Chapter 24.2 – Bet

24th -【Bet】

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The sound of Chu Yu cracking melon seeds became distinct.

He didn’t lower his volume as he leaned against Zhang Yueshan and loudly whispered, “Who’s this classmate? Is he in our class? Is there something wrong with his brain?”

Zhang Yueshan clearly remembered that during morning self-study last week, he’d introduced who Guan Yiyang was to Chu Yu, as well as the feelings of love and hatred involved.

But after Chu Yu asked, he simply replied, “He’s Guan Yiyang from our class, and there’s nothing wrong with his brain.”

Chu Yu nodded and dragged out his tone of voice as he spoke, “Oh, so there’s nothing wrong with him. Then it’s the same as when he talks with an inebriated mind, just spraying at whoever he sees?”

Guan Yiyang’s face was livid, and the cards he held in his hand were all folded.

“Chu Yu, who the hell are you talking about?”

“Who sees someone and sprays like that? It might just be anyone I’m talking about.”

“Am I wrong?” Guan Yiyang heavily threw the cards in his hand on the table, the outer corners of his tilted eyes carried a sneer. “If your mother hadn’t bought the school, could you have gotten into Class A with that score which I could get with my eyes closed? Stop fucking dreaming! Aren’t you just relying on your family’s money? If you weren’t surnamed Chu, and you didn’t have your mother to spoil you, you’re just shit!”

Chu Yu remained calm.

Up until he grew up to be 17 years old, he didn’t hear much of these types of sentence patterns, but he could recite ten to a hundred sentences of its kind without stumbling. Either way, such words came and went, and it was just those few lines back and forth every time, it was nothing new.

Chu Yu possessed a good mentality and had always told himself, ‘don’t lower yourself to those stupid idiots’ level, or else you’ll also appear very stupid’. It was the psychological gap between people. Probably because they hated the rich, their mentality was biased and thus, they foolishly spouted nonsense to vent.

Throwing away the melon seed’s peel, Chu Yu lifted his chin and stated, “Oh, I just rely on my family’s money, but so what?”

Guan Yiyang’s face sank. He kicked the stool and stood up. “Then do you dare to come make a bet? Whoever fucking loses will kneel down and call father!”

“Call father? This classmate, as a high school student of a new era, aren’t you a bit childish?”

Chu Yu cracked another melon seed, unflustered. “I refuse. Your appearance isn’t up to my standard, I won’t have a son as ugly as you.”

These words showed obvious disgust.

“You don’t dare.” Guan Yiyang took a breath and stared at Chu Yu. “You won’t let me finish talking, are you afraid? There are still two weeks before the monthly exams, you know? There are ten classes in a grade and a total of 420 students. Your level is quite poor so I’ll be fair and just ask you to be in the hundreds. If you can get into the top 300 of the second years, I’ll immediately kneel down and call you father. Do you dare make this bet?”

Chu Yu was too lazy to pay attention to him.

Guan Yiyang spoke again, “Or is it that you know your own level very well and can’t even pass the first 300 in our year? By the way, did your mother know that you were mud who couldn’t support the wall1Worthless. so she spent money to buy you a school?”

Chu Yu was pierced.

At that moment, it hurt so much that his breathing stagnated.

—Did your mother know that you were mud who couldn’t support the wall so she spent money to buy you a school?

Zhang Yueshan was standing next to him and found that after Guan Yiyang had finished speaking, Chu Yu’s complexion slightly changed. He felt worried and promptly tugged Chu Yu’s clothes from behind.

He could see that Guan Yiyang was a real chicken thief!2Cunning, crafty. This chinese idiom isn’t joking, chicken thieves are really cunning. Chickens are loud in the morning and you can’t outrun them unless you’re an ostrich, so they have to plan to attack during the night, they also have this special contraption because chickens mostly sleep on trees, you gotta be careful not to wake the owner, you gotta be good at climbing and you need a flashlight. My father had been a chicken thief during his teens so I know. But now, its quite easy to steal chicken because they’re either in the poultry or triangular houses. However! Don’t steal chickens, don’t be like Guan Yiyang. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk. It was estimated that he’d been chasing after Deng Mengmeng for more than a year and the other had refused to acknowledge him. Now that she seeked out Chu Yu and asked for his QQ ID, it had provoked him big time.

Guan Yiyang’s family didn’t have much money, so he was a top student who got in solely through grades.

He wasn’t fond of getting in contact with this person because Guan Yiyang and those whom he hung out with all had very extreme thoughts. They had this firm belief that in a class, the rich were all insects and those whose grades were lower than them were all stupid. In any case, it was just being conceited.

Speaking of, since he became the class monitor, Zhang Yueshan thought the class’ biggest problem would probably be the friction between the students from the main school and those from the branch schools. But later on, he discovered that his thoughts were amiss, and that the biggest conflict was actually the differing views of the rich and poor.

