Chapter 2

Chapter 2 — Naturally… a godly fast shooter.

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Lang Jing Feng unexpectedly cooperated. Bai Ruan’s fear dissipated slightly, and his messed up lofty ambitions returned a little. He bit his tongue and patrolled the classroom for a while, watching the representatives of various subjects receive a stack of homework before returning to the office.

“Mr. Bai, Lang Jing Feng didn’t hand it in.” Zhang Tao placed a thick pile of Chinese workbooks on the desk, paused and then muttered quietly, “He didn’t hand in any homework.”

Yesterday, Bai Ruan had asked the monitor Chen Ran to send exercise books to Lang Jing Feng, but he refused to even scribble something and hand in his homework. Bai Ruan sighed in his heart but on the surface calmly replied, “I understand. You can go back first.”

In a normal situation, Bai Ruan would call Lang Jing Feng to the office to lecture him by making him aware of his mistake, and then order him to use his self-study time to complete the homework for each subject. But…

Bai Ruan got up and paced around anxiously, trying to simulate the scene of himself and Lang Jing Feng talking at close range in this small and narrow staff room, wanting to confirm the feasibility of calling him in to speak.

No, absolutely not! Half a minute later, Bai Ruan slumped back into the chair in cold sweat, pressing down on his cramped calf that was frightened by his imagination. This sharp pain made him clearly recall the incident of being bitten by a wolf that happened more than 20 years ago. The fear was stronger than ever.

You don’t even dare to call him into the office to speak, and you still want to talk about reconstructing the tail of a crane?1Referring back to chapter 1 where Bai Ruan’s confidence and ambition to start to tackle the problem disappeared like a fart because he chickened out. Bai Ruan wanted to cry in despair and felt that this rabbit’s life was full of gloom.

The third period in the morning was Chinese class.

Before starting the lesson, Bai Ruan gave himself psychological counseling in the office for a while, and then plucked up enough courage to go to Class-4.

Before entering the classroom, Bai Ruan used the small window at the back door to assess the situation. Lang Jing Feng still had the language textbook spread in front of him, and it was still at the page of “Water Dragon Yin” that was opened during the earlier self-study period. It was because there were illustrations on that page that Bai Ruan could recognise it at a glance. This showed that Lang Jing Feng did not read a page of the book from the earlier self-study until now. He did not even take out the corresponding textbooks or workbooks in the first two periods with Math and English and was pretending by using the Chinese book as a disguise.

Bai Ruan closed his eyes, feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and was prepared to receive complaints from the various subjects’ teachers in turn. His legs floated to the podium and he began his lecture.

The students listened very carefully. Except for Lang Jing Feng, who was in the last row staring out the window in a daze, the entire classroom discipline was perfect.

In the middle of teaching, Bai Ruan’s attention gradually focused on the lecture. In addition, Lang Jing Feng did not move, causing Bai Ruan’s highly tense nerves to relax a little. He ordered a student to answer a question and the student answered well. Bai Ruan nodded at him with vigor, the corners of his lips curled up in a gentle arc, and he applauded. “Very good. Please sit down.”

The student sat down with joy, the small sunflower-like face glowing with joy.

The students in Class-4 liked Bai Ruan.

There were many reasons why Bai Ruan was popular with students, such as good looks, non-vulgar speech, interesting lectures, unpretentious, and friendly… But at first it was mainly the girls in the class that liked him, while the boys generally didn’t accept him. The turning point of Bai Ruan’s increasing prestige among the boys occurred in the first three months of the first semester of high school.

At that time, there was a prickly leader named Li Bo Ming in Bai Ruan’s class. His grades in the high school entrance examination were good. After he entered high school, he had the mindset of “smart students don’t need to study during their first and second year of high school, just sprinting in the third year of high school will do.” He claimed to be a genius teenager who didn’t need to study during his freshman and sophomore year and often used his cell phone to play games secretly in class. When Bai Ruan confiscated his cell phone, he became more rebellious and even skipped class to play at the Internet cafe.

