Chapter 20 – Do you have a girlfriend?

Bite Your Fingertips
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20th –Do you have a girlfriend?

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Facts have proven that one could truly be carried to the sky just by following a big boss.

Over the next three days, Chu Yu had experienced a wave of pleasure like that of riding a roller coaster!

After lunch, Chu Yu sat in his seat with Zhang Yueshan, Li Hua, and Luo Jiaxuan circled around him. The four of them were in a multiplayer session.

Lu Shi stood behind Chu Yu while leaning on the edge of his desk and resting his left arm on the back of Chu Yu’s chair. His eyes were lowered as he watched him play the game.

“Laozi is really sacrificing himself for the team. I’m rushing ahead as a target just to scout the situation for you guys. Damn, even I myself am moved. Brothers, keep up a bit ah!”

Luo Jiaxuan kept chattering, but before he could wrap up, he found that Li Hua had fallen to the ground— dead.

“…Oh shit, a brother has died beautifully!”

Just as he finished speaking, he also perished.

Luo Jiaxuan vigorously shook his phone. “What the hell is this bullshit, how did I die? Who the fuck killed their father in one shot?”

Li Hua leaned in close to look at Chu Yu’s phone. Seeing that he wasn’t shooting completely straight, he sighed. “One-on-one tutoring and improvement classes are still needed!”

Chu Yu broke away from his thoughts and replied complacently, “Yeah, right! With a big boss’ guidance, I’m no longer who I was before!”

Chu Yu was quite full of himself, and his arrogance was reflected in his former game ID [I’m the most beautiful, save me first].

But now, with a swipe of a brush,1Figuratively speaking. he’d changed his ID to [I’m the most beautiful, come kill me ya], and he couldn’t wait to run to the highest point and shout it to the heavens.

Li Hua gazed at Lu Shi standing behind Chu Yu, and just wanted to bite his handkerchief— So jealous! I also want an awesome big boss to carry me so I can fly!

Lu Shi tapped the back of Chu Yu’s chair with his fingertips and warned, “There are gunshots outside the house.”

Luo Jiaxuan, who was spectating the battle, was at a loss. “Someone really died just then. Was the shooter on the rooftop?”

Li Hua shook his head, expressing that he was also confused.

Lu Shi didn’t answer and instead said to Chu Yu, “Find a motorbike, then go through the dense, hilly area and hide behind the rocks so we can snipe them. That player was at the southeast corner of the house on high ground earlier.”

Zhang Yueshan clutched his phone and looked up. “The enemy’s equipment is better than School Flower’s, won’t he be the one killed instead?”

“He won’t.”

Lu Shi leaned over and stared at the phone, his head aligned with Chu Yu’s, and it seemed as if he was speaking next to Chu Yu’s ear.

He answered Zhang Yueshan’s question confidently, “Chu Yu can do it.”

The soft, husky voice was like a feather tickling his ear.

Chu Yu’s ears were a little hot.

Just talk normally, why do you have to lean in so close?

Anyway, after these past two days, Chu Yu completely believed in Lu Shi’s judgment. He was spurred by his answer and added, “We can do it, charge!”

Facts once again proved that Lu Shi was right.

After the gunshot, a shower of fireworks appeared, announcing victory. Chu Yu released his phone. “Holy shit, Zhen’s2I see Emperors or Princes in historical novels refer to themselves like this. It’s like Laozi, an arrogant address for oneself. life is at its prime!”

Lu Shi rubbed Chu Yu’s soft hair while retracting his hand from the seat. “Mm, so amazing.”

Chu Yu raised his head and smiled at Lu Shi. He said excitedly, “Don’t leave after school. Let’s all have dinner together tonight, my treat!”

Li Hua raised his hand. “Can we go to the self-service dining hall on the top floor?”


Jianing Private’s cafeteria was so large it had its own building. The first floor had the standard, then starting from the second floor, there were Sichuan, Cantonese, French, and Mexican cuisines available. The buffet hall on the top floor had a wide range of dishes and luxurious furnishings.

