Spirit Boss

Author: 酥油饼
Chapters: 119 + 18 (extra)
Translator: Mukyuu
Editors: Editor: Mimishijie & Mikyuu; PR: PenguinStel
Schedule: Monday


Wang Xiaoming’s greatest secret — having a crush on his roommate Chang Haitao. 

Wang Xiaoming’s greatest hobby — beating up Baal the Dark for stress relief. 

Wang Xiaoming’s most painful experience — Chang Haitao getting a girlfriend. 

Wang Xiaoming’s most terrifying experience — Baal standing behind him, looking on as he beats the boss, smiling and asking: “What are you doing?” 

Up until now, Wang Xiaoming thought his 23 years of life could be turned into a book titled Wang Xiaoming and His Misfortunes. But on April 15th, he realized all those previous 23 years were just the prologue to Wang Xiaoming and His Misfortunes


50% reader, 40% translator, and 10% snarker.

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