Meeting The Wolf

Author: 吕天逸
Chapters: 84
Translator: Jeanie
Editors: SleepyMango123
Schedule: Friday

There was once a Bunny who became a high school teacher after successfully cultivating his human form. 


Since he took his cultivation very seriously, Bunny was able to conceal his scent perfectly. 


One day, a new student transferred into Mr. Bunny’s class. This student was a wolf and a student-athlete. He was tall, handsome, and was born into a wealthy family. But he refused to retrain his wolf-nature, and so this boy was aggressive, mischievous, and spent his time on causing trouble instead of studying and cultivating. Wolf’s parents worried so much for their son that their furs have gone white. 


Because he always goofed off during cultivation, Little Gray Wolf didn’t know how to hide his Scent and Mr. Bunny recognised his true form upon their first meeting. It was impossible for a bunny to overcome his instinctive fear for wolves, so Mr. Bunny was so terrified that his legs turned weak every time he saw the Little Gray Wolf.



Wolfy was very rebellious: engaged in fights, skipped classes, didn’t turn in his homework. Since he had the responsibility of being Wolfy’s teacher, Mr. Bunny mustered up the courage to call Wolfy into his office for a talk. Halfway through his speech, Mr. Bunny began to whimper out of fear— he was so scared. 


Wolfy: …..Teacher, don’t cry. I’m really sorry, I’ll never skip class again and I’ll turn in all of my homework, alright? Please don’t cry, shhhh, please stop crying…..” 



Dumb, Sweet, Cute + Younger Gong/Older Shou + Strong Gong/Weak Shou + Mutual Pampering but Gong pampers Shou a little bit more + Fairytale-style writing

Gong was held back a year, so despite being in the second year of high school, he’s already 18 and is an adult.

Student Gong and Teacher Shou

Temporary fake mpreg + temporary male lactation +some human x animal interactions







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