Chapter 4 – Communicating (1)

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Baal bit out the question, “He’s leaving?” 

Wang Xiaoming’s heart stopped at the obvious anger on Baal’s face. All of his melancholy disappeared to make room for terror. He stuttered a response, “Y-yes.” 

“And you’re just going to stand here?” Baal tried really hard to suppress his anger so that he wouldn’t accidentally wring the human’s neck. 

Wang Xiaoming hesitated. “Then, where am I supposed to sit?”


Baal’s punch knocked him against the wall. 

“I don’t care what you do, but make him stay.” Baal didn’t raise his voice but Wang Xiaoming could feel the command behind every word. 

Wang Xiaoming truly believed that if he showed any hesitation, then there would be a second punch coming his way. He ran down the stairs as if a demon were on his tail. 

The landlady was just downstairs to take out the trash when she heard footsteps. Just as she was about to say a greeting, she felt a gust of wind blow through and scatter her trash all over the ground. 


Wang Xiaoming ran all the way to the bus stop. Before he had a chance to breathe, he saw the bus coming straight at him. 

The door opened to reveal the driver clutching at the steering wheel, his face pale as a ghost. 

“…” Why did this bus look like a ghost bus from a horror movie? 

Wang Xiaoming was hesitant to board the bus. 

He wasn’t the only one who hesitated. 

“All I did was use a ward1Here, ward is used in the sense of a “magical forcefield or barrier” to screen off an area. to drag him across two bus stops. No one will die.” Baal said dismissively. 

Dragged the bus from two stops away? 

Wang Xiaoming stepped gingerly onto the bus. Before he found his balance, the door whipped closed and the bus blasted forward like a rocket. 

The driver and passengers all screamed in terror. 

Wang Xiaoming held onto the bar in a death grip and watched in fear when the bus arrived in front of the University of A within 30 seconds. 


Did, did this count as having his own personal ride? 

Because his usual stop was a few steps away from the University of A. 

“Not getting down?” Baal asked impatiently next to Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming stumbled down, leaving behind a bus full of traumatized people.  

He didn’t know if this was just his misconception, but Wang Xiaoming walked on campus and felt like everyone was looking at him strangely. 

“Let, let me call first.” They were about 30 meters away from the door when Wang Xiaoming suddenly realized that he should ask Chang Haitao to come out and discuss things reasonably. After all, everything that happened had been weird. 

Baal didn’t object. 

Wang Xiaoming hid behind a tree and sneakily dialed Chang Haitao’s cell. 

All he got in response was the notification that Chang Haitao’s phone had been turned off. 

He wasn’t really surprised at this outcome. He knew from their previous phone call that Chang Haitao must have felt extremely conflicted. He just didn’t know what Chang Haitao thought of him.

He mulled things over and then dialed the dorm room’s phone. 

The phone rang twice before it was picked up. An angry voice shouted on the other end, “I have said this effing a hundred times! Chang Haitao is gone, stop calling! Otherwise, I’ll sue you for harassment!” 

“A-Chang?” Wang Xiaoming breathed out a sigh of relief. They had a decent relationship when he still lived in the dorms. 

A-Chang fell silent and then slowly asked, “Xiaoming?” 


The silence stretched on before A-Chang blurted out, “What the crap was that between you and Haitao?” 

“It’s a long story.” Wang Xiaoming could only respond using a line often used in dramas. “Where’d Haitao go?” 

“He just packed up and left for the train station. Says he’s going home. You guys made such a big commotion; how’s he supposed to stay? Even the principal came by. You don’t know those people… damn!” Having been roommates for four years, A-Chang was on their side.

“The principal?” Wang Xiaoming’s heart constricted. If the principal caught wind of this, he might call their parents… Wang Xiaoming couldn’t bear to think further. 

As a matter of fact, Baal wouldn’t let him continue standing there in a daze. “You know where he is, go find him!” He snapped his fingers and Wang Xiaoming’s phone turned itself off automatically. 

Wang Xiaoming stood rooted to the ground. “But even if I see him, there’s nothing to say.” This wasn’t just about the two of them anymore. Now the school, their families, and even their futures were involved. Wang Xiaoming thought about the upcoming turmoil and his limbs went numb. 

Baal said, “You don’t need to say anything.”

Wang Xiaoming looked at him in surprise. 

“Just have sex with him.” Baal calmly said a sentence that shocked Wang Xiaoming to his core. 

Instantly, Wang Xiaoming’s face flushed red. 

“Don’t tell me you hadn’t thought about it.” Now Baal looked like the devil tempting someone to sell their soul. 

“I haven’t.” The most he had ever thought about was putting his arms around Chang Haitao’s shoulders, hugging his waist… or kissing at the very most. He had classified that as a wet dream and fled the next day to search for an apartment off campus. 

“Coward.” Baal snorted. “I don’t care if you thought about this or not, but you have to make him stay.” 

“But he’s at the train station.” 

“Do you want me to break your legs and then crawl there or would you rather run there while you still can?” Baal asked with fake sincerity. 

Wang Xiaoming turned around and ran. 

There was an entire city between the train station and the University of A. 

Baal wasn’t familiar with the city, so he couldn’t just directly send the bus to the train station. As a result, Wang Xiaoming had to transfer three times before he arrived. 

The train station was at its busiest. Many ticket resellers were gathered by the entrance, hawking their wares and making deals. 

Wang Xiaoming dodged their grubby hands and rushed into the waiting room. Chang Haitao was from Y City, so Wang Xiaoming looked at the display board and saw that there was a train to Y city boarding immediately. Without thinking, he started sprinting in that direction.  

