Chapter 22 – How many things are you hiding from me?

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Shen Yu hung up the phone. His face became cold as he glanced at a certain direction like a sharp arrow.

Over there, Meng Qixiang and Wang XinEr were showing their affection with smiles on both of their faces.

“What’s the matter?” Feng SiRui asked in a low voice, realising that something went wrong.

“Nothing.” Shen Yu pouted, looking nonchalant.

—— ‘Anyways, it’s in line with the settings of a vicious character. A little more black material is fine.’

Black material?!

Feng SiRui narrowed his eyes, his body unconsciously emitting cold air.

They were forced to stop filming early.

Flying back on the earliest flight, Shen Yu slept heartlessly. When they finally landed, he wiped the corners of his mouth in hindsight and asked, “Have we arrived?”

“Where’s my money?” He woke up instantly and groped everywhere. Sure enough, he found the money pouch that was already divided up between them, in the pocket of his clothes.

He was feeling happy yet also sad.

The good news is, the balance of his card has finally increased.

The bad news is, that half of the initial 30,000 was taken away by that stinky man.

Shen Yu looked over at him resentfully, cursing at him in his heart.

—— ‘Wait for divorce, dog man. I’ll definitely take back what belongs to me!’

Before Feng SiRui could even blink, he heard Shen Yu thinking about alimony once more and frowned. His brows wrinkled involuntarily.

‘Want to divorce and ask for alimony?’

‘How can I grant that wish of yours?’

They hadn’t opened their phones for a few hours, so when they finally turned it on, dozens of messages entered.

Shen Yu hadn’t closed his Weibo notifications. So when he opened his phone, he saw that most of the messages he received were private messages and abuse from netizens. After reading through them casually, he pouted.

—— ‘They can’t make up new things to scold people with. The literacy level of this generation of netizens is really low.’

—— ‘What slut, dog-licking, mentally retarded? Can these adjectives really be used to refer to someone as wise and talented as me?!’

With the notice from the messages, he opened the first video in the hot search.

Based on the angle alone, the one taking the video should be outside the RV.

What does this mean?

This shows that there must have been a fourth person present at that time!

Additionally, that person must’ve had a grudge against him. Otherwise, how can the video be taken out of context?!

If it’s someone with a grudge,then the scope of suspicion is wide.

Except for Li Hao who was still on good terms with him, who had he not bullied before?

However, Shen Yu didn’t want to bother and guess who was the person who secretly took the video. He only regretted that he didn’t kick the abusive bastard a few more times. He could have performed a little more arrogantly and domineeringly.

“Did you do it that night?” Feng SiRui’s voice sounded from next to his ears.

Shen Yu seemed to have been frightened by this voice as he turned his head nervously. He hid his phone behind his back in a panic, “No, no…”

“Rui-ge, what you’re seeing isn’t real!”

“How could I be such a violent person?”

—— ‘Quickly snatch my phone away and angrily scold me for doing something like this!’

—— ‘The video proof is already right in front of you, do you still want to quibble?!’

—— ‘I didn’t expect you to have such malicious thoughts. How can a person like this deserve to stay in the Feng family?!’

—— ‘Quickly say it, say it. I’ve even thought of the lines for you!’

Looking at Shen Yu’s longing eyes, Feng SiRui held his hand in one of his own hands and carried his suitcase in the other, walking away with an expressionless face, “Forget it, you must’ve had your own reasons. I shouldn’t ask more.”

Shen Yu, “!!”

—— ‘Why aren’t you asking more?!’

—— ‘Aren’t you curious at all?!’

—— ‘Quickly say a few more words. Let me give you a reply!’

Feng SuRui quickened his pace and Shen Yu was forced to walk faster and catch up with him.

The other guests of the program team looked over at them with complicated eyes.

Meng Qixiang had already received a call earlier on and was notified of the video that was on the hot search right now. He walked beside Wang XinEr, warning her in a low voice, “Are you aware of what you should do?”

The latter nodded timidly, “Aware.”

“If you dare to talk about any nonsense. I’ll break your leg when we return!”

Meng Qixiang gritted his teeth, completely venting the anger from his beating onto his wife.

