Genre: modern

My Little One

The author says: Just a brainless, fluffy short story written between work and school ~ The age gap is 14 years, Doctor Yan is 32.    Summary by translator:   On his 18th birthday, a little boy’s friends hold a party for him at a bar. There, he gets the

Apocalypse Clinic

Wen QingLing, as a wood and psychic type ability user, was backstabbed by his cousin at a critical moment and was pushed out to block zombies. He was bitten and his teammates fled. He decided to find an auspicious place to die. But while he didn’t die, the zombies around

Second-Hand Love Letter

When Lu Yong was sixteen years old, he was good for nothing, gloomy, crippled, dim-witted, not good at talking, and a garbage collector who did not have any friends. When Shen Wenqiu was sixteen years old, he’s popular, handsome, cheerful, a kind-hearted prince that’s favoured by everyone.  When Lu Yong

After Being Marked by a Powerful Love Rival

Song Yi is a sweet and gentle scum who grew up wandering up to the sky. Gu Xingchuan is a suave male god whose beauty crushes everything. For the same white moonlight affection, the two have fought for many years. Until Song Yi changed from a man with eight pack

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I Love Sashimi

While eating sashimi, Qi Qianze was incapacitated by a big mouthful of wasabi. Then he heard the voice of his ex-boyfriend from long ago. Direct, steady gong x tsundere, soft shou Reconciliation after breakup, ten thousand word sweet (crossed out) fluff.  A little abuse in the beginning, super sweet in

Withdrawal Syndrome

[Awkward & Devoted Gong] X [Delicate & Straightforward Shou]  From an early age, the spirit of acting coquettish comes online to tease men. This is a story of two childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Fu Zhi Zhou X Qiao Luo Second CP: 2 elderly grandfathers (the name won’t be

President Wife is a Man

A rookie clerk asked his senior curiously: I heard our President is already married? His senior replied calmly: Correct! The rookie clerk continued to ask: The President’s wife is the former Manager, Jiang Qi, right? The latter impatiently replied: The whole company already knows! The rookie clerk stared at the

After the Rebirth of the Film Emperor

When the 32 year old Wen Che received his sixth “Best Male Lead” award, he got into an accident and was reborn as the 22 year old Ji Zhinong. Ji Zhinong had just returned to his wealthy family but was ditched at his wedding by the fake young master’s show

Beyond our glorious spring

9 years and 7 months later, Qu Zhengyan finally saw Du Yongjin again. Even with a new name and surname, even no longer having the heart pounding beauty, Qu Zhengyan still recognised him at first glance. He was overwhelmed with joy. However, why did this wayward, proud and domineering young

What to Do When the Campus Idol Is Too Overbearing

Lu Rong, the school bully, kept a low-profile as he made his fortune in silence. Using his diligence and intelligence, he successfully turned his school’s dark forces into a money-making machine. He was then known as the leading business figure at Southside High. One day, a rich campus idol, Ji