Chapter 52

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When the two went to the emergency department, they received a lot of attention. After all—

Le Han was 1.75 meters tall, while Qi Xun was 1.85 meters.

Le Han was a little thin, and he was wrapped in a slightly oversized coat.

Meanwhile, Qi Xun was tall, had broad shoulders and long legs.

He hugged Le Han with one arm, and Le Han’s face was red and swollen. What did he experience? The tall man was okay, but the small one was injured all over? Was the little one so fierce? Or was he just beaten up by the tall man next to him?

Why did the two of them seem to be gay, ah?

Le Han was embarrassed by the attention, and after a long time, he successfully pushed Qi Xun away.

Qi Xun reluctantly followed behind him. He was unwilling to let Le Han work hard, so he lined up to pay and went to buy food and drinks, taking care of Le Han in every possible way.

Le Han felt as if he were soaked in warm water, and the bottom of his heart was sweet.

As a result, he went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. When he saw what he looked like, he was scared to tears by himself.

Qi Xun waited outside for a long time and didn’t see Le Han come out. When he worriedly went into the bathroom, he saw Le Han frozen in place, staring at himself in the mirror.

“Le Han, what’s the matter?” Qi Xun walked over.

Le Han sobbed in a low voice and covered his face.

Qi Xun was startled. He hurriedly walked over and pulled him into his arms. “What’s the matter? Where does it hurt? Let me see.”

Le Han shook his head and said sadly, “My, my face!”

Although he could feel the redness and swelling on his face, he never expected he would look like that! So ugly!

The corners of his mouth and forehead were swollen. Moreover, there was a big red circle in the middle of his forehead! That was the place he’d used to hit Xu Jingsen back then.

His entire face was deformed!

—Although he wasn’t a super handsome guy, he still cared about his physical appearance, ah!

When Qi Xun heard Le Han’s words, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You only found out now?”

“Why didn’t you tell me, ah!” Le Han wanted to cry without tears.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. The sky is so dark, no one can see it clearly,” Qi Xun coaxed him.

There were lights everywhere in the hospital, everyone could see it clearly, okay!

Le Han also thought of Qi Xun being so close before, which meant he could see it clearly! Except for the brown of iodophor, other red, blue, purple, and yellow areas could be seen clearly!

He felt embarrassed, and when he thought of what had happened, he began to feel aggrieved once again.

He didn’t know if he’d become particularly spoiled.

Le Han wasn’t beaten once or twice in his senior year of high school, but several times. Whenever it happened, he was calm. On the one hand, Le Han knew no one in the class would care about him in front of Xu Jingsen and Yu Manman. Although Teacher Lu would stand on his side, he couldn’t coax him as a teacher. On the other hand, he knew that his parents had yet to accept his sexuality, and seeing him like that would make them even angrier about his sexual orientation.

Because he knew that no one would come to comfort him, Le Han could only remain silent.

But this time was different. Qi Xun’s words were very warm, and as if he had found a way to vent all the grievances that had been accumulating for a long time, Le Han’s eyes quickly heated up, and tears came out.

When Qi Xun was coaxing him and didn’t receive a response, he realized that something was wrong, and Le Han actually started crying unexpectedly.

Qi Xun was flustered. He held up Le Han’s face and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?”

Le Han cried so much that he had a runny nose. He shook his head and wiped the tears with the back of his hand.

Qi Xun felt distressed. He took out a tissue to wipe Le Han’s tears and coaxed, “It’s okay. It’s really not that ugly. Why are you crying about this?”

“Le Han?” Seeing that his coaxing wasn’t working, Qi Xun took a deep breath and said, “Baby, don’t cry.”

Le Han was crying vigorously. When he heard the word ‘baby’, he was so startled that he stopped crying and looked at Qi Xun in shock.

Qi Xun had said it unconsciously. Seeing that Le Han finally stopped, he was relieved. He wiped away Le Han’s tears, took out another tissue, squeezed his nose, and helped him blow it off.

Qi Xun really didn’t know what to say.

He had lived for so many years, and for the first time, he knew that when he liked someone and wanted to spoil him, he would really cherish him as a baby. Seeing Le Han cry, he really wanted to roll him into a ball and stuff him into his heart.

As Le Han gasped for breath, Qi Xun smiled helplessly, squeezed his cheek, and asked, “What’s the matter? Tell me what happened. Why are you crying like this?”

Le Han looked at him with teary eyes and hiccupped. After a moment of silence, he suddenly opened his arms.

In this posture, the word ‘hug’ was hinted clearly .

Tsk, Qi Xun thought to himself, with this appearance, why would he not give it? He would give the little guy whatever he wanted.

So without saying a word, he took the person into his arms.

While hugging him, Qi Xun stroked Le Han’s head and deliberately asked, “What’s the relationship between the two of us?”

Le Han buried his head in Qi Xun’s arms and said dully, “…Didn’t you say it before?”

“What did I say?” Qi Xun was really confused.

“When…” Le Han grabbed Qi Xun’s clothes. “When An Ke asked you what relationship you had with me…”

An Ke?

Who was An Ke?

What had happened?

Qi Xun thought about it for a moment and recalled that a girl had asked him about his relationship with Le Han. When he answered, he made up his own mind and said he was Le Han’s man.

