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Miscellaneous Records of Ning Tai’s Strange Talks

Ning Tai Hospital is an old hospital, and it ranks among the top in the local area. But ever since the hospital’s performance was dismal and it was acquired by Dean Zhou, it has been haunted. The non-existent operating room on the fifth floor. The bloodstains in the men’s toilet

The Evil God Is Going Back To Work

Four days ago, the evil god left the 《Unlimited Ghost Game》 and became the first player to ever leave the system. Four days later, Su Li woke up in the real world, from an evil god feared by all ghosts, to a miserable social animal with a crippling debt. Su

Our Incomplete Love

“I have been in love for a long time now. Kodai, a hairdresser, has a secret love for someone. Attractive enough to be scouted by a modelling agency, talented Shintaro Endo, a colleague with harsh words. Kodai is considered by those around him to be a cheerful mood-maker, but in

Wagged His Tail

On Jiang Che’s 30th birthday, he gave his thirty year old treasure to a stranger. The man was so milky, it made his wandering heart feel restless, and as a result, he couldn’t help but get teased. “Wait, wait, wait, wait, I should be gong.” Jiang Che looked at the

Dare to take me as a stand-in? Are you worthy?

Following Xie Qing’s return from the small worlds such as the overbearing CEO text, cultivation text and farming text, he found that his original body that stayed in the real world had become dull and stupid due to the loss of most of his consciousness. At the same time, he

When Reader and Author Transmigrate Inside the Book at the Same Time

Gu Jinmian loved and hated the great god author He Bujin. There would always be a male supporting character that poked his heart in his works, but the author always abused his favorite male supporting character for the sake of his protagonist. In the latest update, Eldest Young Master Gu

They Regretted it After Their Hearts Turned to Ashes - cover image

They Regretted it After Their Hearts Turned to Ashes

From childhood to adulthood, Luo Zhi didn’t seem to have done anything right. His biological parents didn’t like him. They only saw an excellent eldest brother, a caring sister, and a sensible stepson in their eyes. The sister whom is well-behaved towards everyone else, only treats him as air. The

After Marrying the School Grass

During the freshman summer vacation, Jian Ran and his marriage partner got a certificate. After getting the red book, he patted his “husband” on the shoulder: By the way, buddy, what’s your name? “Husband” raised his eyelids slightly: See it for yourself.   In the first year of college, the

I Treat You as a Brother

Xu Xiran, straight male. Having a legendary gays’-heavenly-dish face since forever, and being a target of countless same-sex fanatical pursuits, he couldn’t bear it anymore, so he posted on the internet to complain. Fang Mo, gay. One day, he saw someone throwing dirty water on many gays under the pretense