Chapter 26

Characters List

Le Han – Main Character

  • Gua Gua Gu – In-game main character’s name
  • Daji / Enchanting Imperial Concubine – In-game alternate character’s name

Qi Xun – Male Lead

  • Mu Yi Cheng Zhou / Mu God – In-game main character
  • Zhan Ge – In-game trumpet’s name
  • Spark’s singer

Zhou Yao – Qi Xun’s best friend

  • Meng Bu Meng – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s member

Luo Yan – Zhou Yao’s husband

  • Lu Jiao (Emperor of Qi) – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s drummer

Qin Yuyuan (Princess Qin) – Qi Xun’s pursuer

  • Axue – In-game main character’s name

Zhang Yang (Prince Tang) – Le Han’s pursuer

Qiao Rui – Le Han’s roommate and friend

  • Spark’s bassist

He Yiming – Le Han’s previous crush and senior student

Zhao Yifei – Le Han’s high school classmate

Yu Manman – Le Han’s high school classmate and He Yiming’s ex-girlfriend

Edited by: Byff

Le Han’s life changed dramatically during his high school senior year. Since then, what he got the most in school was scrutinizing eyes and smiles with unknown meaning.

Yu Manman was among the few people who didn’t conceal much of their contempt, disdain, and violence towards him.

When Le Han learned that Yu Manman was also admitted to T University, he regretted applying for this school. He wasn’t afraid of studying in the same school as this woman. After all, Yu Manman’s mother was a sensible person. Under the dual education of the high school’s head teacher and her mother, Yu Manman didn’t dare to do anything else to Le Han except for verbal cynicism.

Le Han was just disgusted. A prestigious school like T University could still provide admittance for those who had no achievements and a bad character.

There were many things that education couldn’t change, and there were many people who couldn’t be transformed by education.

Yu Manman was definitely a typical example.

She arrogantly did a lot of things and never repented. She thought that the phrase ‘I’m sorry’ coming out of her mouth was precious and valuable. She also thought that others needed her insincere apology.

Le Han had never been afraid of them1Refers to the people who bullied him..

Le Han also disdained their apologies.

So at this moment, he calmly looked at Yu Manman and asked, “Do you think I am rare?”

When Yu Manman said these words to Le Han, she was a little nervous, and her hands clenched into fists.

This was indeed the first time in her life that she apologized to others. Even if her mother scolded her and beat her, she would never admit her mistake. Anyway, her father always stood on her side. As long as she could endure for a while, her father would arrive, and no one could force her to do what she didn’t want to do.

She never knew what it felt like to apologize, but only at this time did she realize that she was a little nervous.

Hearing Le Han’s response, her heart beat a little faster, and she was surprised. She didn’t feel in the mood to pay attention to Qi Xun’s singing and angrily said, “What do you mean? Is it not enough for me to apologize?”

Through the background noise of the music on stage, Yu Manman heard Le Han’s voice clearly, “I don’t need your apology, and I won’t accept your apology.”

Yu Manman was speechless for a while and didn’t understand what Le Han was saying.

Don’t need her apology?

“—Then what do you want?” Yu Manman asked.

“I don’t want anything, as long as I don’t see you again,” Le Han said calmly.

“You—” Yu Manman had never been told these kinds of words before. Her face turned red for a moment, and she felt very embarrassed. “What do you mean? It’s as if I did something heinous to you! You are a man. Can’t you be more generous, ah!”

“You are a man?” Le Han repeated each word slowly and laughed.

Before the third year of high school, Yu Manman and Le Han had been ordinary classmates for two years.

Although she usually didn’t pay much attention to this boy, she also had a vague impression of Le Han. She remembered that he was very soft and easy to bully. It wasn’t until those things happened that she realized that the boy, who looked weak and useless, had a side that was as strong as an iron plate.

This kind of Le Han made Yu Manman’s heart tense, but it had been a long time since that incident. Yu Manman had already forgotten the feeling at that time. Now, listening to Le Han’s tone, the tense feeling rose from her heart again, making her scalp tingle.

Le Han slowly said, “You are a man; how can you dislike girls? You are a man; why do you think about falling in love all day long? You are a man; can you stop being so soft? You are a man, you are a man, you are a man—”

Yu Manman swallowed.

Le Han didn’t say anything else. He smiled, and his smile was full of irony.

When Yu Manman followed those people and blocked him in the men’s bathroom, she instructed the boys to take off his pants. She talked and laughed wildly with those people around him. She didn’t seem to remember that he was a man and broke his dignity as a man.

Yu Manman probably recalled that incident and pursed her lips.

