Chapter 27


Characters List

Le Han – Main Character

  • Gua Gua Gu – In-game main character’s name
  • Daji / Enchanting Imperial Concubine – In-game alternate character’s name

Qi Xun – Male Lead

  • Mu Yi Cheng Zhou / Mu God – In-game main character
  • Zhan Ge – In-game trumpet’s name
  • Spark’s singer

Zhou Yao – Qi Xun’s best friend

  • Meng Bu Meng – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s member

Luo Yan – Zhou Yao’s husband

  • Lu Jiao (Emperor of Qi) – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s drummer

Qin Yuyuan (Princess Qin) – Qi Xun’s pursuer

  • Axue – In-game main character’s name

Zhang Yang (Prince Tang) – Le Han’s pursuer

Qiao Rui – Le Han’s roommate and friend

  • Spark’s bassist

He Yiming – Le Han’s previous crush and senior student

Zhao Yifei – Le Han’s high school classmate

Yu Manman – Le Han’s high school classmate and He Yiming’s ex-girlfriend

Edited by Bubbles

Yu Manman seemed to have suffered a bolt from the blue. She took two steps back, covered her chest, and panted. Her face looked as if she was about to faint.

She never thought that the Male God would ask her to stop being his fan.

Before this, she had even fantasized about chasing him and becoming his girlfriend.

Wait, it was okay to be asked to stop being a fan— but Qi Xun actually liked men?

Damn, unexpectedly, Qi Xun was gay?!

Qi Xun coldly inserted the last knife. “Don’t faint in my bar. Go out and take some air. Don’t come back if you can. You hate homosexuality, and I hate anti-gay people. Is it clear enough?”

“I…you…how…” Yu Manman gasped for a long time as if she had asthma. She shook her head in disbelief and looked at Le Han and Qi Xun. Finally, her face turned from green to red and from red to green. She turned around with a stiff face and walked away in her high heels.

Le Han was still in a daze. When Yu Manman walked out of the bar, he returned to his senses and looked at Qi Xun with a gaze full of admiration.

This man was really a fairy… in all aspects…

There wasn’t much light in the bar. No matter how close they stood, they seemed to be separated by a layer of fog.

In Le Han’s field of vision, the man who was a head taller than him seemed to turn a white eye in the direction of Yu Manman’s departure, and then he lowered his eyes to look at him.

Because of Qi Xun’s actions just now, Le Han was in a relaxed mood and wanted to make a joke. But he subconsciously realized that the man’s eyes were not right and was taken aback.

Qi Xun looked at him and said in an indistinguishable tone, “See one and love the other?”

Le Han was at a loss for a moment and laughed awkwardly. “Haha…”

It was easy for him to like others, which he himself admitted.

Regardless of the behavior of those people from high school who had invaded his privacy and wantonly talked about his affairs, ‘see one and love the other’ was a fact. Now he was quarreling with Zhan Ge, wasn’t it because of this matter?

Because the other party was Zhan Ge, Le Han apologized for letting him feel disappointed or depressed. Putting himself in his shoes, he could understand why Zhan Ge had exploded.

But that was only because the other was Zhan Ge.

Objectively speaking, Le Han had always felt that it was his own business to like others when he was single because he wanted to fall in love too much. He didn’t make any mistakes. In theory, he didn’t need to feel guilty about it, and he didn’t need to apologize to anyone for it.

It’s just that when someone mentioned the matter face to face, there would be a slight embarrassment, ah

A laugh escaped from the man’s lips, and he nodded.

Le Han lowered his head, feeling a bit embarrassed, ready to be complained by this fairy.

Then he listened to the man with a nice voice coldly say, “That woman just now was very annoying. And someone who sees one and loves the other is also very annoying.”

Le Han froze.

There wasn’t a trace of ridicule in his voice, only real and thorough disgust.

Le Han abruptly looked up. The man had turned away and left without saying a word.

Qiao Rui was ordered by Qi Xun to stay on the stage and he played another song absent-mindedly.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go with him, but if he did, he would fight with Yu Manman, and the scene would be ugly. Brother Qi was good at dealing with this kind of situation, so he handed over the matter to him and stayed on the stage.

He was relieved when he saw Yu Manman walking away with an ugly face.

After seeing Qi Xun turn around and leave Le Han, Qiao Rui hurriedly finished the song, stepped off the stage, and ran over.

“What did Brother Qi say to Yu Manman?” Qiao Rui already had a little forewarning, and his tone was very excited.

Brother Qi was ruthless. Qiao Rui felt that something interesting must have happened between him and Yu Manman just now.

When he didn’t get an answer from Le Han, Qiao Rui turned Le Han around and slightly looked down. “Han Han…”

As he was about to ask what had happened, he saw the other’s expression clearly.

Le Han stared at the void in a daze, and his whole person was frozen.

Qiao Rui was stunned and worriedly touched Le Han’s shoulder. “What’s the matter? Are you okay?”

Le Han slowly raised his eyes and looked at him.

Qiao Rui couldn’t exactly tell what emotion lurked in this look.

