Chapter 23 – I can finally go all out tonight!

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Chapter 23: I can finally go all out tonight!

As soon as Shen Yu pushed open the office door, an unknown hidden weapon flew out towards him, full of lethality and going straight towards his vital point.

He reacted immediately and dodged dexterously. He heard a ‘clang’ and then the sound of a hard object hitting the floor tiles.

Shen Yu patted his chest with lingering fear, “Qin-jie, are you trying to kill someone?!”

“Fortunately I’m trained…”

Qin Yuheng directly roared at him, “Get out of here for me! You don’t have to come to work anymore!”

“That’s unacceptable!” Shen Yu snuck into the office and sat on the sofa, “This month’s salary still hasn’t been paid yet!”

“You still have the face to ask for salary?!” Qin Yuheng was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. She then continued, “Why did you beat someone up?!”

“Give me a reason.”

Shen Yu tilted his head and thought for a while, “Looking at him makes me upset.”

“Upset?!” Qin Yuheng rushed from behind the office desk, “Did he rob your husband or kill your entire family?!”

Shen Yu immediately jumped away from the sofa, looking for a place to hide, “Nothing. Just looking at him makes me upset!”

“He doesn’t look like a proper human!”

Qin Yuheng laughed angrily, “You think you do?”

“You follow your husband all day long like a dog, do you think you are one?!”

Shen Yu hid behind the desk, “Qin-jie, you can’t attack me so personally…”

Qin Yuheng picked up something and was about to throw it when her phone suddenly vibrated.

“Qin-jie, wait!” Shen Yu took a glance and shouted, “It’s the boss!”

“The boss is looking for you!”

Qin Yuheng put down the item that she had grabbed and regained her composure. Then she walked towards her phone to answer the call, “Hello, Mr. Yu…”

“I know about the matter of Shen Yu beating someone up. I’m handling it right now…”


“Someone came out to clarify for him?”

“Lawyer Lin?”

“Okay, I understand. I’ll go look at it now.”

Qin Yuheng was confused and Shen Yu, who was next to her, was equally confused. So the both of them moved to look at Weibo together.

In just half an hour, Lin Lufei’s Weibo post had risen to fifth place in the hot search. With a dark red word ‘explosive’ on the right side of the post…

#Helping to clarify, Shen Yu was stopping domestic violence at that time#

After Qin Yuheng read the title, she quickly glanced at Shen Yu.

The latter spread his hands out and shrugged, “I don’t even know about it myself. How does he know?!”

Qin Yuheng rolled her eyes and clicked on the details. It turned out to be Lin Lufei’s verified Weibo post.

#I was also present there that night. I heard crying voices coming from the caravan and wanted to stop the domestic violence. But Mr. Shen Yu had already taken the lead.

This was not the first time this has happened. We have all seen Miss Wang XinEr’s injured face when we were recording the show several times.

I hope all netizens can look at this matter clearly. Mr, Shen, Miss Wang, if you need any legal assistance, I can provide it for free.#

Qin Yuheng squinted her eyes at Shen Yu, “Is he telling the truth?”

“Is it important?” Shen Yu hid back, feeling a little guilty, “It’s just empty talk. Wang XinEr won’t admit it if there is no evidence.”

“Qin-jie, you know a person, know their face, but don’t know their heart. What if he was the one who recorded the video? What if he was afraid of being found out? So he decided to speak up for me first!”

Qin Yuheng fell into doubt, “That’s unlikely. Lawyer Lin is a very upright person…”

“Qin-jie, I’ve already come back and reported my actions…” Shen Yu snuck towards the office door, “If there is any information about the decision that the company will make, please give me a call…”

“Hey, wait…” Qin Yuheng raised her hand.

Shen Yu was already halfway out the door, “Rui-ge is still waiting for me downstairs. We are going to have dinner with Grandpa tonight…”

“If there’s anything, we can talk about it tomorrow!”

Qin Yuheng could only see Shen Yu slipping away from right under her nose. Her stomach filled with problems could only be swallowed back.

After getting into the Maybach, Shen Yu happily said, “Rui-ge, we can leave now.”

Feng SiRui looked up and glanced at him with a gloomy expression, “Was the video thing handled?”

“It’s nothing big, is there a need to handle it?”

