Chapter 17 – You are also an important person to me.


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The battle between Western Xia and Chang Lu turned fiercer by the moment. Emperor Yan ordered Yu Yan to take advantage of this crisis. But of course, he didn’t know that Yu Yan had already contacted Chang Lu.

Chang Lu had been preparing for this battle for a long time. Like a butcher holding onto his cleaver, they naturally didn’t mind accompanying Yu Yan in this act against the Yan Emperor.

It was just that this act didn’t last long before the news that the Western Xia’s king had been overthrown, reached Jiang Du.

“How is it possible!” Emperor Yan threw the letter to the ground, furious. “Three months. It was only three months from start till now and Western Xia was so easily exterminated?!”

Everyone in the warm pavilion knelt on the ground. Yu Yan knelt at the forefront, unhurriedly requesting, “Emperor father, please take care of your imperial body.”

The Yan Emperor was anxious. His face flushed, and even his breathing had some slight difficulty.

Seeing this, the old eunuch serving next to him hurriedly sent someone to deliver the chinese medicine. After drinking most of the contents inside the bowl, he barely calmed down.

“Chang Lu…” Emperor Yan’s breath was unstable; he sluggishly said, “Chang Lu has not the slightest loss, instead has boosted its morale. If this continues, it is only a matter of time before they conquer the Great Yan.”

Yu Yan said, “This son once signed an agreement with Chang Lu. Within these three years, unless we are the first to breach the contract, they will never send troops here.”

“Only three years…” In just these few months, Emperor Yan seemed to have aged many times over. He leaned on the small couch and coughed a few times. “No, Great Yan can’t remain passive.”

Yu Yan: “Emperor father means…”

“Proactively attack. Catch them off-guard.”

Yu Yan’s eyes lit up slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

Emperor Yan waved his hand. “I1孤 gu have to think about it again. You may leave first.”

Yu Yan: “Yes.”

Yu Yan kowtowed to Emperor Yan. When he left, he saw the inner servant bring the soup for Emperor Yan to consume.

Yu Yan glanced at the decoction thoughtfully, then turned and left.

It was rare for Mu Yungui not to accompany him to the imperial study room. Yu Yan took the sedan chair back to his palace hall and as soon as he walked past the gates, he heard footsteps behind him.

Yu Yan turned around and waved at him. “Close the door and come in.”

Mu Yungui shut the door. Yu Yan had already walked to the table and sat down.

He took out a letter from his body and laid it on the table. “Master, please have a look.”

The surface of the letter was blank, with only two small words written at the end.

——”Qi Xuan.”2祁宣

Qi Xuan was the pseudonym of Ye Shu.Yu Yan opened the letter. Within it was a greeting letter towards the recipient. Mu Yungui handed over a porcelain bottle, Yu Yan moistened the brush with the bottle’s liquid and carefully traced it on the letter paper.

Under the action of this special potion, the original text disappeared and a new correspondence appeared.

The handwriting had also become completely different.

Yu Yan read it carefully, and a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Mu Yungui waited until he finished reading, and then softly asked, “Master looks very happy. Did Ye Shu bring any good news?”3Author wrote 叶相, Ye Xiang. But I think it’s a typo since other commenters mentioned there wasn’t this character in the other story.

“It’s not Ye Shu.” Yu Yan couldn’t hide a smile in his eyes. “It’s a letter from Jin Wang.”

He read the letter through again, got up and threw it into the brazier. “Ye Shu gave birth. It’s a boy.”

Mu Yungui nodded. “It’s really good news.”

“Yes.” The letter quickly turned into ashes in the brazier. Yu Yan recounted, “I was just thinking about it a few days ago. Counting the days, I should be receiving news soon.”

He smiled. “The war is won and with auspicious news. Jin Wang’s really too lucky.”

Yu Yan commented and glanced at the person beside him.

Unlike him.

Even after waiting for several months, when the other’s child had already been born, this dead blockhead still hadn’t been enlightened.

This person was obviously interested in him. Yet he always treated Yu Yan with restraint and politeness. Yu Yan didn’t intend to be the one taking the initiative either. In the stories, it was always the alphas taking the initiative. Who would take action like him?

He would wait. Wait to see how long this blockhead could take.

Yu Yan considered and turned back to the table. “Ye Shu gave birth on the eighth day of the lunar year. It has only been more than ten days since. If I prepare a little now, maybe it won’t be too late to rush to attend the little boy’s full moon banquet.”

Mu Yungui advised, “Master, be prudent. Now the fighting has just subsided. If someone finds out that you’ve gone to Chang Lu personally, I’m afraid…”

“It’ll be fine. I have my own arrangements.”

Three days later, the second prince Yu Yan suddenly fell ill, and asked Emperor Yan for permission to head to the manor outside the city for recuperation.

Outside the palace hall, the horse carriage was arriving, and Yu Yan walked out, supported by Mu Yungui.

His face was pale, carrying a sicky aura.

