Chapter 24 – Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail!

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“Shen Yu, how can you be so uneducated? You actually splashed tea on someone?!”

The middle-aged woman was full of anger and her voice was loud, as if she was afraid others wouldn’t be able to hear her, “Apologize…”

“You must apologize to Aunt Mei!”

Shen Yu looked at his ‘good stepmother’ with a cynical face, “What if I don’t want to?”

“You dare to defy me?” Li Fenghua glared at him angrily, putting the expensive leather bag that she had bought from abroad on the sofa. She then rushed towards him and raised her hand, wanting to give him a slap.

What she didn’t expect was for her habitual movement to be blocked. Before she could react, a strong wind blew on her ear and almost at the same time, half of her cheeks stung with pain.

“You hit me?!” Li Fenghua covered her instantly red and swollen face. She turned her head and looked over at Shen Yu in disbelief. As if she just met her step son for the first time.

“My apologies, conditioned reflex…” Shen Yu grabbed the woman’s wrist and pushed her back hard. His cold eyes flashed sharply.

As the saying goes, there is no goodness without a reason and there is also no evil without a reason.

The reason why the original owner became a vicious supporting male was fundamentally inseparable from the treatment given to him by his deformed family.

A few years after Li Fenghua married in as a stepmother, the original owner’s father passed away. As soon as the funeral was over, she revealed her greedy and evil nature.

While pampering her own child in every possible way, she abused the original owner. She didn’t even hide her ferocity in front of others. Frequently punishing him with beatings and scoldings.

Not only that, but she also used tricks to cooperate with the company’s CEO to monopolize the original owner’s father’s property, making his life difficult. The original owner could only step into the entertainment industry early to work and make money for himself.

Under such a harsh growing environment, the original owner’s personality gradually distorted…

When Shen Yu transmigrated, he was already married to Feng SiRui and rarely had any contact with his stepmother.

Originally he hated that he had no chance to take revenge, but suddenly he was given an opportunity today.

With all of his strength, Shen Yu pushed Li Fenghua onto the sofa. The latter was too stunned to react and froze on the spot.

“Mom, are you okay?!” A hurried voice sounded.

Shen Yu lazily raised his eyelids and looked over. He saw a man wearing a famous brand running in and pouncing towards Li Fenghua’s side while saying, “Mom, what’s wrong with your face?! Did someone hit you?!”

The man was stunned and then he turned his head to question Shen Yu, “What’s going on?!”

Facing his half brother from the same father but different mother, Shen Yu was too lazy to speak. Aunt Mei, who was next to him, still with tea leaves in her hair, rushed over to answer angrily, “It’s your good brother who raised his hand to slap your mother!”

“I’ve never seen such a wolf-hearted person who actually slaps his own stepmother who had the kindness of nurturing him.”

Just seeing the red and swollen half of her face, it can be seen how painful that slap was.


A sneer appeared on Shen Yu’s lips and he looked a bit chilly.

If beating an eight-year old child until his sternum was broken and then being thrown to a cellar for a day and a night before being released is called nurturing, then he should really give out a more ruthless hand!

“How dare you do this to mom?!” Shen Chen had a sullen look on his face. He clenched his fist and threw it at Shen Yu, “I’ll beat you to death today!”

Even though he was the younger brother, he had been pampered and given all kinds of nutritious things all year round. So he grew extremely fast and surpassed Shen Yu in terms of size when he was thirteen or fourteen years old. Additionally, because he spent time in the gym, he had trained his muscles.

So from very early on, Shen Chen had cooperated with his own mother to fight against the original owner.

Obviously not used to winning in a verbal fight, he raised his hand and aimed a punch at Shen Yu’s nose.

Unexpectedly, before he got even a little close, his stomach was kicked hard. He knelt on the ground and couldn’t get up.

“Yo, is this enough to take you down?” Shen Yu walked over towards him slowly with his hands in his pockets, “It’s said that a dog that knows how to bite doesn’t know how to bark. I think it’s true now.”

Before he finished speaking, his eyes flashed coldly. He raised his leg and kicked the body on the ground again.

Since transmigrating, Shen Yu had never been an idle person. He had tempered his frail physique into iron, picked up Muay Thai, Wrestling, Sanda and Karate one by one. Waiting for the day he divorces Feng SiRui to break out and show his skills!

Shen Chen was kicked aside and blood oozed from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were full of doubt and panic as he looked at Shen Yu, “You, don’t come here!”

“You’re really going too far! Hitting your own brother like that…” Li Fenghua, who saw her son being embarrassed like that, felt distressed. She screamed and grabbed Shen Yu with her gaudily manicured nails.

Shen Yu glanced sideways. He didn’t soften his blows just because the other person was a woman. He gave her another hard slap.

Aunt Mei was extremely shocked by this violent scene. She fled from the living room in a panic, intending to report to the Master.

The dinner guests will be arriving soon. If they’re seen like this, wouldn’t it be embarrassing for the Feng family?!

Just as Aunt Mei made a movement, she looked up and saw two figures standing by the door, both with serious expressions on their faces.

“Shen Yu, what’s going on?”

Feng SiRui’s cold voice sounded, causing Shen Yu to stop his kick in mid-air. After a second, he suddenly retracted his foot and turned his head to show a harmless smile, “Rui-ge, this is all a misunderstanding. I can explain.”

—— ‘Motherf*cker. This dog man came at the wrong time!’

—— ‘Two more kicks and I could’ve broken his ribs!’

Shen Yu thought about it and glanced at Li Fenghua’s swollen face again.