Shen Yu didn’t care at all, “Except for the pressure of public opinion, the rest isn’t something to be cared about.”

“What’s the matter between you and Lin Lufei?” Feng SiRui suddenly asked coldly.

Shen Yu was startled and immediately replied, “Nothing.”

—— ‘Should I have to tell you if there is anything?’

—— ‘Is this dog man daydreaming?’

Not going to talk?

Don’t regret it!

Wait for me!’

Feng SiRui gritted his teeth and roared, “Drive!”

The driver was taken aback by this. He immediately started the car and stepped on the accelerator, going straight to the exit of the parking lot.

Halfway through reaching their destination, Feng SiRui called to cancel the video conference. He got angry at the secretary inexplicably. After hanging up, he could hear Shen Yu’s thoughts.

—— ‘A lunatic is a lunatic. Such moodiness is so scary. Let’s just let the little white lotus take this person off of my hands.’

So Feng SiRui held back his anger again and acted calm. Thus making the driver even more scared.

At five o’clock in the evening, the Maybach stopped at a suburban villa.

Feng SiRui got out of the car first with his long legs and then opened the car door for Shen Yu in a gentlemanly manner. The latter came out with a sweet smile, “Thank you, Rui-ge.”

—— ‘Pretending in front of the old man? I see~. I understand, I understand!’

—— ‘Going back to see the Old man is a good thing. Only, that family being there is just going to waste my words.’

Feng SiRui saw Shen Yu raise his head and gaze at the magnificent and luxurious villa with a pensive look on his face. He knew that he was about to start acting like a demon again.

A servant, Aunt Mei, came over to them with a smile on her face, “Eldest Young Master, you’re back…”

“Master has been waiting for you all day!”

She faced Feng SiRui with a friendly and flattering attitude, then gave Shen Yu an inadvertent glance, “Come quick, the Master is in the study waiting for you.”

Feng SiRui put on his slippers and nodded slightly, “I understand.”

He was about to hold Shen Yu’s hand when the latter avoided him, “Rui-ge, I’ll wait for you here.”

Feng SiRui frowned and turned around. He was about to say something when he was interrupted by Aunt Mei, “Eldest Young Master, the Master ordered for you to go to the study alone. No one else can follow.”

In the past, Feng SiRui might have walked away without saying a word. But now it’s different…

“Wait in the living room for a while. I’ll come back soon.”

Shen Yu raised the corners of his mouth, “Okay.”

Aunt Mei was a little surprised by the conversation between the two, but then she dispelled the doubts in her heart.

The Eldest Young Master must be acting polite to him because of the Master. Usually he’s too lazy to even look at him!

Of course Shen Yu knew what Aunt Mei was thinking of. When Feng SiRui left, he swaggered towards the living room and called for her as soon as he sat down, “Pour me a cup of tea.”

Aunt Mei lost her previous enthusiasm, “There is some on the coffee table, pour it yourself.”

Shen Yu glared at her, “What’s with your attitude?!”

“I’m also the daughter in law of the Feng family. Is this how you’re going to treat me?!”

Aunt Mei sneered, “So what if you’re the Eldest daughter in law? Except for the Old man, no one here recognizes you as such…”

“It would be nice if you can even get a cup of cold tea!”

How could Shen Yu miss the opportunity to fight back after being blatantly wronged?!

He stood up abruptly, picking up the glass of tea on the coffee table and raised it towards Aunt Mei.

“You, how dare you?!”

With tea leaves still hanging on her hair, Aunt Mei pointed at Shen Yu angrily, “How dare you act wildly here?!”

“Do you still need to be taught a lesson on where you are?!” The corners of Shen Yu’s mouth raised. He looked extremely proud.

—— ‘I just like the way you’re angry at me and yet you can’t do anything to me!’

“Shen Yu, what do you think you’re doing?!” A sharp female voice suddenly sounded, attracting the attention of everyone in the room.

Shen Yu raised his eyebrows and turned his head, seeing a middle-aged woman with elegant clothes and exquisite makeup walking towards him with a satchel. He couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

Yo, isn’t this the original body’s stepmother?

It’s really meeting an enemy1an inevitable clash between opposing factions on a narrow road. He can finally go all out tonight!

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    an inevitable clash between opposing factions


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