Chapter 19

Characters List

Le Han – Main Character

  • Gua Gua Gu – In-game main character’s name
  • Daji / Enchanting Imperial Concubine – In-game alternate character’s name

Qi Xun – Male Lead

  • Mu Yi Cheng Zhou / Mu God – In-game main character
  • Zhan Ge – In-game trumpet’s name

Zhou Yao – Qi Xun’s best friend

  • Meng Bu Meng – In-game main character’s name

Emperor of Qi – Zhou Yao’s husband

  • Lu Jiao – In-game main character’s name

Qin Yuyuan (Princess Qin) – Qi Xun’s pursuer

  • Axue – In-game main character’s name

Zhang Yang (Prince Tang) – Le Han’s pursuer

Qiao Rui – Le Han’s roommate and friend

He Yiming – Le Han’s previous crush and senior student

Zhao Yifei – Le Han’s high school classmate

Yu Manman – Le Han’s high school classmate and He Yiming’s ex-girlfriend

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He Yiming stood still and didn’t try to catch up with Le Han again. He knew that it was impossible for him to have a proper conversation with him tonight.

Although things suddenly happened today, he had always been confident that he could solve the problem at any time. However, he never expected that things would develop like this.

He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and opened WeChat, but then paused.

He knew that his intentional approach at the beginning of school and his behavior of crossing the boundary in the process had annoyed Le Han. Now, whether he could still contact Le Han through WeChat was unknown. Even if he could contact him, Le Han might add him to the blacklist in the blink of an eye.

After thinking about it, he finally gave up and resisted the impulse to continue today.

Let’s find another chance later.

Behind him, Yu Manman looked in the direction that the group had left to, her eyes on Qi Xun all the time.

After listening to what she had just said, her friend hurriedly went to the Internet to check it. Just now, she finally happened to find a few photos and exclaimed, “It’s really them!”

Yu Manman was startled out of her daze by her friend’s exclamation.

She took a deep breath, and her eyes previously obscured in resentment gradually brightened.

She- she actually saw him!

He was more handsome in reality than in videos and photos!

At this moment, Yu Manman’s whole body seemed to come back to life and she didn’t care about He Yiming at all. Her mind was a little muddled, but she still pulled her friend’s hand and said, “Let’s follow.”

The next second, she stopped and said, “Wait a minute!”

Many things had happened just now. Yu Manman didn’t know how much the other party knew and what impression they had of her. However, no matter what he thought of her, he must be on Le Han’s side with his friend right now, and chasing after him would be counterproductive.

Yu Manman rolled her eyes and said, “I’ll find a chance to inquire later.”

In September, the weather was still hot, and Le Han was all sweaty. It took him a long time to get out of the atmosphere just now and catch his breath.

It was at this moment that Le Han realized Zhou Yao and Qi Xun were following them. He wondered if they were embarrassed to say goodbye and walk away because of the situation from before, so he told them, “I have troubled you today, thank you.”

“It’s okay. Qiao Rui’s friend is also our friend!” Zhou Yao said.

It wasn’t until now that Qiao Rui realized that he had neglected his two friends. He said, “It’s too late. You can go back and rest. We’re all right here.”

“It’s okay, it doesn’t matter. We don’t have entry control like you, anyway.” Zhou Yao waved his hand.

Qi Xun said, “I’ll take a good look at the score you gave, and I’ll contact you in a few days.”

En, good!” Qiao Rui nodded.

After saying so, it was time to say goodbye.

Qi Xun opened his mouth and looked at Le Han’s tear mole.

He then raised his gaze and met the boy’s pair of clear eyes.

Qi Xun smiled, said nothing, and then told the two of them, “Then we’ll go first.”

When the two turned around and left, Le Han couldn’t help sighing to Qiao Rui. “Your friend called Qi Xun is so handsome, ah.”

Seeing that Le Han was still in the mood to be a love-struck fool, Qiao Rui thought it was a little funny and finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes, ah. Many girls are chasing after Brother Qi.”