The carriage hadn’t reached when an inner servant shouted out, “The fifth highness has arrived.”

Yu Yan: “…”

Yu Hong hurriedly walked up to Yu Yan with someone in tow. “Imperial brother, I just heard that you’re sick. What’s the matter?”

“Cough cough…” Yu Yan’s voice was low and hoarse, his breath wheezed slightly. “Nothing serious. Physician Feng said that it’ll be best to find a quiet place to recuperate for a while.”

“How could this work?” Yu Hong offered, “I brought another physician from outside the palace. He has superb medical skills. Let him treat you.”

He turned as he said, and an old man walked out of the entourage.

Yu Yan: “…………”

This person was sincerely trying to add to the chaos, right?

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Yu Yan was silent. Mu Yungui subconsciously turned sideways and barred the way. “Fifth Highness, the imperial physician has already…”

Yu Hong interrupted. “When the masters speak, is it your turn to interrupt?”

“Yu Hong.” Yu Yan cut him off in a low voice.

Yu Hong pursed his lips, his expression dejected. “Okay, I won’t scold him. Will Imperial brother let this physician look at you once more? I’m worried about you…”

Yu Yan looked at him for a moment. Then sighed. “Help me get into the carriage.”

Yu Hong was happy now. He took Yu Yan’s arm from Mu Yungui’s hand and helped him onto the carriage.

The old man also followed into the carriage.

Of course, even if Yu Yan said he would be sick, he wouldn’t truly become sick. This was just his plan. He wanted an excuse to head to the outer manor and take the opportunity to leave Jiang Du and head to Chang Lu.

Who knew that a fifth prince would suddenly pop up…

Mu Yungui felt a little worried.

Inside the carriage, Yu Yan retracted his hand and shook his head. “Are you relieved now?”

The physician brought by Yu Hong had exactly the same diagnosis result as Physician Feng.

“What does Imperial brother mean? I don’t…” Yu Hong tried to explain.

Yu Yan interrupted him, “If there is nothing else, you can leave first.”

Yu Hong’s eyes drooped. He whispered, “Imperial brother still refuses to believe me? I’ve obviously been on your side.”

In the past few months, due to the war between Chang Lu and Western Xia, the matter of Li Chu was temporarily put on hold. But during this period of time, the instances of ministers secretly surrendering to Yu Yan were not rare. Most of them were because of what this person did.

Yu Yan told him, “If you want people to believe, you have to show sincerity. You are not willing to tell me the truth, so how can I believe you?”

Yu Hong opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but Yu Yan continued, “I’m tired, you can return first.”

Yu Hong clenched his fist on his side, and his voice sank. “Then have a good rest, Imperial brother. This younger brother will leave first.”

He brought the physician with him out of the carriage.

After a while, the curtain was opened again, and Mu Yungui entered.

“The carriage has been fitted properly. It’s ready to depart.”

Yu Yan nodded weakly. “Okay.”

Mu Yungui ordered the coachman to set off and came to Yu Yan’s side. “Master told the fifth highnesses of the plan?”

“Huh? Of course not.” Yu Yan said. “How could I tell him?”

“Then why did he…”

“Can’t get the results, hence only able to follow the instructions of Physician Feng.” Yu Yan gave a tight smile. “You don’t think I’m pretending to be sick right? Cough cough. With a fake sickness, how could I hide from Emperor father and Physician Feng?”

Mu Yungui started. “You…What did you do?”

“The medicine obtained from Qing Jue can mess up the pulse with a single dose. It’ll look like a serious illness.” Yu Yan frowned slightly and touched his scalding forehead. “It’s just that the effect is a bit too powerful… ”

Mu Yungui’s eyes darkened, saying nothing else.

Yu Yan’s body was uncomfortable so he didn’t pay attention to the latter’s abnormality.

The effect of the medicine was indeed fierce. Yu Yan burned repeatedly, and soon he lost the strength to speak. He was so uncomfortable that he couldn’t sit still. He raised his eyes to see Mu Yungui sitting quietly beside him, tilting his head and looking out the window.

Not even coming over to hug him.

Yu Yan shut his eyes and collapsed in the direction of Mu Yungui.

Two hands stabilized Yu Yan’s body.

Mu Yungui supported Yu Yan back to the original position, then took his hand back.

Yu Yan: “???”

This person was acting contrary.

Yu Yan secretly peeked at Mu Yungui’s expression, only seeing the latter’s expressionless face, his gaze heavy and seemed to look a little…angry?

Yu Yan considered for a while, and shifted towards Mu Yungui.

“Yungui…” Yu Yan leaned his head on the other’s shoulder, rubbing it lightly. “I’m so uncomfortable.”

Mu Yungui’s body visibly stiffened.

Yu Yan remained patiently still. After a while, Mu Yungui finally raised his arm and embraced Yu Yan in his arms. “Is this better?”

“En.” Yu Yan whispered, “Hold tighter, I’m so cold.”