Guan Yiyang – a top student with average family conditions – and many like him disapproved of rich second generations represented by Chu Yu, and they often gossipped nonsense in private.

And presently, these conflicting views were clearly and bluntly revealed out in the open with a ‘clang’.

As the class monitor, Zhang Yueshan’s head hurt.

Li Hua couldn’t idly stand by and watch. Holding his draft paper in his hand and shaking his pen, he said, “I say Guan Yiyang, is there any meaning in this for you? School Flower didn’t take the initiative to provoke you, so why are you groundlessly betting like you’ve gone crazy? You even decided on the bet according to your own whims, do you really think all the land under the heavens is your mother? If you want to make a bet, people have to be willing to make the bet with you. Are you swollen, or already floating?”3He’s asking if he’s filled with so much arrogance/conceitedness that he’s swollen or better yet, floating. Idk why but in our country arrogance is mostly related to air, guess it’s also like that for China.

Chu Yu uttered, “I won’t bet with you, you’re really not qualified for me.”

Guan Yiyang’s hand on the tabletop suddenly tightened, his cheeks bulged and he still wanted to say something.

Chu Yu’s face was cold, and the corner of his lips tightly drawn.

He suddenly smiled, and then interrupted Guan Yiyang, who had yet to speak, with a relaxed tone, “As for the monthly exam, you can sit in peace. Wait for me to come out among the 220 names in the year for this exam, and I’ll give you the glorious opportunity to call me father.”

Zhang Yueshan’s expression stiffened— School Flower’s too fucking invigorating!

Guan Yiyang’s face was extremely ugly. “Then I’ll wait.”

After Guan Yiyang slammed the door with a ‘bang’ and left, the dormitory went quiet for two seconds.

Fang Ziqi was still holding his cards in his hand, stunned. “I didn’t even manage to fucking react. Why- what- weren’t we just playing cards?”

Chu Yu picked up some melon seeds without any expression on his face.

Fang Ziqi kept stuttering due to nervousness. “I-I shouldn’t have called you guys to p-play blackjack today!”

Chu Yu sighed and went over to comfort him. “It has nothing to do with you organizing the game. Guan Yiyang dislikes me, so he’d made up his mind on inciting and troubling me. Even if today’s game didn’t happen, he would’ve come looking for me with a different method.”

Dream-Ge sighed and clicked his tongue in lament. “A man who has a small belly and chicken intestines4Narrow-minded. Lol, Dream-Ge was there the whole time? Oh wait, he was Fang Ziqi’s roommate… is intolerable!”

Chu Yu lowered his head again. No one could see the look in his eyes.

He understood deep inside. Despite saying that he was going to enter the top 220 names of his year in this exam, it actually had nothing much to do with Guan Yiyang.

Zhang Yueshan was a little worried. “Chu Yu—”

Chu Yu cracked another melon seed, his expression the same as usual. “It’s okay, I’m not so easily irritated.”

Zhu Zhifei leaped upstairs in a few steps, searched for a room number, and started pounding at the door with a ‘bang bang’.

Without another sound, the door opened.

Lu Shi wasn’t wearing his school uniform, but rather a loose white T-shirt, and his hair was still wet. He probably just took a shower.

“What is it?”

Zhu Zhifei strode inside in two steps, closed the door with his hand behind him, and anxiously roared, “Lu-Ge Lu-Ge, School Flower went up against someone!”

Lu Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly as he turned and walked towards his desk. “What happened?”

Following right behind Lu Shi, Zhu Zhifei summarized the matter in a few sentences. “It’s currently spreading throughout the whole year, and probably won’t be long before the whole school knows. Guan Yiyang made a bet with School Flower, whoever loses will kneel down and call the other father. At first, School Flower directly refused, saying he didn’t want such an ugly son hahaha! If I were Guan Yiyang, I would’ve vomited blood and ascended to heaven on the spot after hearing that!”

Lu Shi sat down with a test paper in front of him. His expression was his usual calm as the pencil nimbly looped in a circle around his fingers, unhurried. “Hm, he’s not impulsive.”

“Yes, School Flower’s very clear-headed. I have some impression regarding that surname Guan. He has eyes tilted upwards, is gloomy, and thinks about some disgusting things all day long.” Zhu Zhifei pushed up his glasses. “If you ask me, this Guan Yiyang’s also sick. He chases after Deng Mengmeng who doesn’t like him and instead likes School Flower. It’s only natural ah! School Flower is beautiful and has a good temper. Don’t most girls like this type?”

“Who’s Deng Mengmeng?”

“She’s the one from the cafeteria in the buffet hall, the girl who went up to School Flower and asked for his QQ account. Guan Yiyang’s been aiming for this person since the first year of high school; he didn’t expect that while his heart was directed at the bright moon, the bright moon would illuminate the ditches!5It means that I treat you kindly, but you are indifferent and unappreciative. But Chu Yu is a bright moon! Certainly not a ditch!!! It’s theorized that this time around, he was irritated and sought revenge on Chu Yu.”