Qi Xun was satisfied. He laughed softly and teased, “What did I say? Tell me about it.”

Without lifting his head, Le Han stepped on his shoe.

Qi Xun was stepped on and let out a laugh一 Le Han’s way of making trouble was too cute, wasn’t it?


After a long sigh, Qi Xun contentedly embraced Le Han for a while and then went back to the matter on hand.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Xun was still concerned about Le Han’s mental being. “Why did you cry just now?”

Le Han lay in Qi Xun’s arms for a while before his mood lightened.

He really didn’t want to talk about those things because it was too complicated.

But he also wanted to say it. After all, he had never said those things to anyone for so many years.

He was grateful to Teacher Lu and appreciated what he had done for him, but he didn’t want to add extra trouble to his teacher. Therefore, Le Han had always obediently responded to what Teacher Lu said, but he never said anything when he asked him about his difficulties.

His parents… To be honest, Le Han had spent a lot of energy to withstand the pressure and stabilize his grades in his third year of high school. There was no extra energy to do ideological work on his parents. When his parents understood him, he felt it was meaningless to talk about what he had suffered. It would seem as if he was complaining, which would only increase his parents’ guilt towards him.

Le Han had been holding back for a long time.

There were many things that Le Han never said, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care.

However, he’d never thought that the first person he wanted to talk to would be his boyfriend, Zhan Ge, or rather Qi Xun.

After staying quiet for a while, Le Han said, “The man named Xu Jingsen just now, he wanted to force himself on me.”

Le Han thought about it and talked, and what he hated most at the moment was Xu Jingsen’s intentions.

Qi Xun clenched his hands as soon as he heard this. Of course, he already knew, but hearing Le Han say it himself, he still felt angry.

He said coldly, “If he really dared, he wouldn’t even be able to walk away from that place.”

Le Han held Qi Xun’s hand tightly.

Leaning down slightly, Qi Xun adjusted his posture, and took Le Han into his arms.

Le Han was in a daze. The sense of security that the man gave him turned into warmth, and it infiltrated bit by bit into his body.

He closed his eyes and said more things in a slightly hoarse voice.

He recounted what had happened the day his parents were called to school for the second time.

What had happened when Xu Jingsen and the others blocked him in the bathroom.

What had happened with his parents after returning home.

How he’d studied.

How he wasn’t able to sleep at night.

Le Han spoke for a long time, and Qi Xun listened carefully, but his heart constricted inch by inch.

He didn’t open his mouth to interrupt him, and he didn’t know if Le Han realized that some of the circumstances at that time were actually a bit dangerous.

How could that group of students behave like that?

Qi Xun remembered that when he was in high school, his classmates were all harmonious and friendly.

Of course, he had seen a lot of reports about campus violence on the Internet, but he had always felt those things were far away from him.

When he’d listened to Gua Gua in the game, he’d never thought this kind of thing had actually happened to the person he liked.

Teacher Lu was a good teacher, but what he could do was really limited. There was no way to entirely protect a student.

As for Le Han’s parents, Qi Xun didn’t have much to say. After all, they weren’t his parents, and according to Le Han, they accepted him after the college entrance examination.

But Qi Xun couldn’t help thinking that if they had accepted him after the college entrance examination, what about before?

In Le Han’s darkest period, they had failed to stand behind him to support him, and had instead let him suffer from those dirty things in school alone. This was simply—

He quickly stopped his train of thoughts. After all, this would only make him angrier.

He solemnly promised, “I’ll never let others bully you again.”

Le Han smiled slightly.

Qi Xun separated from Le Han a little, touched an uninjured spot with his forehead, and said in a soft voice, “Now what? How about your sleep and appetite? You look very thin.”

Le Han’s eyes were shining, and he obediently responded, “It’s much better now. In fact, there was no pressure after the college entrance examination results came out.”

Although he always knew that it didn’t mean he would never meet those people again in his life—

Le Han, nonetheless, withstood the pressure and achieved his goal.

He had a great sense of accomplishment and felt he had won.

He won against those people who’d tried to destroy him, got the understanding of his parents, grasped his own life, and finally stepped into a new stage.

The day the results came out, he felt that the blue sky was unclouded.

Qi Xun smiled and whispered, “You’re fine.”

Le Han blinked.

Qi Xun felt inexplicable emotions in his heart.

He thought about the kind of person he fell in love with.

He seemed weak and made people feel a great protectiveness. But in fact, he had a strong heart.

Although Le Han had just cried in his arms, he still survived a period of time when ordinary people might have had a mental breakdown.

Until now, after crying and venting, a smile made everything disappear.

Qi Xun stroked Le Han’s head for a while and said nothing.

Noticing Le Han become confused, Qi Xun said, “Le Han, I’ll make you happy.”

Le Han was taken aback and blushed.

Qi Xun thought he would definitely protect this man well and wouldn’t let him have any unhappiness.

He would only give the best to his person.

After checking in the hospital and confirming that there was no big problem, the doctor treated Le Han’s wounds, and the two left.

They took a taxi again.

After getting in the taxi, Qi Xun opened his mouth and stopped just as he wanted to report the destination.

He looked at Le Han and raised his eyebrows slightly. “Go to my place?”


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