Le Han repeatedly nodded. “That’s how it should be!”

Qiao Rui laughed, and later asked Le Han, “What happened just now? Why did you quarrel?”

Le Han smiled, walked with Qiao Rui, and briefly recounted what had happened.

When he mentioned that He Yiming was aware of the contradiction between him and Yu Manman, Le Han’s face was ugly.

Qiao Rui sneered after listening.

He thought that He Yiming had come to his senses after dating Yu Manman, but he didn’t expect the facts to be funnier than what he had guessed. He Yiming dated Yu Manman all because of Le Han.

Before this, he could’ve still claimed that He Yiming liked Yu Manman because he had a strange taste. It was immoral to do that kind of thing to Le Han after school started. Even if he woke up now, He Yiming’s bad character remained unquestionable. Now that he wanted to get Le Han, Qiao Rui merely wanted to laugh at the other man’s self-confidence.

Did He Yiming never think that he would mess it up?

As for his understanding of the relationship between Yu Manman and Le Han, Qiao Rui only said, “It’s only due to He Yiming’s words that you know about this.”

Upon hearing this, Le Han looked at Qiao Rui in surprise.

“Isn’t He Yiming very clever? Do you think he didn’t know about the conflict between you and Yu Manman before dating her? Although Yu Manman likes to pretend a lot, her acting skills are not so good.”

He Yiming was the president of the Student Union of the Mathematics Department. Because of this, he was familiar with the department’s work and student gatherings. It was natural for him to get to know Le Han. Yu Manman, meanwhile, was from the Foreign Language Institute, and she could only know of He Yiming because he was famous in their school. She’d thought carefully, created different chance encounters, and got to know him.

Of course, many girls were chasing He Yiming, and he couldn’t waste time avoiding them all. Therefore, as long as the girls were willing to be chicky, it wasn’t difficult to meet He Yiming; becoming friends and developing an ambiguous relationship with him was however a different matter— how could He Yiming not know their true intentions? While being polite, in fact, he had long been indifferent to all the possibilities of having a relationship.

In the beginning, Yu Manman was also one of those girls who were unawarely treated coldly.

Until one day, He Yiming suddenly changed his attitude.

When Le Han discovered that He Yiming had set his sight on Yu Manman, he was very uncomfortable and sad.

He knew that He Yiming was a straight man, and he was prepared for the other to have a relationship at some point, but never did he expect that it would be with Yu Manman.

He thought that He Yiming didn’t know about Yu Manman’s true colors, and she also never showed her dislike of him in front of He Yiming. Yu Manman pretended to be good, so He Yiming would naturally not know of their contradiction and would like her. There was nothing wrong with that.

Even if He Yiming knew of his history with Yu Manman, it was his own business whom he wanted to be in a relationship with. Why would he have to take care of Le Han’s mood?

Of course, Le Han not only disliked Yu Manman because of their past, but also because of her dishonest personality.

It’s not that he didn’t want to remind He Yiming, but he felt that the senior was smart enough to see through her disguise. If he thought that Yu Manman was okay, then for He Yiming, Yu Manman’s character was not a problem.

No matter what the school bullying incident made Le Han think about Yu Manman, his actions were decisive. He believed that He Yiming could handle his own affairs well enough, so he chose not to talk more and interfere.

Le Han had set his mind, and to reduce the contact with Yu Manman and make himself feel better, he chose to stay away from He Yiming.

He healed himself and lived his life. After the beginning of school, he had no contact with him except in the teaching building. Le Han never thought he would meet him in the library that day. Unexpectedly, as soon as the other party saw him, he walked around the bookshelf and quietly looked at him for a moment, then strode over and pressed him on the wall to kiss him.

Le Han was stupid back then and was almost kissed. Fortunately, he responded in time and tried his best to push away the man who was a head taller than him.

Both of them gasped for breath. Le Han was stimulated, pushed He Yiming away, and ran away. He wasn’t in the mood to ask anything.

When he was out of the library, he felt that he had been tricked by He Yiming.

