Chapter 25.2 – Extra 2 · Playmate

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Yu Yan was very dissatisfied with the fact that he gave birth to a son.

In fact, his mentality might not have collapsed so badly if a certain someone hadn’t made him hope for the cub in his stomach to be a daughter all these months. Plus the cub was red and ugly when he was born. Yu Yan only took one look at him and was so angry that he almost fainted.

Finally, it was Mu Yungui who hugged and kissed and coaxed him, saying that now the chance of being hooked by a neighboring country was small before finally being able to coax him out.

And as the little blockhead gradually grew, when that delicate little face looked like a smaller version of Mu Yungui, Yu Yan’s final thoughts about his lost daughter also disappeared.

The little blockhead was almost a copy of Mu Yungui. Small and obedient, sensible and stable. In the blink of an eye, he was four years old and only rarely caused any trouble.

But each time that he did, it was always with that one person who he was difficult to separate from.

A certain little prince from Chang Lu, whose surname was Jin, whose first name was Zhao, and whose nickname was Little Leafy1Previous Chinese nickname was Xiao Yezi, Ye Xiang’s son.

Including, but not limited to, shaking off the inner servants to explore the harem and ending up getting lost, throwing bait for the koi fish in the lotus pond and risking falling into the water, climbing the rock gardens and ripping off the clothes as they roll into the flower bed as they turn into mud people…

Yu Yan could not understand. His little blockhead was always so obedient. Why, whenever he mixed with Little Leafy, he would turn into a different person?

In short, every time Ye Shu brought his precious son to Great Yan, it would be a tragic affair.

“…You’re just being too nervous. They’re kids. What does it matter if we let them play more together? If they don’t play now, they won’t have the chance when they start to go to school.” Ye Shu took a bite of the refreshments, softly hugging the dango in his arms.

Ye Shu had given birth to his second prince last winter. He had just passed his first birthday, and he had brought him to meet Yu Yan.

Ye Shu said, “When it comes to things like raising cubs, I have experience. So listen to me.”

Yu Yan glanced at him. “What experience? The experience of raising Jin Wang?”

“…” Ye Shu swallowed and said faintly, “It’s better than someone’s experience of raising Yu Hong.”

Yu Yan: “…”

The two stared at each other. They saw words that were difficult to express in each other’s eyes, and in a tacit understanding, they changed the subject.

Not long after, Eunuch Chang hurried over. “Your Majesty, the two little highnesses are missing again!”

Worthy of being the main-in-charge who had been in the palace for many years. The word “again” perfectly reflected how difficult it was to take care of these two little cubs.

Yu Yan abruptly got up. “Again? Aren’t they taking a nap in the palace?”

Eunuch Chang said,”The little highness didn’t allow others to wait upon him. The slaves could only wait outside. When they entered, the two little highnesses had disappeared.”

“…” An afternoon nap could even make them disappear. How ingenious.

Only Ye Shu was eating the pastries calmly. “Where can they run inside the palace? They’ll return after they have played enough.”


Yu Yan was worried. He sent the imperial guards to the harem to find them. The harem was entirely desolate and empty of people. Even the servants patrolling were few.

This happened to be the favorite place of the two cubs.

The two cubs didn’t like being followed. They always tried their best to throw others off their scent. It was the same today.

Little Blockhead walked alone on the long road along the palace, his milky voice gentle yet clear. “Ge ge. Ge ge, where are you, Ge ge!”

Flanked by two high palace walls, echoing his sharp voice.

The little cub, not having the height as he would in the future, was almost as high as the palace lanterns beside the road. He barely managed to stand on his tiptoes, peeking into the palace lantern. There was nothing.

“—Ge ge!”

Little Blockhead ran about several palaces. But he could not find the person he was looking for.

…Ge ge is gone.

The little, tiny child was so anxious his eyes were red. Those pale eyes grew misty, there was a cry in his voice. “Ge ge…”

On the almond tree above his head, a small head poked out, helplessly looking down at the person under the tree.

…He could easily see if he looked up.


Little Leafy thought a little. He picked a fruit from the branch, and with a correct angle, threw it——

Being the son of the great general after all, Little Blockhead had keen instincts since he was a child. He sensed something flying towards him from above and tilted his head to dodge. The fruit fell to the ground.

Little Blockhead looked down, then raised his head, and saw the person sitting on the tree.

“Ge ge!” Little Blockhead stopped crying, breaking out into a smile.

Little Leafy leaned against the tree trunk. The five-year-old child was growing into his handsome figure, framed with his defined eyebrows. He turned his head to look at Little Blockhead. “It’s nothing if you dodge. If you have the ability, then why not catch and hold it.”

“I can!”

“Then I’ll start!” Little Leafy reached out and picked several fruits, and threw them below the tree.

Unfortunately, the little blockhead didn’t stand well, and fell down with a ‘pa’.

Little Leafy’s face changed. He quickly got down from the tree and helped him up. “Are you okay?”

The tears in the little blockhead’s eyes grew, seemingly trying to be contained, but he failed, crying aloud.

“You…don’t cry.” Little Leafy anxiously brought him against the trees at the side to sit, rubbing his tears away. “Did it hurt? Let Ge ge see.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt,” the little blockhead sobbed.

Little Leafy: “Then why are you crying so badly?”

“…The fruit dropped.”

Little Leafy: “….”

Little Blockhead’s fall just now caused all the fruits in his arms to fall, crushing several of them on the ground.

And also was stepped on when Little Leafy climbed down the tree. Now, the ground was in a mess, and there were hardly any intact fruits left

Little Blockhead cried grievously.

“Don’t cry, I have fruit here.” Little Leafy spread his palm, holding the last fruit in his small palm.

Little Leafy said, “Ge ge will peel it for you alright? Don’t cry.”

He peeled the fruit and fed it to Little Blockhead. The latter bit into it with tears in his eyes.

The sweet taste melted in his mouth.

Little Leafy asked, “Taste good?”

Little Blockhead nodded his head. “En.”

A short while passed. Little Leafy carried Little Blockhead home.

He was only half a head taller than this younger brother, so found it a little difficult to carry him on his back.

“Does your leg still hurt?”

“Not anymore,” Little Blockhead laid on Little Leafy’s shoulder, peeling the fruit and feeding it to his ge ge, “Ge ge, eat.”

After the two shared the last fruit, Little Leafy turned his head to look at him. “Why do you eat like a kitten? Your imperial father’s going to scold you later again.”

“Then…then I wipe.”

“You got it all on me!”

“Sorry Ge ge!”

Two boys, one big and one small, made so much noise at the palace gates. When Yu Yan found them, Little Blockhead had already fallen asleep on Little Leafy’s back.

His own well-behaved, cute, little cub, came out clean and dry. Not seeing him for two hours, he wasn’t only covered in mud, but there was still berry juice on his face.

Yu Yan almost got a heart attack.

He took the babe back to the resting hall and took a clean silk cloth to wipe his face.

The little cub slept deeply, whispering in his dream: “Ge ge, next time when we’re picking fruits, I will pick it up properly…”

Yu Yan paused and sighed.

Well. It’s just games. Who asks this cub to like it?

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    Previous Chinese nickname was Xiao Yezi, Ye Xiang’s son.

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