Wang XinEr didn’t dare to say anything. When she secretly glanced at Shen Yu, there was a hint of guilt in her eyes.

Outside the airport, a black Maybach was waiting.

Bodyguards wearing sunglasses, suits and leather shoes were standing on the side. Seeing Feng SiRui walking out, they immediately went forward to greet him.

“President Feng.” The bodyguards bowed.

Feng SiRui nodded slightly, handing over his luggage. His phone rang and he took the call, “The meeting is brought forward to 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I have arrangements tonight.”

While talking, he glanced at Shen Yu who wanted to sneak away. He said to the bodyguards, “Bring Mr. Shen into the car.”

As a result, Shen Yu was grabbed by the collar and a word came from beside his ear, “Offended.”

Within a few seconds, he was inside the Maybach.

“Rui-ge, I still have to go to the company…” Shen Yu frowned, “Qin-jie is still waiting for me.”

“I’ll take you there…” Feng SiRui didn’t even look to the side. He then paused and added, “I’ll wait for you in the parking lot.”

Shen Yu was a little surprised, “Rui-ge, don’t you still have a meeting this afternoon?”

“I can have a video conference…” Feng SiRui raised his head and glanced at his Patek Philippe watch1damn you rich people, “Moreover, there is still time to spare.”

Shen Yu, “…”

—— ‘What kind of medicine is this dog man selling right now?!’

—— ‘Is it possible that he just wants to watch me get scolded by Qin-jie?!’

—— ‘But then again, the problem this time is a bit hard to handle. Maybe I’ll be benched after this.’

—— ‘Forget it, forget it. There’s no need to think so deeply about it anymore. Whatever happens, happens. If I can’t really do it, I’ll just go back home and focus on being a demon at home…’

He looked out of the car window with a bit of melancholy. He suddenly saw Yan Ruiqing looking, so he recovered his spirits, showing a provocative expression.

—— ‘Can you see it now? If you don’t drive me out, you’ll always be like a spot of mosquito blood on the wall2that moment when you’re thinking of blood and walls that you actually type balls instead. So it was like ‘a spot of mosquito blood on the balls.’ Yes. Whose balls to be exact? Xinghe: I don’t really get all this walls and balls O⁠_⁠o!’

—— ‘You can’t even sit on a Maybach!’

—— ‘Aren’t you going to work harder, comrade?!’

Feng SiRui silently caressed his own chest, feeling flustered and short of breath. He was seriously in urgent need of antihypertensive drugs to calm himself down.

Soon, the car parked in the underground parking lot of Huayu.

“Rui-ge, if you’re in a hurry, you can go. There’s no need to deliberately wait for me…” Shen Yu said in a sympathetic tone.

Feng SiRui flipped through the financial statements he didn’t see for the past two days without raising his head, “Nothing urgent.”

“I’ll wait for you so we can go to Grandpa’s house to eat dinner.”

Shen Yu gave a nod.

—— ‘Turns out this dog man wanted to use me to deal with the old man. No wonder he was acting abnormal.’

Having come to this conclusion, he felt relieved and got out of the car with a smile on his face.

The moment the car door closed, Feng SiRui lifted his head and followed him with his gaze. When he saw the figure getting into the elevator, he took out his mobile phone, “Help me contact Wang XinEr’s agent.”

“Also, check the source of that video…”

“I want to know who posted it on Weibo.”

After hanging up the phone, his handsome face was extremely cold. Similar to a dormant beast in a jungle, calm but aggressive.

After a short pause, Feng SiRui suddenly thought of something. He hesitantly opened Weibo, something which he had never done before. It then took him ten seconds to find the most popular video on the hot search.

The sound was muted, but it could be seen from the range of motion that the striker was extremely ruthless.

The posture of retracting the leg was extremely fast and capable. Such a thing could only be achieved after years of training.

Feng SiRui suddenly raised the corners of his mouth, his eyes deep.

‘How many things are you hiding from me, Shen Yu?’


  • 1
    damn you rich people
  • 2
    that moment when you’re thinking of blood and walls that you actually type balls instead. So it was like ‘a spot of mosquito blood on the balls.’ Yes. Whose balls to be exact? Xinghe: I don’t really get all this walls and balls O⁠_⁠o


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