Chapter 24 – Deal (3)

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He understood about vampires and he maybe understood about half-vampires. But what did “failed the Embrace” mean? 

Wang Xiaoming looked at Baal in confusion. 

Baal twitched his lips and explained, “The Embrace is the ceremony through which a vampire turns a human into a vampire. First, they suck up all of the human’s blood and then give them some of their blood. Obviously the body in front of us had his blood sucked out but didn’t receive enough vampire blood for him to wake up naturally.” 

Wang Xiaoming cautiously conveyed Baal’s explanation. Just how unfortunate could he be? Why did he have to be the one to encounter the legendary fallen angel and vampire? Furthermore… He turned to look at Baal. None of them were sane. 

Xiang Wenxun finished listening with a long face. Contrary to most people, he didn’t lose his composure and shout or scream. He merely asked calmly, “What can I do to wake him up?” 

Baal said, “If you just want him to wake up, it’s simple. The stench of garlic will make him wake up.” 

Since Wang Xiaoming conveyed the sentiment word-by-word, Xiang Wenxun very quickly deciphered the hidden meaning layered beneath the sentence. “If we wake him using the stink of the garlic, there will be side effects?” 

“He’ll turn into a senseless monster that just knows how to suck blood.” Baal never did like vampires, so he volunteered extra information, “Even if you’re his brother by blood, he’ll still suck your blood.” 

Wang Xiaoming shook as he finished saying the sentence. Xiang Wenxun’s face turned dark. Nobody could accept the fact that their closest relative would turn into a monster incapable of recognizing them. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the quietly sleeping handsome young man on the bed and then at Xiang Wenxun, whose entire body screamed depression. He asked Baal in a quiet voice, “Is there no better way?” 

“Well, there is.” Baal said calmly, “If you find the vampire that performed the Embrace and have him complete it, then he’ll wake up naturally. Of course, he’ll still be a vampire after he wakes up. He’ll just be a vampire who’ll think before sucking his brother’s blood.” 

Wang Xiaoming immediately shared the news. 

A spark of hope shone in Xiang Wenxun’s eyes. “Can’t it just be any vampire?” 

“Of course not.” Baal crossed his arms in front of his chest. If Xiang Wenxun could see him, then Xiang Wenxun would have been able to detect the desire for a good show within Baal’s eyes. “In addition to the original one, only it’s direct ancestor would do.” 

“What’s a direct ancestor?” Wang Xiaoming asked. 

“The Embrace is like humans having offspring. A direct ancestor is like your direct relative.” Baal paused and then sorted, “If you thought more and talked less when you ran into a problem, you’d experience fewer misfortunes.” 

Wang Xiaoming laughed drily and then retold the words exactly as-is to Xiang Wenxun. 

“That vampire and the vampire’s direct ancestor?” He mused. 

“Do you know who?” 

Xiang Wenxun shook his head. “Wenjie was shipped back from France via air. But he was supposed to be in Britain studying at the time.” 

Shipped via air? 

Wang Xiaoming opened his eyes wide, curious, and silently observed Xiang Wenxun’s mood for a while. Then he finally gave into the temptation and asked, “Could I ask… when he was air-shipped back, was he in the cargo or in the seats?” 

“…” Xiang Wenxun’s distressed face turned blank for just a second. 

Trying to find vampires was clearly not something that could be done in a day or two. Xiang Wenxun asked a few questions about what else he needed to be careful of and took note that he needed to throw out things like garlic and silver since they could cause Wenjie to mutate. Then he dropped Wang Xiaoming off at home. 

Back home, Wang Xiaoming let out a huge sigh of relief. He was finally home and the heart-pounding day finally over. The weariness that had been suppressed by nervousness exploded forth all at once and caused Wang Xiaoming to lie on the couch, unwilling to move. 

Baal stood in front of the sofa and watched as Wang Xiaoming stuck to the couch like glue. He couldn’t help but kick Wang Xiaoming. “Not gonna go take a shower?” 

Wang Xiaoming crawled up slowly. “So tired.” 

“You didn’t do anything today.” 

“I’m emotionally tired.” Wang Xiaoming complained, “I got fired, did an interview, got promoted… and there was also a vampire. Today’s been an exciting day.” 

“This is very exciting?” Baal looked at him quizzically. Why did he think it had been so boring? 

Wang Xiaoming asked, “Then what do you think is exciting?” 

Baal thought very hard and answered, “Lucifer’s betrayal? That fight felt so good.” 

“…” He had forgotten about them being from different worlds. 

Wang Xiaoming went into the bathroom and carelessly took a shower. Then he rushed into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed to sleep. 

For most people, going to work at four in the afternoon would be a great thing. But Wang Xiaoming was absolutely not part of “most people.” 

After he woke up around seven in the morning, he began to look around the room for things to do. Ever since Baal had smashed his computer, his life had become very boring. 

Sweeping, mopping, wiping the floor… it wasn’t enough for him to make the floor shiny. He had to wipe the tables, chairs, and cabinets again and again. After he did that, he felt the floor was dirty again, so he repeated what he had done before. 

