Chapter 13 – The family is keeping a husky that looks like a wolf

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Lang Jing Feng was truly a carnivorous animal. He didn’t even touch the vegetarian dishes and only ate one piece of meat after another.

The red and white pork slices were excitedly tossed into the meatless and unhappy pot, which was in sharp contrast with the other half of the spring pot composed of ingredients in varying shades of dazzling green.

“It looks like you’re a victim of domestic violence, and I’m abusing you by not giving you any meat.” Lang Jing Feng picked up a spoonful of fat and tender hand-cut lamb.

Bai Ruan stuffed a handful of baby vegetables into his mouth and wanted to question the words “domestic violence” but wasn’t able to say anything. Moreover, he didn’t dare to raise his eyes to glare at him and could only faintly frown as though it didn’t bother him the slightest.

Lang Jing Feng succeeded in getting a response out of Bai Ruan and handed the colander of meat towards Bai Ruan’s direction, confirming, “Is it true that you don’t like eating meat? You aren’t being polite to me, right?”

“Hmm.” Bai Ruan shook his head vigorously and was nauseated by the smell of mutton.

When Bai Ruan’s expression didn’t seem to be fake, Lang Jing Feng relaxed and poured the meat onto his plate and ate it.

This was a chain hot-pot restaurant. The quality of the dishes was mediocre, but their prices were affordable. However, Lang Jing Feng’s demand for meat was too large. Just two people, and they just ate more than 300 dollars’ worth of food. Bai Ruan thought about Lang Jing Feng’s previous mention of his pocket money, so he quickly rushed to settle the bill, but the young man resolutely refused.

“Didn’t we agree that I’d pay for the meal?” Lang Jing Feng frowned.

“Didn’t you run out of pocket money?” Bai Ruan replied innocently.

Lang Jing Feng smiled and took out the bulging wallet from his school bag and said, “No money in my WeChat wallet, but there is still a lot of cash.”

Bai Ruan was completely speechless. He bowed his head and typed a few times on his phone and wired money through WeChat to Lang Jing Feng for half of his meal. “Then let’s AA1Splitting the bill.

“A, what A.” Lang Jing Feng got up and walked to the counter. When he passed by Bai Ruan, he grabbed a handful of Teacher Xiao Bai’s soft hair, pretending to be impatient. “Ten dollars isn’t even enough to cover the food that you ate.”

“…” Bai Ruan shrank his neck but wasn’t willing to submit.

Let’s say at most it was twenty dollars, okay!?

It was almost nine o’clock when the two walked out of the hot-pot restaurant. Bai Ruan strolled away to take the subway not far from the restaurant, while Lang Jing Feng called for a car.

At 9:30 p.m., Lang Jing Feng returned home.

The babysitter, Grandmother Zhang, who secretly kept the door open for the young master, sneaked out and intercepted Lang Jing Feng and led him into the house through the back door.

Grandmother Zhang was blind in one eye, her physique and demonic spirit was weak among the wolf demon clan, and her status in the wolf pack was relatively low. Fortunately, she did good-quality housework and cooked great meat dishes. She had been taking care of the food and clothing of the wolf clan in the Lang family for nearly a hundred years. She was the one who brought Lang Jing Feng’s mother up. Therefore, the old wolf demon regarded Lang Jing Feng as a grandson in her heart. She loved Lang Jing Feng with all her heart and was a very kind wolf grandmother.

“Thank you, Grandmother Zhang…” Lang Jing Feng said as he quietly walked through the back door.

Grandmother Zhang’s wolf eyes schemingly brightened as she pointed to the kitchen and motioned that she had secretly left meat for Lang Jing Feng.

Lang Jing Feng waved his hand. “I’ve already eaten…”

“Owo owo owo…” Suddenly, there was a howl on the second floor.

Grandmother Zhang stretched her neck and gave a short howl, “Owo…”

Lang Jing Feng let out a slightly childish loud howl, “Owooooo…”

After their howling, their faces turned green.

The infiltration plan was defeated by instinct!

“Owo-oo!” Naughty little bastard! A white she-wolf that usually killed came down from the second floor.