Yu Manman didn’t feel nervous when she was scolded in the teacher’s office, but at this moment, somehow, her back was sweating.

Inadvertently, Yu Manman raised her head and looked at the man singing on the stage, and she felt a little guilty.

She murmured, “…That’s right.”

Le Han looked at her coldly and got up.

When Yu Manman saw that he wanted to leave, she got up, grabbed him, and said, “Don’t go, ah!”

Le Han frowned and shook off her hand.

Their movements soon attracted Qiao Rui’s attention. Qiao Rui stopped playing, and Qi Xun turned to look at him.

Qiao Rui’s face showed his annoyance. Because there were no more movements, he continued playing. After Qi Xun finished singing, he stood up and took a look at Le Han. He said to Qiao Rui, “Sit down. I’ll go and take a look.”

After speaking, he left the stage.

On the other side, Yu Manman was anxious and quickly said, “Le Han, I’m serious. I just want to get acquainted with Qi Xun. The things I did to you were wrong. I can do whatever you want. I promise you, okay? Or, I can give you money?”

Le Han raised his eyes and stared at Yu Manman. In this look, his disgust and loathing didn’t have any concealment, which made Yu Manman’s heart alarmed.

“I don’t want anything!” Le Han said, word by word.

Yu Manman was used to being arrogant and domineering; she had never been humble to others. Even if she suppressed her personality for a purpose, she would immediately expose her true nature if she was stimulated. After that, she would try to achieve her goal by putting pressure.

Her breathing suddenly became heavy.

She questioned, “What do you mean? You deliberately obstructed me to get back at me, didn’t you?”

Le Han couldn’t bear it. He really thought that Yu Manman was very strange. “Do you really think that Qi Xun would like someone like you?”

When this sentence was said, Yu Manman exploded at once.

Someone like her?

What kind of person was she?

She had a good appearance and family background. How many men in the world could Yu Manman not catch? Qi Xun was a little handsome, but he was also an ordinary man. His eyes wouldn’t be higher than the top. Why wouldn’t he like her?

If he didn’t like her, who else would he like?

Would he still like him?

At this moment, Qi Xun came over.

“Le Han,” he said in a pleasant voice, “here you are—”

Yu Manman froze, her heart beat faster, and her head almost stopped working.

Seeing that Le Han was about to say something to Qi Xun, Yu Manman was nervous in her heart. The thought of being accused, excluded, and disdained made her say without thinking, “Qi Xun, you should be careful. He is a homosexual. When he sees a good-looking man, he will fall in love with them. He has already taken a fancy to you!”

Le Han and Qi Xun were stunned, and the two immediately turned to look at her.

After speaking, Yu Manman’s head went blank.

She gasped and looked at the two of them blankly, but gradually, the disbelief in Le Han’s eyes made her feel happy.

Who told him to not know good or bad when he told Qiao Rui.

At the beginning, it wasn’t unreasonable for them to bully Le Han. He deserved to be bullied. It would only be strange to not bully such a disgusting person.

Yu Manman recovered, and her eyes gradually changed. She stopped being confused and became calm and innocent, mixed with a little bit of malice.

She moved two steps closer to Qi Xun, full of apologies but also full of caution, and said, “Brother Qi, I’m sorry. Last time I let you see a joke. There is a contradiction between the two of us; it’s all because of my boyfriend. Of course, things have already passed, but I didn’t expect him to transfer his target to you so soon. I’m your fan. I really like you, and I don’t want you…”

She didn’t finish her words and looked at Le Han with complicated eyes. She whispered to Qi Xun, “You’d better be careful of him. I know that your friend and Le Han are roommates, but I have known him since high school. At that time, our monitor was harassed by him—”

Le Han stared at Yu Manman coldly. On one hand, he was shocked that she had no bottom line; on the other, he also wanted to see what she could do.

It’s not that he wasn’t afraid of Qi Xun’s misunderstanding, but that he had encountered this kind of thing more than once or twice. Some people, even if he explained, would think more and reject him. Even though he admired Qi Xun a little, and Qi Xun was still Qiao Rui’s friend, Le Han was not in the mood to attempt to change these things.

However, he didn’t expect that before Yu Manman could even finish speaking, she would be coldly interrupted by Qi Xun.

“—What’s wrong with homosexuality?”

Yu Manman’s head wasn’t entirely clear. When Qi Xun interrupted her, her brain short-circuited and she asked dazedly, “…Ah?”

Qi Xun stared at Yu Manman, his face completely dark. “What’s wrong with homosexuality? Have you eaten your rice?2Used to express anger. The speaker thinks that others shouldn’t disagree with whatever he wants to do. It’s none of your business?”