Baal sat off to the side with one leg crossed over the other. He watched Wang Xiaoming spin around the room like a spintop without much interest. It was only after Wang Xiaoming finished doing everything that he asked, “What do you plan on doing tomorrow?” 

“Wipe the windows.” Wang Xiaoming looked at the windows, which didn’t have much dust gathered on them. 

Baal stroked his chin and suggested, “Why not find someone and go on a date?” 

That was another dangerous topic. 

Wang Xiaoming worked harder to find something to do.

“I think Xiang Wenxun is pretty decent.” That man was one of the strongest humans he’d met. Of course Baal would never admit that Shi Feixia was also on the list. 

His guts weren’t wrong; Baal was definitely contemplating that idea. 

Wang Xiaoming picked up the rag and walked into the kitchen. But as soon as he set foot inside, the scene in front of his eyes changed and the floor underneath him became that of the living room—it was as if he just walked out of the bedroom. 

Baal sat directly in front of him. “I seem to have told you that I dislike people ignoring me.” 

It was not shameful to admit defeat. Wang Xiaoming immediately turned coward and pleaded, “I wasn’t doing it on purpose. I just don’t know how to answer that question.” 

“Like or dislike, is that hard?” 

“I don’t like him,” Wang Xiaoming answered immediately. Both as a man and a human, Xiang Wenxun was ten times better than Chang Haitao. But Wang Xiaoming knew in his heart that if Baal and he were different types of beings from two worlds, then he and Xiang Wenxun were two different types of beings from the same world. He knew that he didn’t have the right to desire someone so much better than himself, and he also lacked the charm to attract Xiang Wenxun. 

“Is that a dislike or you being afraid of thinking about it?” It only took Baal one glance to figure out Wang Xiaoming’s thoughts. 

Wang Xiaoming answered, “President Xiang won’t like someone like me.” Unwittingly, an image of the young man called Jie flashed across his mind. For no reason, Wang Xiaoming thought that kind of person would be suited for standing next to Xiang Wenxun. 

“Hmph, I don’t care if he likes you or not, as long as you like him.” His body was in Wang Xiaoming’s body, not in Xiang Wenxun’s body. As long as Wang Xiaoming was desperately in love with Xiang Wenxun, it didn’t matter if Xiang Wenxun was faking it. While he had only met Xiang Wenxun a few times, based on his many years of experience, Xiang Wenxun was one to keep his word. Which meant that as long as he woke Xiang Wenjie up, Xiang Wenxun would keep his promise and be with Wang Xiaoming. Of course, even if Xiang Wenjie couldn’t be woken up, he still had ways of using that life as a way to negotiate with Xiang Wenxun. It wasn’t his fault that he was so despicable; it was Xiang Wenxun’s fault for exposing his weakness. 

Wang Xiaoming looked at the sneaky smile on Baal’s face and he became nervous. “Uhhh, President Xiang is focused on the thing with this brother, so he won’t have time to think about something like this.” 

“Someone like him will use any means necessary to find out that vampire’s name.” 

“What use is the name?” The location was the most important, right?

“As long as there’s a name, you can find a direct ancestor,” Baal answered. “That way, even if the original vampire is dead, his direct ancestor can help finish the Embrace.” 

“Can vampires die?” Wang Xiaoming sat back in surprise. To his recollection, vampires were creatures who struggled stubbornly even while they were nailed to the cross. 

“They can. Vampires and priests can kill them,” Baal said. “It’s hard for a vampire to find a progeny to their liking. So unless it’s an emergency, it’s rare for an Embrace ceremony to break off halfway through.” 

Wang Xiaoming sighed. “I hope President Xiang finds out the name of the vampire soon.” 

“Actually, there’s another way aside from finding the vampire’s name.” Since they were on a topic he was familiar with, Baal became more talkative.  

Wang Xiaoming finally realized that getting Baal to speak was like squeezing toothpaste. Not only that, but it was like the kind that only squeezed out a little bit at time. 

Baal looked with interest at Wang Xiaoming. “Guess.” 

“I can’t guess.” Wang Xiaoming’s answer was very direct. He had a hard enough time keeping up with the whole vampire stuff, guessing was harder. 

“Have you never thought that all vampires come from the same ancestor?” 

Wang Xiaoming scratched his head. “The ancestor of vampires… ah, is that Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?” He remembered there was a film about this. 

Baal suddenly changed the conversation topic. “Nobody would be as unfortunate as you without a reason.” 

Wang Xiaoming became depressed.

“So it’s all your fault for being this unfortunate.” 

Wang Xiaoming felt both depressed and wronged. “Why do you say that?” 

“Nothing. I’m not in a good mood. I’m just venting.” After all, nobody liked it when they were sharing something and the other person was completely oblivious. But he looked at the expression on Wang Xiaoming’s face and Baal’s mood brightened. He explained patiently, “There is only one vampire in the first generation. This means that he is the direct ancestor for all vampires.” 

“That’s so cool. What’s his name?” Wang Xiaoming opened his eyes wide in curiosity. 



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