Chapter 18

Characters List

Le Han – Main Character

  • Gua Gua Gu – In-game main character’s name
  • Daji / Enchanting Imperial Concubine – In-game alternate character’s name

Qi Xun – Male Lead

  • Mu Yi Cheng Zhou / Mu God – In-game main character
  • Zhan Ge – In-game trumpet’s name

Zhou Yao – Qi Xun’s best friend

  • Meng Bu Meng – In-game main character’s name

Emperor of Qi – Zhou Yao’s husband

  • Lu Jiao – In-game main character’s name

Qin Yuyuan (Princess Qin) – Qi Xun’s pursuer

  • Axue – In-game main character’s name

Zhang Yang (Prince Tang) – Le Han’s pursuer

Qiao Rui – Le Han’s roommate and friend

He Yiming – Le Han’s previous crush and senior student

Zhao Yifei – Le Han’s high school classmate

Yu Manman – Le Han’s high school classmate and He Yiming’s ex-girlfriend

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Not only the people nearby, but also the people in front of the auditorium turned their heads.

When Le Han heard the voice in his ear, his entire face was hot, and his breath was a little shallow.

Instead of looking up, he nodded slightly and said, “Thank you.”

The man who held him didn’t say anything and let go. Immediately, He Yiming approached and wanted to take over for Le Han, “Le Han, are you okay?”

Le Han avoided him, reflexively hiding behind the man who had just supported him.

He Yiming called out in a low voice, “Le Han!”

The man standing in front of Le Han held He Yiming with one hand and said faintly, “Do you want to continue to be watched? If you want to make trouble, go out first.”

He Yiming’s expression condensed, and he raised his head to look at the man.

The bright lights in the small theater flashed past, and He Yiming’s pupils shrank.

In real life, He Yiming seldom met a man who could match him evenly.

He never compared himself with others because he had strong confidence in himself. From appearance, to knowledge, and even to family background, few people were better than him in everything.

However, merely looking at the face of the man in front of him made him feel uncomfortable.

The man was taller than him, and his appearance was even more handsome. Just by standing there, the man gave off a strong sense of presence.

He stood in front of Le Han, acting as his protective shield. The man looked at him with contempt, causing He Yiming’s heart to burst into anger for the first time.

Yu Manman was crying, leaning in her friend’s arms, and still scolding everything with ugly foul language.

“All right, all right, let’s go out first!” The other friend of Qiao Rui felt his scalp numb and said quickly.

The group left the small theater and walked a long way, finally reaching a place with fewer people.

Yu Manman cried until she was out of breath, but she still followed them somehow. Her friend comforted her in a loud voice, “Okay, what are you crying for? For the sake of those two dog men?”

Qiao Rui was also extremely impolite and said coldly to the woman, “Wash your mouth. Who do you think you are? Do you even know what your friend did to Le Han in high school?”

Both Yu Manman and her friend froze.

Although the girl didn’t attend Le Han’s high school, she had known Yu Manman for a long time. Naturally, she had heard Yu Manman talk about high school.

It’s just that when Yu Manman talked about things at that time, she looked ridiculous and proud, and she listened to them just like listening to jokes and gossip.

At this time, Yu Manman insisted, “What can you do?”

Qiao Rui was infuriated by Yu Manman’s shamelessness and said directly, “Don’t think I don’t beat women.”

Yu Manman’s face changed. “You—”

“Ai, Qiao Rui, you calm down too!” Another man hurriedly persuaded.

He Yiming looked at Qiao Rui, then at Yu Maman, and frowned. He always felt that something was wrong. There must be something that he had not noticed before, but what he was more concerned about at the moment was Le Han, so he temporarily suppressed his doubts.

Le Han had been following the man who had helped him just now. When the group stopped, he whispered “thank you” again. The man casually let out an “um,” then looked at Yu Manman, who was still crying, with some disgust in his eyes.

“What the hell is going on, ah…” The other man said slowly.

Le Han didn’t want to make the matter known to other people, so he said to Qiao Rui, “Qiao Rui, I’ve brought the book you want. Are these two your friends? Just give it to them?”

Qiao Rui heard Le Han’s words and didn’t care about Yu Manman and her friend anymore. He hurriedly walked over and said, “Right— Han Han, are you all right?”

Qiao Rui always treated him like a real brother. Le Han’s mood eased as he listened to his words and finally raised his head and said, “It’s okay. I just fell.”

After he finished speaking, Le Han smiled, trying to make Qiao Rui not worry too much.

Beside him, the man glanced at him and finally saw his face clearly. The man was attracted by the tear mole under his right eye and looked down carefully.

Le Han noticed his gaze and looked over, just to meet the man’s eyes.

In the small theater, because the lights were dim, although Le Han had a general look at the two men and he knew they were two handsome guys, he didn’t see them clearly. Just now, he had been walking with his head down, so he didn’t notice. Now that he saw the man’s face so close and clearly, Le Han was shocked by the man’s handsome face. Under the moonlight, the man’s face was like jade, his eyes were beautifully carved, and his beautiful pitch-black pupils seemed to be decorated with stars. Damn, it was a fairy!

Le Han swallowed his saliva, and when he thought of what had happened just now, he was really embarrassed. Not knowing what to do, he grinned stiffly. He was ashamed to the extreme.