—— ‘If I can slap her one more time, I can make sure that her nose will definitely be crooked!’

Feng SiRui, “…” Is he that cruel in his heart?

Before he could continue to ask questions, his grandfather next to him suddenly coughed twice and said sternly, “Xiao Yu, no matter what reason it may be, it’s always bad to raise your hand.”

Li Fenghua seemed to be grabbing at a life-saving straw as she burst into tears, “Mr. Feng, you have to make a decision for me and my son!”

“Shen Yu, he’s too vicious. He splashed tea on Aunt Mei and when I came and saw this, I went up to teach him…”

“Shen Yu didn’t even say a word, he just raised his hand and slapped me…”

Speaking of this, Li Fenghua looked at her son. Immediately becoming more aggrieved, “Poor Xiao Chen, he was just defending me. He wanted to ask his brother for the reason and was beaten up like this!”

Old Man Feng looked at Shen Yu with all his majesty, “Is she telling the truth?”

“Hmm.” Shen Yu nodded without denying it.

—— ‘Although there was a slight misplacement in the story, the overall context was clear.’

Old Man Feng turned his head and asked Aunt Mei, “Why did Xiao Yu splash tea on you?!”

The tea leaves on her hair seemed like silent evidence, but Aunt Mei didn’t dare to tell the truth, “I, I don’t know.”

After all, serving people is her job. Logically speaking, she was the one at fault first.

“Grandpa, don’t ask anymore. It’s all my fault…” Shen Yu lowered his head, “Just punish me.”

“Punishment is not enough!” Li Fenghua looked over at him viciously, “I want to call the police! I want you to sit in jail!”

“You beat someone when you were recording the show. I think you’re a repeat offender!”

“I want to find the best lawyer there is to let you sit in jail!”

Shen Yu swept his cold eyes and parted his lips when he heard this. He was about to speak but the man not far away from him spoke first.

“I want to see, who has the ability to put my, Feng SiRui’s, lover in prison?!”


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12 thoughts on “Chapter 24 – Let me see who has the ability to put my, Feng Si Rui’s, lover in jail!”

  1. Ngl… I’m so proud and happy to see that FSR is showing some good sides now….


    This does not redeem your scumminess, Feng SiRui. Heh. While the marriage may have been unwanted, you could have at least shown a modicum of respect and acknowledgement for your nominal husband even if just a bit. Then maybe Yuyu would not have had to endure all these humiliation. But nooooo, you just had to act like Yuyu stole everything from you and set you up on a scheme to pit you or something when it was obviously the grandpa who pushed for this marriage (if i recall correctly). Even if you hated Yuyu so badly, it would have been a better approach to at least be civil as a decent human being would have done. Not openly cheat on your husband by entertaining your supposed childhood sweetheart’s intentions and making him jump around your nominal husband and even hinting you want to divorce him and that your white lotus is better than him. Well, jokes on you, stupid! Ugh. Whoever gave him the mind reading ability… Nevermind, at least we get to hear Yuyu’s thoughts, I suppose…

    But still! I am utterly disgusted by how easily he thinks he can act like some knight-in-shining armor and call Yuyu his ‘lover’ now. Heh. As if. Everyone knows FSR cared for that white lotus of his with a scheming heart more than he ever did with his own husband.


    At this point, I’m reading this solely for Yuyu! But it’s also because I’m already invested in bashing and hating FSR at every turn qaq. I have become an anti-FSR at this point hahaha ( ̄□ ̄;).

    The translations fire as usual! Thanks for the new chapter hehehe. I enjoyed seeing our Yuyu kick some ass…es HAHAHA

  2. [If beating an eight-year old child until his sternum was broken and then being thrown to a cellar for a day and a night before being released is called nurturing, then he should really give out a more ruthless hand!]
    Lots of hugs to the OG Shen Yu (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠) With this, we could guess why he was obsessed with getting FSR’s love and affection. OG deserves someone better fr

    [“I want to see, who has the ability to put my, Feng SiRui’s, lover in prison?!”]
    That’s so cringe bro. And how dare you stain Master Shen’s reputation by saying he’s your lover?!
    From today I will change my name to Feng Si Rui Hater!

    p.s thanks for the chappy

    • woooh! love the name change hahahaha support!! I love how us readers really all just hate on FSR ( ̄へ ̄) and dote on Yuyu (*´∇`*).

      • Money, influence and corruption. Shen Yu’s father is not that present in his life, it seems. And his stepmom was probably somebody ‘doted’ on or something like that. Plus, it could also be related to the idea of ‘saving face’ culture in Asian countries and is prevalent in China. Thus, they’d rather hide the fact a child almost died from his stepmom’s abuse because that would be bad for their business and their reputation as a family. Better to keep up a facade of happy family in public and have dark dirty skeletons hidden in the closet than have their stench and filthiness exposed to the public.

        Quite sad actually that the victims in cases like abuse in a family is almost always told to keep silent to ‘protect’ the family, but then who protects them from their own family?

        • ._. Me who is from a traditional Chinese family (No revealing clothes, no make up, no allowance, can’t go out with friends, girls should stay at home and learn how to do housework)
          Probably I was looking at it IMO of an asian family I guess… Shen Yu’s father did pass when he was just a kid… he did mention that his stepmother showed her true colors once his dad died. So when his dad was still alive, she acted nice.

          Yea my mom was furious (She said I was gonna get disowned if I did it again) when I let out the dark and dirty skeletons in our family closet… Family secrets are meant to stay in the family…


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