“Hey, your ticket…” The ticket-checker had just started saying something when Baal teleported him ten meters away. 

The ticket-checker stared blankly at the mini-mart owner’s face, which was frozen in a smile. 

“How—how did you get here?” They stared at each other. 

The ticket-checker slowly made a whooshing motion with his hands and said, “Just… like this?” 

By the time Wang Xiaoming charged onto platform three, the train had finished boarding and was already moving. 

He jogged alongside the train. But the train had so many cars, how could he check them all? 

When the last car passed him by, he slowly stopped. 

Baal frowned, raised his leg, and prepared to kick him to the top of the train. 

So, unexpectedly, Wang Xiaoming experienced a great force on his butt, and then… 

Three train station workers rushed over to the tracks and hurriedly hauled Wang Xiaoming up from where he lay on the ground. 

“Youngster! What were you thinking? If you want to die, don’t do it by the tracks. Do you know how much trouble it is to clean up the bodies?” 

“…” Who would choose to commit suicide with so many people around? Can’t you see that this is clearly a murder attempt? Having recovered from the shock, Wang Xiaoming wanted to cry in the face of their reprimands. 

“You’re still young. When you get a bit older, you’ll know that there’s nothing in the world you can’t get over.” A slightly older worker advised gravely. 

“…” So this meant that if you couldn’t get over something, you could commit suicide by train? Wang Xiaoming stared despairingly at Baal. Was this guy trying to convince people not to commit suicide or to commit suicide sooner? 

It was as though Baal had no inkling of the turmoil within Wang Xiaoming. In fact, he was completely shocked by the fact that his powers seemed to not affect Wang Xiaoming. 

Even though he had kicked out using just his legs, he had used some supernatural powers. There was no reason… 

His gaze suddenly swept over Wang Xiaoming. 

Wang Xiaoming shuddered. 


Under the three workers’ watchful eyes, Wang Xiaoming’s body flew through the air and hit the ground. 

The workers were furious. Despite their well-intentioned advice, he was still trying to hurt himself. This was an insult to their passion and an affront to their kindness! 


“I tell you, I’ve seen my share of people. You’re the most pigheaded of them all!” The workers grumbled one after another. 


The innocent Wang Xiaoming remained on the ground. He rubbed his butt and looked fearfully up at Baal, who was once again in a daze. Wang Xiaoming was afraid Baal would strike him again. 

As for Baal, he had no room left to be considerate towards his victim. He was focused on trying to understand Wang Xiaoming’s preferential treatment. His powers were useless, his wards were useless, only brute force would work. 

Did that mean… 

Was Wang Xiaoming immune to his powers because the Black Star Pearl was inside him? 

Wang Xiaoming spent a long time observing Baal. When he realized that Baal really wasn’t paying him any attention, he started running. 

He didn’t know why Baal was so obsessed with Chang Haitao. He just knew that Baal became abnormal after Chang Haitao left. An abnormal Baal meant that Wang Xiaoming would have many, many bad days ahead of him. 

After all, you could tell just by his intimate contact with the tracks and also his bruised face. 

Wang Xiaoming purposefully ran into the crowd. After about 10 minutes, he stopped by a streetlight and bent down to catch his breath.  

He’d run this far; Baal probably wouldn’t be able to find him, right?

He couldn’t go home for a while but luckily he still had some cash in his pockets. It should be enough to last him a few days. No matter what, staying alive was the most important thing. Wang Xiaoming bent his head and started planning. 

“Go on. Why don’t you keep running?” Baal’s voice sounded above him. 

Wang Xiaoming’s body stiffened and he slowly looked up. 

Baal stood in front of him with his arms crossed and an inscrutable expression on his face.

“I, I… I wasn’t trying to run.” Wang Xiaoming’s heart froze in terror. 

“Hmm, I thought you wouldn’t run.” Surprisingly, Baal didn’t become angry. Instead, he said, with a smile, “Because even if you wanted to run, you wouldn’t get anywhere.” 

Why? Wang Xiaoming asked with his eyes. 


“Because I just discovered something.” This discovery had also pissed Baal off, so his smile gradually turned sinister. “And that is that I can’t be more than five meters away from you, no matter where you go.” 


No matter where they would go, they couldn’t be more than five meters apart? 

Wang Xiaoming stared at him in confusion. 

“In other words, if you go beyond five meters, I’ll be dragged over to you no matter what I want to do.” Dammit! This must be Lucifer’s evil plan! Screw repairing his body, that was just an excuse, an excuse! Lucifer was totally using this as an opportunity to play tricks on him. 

Baal’s anger boiled over inside. His long face scared Wang Xiaoming into silence. 

“You…” He opened his mouth to find Wang Xiaoming hugging the street lamp and shivering as passersby gave him weird looks. 

“Grow a spine!” Baal yanked him off the streetlight. 

Wang Xiaoming immediately squatted down and covered his head. 

“What are you doing?” 

“Don’t hit my head.” 

Baal bit his lips in anger. “Did I say I was going to hit you?” 

Wang Xiaoming whimpered, “No, you usually just start hitting.” 

Baal said slowly, “I won’t hit you.” 

“Really?” Wang Xiaoming uncovered his head and stood up hesitantly. 

With one kick, Baal knocked him back against the streetlight. He smiled diabolically. “I’ll just kick you.” 

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    Here, ward is used in the sense of a “magical forcefield or barrier” to screen off an area.


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