Chapter 39

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Zhao Yifei worshipped Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, but he was naturally gossipy. After his friend asked him to tell the matter to Le Han, he also pondered about God Mu’s appearance.

“I think it’s possible that God Mu isn’t a handsome guy,” Zhao Yifei analyzed, “Do you think that Mu Yi Cheng Zhou is much more handsome than Zhan Ge? Mu Yi Cheng Zhou is recognized as the most handsome male player in Warring States, right?”

Le Han… nodded.

Zhao Yifei clapped his hands as if he had discovered the truth. He said excitedly, “If he didn’t care about his appearance, how could he spend so much energy on adjusting his virtual image, ah! I have looked on Taobao and couldn’t find such a good-looking virtual image data package, ah!”

Le Han: “…” So Zhao Yifei tried to find it too?

Zhao Yifei said, “Handsome guys don’t care so much about virtual images, so I can understand God Mu.”

After that, Zhao Yifei held Le Han’s hand and said, “Now you and God Mu are husband and wife. When you have time, can you ask him where he got his virtual image data package? Let him introduce it to me, ah!”

Le Han: “…”

Just then, Zhan Ge sent him a message. Le Han didn’t know what to say to Zhao Yifei and said a little confusedly, “I, I have to leave first…”

Zhao Yifei once again pestered Le Han to ask about the virtual image data package. Le Han was speechless and casually agreed to it. Zhao Yifei let him go contentedly.

Before Le Han left, Zhao Yifei asked again, “Hey, are you going to stay with God Mu?”

Le Han’s footsteps stopped.

After a while, he took a deep breath, nodded, and said firmly, “I want to meet him!”

Le Han admitted that before this, he still had a lot of doubts about Zhan Ge’s appearance, but at this moment, he realized that… if beauty was the only problem, it wouldn’t stop his desire to meet with Zhan Ge!

Zhao Yifei showed a relieved expression as if watching an ignorant child grow up. “You can do it, Le Han!”

After receiving support, Le Han staggered and almost fell.

He looked at Zhao Yifei in a complicated mood, wiped his face, switched the map, and left.

As a matter of fact, what Zhao Yifei said about the virtual image of Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, Le Han had considered it before. This was also the reason why he always felt that Mu Yi Cheng Zhou was very sultry.

Before, he was unfamiliar with Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, so he inferred this conclusion irresponsibly. Now, he was familiar with Mu Yi Cheng Zhou. It should be said that in the game, except for Zhao Yifei, Mu Yi Cheng Zhou was his closest friend. With his current understanding, was Mu Yi Cheng Zhou such a person… Yes, he was still a little sultry!

…After all, the man had confidently told him at noon that he was very handsome so that Le Han could rest assured.

Wait, now that he thought about it, it seemed that Zhan Ge really cared about his appearance?

After all, they weren’t talking about appearance back then; it was Zhan Ge who’d suddenly mentioned it!

When this thought came up, Le Han was suddenly worried about Zhan Ge.

Looks were something you were born with. Although Le Han liked good-looking people, it was only a matter of aesthetic preferences. These superficial things could in fact be changed according to the actual situation. As he’d told Zhao Yifei, he liked Zhan Ge. Even if Zhan Ge wasn’t handsome, he wouldn’t stop being with him.

But if Zhan Ge cared about his appearance and felt that he wasn’t good-looking, he would particularly mind…

Le Han recalled the scene when Zhan Ge had talked about this topic at noon, and then wondered whether Zhan Ge’s tone of voice had been a bit pretentious and brisk. He hadn’t seen Zhan Ge’s expression as he was being hugged by the other. Maybe he’d looked nervous…

…Maybe Zhan Ge was actually testing his reaction?!

The more Le Han thought about it, the more amiss he felt. He returned to his hut in Zhao and saw the man sitting in the room.

As soon as Qi Xun saw Le Han, his eyes lit up. His face was filled with a smile, which made him look handsome and gentle.

This time, he came as Mu Yi Cheng Zhou.

The title of the most handsome male player of Warring States wasn’t for nothing. With such a gentle look directed at him, Le Han covered his heart and stepped back.

Qi Xun noticed Le Han’s reaction, and his smile deepened. He waved to Le Han and instructed, “Gua Gua, come here.”

Le Han was bewitched by his beauty. He obediently ran to Qi Xun with a red face, sat down in front of him, and looked at him eagerly.

Qi Xun smiled and stretched out his hand to pinch Le Han’s chin and said in a low voice, “Do you think I look good?”

Le Han nodded with stars in his eyes.

Qi Xun thought for a while and said, “Then I won’t use Zhan Ge’s account in the future and will come to see you with Mu Yi Cheng Zhou?”

Qi Xun spared no effort to attract all of Gua Gua’s attention.

Le Han was stunned for a moment, and then his face changed— Sure enough, Zhan Ge cared about his appearance!

He quickly shook his head, held Qi Xun’s hands, and said anxiously, “Zhan Ge is also good-looking. You don’t need to use Mu Yi Cheng Zhou’s account. I’m actually more familiar with Zhan Ge’s looks.”