Bai Ruan had scolded and punished him, but Li Bo Ming was not afraid of this gentle and elegant young teacher. He still did things his own way. Bai Ruan talked to his parents, but they extended their hands in helplessness and said they couldn’t control him. In the end, Bai Ruan had no choice. He thought of a crooked idea and proposed to challenge this internet addict by using games.

Li Bo Ming was shocked. “What is the game?”

Bai Ruan was holding the winning ticket and said, “You decide. If you lose, I have two requests.”

Li Bo Ming was quite good at playing games and didn’t believe that Bai Ruan could win at all. He asked amusedly, “What are they?”

Bai Ruan deliberately put on a scolding face, tapped the desk with a pen, and said, “First, I will smash your phone. Second, you will never touch any game before the college entrance examination.”

Li Bo Ming snorted, thinking about how he could humiliate the teacher. If he couldn’t help the students, he would frighten people by smashing their mobile phones. Then he asked with disdain, “What if I win? You can’t be spared without any punishment, right?”

Bai Ruan spread his hands. “You can decide. I will do the punishment.”

Li Bo Ming rolled his eyes and laughed sinisterly as if he’d already figured out what kind of penalty he would give him.

Bai Ruan asked with a gentle and harmless look, “Do you dare to play against me?”

“Bring it on! What’s there to be afraid of?” Li Bo Ming said the name of the game and asked, “Is it okay if we compete in this game? Whoever wins two games out of three is the ultimate winner.”

Bai Ruan took out his phone. He searched for the name of the game, clicked into the game introduction, scanned through it and said, “Okay.”

Li Bo Ming, “… You’ve never played before?”

Bai Ruan, “I’ve never played it before. We will compete the day after tomorrow. I will start playing today.”

Li Bo Ming was amused. He treated the whole situation as a joke and told the entire class. The boys who had been a bit ignorant of Bai Ruan went crazy, especially the naughtier bad boys. They were all gearing up to see how this gentle teacher Bai would be humiliated.

Upon returning home, instead of practicing assault and playing games, Bai Ruan poured out a large box of ancient books that were left by the Taoist master. He flipped vigorously and stayed up all night without eating and sleeping, incorporating modern elements in the ancient talisman and finally figured out an e-sports winning streak. The principle behind this kind of talisman was complicated. To put it simply, during the usage of the talisman paper, this talisman would summon the ghosts of heaven and earth to use various methods to help the caster win in the competition. In ancient times, people usually used talismans with the same principle to play Cuju2Its an ancient Chinese game which is “thought to have been the earliest form of football”. It is a competitive game that involves kicking a ball through an opening into a net. The use of hands is not allowed. or martial arts. However, times had changed and the martial arts winning streak had been transformed into an e-sports winning streak.

After carefully studying the spells, Bai Ruan downloaded the game and got familiar with the gameplay and operation.

On the day of the match against Li Bo Ming, Bai Ruan drew a fresh talisman, stuck it on his back and went for the challenge.

During lunch break, the two started the game in Class-4’s classroom. One person had a mobile phone. The boys gathered behind Li Bo Ming, while the girls surrounded Bai Ruan. The two started to solo after entering the game. Li Bo Ming’s situation was dire. Within three battles, he suffered three losses. Li Bo Ming was crushed so badly that he cried but was powerless to fight back.

Li Bo Ming, “I got hanged. I got hanged just now!”

Bai Ruan, “…”

Li Bo Ming, “Fuck! Are you kidding me? The ultimate move that I used now… I just couldn’t press it! I really pressed it!”

Bai Ruan, “…”

Li Bo Ming argued, “My connection wasn’t good. It was really bad! I will definitely win another round!”

Bai Ruan, “…”

All the boys started grumbling, “Che! You’re despicable! Just admit you can’t beat him!”

Bai Ruan smiled gently, not at all annoyed. “We’ll play another three rounds, don’t make excuses for losing again this time.”

