so far, they hadn’t known each other for a long while. If Zhan Ge’s main account played very well, and even if he didn’t mean to open the harem…what if he unknowingly had other ambiguous relationships on the side? This kind of thing was quite common in the game!

If Zhan Ge had married him with his main account at the beginning, it would be nothing. But now that Zhan Ge was married to him with a trumpet, he thought it was quite good right now, and he didn’t want to think of any other bad variables.

Although this might be a bit self-deceiving, Le Han’s requirements were so low anyway, so just keep up the currently pure and beautiful love atmosphere for him…

Qi Xun had no clue of Le Han’s real thoughts. He only thought that because they had not known each other for a long time, Le Han wanted to take his time, so he accepted this statement.

Since Gua Gua thought so, he would cooperate. They had a lot of time. It was more important to keep the harmony and balance of love.

However, it was good to try to find a chance to test Gua Gua’s thoughts on Mu Yi Cheng Zhou.

Thinking this way, Qi Xun assumed that he had solved the first major problem since he fell in love. He felt very comfortable.

The rest of their time together was thus much better. After the ‘main and alternate characters’ talk of the two people, and the ‘you look at me, and I look at you’ part, they said nothing at all.

Fighting was forbidden in the World Congress. Therefore, no matter how fierce people were, they could only say a few words. The overall atmosphere was very peaceful.

Most of their vegetables were sold in a short time. Of course, the food in the game couldn’t really satisfy the players, but it would still give the brain a delicious and satisfying feeling. Therefore, many people who wished to lose weight but were too greedy chose to eat and drink in the game; their appetite was satisfied, and no weight was gained. It was perfect. Because of this, food naturally became one of the best things to sell in the game.

As he was doing business, Le Han suddenly thought of a question and asked Qi Xun, “Zhan Ge, what do you like to eat?”

Qi Xun smiled when he heard this question. “Want to cook for me?”

Le Han blushed and nodded. Regardless of his cooking skills in reality, the meals prepared in the game were absolutely edible as long as he followed the online recipe. Le Han also wanted to satisfy his dream of being a wife.

Qi Xun’s heart felt very hot, but he deliberately said, “I don’t like to eat vegetables, I like meat.”

Le Han said in a low voice, “Then I will buy some chickens and ducklings to keep.”

Qi Xun hooked his lips and whispered to Le Han, “Then raise another little frog. When it grows up, make it delicious and let me have a good taste.”

Le Han was stunned and didn’t respond. He foolishly thought that although the little frog was rather cute, if Zhan Ge wanted to eat it, he would do it. He was about to nod his head when he suddenly understood the man’s meaning, and turned his head to look at him.

The man let out a wicked laugh.

Le Han… Le Han’s face turned red instantly. It was so red that it almost seemed like it was bleeding. He immediately turned his head and didn’t dare to look at Qi Xun again, but after a few seconds, he couldn’t help glancing at him once more.

At this glance, Qi Xun felt as if he was soaked with honey.

His throat tightened, and he unconsciously clenched his hands.

The two people stared at each other silently, and the heart rate progress bar above their heads kept raising constantly.

Qi Xun absently thought about the things he summed up yesterday— surprise, unexpected intimate contact, strong, and domineering 1Makes reference to Mary Sue dramas were the ML is domineering and overbearing.. When another customer appeared in front of their booth, and Le Han focused on doing business, Qi Xun repeated these words three times in his mind. After he was done, he decisively stretched out his hand.

The customer was asking for the price, and Le Han answered. Suddenly, his right hand was held by a big warm hand.

Le Han was thrilled.

He obviously knew who was on his right.

The two people sat very close, and their hands trembled in the gap between their bodies. The customer that was squatting in front of them and picking up vegetables didn’t notice.

The customer muttered to himself that the last white radish left in their stall was ugly. In the space between the two, Le Han felt the big hand rubbing his fingers all the way to the palm of his hand.

Le Han was almost embarrassed to death by all this touching.

The customer inspected the vegetables for a long time and finally made a decision. When he looked at Le Han, he was stunned. “Are you feverish?”

Le Han’s heart pounded quite fast, he shook his head violently, and with a guilty conscience, he stammered, “Haha, no, not at all!”

The customer looked suspicious. “…I’ll just buy these. Boss, how much is it?”

Le Han quickly pulled his hand from Qi Xun’s grasp and got a meaningful glance from the side. He felt his whole arm go numb. He used the system to calculate the price, quoted it, and the customer took out the gold coins.