When Yu Manman did this kind of thing to Le Han in high school, none of the people had Qi Xun’s reaction.

There was no disgust or loathing—No, there was. But it wasn’t directed at Le Han at all, but… directed at her?!

Yu Manman didn’t respond for a moment. After she reacted, she said, “But, but, Le Han is secretly in love with you. Maybe he will—”

“Maybe? How did ‘maybe’ come about? Is it because of homosexuality?” Qi Xun’s tone was getting worse and worse.

Le Han was surprised.

He had lived to this day not without nuisance, but Yu Manman really gave him the most accurate shot, making him irritable.

Yu Manman was a little scared by Qi Xun’s low pressure and shrunk back, but she still didn’t understand why Qi Xun would react like this.

“Even if… Le Han fell in love with the monitor of our class in high school and harassed him…” Yu Manman said carefully without giving up.

“Have you ever harassed a man?” Qi Xun turned to look at Le Han and asked.

As soon as Qi Xun questioned Yu Manman violently, Le Han’s expression had eased down.

The same thing had happened many times, and Qi Xun was the only one who gave a different answer.

Maybe it was because he was Qiao Rui’s friend that Qi Xun helped him this way, but Qi Xun’s reaction undoubtedly brought a warm current to Le Han’s heart.

He shook his head and said, “No.”

Yu Manman immediately said, “You lied! Everyone knew that you liked the monitor!”

Le Han only glanced at Yu Manman and said, “You know who the liar is.”

It was true that it was easy for Le Han to like others, and sometimes his behavior was enough to ‘see one and love the other3It refers to the lack of determination and commitment in love.‘. But he had never harassed others, and he was not interested in boasting about his secret love history in front of others.

However, by the end of his high school life, almost all the students knew that Le Han, who liked the monitor of their class, was a shameless person who harassed others.

Sometimes, whenever Le Han recalled the beginning and development of the whole thing, he would be surprised at how the situation became so distorted when passing through mouth to mouth in the entire school.

Having a crush on the monitor became harassment.

What he said when talking with a friend on his mobile phone was spread out by malicious attackers. Everyone chewed, processed, and passed on with relish. In the end, he became a ‘shameless person’.

While those people were hurting him, they behaved naturally and dignifiedly.

Of all the people, most of them created gossip and irresponsible rumors. Many took Le Han as an after-dinner talk for a while, and when they got tired of it, they forgot him. There were also many people who sympathized with him, supported him, and encouraged him. But Le Han must admit that malice was more impressive than kindness. Therefore, in the last year of high school, Le Han’s heart became gray or even black. All thanks to people like Yu Manman.

If it wasn’t because it was the last year of high school and his parents had a lot of tension with him because of this matter, Le Han would have transferred to another school.

Fortunately, one year wasn’t too long, and Le Han survived in the end.

Yu Manman usually lied without closing her eyes. Now she didn’t know if it was because Qi Xun was standing on the side, but when Le Han said that, she didn’t respond for a moment. She felt a little guilty.

She opened her mouth and wanted to refute, but she was interrupted by Qi Xun impatiently.

“Okay, isn’t that enough? What on earth do you want to do here?”

Qi Xun’s voice was cold. Yu Manman’s eyes turned red, and she felt a bit wronged, “I’m just doing it for you…”

Qi Xun was annoyed by the bloody drama-like lines and was too lazy to bother with it. He stared at Yu Manman and said, “Do you know?”

Yu Manman looked like she wanted to cry. “What?”

Qi Xun: “I’m not interested in you.”

Yu Manman: “…”

Le Han: “…” So direct, ah.

It wasn’t that Qi Xun had never been in contact with such female fans. Basically, with one look at their expressions, he could tell what they were thinking. But he didn’t have any interest in his fans, and he was even less interested in a woman like Yu Manman.

—To be exact, he was clear on who he wanted now.

When thinking of that person, Qi Xun wanted to grit his teeth.

Yu Manman froze and looked at Qi Xun in disbelief. First, Qi Xun said such words because she didn’t express her feelings, and he didn’t have any fear of being sentimental. Second, Qi Xu didn’t even think about it and said he wasn’t interested in her!

Yu Manman: “You—”

Qi Xun interrupted and said without mercy, “And you seem to hate homosexuality?”

Yu Manman quickly interrupted his words and seized the opportunity to whitewash herself. “I have no objection to it, but Le Han—”

Qi Xun: “I’m also gay. I like men. Now you can start to hate me.”

Yu Manman: “…???”

Le Han: “…???”

Qi Xun expressionlessly said, “Please hurry up and hate me, and then stop being my fan.”



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