“Got it.”

After Zhu Zhifei finished sharing, he was ready to evacuate. “Then, Lu-Ge, answer your problems first. I’ll go and see how School Flower is faring over there!”

Chu Yu’s bedroom was very lively.

Zhang Yueshan and Li Hua each took out their prized reference materials and stacked them on the desk. All the subjects added together were thicker than bricks.

Fang Ziqi was very reluctant to place a set of photocopies on top of his, muttering, “These are the classic exam questions I’ve collected, which can’t be bought from outside. Li Hua has been drooling over them for a long time, but I never took them out. School Flower, you must work hard and finish them! If you really do finish them, not to mention the first 200 of the second year, even the top 20 won’t be an issue!”

Li Hua exposed him. “Then why haven’t you entered the grade’s top 20?”

Fang Ziqi looked silly. “As a matter of fact, I really haven’t finished this yet?”

Dream-Ge also came to join in and donated a book of school work exercises. “Last time, a bigshot played basketball and Amway6An American brand that sells health, beauty, and home care products. This became an internet buzzword because of the unique way Amway directly sold their goods (which idk how exactly). Later on, when it became popular on Weibo, the meaning became “strongly recommended”, hence “I Amway this to you”. this to me. He’d said the origin of his high exam scores lay in here! Although I haven’t figured it out yet, the bigshot couldn’t have been bluffing, right?”

Li Hua threw a phone number to Chu Yu. “This is a high quality teacher who specializes in one-on-one tutoring. The price is expensive and their temper is fierce, but the level is there. School Flower, you can try it!”

Chu Yu looked at the supplementary materials and schoolwork exercise sets in front of him, feeling quite dizzy!

“You all want me to finish every single one of these?”

Dream-Ge slapped the tabletop. “Yeah! Even if you only have one breath remaining, you have to finish these, School Flower! That despicable fellow Guan Yiyang really isn’t a good thing, his mind is too poisonous! School Flower has a head of iron7Tenacious.. Isn’t it just the top 200 in the second year? It’s only a matter of minutes!”

Chu Yu touched his head, refuting Dream-Ge’s last words in his heart— my head and hair are naturally very soft.

When Zhu Zhifei entered the room, he was met with everyone scanning him up and down.

Zhang Yueshan spoke as the representative, “You didn’t bring anything with you?”

Zhu Zhifei looked dumbfounded. “Bring what?”

“No need to bring anything!” Chu Yu hurriedly said, “When a person visits, it’s their kind intentions that matter! There’s no need to bring anything!”

Zhu Zhifei closed the door and went straight to the topic. “This semester’s monthly exam is back starting from the 11th holiday. Today’s September 13th, only a few days before then. We have to carefully think it out and make a list of our study plans!”

He pondered for a while. “How about… Shall we try a set of test papers first? To take a look at where his weak points are, then adapt targeted learning so they can be improved?”

This proposal was approved by everyone, and soon, a pen and paper were placed in front of Chu Yu.

Everyone focused their attention. Zhang Yueshan even encouraged, “School Flower jiayou, you can do it!”

Chu Yu raised his pen.

The speed at which he wrote on the papers was very fast and exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Putting the pen down, Chu Yu pushed the paper forward. “Okay, I’m done!”

Fang Ziqi took out the standard answers and began marking it.

After the marking, his hands were trembling.

Zhang Yueshan was a bit excited. “The Study Committee Member is so perturbed, could it be that School Flower deliberately concealed that he’s an achiever and only revealed his true strength at this critical moment?”

Fang Ziqi didn’t know what to say for a while after he finished checking.

After mulling for a long time, he looked at Chu Yu. “School Flower, how did you do it? It was such a long test, but not even one question is correct?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Chu Yu innocently replied, “It’s probably because… I have an innate skill to perfectly avoid the right options?”

Li Hua took Chu Yu’s test paper and scanned it from beginning to end. He could only admit, “This innate skill is indeed very powerful. The answers are all wild guesses, but each question has four choices, having a 25% correct rate for each, however, not even one wild guess got it right.”

Dream-Ge sincerely sighed. “It’s really awesome; 100% evasion of the right option. I’ll have to admit, it would be impossible for me!”

The first ‘School Flower Learning Enhancement’ meeting concluded. Everyone left a table full of supplementary materials and test papers and went back to their dorm rooms. They agreed to continue the meeting tomorrow.

Chu Yu sent his schoolmates away, closed the door, laid down on the bed, contemplated, got up again, and randomly picked up a paper.

Oh, it seems to be a physics paper.

First question… nope, skip, next one.

Nope, skip, next one!

Skip… skip…

Within a few minutes, Chu Yu finished the paper.

He blinked and muttered, “Unbelievable, in this entire paper, not a single question can actually detain my footsteps!”








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