Qiao Rui felt something wrong, and his face sank. “What did Yu Manman say?”

Le Han moved his lips, relaxed his clenched hands, and said in a low voice, “It has nothing to do with Yu Manman.”

Qiao Rui raised his eyebrows.

Remembering that Brother Qi seemed to have said a few words to Le Han after Yu Manman had left, Qiao Rui paused and asked, “What did Brother Qi say?”

Le Han’s eyes wandered away, and after a while, he shook his head with a stiff face and said, “I’m leaving.”

“Hey, wait.” Seeing that Le Han wanted to leave, Qiao Rui wasn’t at ease to let him leave alone. He hurriedly said something to the waiter at the bar and then followed Le Han.

Qi Xun returned to the back lounge with a look of displeasure. When he opened the door, he saw two men occupying two corners of the huge lounge.

Zhou Yao played with his mobile phone with his legs crossed while another thin and cold man wiped his drums. The two ignored each other.

Qi Xun opened the door and came in. The two looked at him.

Zhou Yao greeted him, “Hey, are you done so soon?”

Luo Yan nodded to Qi Xun, then bowed his head and continued doing his own thing.

Qi Xun had been like a bomb or an explosion barrel the whole day. He was in a state where he could explode at any time, and anything could make him uncomfortable.

At this moment, seeing Luo Yan’s behavior — no, the behavior of these two people — he was even more annoyed.

He just wanted to know how Luo Yan planned to confess to Zhou Yao when he pretended to be that serious. And what kind of expression Zhou Yao would have when he knew with whom exactly he was flirting online.

Anyway, his love life wasn’t smooth, and he was full of dark thoughts, wishing that everyone was as unsuccessful as him!

Zhou Yao got goosebumps when Qi Xun stared at him. He cautiously asked, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

Qi Xun quietly said, “I want to remember your last innocent and stupid appearance.”

Zhou Yao: “???”

Zhou Yao was puzzled. “What’s wrong with me?”

Qi Xun took another look at Luo Yan.

Luo Yan looked at him, and their gazes met.

Luo Yan squinted slightly, with a hint of warning in his eyes.

Qi Xun sneered. He didn’t want to join the drama of the two of them. Let the truth be known. He didn’t want to rush to fight with this guy, ah.

At this moment, Qi Xun’s phone vibrated.

When he picked it up, he saw that it was a WeChat message from Qiao Rui.

Qiao Rui: “Brother Qi, what did you say to Le Han?”

Qi Xun tsked and sat down on an empty chair. He put his hands in his hair and stroked it back, feeling quite annoyed.

Zhou Yao approached and heard Qi Xun murmur, “It was too much.”

Zhou Yao asked in a low voice, “What’s too much?”

Qi Xun: “Too much to Qiao Rui’s friend.”

Qiao Rui’s friend gave him a feeling similar to Gua Gua, which was why he had such a big reaction. It just so happened to be ‘see one and love the other’ again, and it hit Qi Xun’s sore spot, so he attacked Le Han without thinking.

Now that he thought about it, he was a bit too much.

Let’s not talk about the situation of ‘seeing one and loving the other’ for the time being. Qi Xun wasn’t familiar with Qiao Rui’s friend. He had no right to criticize other people’s lifestyle, let alone say ‘very annoying’ in front of him.

The boy also looked like a good student; wouldn’t he be scared to tears by him?

Qi Xun tried his best to recall the scene from before, only to find that he’d been too immersed in his emotions and didn’t pay much attention to the boy’s expression. Naturally, he couldn’t remember it now.

He was frustrated, and after thinking about it, he sent a message to Qiao Rui. “Say sorry to your friend for me. I was wrong just now.”

Qiao Rui’s reply quickly came. “What the hell is going on??”

Qi Xun didn’t know what to say.

The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he felt.

It was all because of Gua Gua!

He got up and said to Zhou Yao, “I’m leaving.”

Zhou Yao was silly. “Ah? Why don’t you have a drink?” Didn’t they agree to have a drink to relax?

Qi Xun shook his head.

He still wanted to go back to the game and wait for Gua Gua to go online!

Le Han didn’t speak much until he returned to the dormitory.

Qiao Rui was also a little upset.

What did Brother Qi say to Le Han to make him look like this?

Le Han remained silent. Qiao Rui couldn’t ask him, so he could only watch him with worry. Without saying a word, Le Han went to the bathroom to wash, then climbed to the bed and covered himself with a quilt to go to bed early.

But in fact, Le Han didn’t fall asleep until the lights in the dormitory were turned off.

In the dark, Le Han looked at the ceiling of the room. He recalled what had happened in the bar.

His mood fell to the bottom because of Yu Manman’s appearance. It was Qi Xun who had made him feel better, but then he’d also knocked him down again.

This punch brought him more harm than Yu Manman, and it made him feel dizzy.

Le Han had to admit that he didn’t have any expectations toward Qi Xun at the beginning. He thought that he would be the same as those men before and would easily believe Yu Manman’s words, showing dislike and disgust towards him.

But Qi Xun didn’t.