Lang Jing Feng’s mood at this time was exactly the same as when Xiao Yanzi2It’s from the show,  My Fair Princess. slipped out of the palace to play in the middle of the night and was forced back to the palace by the palace maid and saw the Empress sitting in Shu Fang Zhai3Shufangzhai is in the northernmost part of the Sixth Palace. In order to show its elegance, Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty set up an elegant room when he built the Chonghua Palace as a place for his arts and entertainment. “Shufang” means washing, self-cultivation and good virtue. in a precarious manner.

A minute later…

Lang Jing Feng took off his clothes and turned back to his original form. The wolf mother, who hated iron for not becoming steel, grabbed the back of his neck and threw him out the door standing on all fours at the door.

The Lang family rules were if you did not enter the house before curfew, you didn’t need to enter the house that night.

The collection of clothes, wallet, and ID card was kept to prevent Lang Jing Feng from sneaking to an Internet cafe or a hotel for the night. Although the next day, Lang Jing Feng would be punished more severely, logically, he wouldn’t do such a thing. However, who knew if he would jump over the wall in a hurry?4sneaking to a hotel or internet cafe on impulse. So it was still better to prevent incidents such as this.

Lang Jing Feng stood outside the door for a while, scratched the door lightly with his wolf claws, and whispered, “Owo, owooo.”

Mom, give me my language book.

The door creaked open with restraint, and a brand-new language book was squeezed out from the crack and fell beside Lang Jing Feng’s furry claws.

Lang Jing Feng lived in a villa with a large yard. Because it was dark, he was not afraid of being seen by humans in this form. Moreover, if he were to be seen by others, his family could insist that they had a husky that looked like a wolf.

Lang Jing Feng bowed his head, picked up the language book, and went into the doghouse beside the flowerbed. This was actually used to punish him by having him stay here for the night. He used his wolf nose to open the language book, rubbing it from page to page till he reached page 58. With the light of the lamp in the flower garden, he began to recite the last five paragraphs of “The Biographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru.”

After reciting for a while, the wolf, who hadn’t studied for so long, found his mind wandering to Bai Ruan again.

He thought of Bai Ruan’s small face that had shivered softly when he had been chewing vegetables. His shy, flustered eyes when he had accidentally met him, his stumbling speech which had stuttered nervously and unnaturally when he had talked to him, the anxious dodging when he had come into contact with him…

According to Lang Jing Feng’s observations of Bai Ruan, he believed that Bai Ruan was not shy and introverted. His teacher was obviously able to normally communicate with other students but was only like that towards him.

If this were to be interpreted as fear, Lang Jing Feng would disagree. He could see that Bai Ruan was quite afraid of him at first, thinking that he was a thorn at the teachers’ side. But after he explained the incident clearly the week before and rescued Bai Ruan and Zhou Hao Chen, Bai Ruan’s attitude towards him had obviously done a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn the next morning. In addition, he didn’t step over Bai Ruan’s pride, he didn’t skip classes or gossip, nor did he confront a teacher. It would be impossible to say that Bai Ruan was afraid of him.

Lang Jing Feng wagged his tail restlessly.

Furthermore, taking ten-thousand steps back5Normally used to stress that the gap between the two sides are extremely wide, or the topics in discussion are very broad, despite Bai Ruan’s fear, why would the other man rack his brains and ask him out to climb the mountain and feed the birds as an excuse? Shouldn’t he be staying far away from him after class ended? After Bai Ruan heard that he wanted to return as a physical-education teacher at this school, how could that make him so happy? Was this the kind of action and reaction of someone afraid of him?

Besides… Bai Ruan was so white and soft, so cute and timid, so gentle and cried like a baby. It was obvious to the naked eye that he was a shou.

Lang Jing Feng’s thoughts went wild. In his spiritual mindset, he collected an abundance of evidence that Bai Ruan was a shou, who was interested in him. The pair of wolf eyes in the dog’s cabin was bright like two small green lanterns. The few ancient words that he’d finally memorised were shot to the bottom of the sea by the yellow6Perverted thoughts. waves in his brain.

“Wow.” Lang Jing Feng slammed his head twice, refocused, and forced himself to recite the ancient Chinese text with a mood similar to that of coaxing a wife.