Because of his emotional excitement, his eyes were a little red, and his cheeks were flushed. Le Han’s stiff smile made people feel silly and pitiful.

The man was stunned and subconsciously smiled in response, but he thought in his heart that whether it was this silly appearance or the tear mole, it was similar to…

Le Han quickly took out the book that had been rolled up and stored in his pocket and handed it to the man. “This… here you are.”

The man took it, turned it over, and said, “Thank you.”

Although the situation was a bit complex, Qiao Rui still gave a brief introduction, “Han Han, this is Qi Xun of our band, and this is Zhou Yao.”

Then he said to the two men, “This is the roommate I told you about, Le Han.”

When Qiao Rui introduced his friends to Le Han, Yu Manman saw that they didn’t care that she was still crying and slowly stopped. As soon as her tears stopped and her mind became clearer, she saw the two people who had inexplicably joined the chaos just now, and she was shocked.

Her friend saw her staring at the two men in a daze and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Although she had just seen the two men for the first time, one of them – the taller one to be exact – was really handsome. However, the current situation was not the right time to be a love-struck fool, so she didn’t mention it to Yu Manman. However, after seeing Yu Manman’s reaction, she became curious. Did Yu Manman know these two people?

At this moment, Yu Manman finally knew why she felt she had seen the man before when she had seen him on the stage and beside Le Han. Why had he felt so familiar!?

Yu Manman said incoherently, “They, they are—”

On the other side, after being introduced by Qiao Rui, Zhou Yao quickly said to Le Han, “Hello, hello.”

Qi Xun nodded to Le Han.

Le Han felt a little sorry for involving the two men in his dispute and whispered, “I’m sorry, today…”

Speaking of this, Qiao Rui frowned and said, “I wouldn’t have let you come over if I knew. Han Han, let’s leave first.”

He Yiming, who had been standing there without interrupting, said, “Wait.”

He had been watching, observing the interaction between Le Han and the man named Qi Xun, paying attention to Le Han’s expression.

Le Han liked good-looking men. In fact, most people in the world liked beautiful people.

He Yiming and Le Han knew each other, but after discovering that Le Han loved him, he kept quiet. At the same time, he also knew how much Le Han liked his face.

Therefore, it was not unreasonable that he had a sense of crisis as soon as he met the man—He Yiming hated anything that would take away Le Han’s attention while he was in front of him.

But fortunately, it seemed that it was the first time that Qi Xun and Le Han had met.

Since it was the first time they met, it didn’t matter how competitive he felt; at least, for the time being he didn’t need to consider the other party and Le Han’s matter.

The problem between Le Han and him had always involved only the two of them.

He Yiming’s words made Qiao Rui show an impatient expression.

Most of the time, he was a very calm person. When he knew that Le Han was secretly in love with He Yiming, and even after He Yiming and Yu Manman gottogether, he was calm. Even though he secretly gave him a big fork in his heart.

However, Qiao Rui couldn’t calm down when Le Han told him about his meeting with He Yiming at the beginning of this semester.

He wasn’t there when Le Han and He Yiming were arguing just now, so he didn’t know what exactly He Yiming had said, but now he could somewhat see what He Yiming meant.

Want to come back to find Le Han again?

Was he kidding?

Zhou Yao and Qiao Rui had known each other for a long time, and it was rare to see Qiao Rui so irritable. Seeing that Qiao Rui had a tendency to use his fists, he quickly stopped him. “Speak frankly, ah!”

Le Han looked at He Yiming.

In the dark, He Yiming looked at him quietly, waiting for his response.

Before today, Le Han didn’t really think that He Yiming would really like him.

When he discovered this, Le Han was in a complicated mood. He Yiming had known for a long time that he had a problem with Yu Manman, but he still chose to date her. It didn’t matter what his purpose was; there was only anger and shame left in Le Han’s heart.

Le Han looked at He Yiming.

He Yiming was indifferent and calm. No matter how he moved, his gestures were always full of grace and self-confidence.

Because of this, Le Han was once infatuated with He Yiming.

But at this moment, he thought, even now, was He Yiming still confident?

Was he confident that as long as he said everything and explained it clearly, Le Han would run back to his embrace?

Why was this man so confident?

What did he take him, Le Han, for?

The night breeze blew.

Le Han stared at He Yiming and said, “Impossible.”

He Yiming was startled. For the first time, he seemed to have no idea what Le Han’s answer meant.

But with how smart he was, he soon figured it out, and his face was stunned.

He called out, “Le Han!”

Le Han said again, “It’s impossible. Also, I don’t want to talk to you anymore.”

He Yiming finally realized that the matter was out of his control, and he was a little anxious, “Le Han, talk to me.”

Le Han shook his head and didn’t want to say anything, so he turned around and left.

He Yiming wanted to catch up, but Qiao Rui stared at him and blocked his way.

Zhou Yao, of course, supported his brother, and without saying a word, he helped to block him. Qi Xun followed, thought for a moment, fell behind, and looked at He Yiming.

He found that this person seemed a bit hostile to him, and his look made this person’s face seem completely chilled, which was a little strange.

In the past, Qi Xun would never have understood what this reaction meant. After all, he was a straight man.

But now, in his heart he wasn’t too sure.

Qi Xun pondered over what had happened just now, looked at the boy walking in front of him, and touched his nose.

The author has something to say:

Qi Xun: I have many doubts about the fact that I have been bent into a mosquito coil.


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