He helped him repel Yu Manman and made his heart feel warm. When he thought they could be friends, Qi Xun showed the same aversion he had when he’d faced Yu Manman.

Le Han had long been immune to the remarks made by people like Yu Manman, but people like Qi Xun were different.

—Was he spoiled by his existing friends?

In this world, even if someone spoke up for him and it was possible to become friends with that someone, it didn’t mean that they could wholeheartedly accept him.

Qi Xun did speak up for him and supported him in front of Yu Manman. But in some things, Qi Xun had the same opinion of him as Yu Manman and the others.

See one, love the other…

A problem that he had thought about for a long time resurfaced in his mind.

Was it really wrong to easily fall in love with others?

Le Han was a little fidgety. He tossed and turned again and again, but he couldn’t sleep. Finally, he got up to confirm something, took the helmet from the head of the bed, put it on, and lay back down.

After logging to Warring States, his eyes lit up.

He was still in his thatched hut in Zhao, and he was still on the bed.

As soon as he went online, he met the man’s dark eyes.

After waiting for a long time, Qi Xun finally saw him online. He stood in front of the bed with his arms crossed and said with a sneer, “You are finally online. I thought you were going to hide forever!”

Le Han pursed his lips and kept a straight face.

Seeing Le Han’s appearance, Qi Xun’s anger became more intense. “You should have a good talk with me about that day, right?”

Le Han was silent for a moment, took a deep breath, and said to the man, “I used to like other people easily, but I haven’t liked anyone else since I married you!”

When Qi Xun heard this, his heart relaxed a little, but on the surface, he was still dissatisfied. “That’s it?”

Le Han tightly gripped the quilt and said stiffly, “…Otherwise?”

Qi Xun was used to Le Han’s well-behaved and cute appearance. When he saw him being so stiff, he wasn’t used to it and felt a little uncomfortable. He wanted to make his heart more stable. He knew it was a bit unreasonable but he squinted and said, “Had it been another man who’d lifted your red veil in the Tie the Knot area, would you marry him like this and like him so much?”

Qi Xun’s original intention was for Le Han to coax him again.

But after Le Han heard his question, he was taken aback, and his face flushed.

Why did he have to ask him such a question!

Le Han said with a bit of anger, “Otherwise? In the Tie the Knot area, I had to marry whoever lifted my red veil! I originally wanted to fall in love. Of course I would try my best to like the other party, ah!”

Because Zhan Ge was unhappy, he apologized and apologized, but why must the other make it as if he had done something wrong in the past because it was easy for him to like others!

He had already clarified that now was different from before. When he was single, he did like others easily because of his fantasy. However, after getting married, he never once liked someone else. But Zhan Ge felt that it wasn’t enough; didn’t he just want him to ‘admit his mistake’?

If it had been another man who had lifted his red veil in the Tie the Knot area, would Le Han like him?

As long as it wasn’t an obvious jerk— of course!

But just because he would like him, did he do something wrong?


Was it wrong to like others when there was no Zhan Ge?

Why should he feel sorry for yearning for love?

Why should he accept the criticism of others because of this matter?

Le Han was usually ashamed because of a series of stupid things he had done due to wanting to fall in love. However, this was different from being accused of his original intention.

—Unimportant people called him ‘cheap’, ‘slutty’, and ‘nymphomaniac’ and described him as a pervert who was delusional all day. He could ignore all these. But what if the people he liked and those who cared about him treated him like that?

Did they also think that he had done something wrong? Did they also believe that he should ‘turn over a new leaf’?

But he was such a person.

He wanted to fall in love, was easily attracted, and easy to fall.

Zhao Yifei always said that he lived very freely, but at the same time, he was very restrained. From the moment Le Han had found out that he liked boys, he knew that the road ahead wouldn’t be sunny.

But he still yearned for those warm, beautiful, and happy things.

He wanted it.

He fought hard for it.

He wanted to be loved, wanted to be spoiled, and also wanted to love and spoil others.

Therefore, even if just now he’d said something against his will to please Zhan Ge, his original intention wouldn’t change.

Qi Xun loathed him and despised him because of this. Now it seemed that it was the same for Zhan Ge?

Qi Xun was taken aback by Le Han’s sudden anger, and his face sank. Gritting his teeth, he asked, “So, am I lucky to marry you?”

Le Han also gritted his teeth. “If you think it’s a lucky thing to marry me, then the truth is as you said.”

It was just a coincidence that the two of them had gotten married.

This was a fact.

Of course, Qi Xun knew it too. But when he heard Le Han say that, some subtle jealousy, unwillingness, and dissatisfaction still surged up and twisted into a ball.

He laughed angrily. “You would like any man, are you so unruly?”

Le Han’s eyes were red. He got up from the bed and roared in a wronged tone, “Who would go to the Tie the Knot area if they had any moral integrity, ah? Yes, ah. I have no moral integrity. What’s wrong with it! I am such a person. If you want to find someone with good morals, you should’ve abandoned your trumpet and leave me alone!”

After speaking, Le Han fiercely clicked the ‘Exit’ button on the control panel and went offline.


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