Bite Your Fingertips

Author: 苏景闲 (SuJingXian)
Chapters: 88
Translator: Xena, Seth
Editors: Sammy, Bubbles
Schedule: Monday

Warnings: A bit of violence, profanities, self-harm and sexy writing

Thank you to Seth for letting us pick this up, and helping with the mtl too!

Chu Yu was good-looking and had a good family background. Despite being male and an irredeemable slacker, he was still elected as Jianing Private’s school flower by an overwhelming number of votes.

The whole school knew that Chu Yu was on bad terms with the second year’s top student who’d won so many awards from various competitions that his hand had gone limp with exhaustion just from holding them. He was the cold, restrained, taciturn, and indifferent to anyone school grass1School flower and School grass: respectively, same as campus bell and campus idol., Lu Shi. 


That was until one certain day after school, when someone saw Chu Yu amongst the trees behind the school building, pulling on the sleeves of the study god’s white shirt while speaking pitifully, “Lu Shi, give me a bite, I’ll be gentle.”

Lu Shi put his finger in Chu Yu’s mouth. “It doesn’t matter if it hurts a little.”


Chu Yu was horrified to find that somehow he’d awakened a bizarre bloodline overnight. He needed to suck a drop of blood or two every day to survive, but everyone’s blood was bitter and smelly, except… Lu Shi’s.

#The Heavens must be pitting against me#


When the two kissed, Lu Shi’s lip split and a bit of blood trickled out; fragrant and sweet. Chu Yu couldn’t help but repeatedly lick and bite at Lu Shi’s lips.

Lu Shi supported Chu Yu’s waist and chuckled, “So greedy, hm?”


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  1. Esta historia me encanta, ya espero los próximos capitulos. 🤩 Realmente ya quiero saber mas sobre la trama, gracias por traducirla. ☺️😎🥰


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