Genre: Fantasy

Spirit Boss

Synopsis: Wang Xiaoming’s greatest secret — having a crush on his roommate Chang Haitao.  Wang Xiaoming’s greatest hobby — beating up Baal the Dark for stress relief.  Wang Xiaoming’s most painful experience — Chang Haitao getting a girlfriend.  Wang Xiaoming’s most terrifying experience — Baal standing behind him, looking on

Bite Your Fingertips

Chu Yu was good-looking and had a good family background. Despite being male and an irredeemable slacker, he was still elected as Jianing Private’s school flower by an overwhelming number of votes. The whole school knew that Chu Yu was on bad terms with the second year’s top student who’d

The General Is Too Evil

A member of the Tang sect accidentally took the travel documents belonging to his senior brother. This senior brother was currently a wanted man. The result was that he got arrested. There, he got to know a particularly evil general. From then on, his unlucky life became a cycle. He

Lovable Package

Su Tang is a delicate package, incapable of anything, only able to act like a spoiled child. However, he transmigrated to become a huge villain, having to insult the hegemonic male protagonist, oppress the female protagonist and ultimately die an ugly death. As an ideal villain, Su Tang trembled, resolving

Fake Demon Lord

The greatest demonic cultivator, He Huan, split his divine consciousness into two right before going into tribulation and created another self; whom he named He Ku. Unexpectedly, He Huan reached enlightenment, and from demonic cultivation entered into Buddhism; reaching the state of Nirvana (leaving no room for self in one’s


When an alien is bound to a world-saving system

When the last alien on the world was bound to a stupid but cute world system thinking he was a human: A resource depleted world: Alien: “I can help them deplete 5% of the world’s population in the short term, this way, this planet can continue to survive. System 2d14

The Target always thinks that I like him!

After the nth time of failing a marriage meeting, Xiang Han got himself a job: good treatment, high salary, free world traveling with food provided, house provided and even a partner provided?! At first, he thought, apart from having to travel into the body of a scum cannon fodder, a


The day we conquered the dragon castle

The Elf Prince was abducted by the Dragon. The angry Elf King sent the finest warrior of the kingdom, Asa, to save the prince. Carter:  “That fool Asa can’t even tell apart the North, South, East and West.” Asa was angry:  “Who did you say is a fool?!” Elf King:

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