At this time, someone yelled a person’s name from not far away, and the customer stretched his neck in the direction of the voice. He answered with a hmm, hurriedly stuffed the gold coins to Le Han, and got up and left.

Le Han accidentally failed to collect the two gold coins. They fell to the ground and rolled to his left; he gave a light cry and rushed to the other side. Qi Xun’s eyes flashed brightly. He made a quick decision and immediately pounced!

Le Han grabbed the gold coins, turned around, and was covered by a shadow. The next second, a hand brushed past his ear and landed on the floor. Le Han was startled and fell back. Just like this, he was knocked down by Qi Xun!

Qi Xun leaned on Le Han, his eyes shining brightly, and his smile a little proud. He consciously realized that this ground-don was completed perfectly, which should be full of charm.

Suddenly, two familiar figures flashed in the corner of his field of vision. He subconsciously looked up and saw a red-haired young man, who was being held by a tall and handsome man, pass by their stall. When the young man was happily being fed a marshmallow, before he even took a bite, he met Qi Xun’s eyes and froze in place.

Qi Xun: “…”

Zhou Yao: “…”

Fuck, what luck, they can even meet in this situation!

At this moment, Qu Xun and Zhou Yao’s eyes were full of ‘Fuck, I was seen’, ‘Fuck, who is this bright-eyed guy before me’, and ‘Fuck, how can he do such a thing?’. It was clear that they had known each other for nearly six years in real life, yet at this moment, they seemed to have met each other for the first time, and both were really shocked.

The next second, Qi Xun suddenly pulled Le Han up and calmly patted the clothes behind him.

Zhou Yao immediately moved his eyes away, dragged the man beside him, and walked forward quickly. He didn’t forget to bite a mouthful of marshmallow to calm down his shock.

Damn it.

They both thought in cold sweat.

Le Han was still in a trance when he was knocked down by Qi Xun, and looked at him blankly. Qi Xun couldn’t help but become ashamed by his look. He became uncomfortable, and his ears turned red.

He coughed lightly and said with a little annoyance, “…Don’t look.”

Le Han was silent for a moment, curled the corners of his lips, and finally with a pfft he laughed.

Qi Xun: “…”

Le Han really thought it was funny; the kabe-don was supposed to be very sue2Makes reference to Mary Sue dramas.. But in this kind of environment, at this opportunity, coupled with the proud expression of Zhan Ge just now, Le Han really thought it was funny instead of charming.

Before this, he had always felt that Zhan Ge was very domineering and good at flirting, and he was ashamed to think that he had no other way of flirting except for his splits.

Now that he thought about it, why was Zhan Ge so powerful? Because Zhan Ge tried really hard, ah!

Le Han laughed, and held his stomach, his shoulders shaking.

Qi Xun stood stiffly while Le Han laughed. His expression changed several times, and he said quietly, “Don’t laugh.”

Le Han: “Hahahahahaha!”

Qi Xun: “… Gua Gua.”

Le Han: “Hahahaha—”

Qi Xun took a deep breath, made a sullen smile, and with a pa pressed Le Han’s cheeks. Le Han’s two cheeks were squeezed, and he continued laughing. On impulse, Qi Xun leaned forward and threatened Le Han, who was really startled this time.

Le Han was startled, and Qi Xun himself was the same.

They kept a very close distance, and their breath interlaced for a moment. The two people glanced at each other with wide eyes.

Qi Xun’s Adam’s apple rolled down… He just wanted to shut this mouth.

Le Han’s face turned red again, and his head was in chaos.

So fast? Were they going to get to this point so soon?!!!


Both of them were helpless and nervous. Qi Xun admitted to himself that he had never flinched like this in his life, so he looked down at the boy’s lips and was sure in his heart. He closed his eyes, opened his mouth, and moved closer.

Seeing this, Le Han quickly closed his eyes.

However, in the next second, Le Han heard the bubble sound of the system prompt message. Then he felt the man’s lips hit his side face heavily, not so much like a kiss but more like a head bump!

Qi Xun: “!!!”

Le Han: “!!!”

The two people separated hurriedly. Le Han turned to the left and covered his face while Qi Xun turned to the right and touched his forehead. After a few seconds of silence, Qi Xun took a deep breath to relax. Then he turned back and said, “Gua Gua, let’s do it again—”

Le Han was ashamed to death, and for now, he didn’t have the courage to do it a second time. He blushed and said, “Let, let me see the notification first!”

Qi Xun blew up. How could this be the time to see the notification!


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