Chu Yu had no appetite, so he just randomly grabbed two dishes and sat down.

Whereas Luo Jiaxuan had a big stomach thus he took three steaks, five skewers, and seven or eight other dishes in one breath, all piled up.

Seeing just a plate of fruit salad and a dessert placed in front of Chu Yu had Luo Jiaxuan shocked. “School Flower, what kind of chicken’s appetite is this?”

Chu Yu lazily supported his chin with his hands. “Have you ever seen such a beautiful chicken?”

He took a bite of a yellow peach. “If I really was a—”

He couldn’t think of the word.

Chu Yu subconsciously looked at Lu Shi.

Lu Shi put his plate next to Chu Yu and sat down. “Phasianidae.”3Genus for this family would be Phasianus (Ringed Pheasant).

“Yeah! If I really was a Phasianidae, I’d be a little peacock!”

Zhang Yueshan and Li Hua laughed. “The classic School Flower’s defending the dignity of his looks!”

The boys all sat together, chatting about whatever.

Trashing the stupid opponent they met in the game earlier; discussing the basketball match; and complaining about the math teacher assigning too much homework.

Chu Yu suddenly remembered. “Before the math teacher ended class, did he say we had to hand in the homework before self-study this evening?”

Zhang Yueshan nodded. “Yes, did you forget again? It’s okay, I can give you—”

Lu Shi, who hadn’t been speaking, spoke, “Aren’t you going to give yours to Dream-Ge?”

Luo Jiaxuan, who was concentrating on eating his steak, raised his head when he heard his name. “Huh? Right, I haven’t touched my math homework yet. Rep, let me copy yours when we return. The math teacher is really strict so if my homework isn’t handed in, I’ll be punished by doing practice questions 80 times. Won’t finishing that break my hand?”

Zhang Yueshan agreed, and then thought about it then asked, “What about School Flower?”

Lu Shi responded, “He can copy mine.”

Chu Yu didn’t care whom he copied from as long as he could hand in the homework.

Moreover, he was quite willing to copy Lu Shi’s because there were more or less two sentences.

Luo Jiaxuan’s knife and fork suddenly paused. “Hey brothers, there are signs of movement.”

Chu Yu was curious. “Dream-Ge, what signs of movement?”

Zhang Yueshan was sitting on the same side as Luo Jiaxuan so he also noticed. “Our group of excellent young men, in this dreary season of autumn leaves, has caught the eye of a group of equally excellent young women. They are just hesitating on whether to launch an attack or not!”

Li Hua swallowed his sushi and corrected Zhang Yueshan’s mistake. “I don’t think you and I, us two young men, are amongst the other side’s object of attack.”

Zhang Yueshan sternly stated, “Deskmate, that certainly hurt my self-esteem!”

Li Hua acted out a rich impression of a wise man. “Young man, just admit it. Those girls are here to look for either Lu-Shen or School Flower. Of course, strictly speaking, it’s also possible that they have bad eyesight, so they’ve come for Dream-Ge.”

“Then what if they really are looking for the two of us?”

Li Hua answered, “Then there’s no doubt, they’re 100 percent blind.”

Not far away, five girls in school uniforms stood, whispering something while looking towards Chu Yu’s table.

Jianing Private’s uniforms were designed by select designers and made with excellent materials. They came in exquisite and stylish fashion and had always been the envy of other schools.

But no matter how pretty it was, girls would always alter their uniforms by cutting the skirts a bit shorter or tightening the seams of their tops a little.

The girl standing in the middle had a knee-length skirt and wore thigh-high socks along with small leather shoes. She had very long hair and big eyes.

Luo Jiaxuan commented, “So beautiful!”

Li Hua was sharp. “Your descriptions are so lacking, Old Ye would cry if he heard you.”