He Yiming must have known that he liked him. He was obviously dating Yu Manman, but he came up and kissed him so casually. He must be playing with him or something! Or maybe he just wanted to use him as a spare tire and play ambiguously with him!

Of course, given that He Yiming was a straight man, if he wanted to have a spare tire, he would never go find a man. Le Han finally attributed his actions to the former possibility.

Generally speaking, he was shocked that He Yiming would do such a thing, and it was the first time he doubted He Yiming’s character.

He didn’t know until today that He Yiming really liked him, and even his relationship with Yu Manman seemed to have something to do with him.

Although He Yiming knew there was a contradiction between Yu Manman and Le Han, he still did such a thing. Le Han really couldn’t understand it.

—Using a girl to figure out his mind was despicable enough. Did He Yiming never think that everything he did would harm Le Han at the same time? Didn’t he like him?

…Or rather, did He Yiming never really care if he was harmed?

Either way, the most important thing for him was to understand his feelings; he needed a girl, and Yu Manman stuck the most to him, so he simply used her. Was every decision made actually a little deliberate?

Le Han not only watched the man he liked date others, but also saw that same person go out with someone he hated. The whole situation made him uncomfortable and frustrated. Was He Yiming quietly observing all of his struggles during that period? What did He Yiming have in mind? While confirming his own feelings, he also had the bad taste of bullying Le Han. Did he think it would be fun to do so?

He Yiming had always known that the contradiction between him and Yu Manman was unusual; maybe he never considered it, or perhaps he didn’t believe it needed consideration at all. All this because after achieving his goal, he felt that as long as he gave a few comforting words, Le Han would calm down.

He’d be bullied and then coaxed. Le Han would definitely feel wronged at first and happy later, and he would love He Yiming even more under these twists…?

Playing such a ‘harmless’ game, he could end it all without difficulty. Everything was under his control.

—How could it be possible?!

Yu Manman was the devil for Le Han.

He Yiming, who used the devil Yu Manman to hurt him, was also a devil.

In terms of feelings, He Yiming really thought he was too naive.

Le Han felt sick and nauseous— he wanted to throw up.

Qiao Rui said, “I’ve long since guessed that He Yiming knew about the conflict between Yu Manman and you, but I never expected that he didn’t like Yu Manman at all but you instead, so I didn’t tell you. Anyway, things are already like this. He Yiming is sick, and you are blind, but you know what to do. After that, you two won’t meet again, and the two of them will no longer have anything to do with you. You don’t need to bother about it.”

Who knew that things would be so bloody.

They returned very late to the dormitory. The other two people in their room were playing games by themselves. After taking a bath, Qiao Rui and Le Han went to bed.

Leaving the unhappiness of the evening behind, Le Han remembered Qiao Rui’s two friends. He suddenly got a little bit curious and opened Weibo.

He remembered that Qiao Rui’s band was called Spark, and there was an official Weibo account. Although Le Han had followed it a long time ago, he usually didn’t use his Weibo. The so-called ‘following’ was just a click. Therefore, this was the first time he seriously looked at the band’s Weibo account.

He was shocked when he saw it. Spark’s official Weibo account had more than 600,000 fans. Although it couldn’t compare with a real pop band, it certainly had many fans at the grassroots1Makes reference to ordinary people. level!

He remembered that he started following the Weibo account when he was a freshman. Did the band already have so many fans at that time?

He asked Qiao Rui who slept in the bed next to him. The other was lying down with his head facing Le Han. He said, “There weren’t so many fans back then. The Weibo account was opened just before I joined the band. During that time, they had participated in two music festivals, so although there weren’t many fans by then, they rapidly increased.”

Le Han sighed. “So amazing. Do those two people have their own Weibo?”

Qiao Rui: “Yes, you can find them by searching up their names directly.”

Le Han didn’t know how the names of the two were written, so he flipped through Spark’s Weibo account. It turned out that one was called ‘Zhou Yao Yaoaoao’, while the other was called ‘Qi Xun EN’ who had more fans than the band itself.


[1] Makes reference to ordinary people.


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