“Lang Jing Feng, “Owoowoo, owo-oo oooooooooo…”

“Lian Po said, ‘As General Zhao, I have great power in laying siege and fighting field battles…'”

It’s so fucking hard to remember. Lang Jing Feng repressed his anger, pinched his tail7Similar meaning to grit your teeth., and forcibly imprinted the words in his mind.

Monday afternoon during the lunch break, Bai Ruan summoned Lang Jing Feng to the office to recite the ancient texts.

To Bai Ruan’s astonishment, Lang Jing Feng had actually managed to overcome the obstacle and had memorised the passage that he had been required to recite. Although there were many mistakes and omissions, he took the time to remember them.

“Your recitation was not bad.” After Lang Jing Feng finished the last sentence, Bai Ruan first gave praise and then continued, “Some parts were not very proficient. Was it because you didn’t understand the meaning of the sentence but were too eager to memorise it?”

“What do you mean, Teacher Bai?” Lang Jing Feng said. “These sentences… no, I don’t know what they mean. There is also no explanation in the book. At the bottom, they only explained a few words. Who knows what was meant when they were strung together.”

“The whole meaning could actually be found in any reference book. There is also the Internet… Forget it.” Bai Ruan was afraid of hurting the little wolf boy, and his tone softened. He took out an old book from his desk and handed over the reference book. “Look at this.”

Lang Jing Feng took the book with a sense of casualness and asked lazily, “Teacher Bai, I have remembered so much. Are you happy?”

Bai Ruan replied honestly, “I’m happy. This shows that you have started to correct your attitude.”

The corner of Lang Jing Feng’s lips curled up. “Okay, then I’ll go back and continue to memorise.”

“Please wait.” Bai Ruan stopped him.

After the bird-feeding activity, Lang Jing Feng’s negative merits had faded a bit, but the results were not quite obvious. Thus, the act of doing good deeds had to continue.

“Huh?” Lang Jing Feng looked down at Bai Ruan.

“This…” Bai Ruan stared at the floor in front of Lang Jing Feng, looking uncomfortable. “Last month, the theme was to learn from Lei Feng. The school organised several activities to learn from this great soldier. The requirement was for every student to take a photo during the activity and enter it in the school’s file. Since you’ve only transferred in April, you weren’t able to attend. I’ve received a notice saying that you may need to make up for it. Otherwise… this significant activity will affect some assessments of our class if a student does not participate.”

Lang Jing Feng raised his eyebrows. His face was full of disbelief as he asked, “How do I make up for it?”

“I might need to lead you to take up some volunteer activities during your spare time,” Bai Ruan lied, and his face flushed. “This is also to prevent us from dragging down our entire class. What do you say?”

Lang Jing Feng snickered. His sharp eyes swept across Bai Ruan’s red-tinged cheeks repeatedly.

“…Is this activity a joke?” Bai Ruan hung his head blushingly, thinking that this bad excuse really couldn’t be used. It was better to just grit his teeth and tell the truth. Even if he was a natural enemy, Lang Jing Feng wouldn’t eat him. Plus, he still wanted to help him.

“No, it’s not.” Lang Jing Feng narrowed his smile.

“So, are you going to make up for it?” Bai Ruan asked in a low voice.

Lang Jing Feng, “Just the two of us?”

Bai Ruan nodded. “Yes.”

Lang Jing Feng was silent for a moment, then laughed again. “Okay, let’s do it.”

Bai Ruan was ready to take Lang Jing Feng to the toilet to turn into his original form. He was prepared to be ridiculed and teased by Lang Jing Feng for his small round tail. Unexpectedly, this wolf cub actually promised so quickly that he was dazed for a while.

“Teacher Bai, I’m leaving. When there’s an activity, you can call me anytime.” Lang Jing Feng shook the reference book in his hand. “I’m going back to the classroom to read.”  


The author has something to say:

Lang Jing Feng: I have guessed that Teacher Xiao Bai wanted to ask me out… I won’t expose it anymore for fear of him being ashamed to death.

Bai Ruan Ruan: …Ahhhhhhhh not at all!!! A tail round to you to death! (Furious to the point of insanity)


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