“She’s indeed beautiful.” Zhang Yueshan was Lu Shi’s fanboy, so with a firm tone, he said, “I bet she came for Lu-Shen! I bet a pack of yogurt!”

Luo Jiaxuan finished eating his third steak. “I also think she’s here to find Lu-Shen. Then… I’ll bet a can of coke!”

Li Hua raised the stakes. “Looking for Lu-Shen; I bet two sausages.” Seeing that Chu Yu was about to speak, he stopped him. “You’re one of our contenders so you aren’t eligible to participate in the bet.”

Chu Yu originally wanted to vote for Lu Shi as well.

Since the first week of school, when Chu Yu had been muddle-headed and fainting all day long, he still knew how popular Lu Shi was.

In between almost every class, there were girls who’d come to the doors and windows of their classroom to catch a glimpse of him.

It was rumored that the day after the notice of class placement was posted on the school boards, someone had torn away Lu Shi’s name and even his student number.

In any case, his fans were extremely wild.

Regardless of all that, Chu Yu had always felt that Lu Shi was a very attractive and handsome man, so those girls had pretty good vision.

While thinking, Chu Yu tilted his head to look at Lu Shi who was sitting beside him.

There, he found that Lu Shi’s dining motions and postures were also especially good-looking.

He was the type who an incomparably stern etiquette teacher would show an appreciating smile to. It was just that his expression was too cold with no fluctuation at all.

The girl with long hair approached.

Li Hua and the others all stopped eating, held their breath, and waited to see who her target would be.

“Classmate Chu Yu, can I- can I exchange QQ numbers with you?”

Luo Jiaxuan almost choked on a fishbone.

Li Hua really wanted to shake her shoulders to wake her up— You wanted to ask Lu Shi’s QQ number, right? Right? My sausages!

Chu Yu didn’t react. He pointed his finger towards himself, carefully making sure. “Me?”

Next to him, the expressionless Lu Shi paused using his utensils and stared at Chu Yu.

His dark eyebrows made it difficult to distinguish his emotions.

The long-haired girl nodded and tucked her hair behind her ears. She was quite nervous. “Maybe you don’t remember it, but when the first year of high school began, I had hypoglycemia. I was supporting myself by the railing because I couldn’t stand, and you passed by and gave me sweets. You also asked if I wanted to go to the school infirmary.”

Chu Yu couldn’t recall whether this happened or not.

“Ah, so it was like that. You don’t need to thank me, it was of no effort. We should help each other out as fellow students, I just did what I was supposed to.”

Out of the corner of his eyes, he realized that Lu Shi was looking at him. Chu Yu returned his gaze, pleading for help with his eyes. What do I do? How should I answer?

As if he hadn’t seen Chu Yu’s appeal for help, Lu Shi looked away, his expression indifferent as he held up a glass and took a sip of cold water, ignoring him.

The long-haired girl took a deep breath, it seemed she had mustered some determination. “I… I’ve been paying attention to you silently for about a year. That’s why, so, do you have a girlfriend right now?”

Unexpectedly, the girl asked so straightforwardly that she caused the table to quiet down.

There was only Lu Shi, who put the glass he was holding on the table, issuing a soft knock.

The ice cubes floating in the cup collided with a crisp sound.

Chu Yu was also stunned.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.”

He spoke with a serious tone and a sincere expression. “But- but you don’t look as good as me. I’ll only fall in love with someone whose appearance is better than mine. Otherwise, she’ll feel inferior, which isn’t conducive to physical and mental health.

Silence fell.

Lu Shi picked up the glass again and took another sip of ice water, hiding the smile on his lips.



staff shenanigans If you aren’t on a laptop, rotate your phone to switch to landscape and zoom in. I realized the picture is too blurry orz
  • 1
    Figuratively speaking.
  • 2
    I see Emperors or Princes in historical novels refer to themselves like this. It’s like Laozi, an arrogant address for oneself.
  • 3
    Genus for this family would be Phasianus (Ringed Pheasant).


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