Li Bo Ming scowled. “Okay!”

So six games and six losses.

Bai Ruan put away the phone slowly and asked, “Do you still remember our bet?”

“… I remember. I can’t play any games before the college entrance examination, and you have to smash my cell phone.” Li Bo Ming was frustrated as a bald chicken but accepted his defeat as he handed the cell phone to Bai Ruan, with despair on his face. This kind of boy with a strong and high self-esteem may not listen to the words of teachers and parents, but it was absolutely impossible for him to violate the bet and treat what he said as a fart.

Bai Ruan took the phone, tapped Li Bo Ming’s head lightly, then threw it back into his arms, saying warmly, “I’m done. Returning it back to you.”

He knew that Li Bo Ming was frustrated with himself. If one had low psychological expectations of another person, whatever that person did, such as a small good deed, he would look exceptionally good.

Li Bo Ming didn’t expect Bai Ruan would spare him, his cheeks suddenly burnt red, and he whispered, “Wow. Teacher Bai, why are you so kind?”

“The game can be played moderately before the third year of high school. I sometimes play it and this is not a bad thing.” Bai Ruan rubbed Li Bo Ming’s head, trying to appease him and at the same time made a simple suggestion. He gently and earnestly continued, “But you should not delay learning. You cannot play in school or skip class. I know you’re an honest and trustworthy person. This time I don’t need you to fulfill our agreement. I will give you another chance to set appropriate boundaries. This time you will definitely not disappoint me, will you?”

Li Bo Ming came out of his desperation and replied repeatedly, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!”

Bai Ruan, “Okay. Let’s go.”

Li Bo Ming thought of something. Wanting to hold onto this golden thigh, he cheekily asked, “Teacher Bai, Old Bai, Big God! Will you take me to level up over the weekend?”

Bai Ruan’s face was stern, and he glared at him. “No.”

Li Bo Ming, “Oh…”

Bai Ruan grinned and said, “If you can get into the top 20 in class during the final exam, I will take you to level up during winter vacation.”

Bai Ruan had become famous after his first battle. Most teenage boys couldn’t resist the cool character of “hidden e-sports master”, and their affection for him had risen rapidly. Those with bad temperament had calmed down a lot. What they didn’t know was that Bai Ruan would have to pay the price with a high fever for three days in exchange for the e-sports winning streak. This “e-sports winning streak” spell required one to gather evil spirits. It was an unscrupulous method and it came with severe consequences. Other than spiritual power or demonic power, the caster had to pay a price such as sickness, bankruptcy, personal troubles, or a disaster that may turn deadly. The consequences depended on the strength of the spell, so he rarely used this type of talisman.

Li Bo Ming was now an excellent student with stable grades in the top five of the class. Every time Bai Ruan thought about it, he felt that the fever was worth it.


The Chinese period passed without danger, and soon it was noon. The teachers all went to eat, leaving only Bai Ruan in the office.

There were nine teachers in the homeroom teacher office, and they were in-charge of nine classes in the second year group. They had long been accustomed to Bai Ruan not eating at the teacher’s cafeteria as he brought his own lunch every day, so no one would call him to eat together.

Bai Ruan did not eat at the canteen because a white rabbit’s stomach was very fragile, and it was difficult to digest human food which was coated with heavy oil and salt. This aspect had not been improved even when he cultivated to become more refined. After all, the essence of animal and plant cultivation was to become demons, not human beings, so demons to a large extent would always retain their original physique and living habits.

Bai Ruan locked the door of the office, and then took out a lunch box from the locked cabinet and opened the lid.

In the lunch box, crispy fruit tree grass and the soft and fragrant Timothy grass were cut into small pieces and stacked on both sides of the lunch box as staple food. The middle of the lunch box was filled with four side dishes and were lined with cabbage, lettuce, bitter chrysanthemum and lettuce leaves. A few bright cherry radishes and cherry tomatoes were scattered on the top as small snacks.