Qi Xun dismissed his words, “I’ll hang out with you as Mu Yi Cheng Zhou for a few more days so that you can get used to it. How—”

Qi Xun suddenly thought of something, and his smile turned evil. “If I use this character, do you feel like you’re cheating?”

He had to admit that he had a penchant for wicked perversion in his nature.

Qi Xun became excited after finishing this sentence. He was about to rub his hands and molest Le Han, but before he had the time to act, the man in front of him said bitterly, “What’s wrong with Zhan Ge? Although Mu Yi Cheng Zhou is very handsome, Zhan Ge is also attractive! You just stopped using Zhan Ge’s account like this; how pitiful is he, ah!”

Qi Xun: “???”

Wait, wasn’t ‘Zhan Ge’ him? Wasn’t that his other account? What the hell was ‘how pitiful is he’ ?

Qi Xun looked dumbfounded, and Le Han continued to say with meticulous care, “You are Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, and you are also Zhan Ge. Although Zhan Ge isn’t as good-looking as Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, you can’t deny his existence because of this!”

Le Han didn’t know how to say it. On the one hand, he was talking about the man’s two accounts, and on the other hand, he wanted to say something about real life.

Zhan Ge had an inferiority complex about his appearance. Le Han felt very distressed when he thought about it, ah!

Le Han gritted his teeth, looked at Qi Xun, and said sincerely, “Similarly, Zhan Ge, I don’t care whether you are fat or thin, tall or short in reality…”

Le Han paused and remembered the names Zhao Yifei had mentioned. He wavered but still said to Qi Xun, who had a blank face, “It doesn’t matter whether… whether your head is bald or not!”

Qi Xun subconsciously touched his head.

Le Han’s eyes moved to the center of Qi Xun’s face and said, “It doesn’t matter if your nose is flat or not—”

Qi Xun inexplicably touched his nose.

The more Le Han talked, the smoother it was. “It doesn’t matter if your skin is white, black, or green—”

Qi Xun: “???”


Le Han held Qi Xun’s face and said in a loud voice, “I like you, ah!!!”

After speaking, Le Han gasped and asked softly, “Do you understand, Zhan Ge?”

Qi Xun said calmly, “I understand that you like me.”

“…” Le Han said in an uncomfortable tone, “That’s not the point.”

Qi Xun squinted. “That isn’t the point?”

Le Han subconsciously shrunk back, and his survival instinct made him quickly say, “That’s the point… but it’s not the only one. What I’m trying to say—”

Qi Xun interrupted Le Han, “Wait, I heard what you said just now, but I don’t understand what you mean.”

Qi Xun looked at Le Han and helplessly asked, “Speak slowly, what’s going on? Did something happen?”

Le Han pursed his lips. He remained silent for a moment and then said in a low voice, “I, I used to pay special attention to the appearance of others.”

Qi Xun was stunned.

Le Han lowered his head. “It’s not just the appearance. I used to be very superficial. Once, a friend I liked didn’t turn on the voice changer. When I heard his real voice, I stopped liking him.”

Qi Xun was a little surprised and then secretly thought, fortunately, that man forgot to turn on the voice changer, cough…

Le Han confessed, “But now I think it’s wrong to judge people by their appearance! Although many people aren’t good-looking, they have charming souls! This kind of person is also very attractive, just like—”

Qi Xun assumed Gua Gua had reflected because he had a friend that wasn’t good-looking, but his personality was full of charm.

This was also growth, ah. Gua Gua was still growing up.

Qi Xun showed an old father’s smile, and then he listened to Le Han saying, “—just like you!”

Qi Xun: “…”

After Le Han finished speaking, he looked at Qi Xun eagerly with eyes full of ‘do you understand what I mean this time?’.

Qi Xun asked, “You say it’s just like…”

Le Han nodded and emphasized, “Just like you, ah!”

Qi Xun covered his forehead, thought of all the words Gua Gua had just uttered, then opened his eyes and said, “You said I’m not good-looking, but—”

“But your soul is very charming!” Le Han said excitedly.

The corners of Qi Xun’s mouth twitched.

He turned around, poured a cup of tea, and drank it all.

Le Han approached him and anxiously looked at him.

Qi Xun refrained from hitting the table and said, “Tell me, who did you meet today?”

Le Han was taken aback.

After hesitating, he told all about Zhao Yifei and Princess Qin.

After listening to the whole process, Qi Xun crushed the teacup and suddenly got up—

Le Han quickly hugged his waist and asked in surprise, “Where are you going?”

The corners of Qi Xun’s mouth twitched, and his smile was particularly ferocious. “Hulk? Voldemort? Jing Altar Messenger? Ha! Haha! Hahahaha!”

Zhan Ge became crazy!

Le Han was frightened and said, “It doesn’t matter what you look like, ah. I like you no matter what! Really!”

Qi Xun was even angrier upon hearing this. He took a deep breath and lowered his head to face Le Han.

Le Han shuddered and subconsciously held his breath.

Qi Xun gritted his teeth and said, “Gua Gua, you can’t imagine how handsome I am.”

Le Han: “…”


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