This is the Little White Rabbit’s Homemade Loving Bento!

Bai Ruan took a deep intoxicated breath, swallowed his saliva, picked up a bunch of fruit trees and grass and ate with satisfaction. He then paired it with a bite of tender lettuce leaves and finally a piece of cherry radish. His mouth was full of sweet and fragrant plant juice.

My life is simply the life of a rabbit… Bai Ruan was very satisfied with the meal, and the gloomy mood from the morning was wiped out by the taste and enjoyment brought by this delicious gluttonous feast!

After eating and drinking enough, Bai Ruan slumped on the chair and basked in the sun for a while, but then his body suddenly became restless.

As it was well known, rabbits were extremely reproductive animals, and these strong reproductive capacities meant strong demands. From the beginning of puberty to present, Bai Ruan needed to release himself 5 to 7 times a day on average. Otherwise, he would feel uncomfortably hot and uneasy, unable to do anything. No one would have thought that this teacher Bai, who seemed to be student-like, innocent and decent, was actually a… pervert.

At this time, half an hour after lunch break, the teachers would usually come back. Bai Ruan took a small pack of facial tissues, walked to the men’s washroom quickly, went into a cubicle, pulled out the small movie stored in his phone and started to unleash the wildness of the wild white rabbits!

After two minutes, the first round ended.

Bai Ruan wiped the sweat off his forehead and rested on the door panel for a while.

After three minutes, the second round was over.

… The little white rabbit was naturally a fast shooter, two minutes was lasting stamina, while three minutes was super godly.

After these two times, there was an ambiguous smell in the cubicle, but no one could smell it as the stench of the dirty toilets was much more overpowering. Bai Ruan sorted his clothes and pushed open the door. As soon as one foot stepped out, his nose caught a scent of danger.

“Ah!” Bai Ruan’s hairs on his back were erect, and he instinctively wanted to escape. But Lang Jing Feng had already strode in with an impetuous and untamable demonic energy.

Bai Ruan had nowhere to run and was about to return to the cubicle to close the door when Lang Jing Feng spoke nonchalantly, “Hello, Teacher Bai.”

“… Oh, hello.” This time there was nowhere to hide. When he met the wolf demon on a narrow road, Bai Ruan was so scared that his mind went blank, and he absent-mindedly nodded at Lang Jing Feng. The door behind him was half open, and the intimate smell inside drifted out.

The sense of smell for wolves was dozens of times more sensitive than that of humans. Lang Jing Feng’s nose twitched slightly. His sharp gaze swept across Bai Ruan’s flushed face, the bright and moist eyes, the rising and falling of his chest, and his hands that were hanging on his sides. However, his left hand was exuding a strong and ambiguous scent.

In actual fact, Bai Ruan was right-handed. But in the past few minutes his right hand was mainly responsible for clicking on the small screen movie, fast-forwarding, pausing, playing and rewinding the wonderful scenes back and forth. The work of the real swords and guns was left to his left hand. So at this moment, Bai Ruan’s right hand was clean, while his left hand was… a little dirty.

After staring at his natural enemy at close range for a while, Bai Ruan’s limbs went limp and his heartbeat was beating fiercely. He turned around stiffly like a wooden puppet and was about to leave, but Lang Jing Feng suddenly expressed a smile that was not very kind. A small cluster of needle-like green appeared in his pupils and he slowly asked, “Is Teacher Bai left-handed?”

“Uh, no, no.” Bai Ruan knew that the little wolf cub must be smelling something, and his brain almost overflowed with shame as he fled the scene in a panic. Because of his agitated emotions, the round tail behind his butt came out again.

“…” Bai Ruan hurriedly used his hand to press against his behind.

Lang Jing Feng raised his eyebrows in confusion as he watched Bai Ruan hurrying out of the men’s room while clutching his backside.

After a moment of silence, Lang Jing Feng laughed out loud.


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Lang Jing Feng: Afraid of me looking at your backside? What kind of thoughts are you having? 

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