Mu Yungui complied and hugged him tightly.

Still not speaking.

The long silence spread throughout the carriage. Yu Yan finally couldn’t bear it, and asked in a low voice, “Yungui, are you…angry?”

Mu Yungui sighed.

“This subordinate is very angry,” he answered truthfully.

Yu Yan grabbed onto Mu Yungui’s sleeves and pursed his lips. “Angry with me?”

Mu Yungui: “Yes.”

Mu Yungui: “The medicinal pill is inherently harmful to the body. Master deliberately took the medicine to make oneself sick. This subordinate… this subordinate hopes that Master will not do this again in the future.”

Even if he was angry, his tone of voice towards Yu Yan was not heavy.

This disgruntled appearance was little bit cute.

“Pfff.” Yu Yan couldn’t hold back.

“…” Mu Yungui shut his eyes. “This subordinate is serious.”

“Master’s constitution now is far inferior to the past. Master shouldn’t ruin the body this way.”

“Oka-…cough cough. Okay.” Yu Yan leaned in Mu Yungui’s arms, his voice sounding soft and weak. “Ye Shu treated me with kindness. He’s my friend. I’m willing to do this for him.”

“But I promise you that I won’t do this anymore.”

“Because you are also an important person to me.”

“…I don’t want you to be angry.”

Qing Jue’s medicine had an excellent effect. The effect did not completely fade until the next day’s night. That evening, two people sneaked away from the manor on horseback.

At this time, it was less than ten days before the full moon feast.


Yu Yan and Mu Yungui rode their horses all the way north, hurrying quickly, and finally arrived in the capital on the day of the full moon feast of Change Lu’s little prince.
The sky was getting dark. Yu Yan told Mu Yungui, “You don’t need to accompany me. That man, Jin Wang, is suspicious and cautious. He definitely doesn’t want too many people to know where the temporary imperial residence is. I’ll just go by myself.”

“But Master…”

“This capital city is full of Jin Wang’s spies. Nothing will happen.” Yu Yan instructed, “These few days have been tiring for you too. So take a good rest at the inn.”

Mu Yungui hesitated for a moment, then nodded. “… Alright.”

Yu Yan left the inn and rode his horse to the temporary imperial residence.

After presenting the token, he was led in.

Walking into the main hall, the young monarch of Chang Lu sat in the main seat, embracing the handsome young man beside him, whispering something.

In the arms of the youth, there was a soft, small baby lying within.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the two raised their heads at the same time.

Yu Yan greeted the two of them. “Greetings to Your Majesty the Monarch, Lord Ye Xiang.” 4在下见过国君陛下,叶相大人. Not sure why it’s Ye Xiang again)


Yu Yan finally satisfied his addiction of playing with the cub tonight, and was also blinded by the love show of the two dogs. When he left the palace, the night was already dark.

He bid farewell to Ye Shu who escorted him out. As soon as he walked out of the temporary residence, he saw a carriage parked on the side of the road from a distance.

Yu Yan smiled lightly.

Even though he told this person not to pick him up. Not obedient at all.

Not afraid of the Chang Lu monarch catching him as a spy.

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This night’s moonlight was just right. Using the rays of the moon, Yu Yan looked over. The slender and tall figure stood beside the carriage with his back facing him, unaware what he was thinking.

Yu Yan paused his footsteps.

Frankly speaking, he was happy and relieved to see others having a loving relationship, a blissful family. Indeed, he was a little….envious.

That person wasn’t even the country’s monarch yet. His and Mu Yungui’s relationship was even closer than theirs. They had known each other longer. But why was there still no progress?

A sour taste.

In one’s lifetime, it was not easy to find a pleasing person of one’s heart.

And that pleasing person happened to be interested in himself. How lucky this was.

Why would it make him be so awkward with that person for this simple kind of thing?

If his personality wanted to be melancholy, then so be it. Who told him to like that.

Yu Yan sighed silently and walked to the carriage. Mu Yungui stood in the shadows. Most of his figure was hidden in the dark, only a vague outline could be seen.

Yu Yan deliberately scowled, and questioned, “Didn’t I tell you not to come over? Why didn’t you obey?”

Mu Yungui replied, “This subordinate should protect the master’s safety.”

“This sentence again. Can’t you say something nice instead?”

Mu Yungui did not answer.

“Really a piece of blockhead…” Yu Yan took a few steps forward and hugged the person lightly. “If you don’t want to say, then let me be the one. Actually, I–”

Yu Yan’s voice stopped abruptly.

Something was wrong.

He looked up, and saw the familiar face through the moonlight. He released his arms and concentrated on those eyes. His expression sank. “You are not him. Who are you?”

Mu Yungui did not answer. Just at this moment, a figure noiselessly approached from behind.

A silk cloth reached out from the back and covered Yu Yan’s mouth.

Yu Yan’s eyes widened, unable to make a sound before his consciousness darkened.

He was embraced by the person behind him.

“To have Imperial brother hugging another… I’ll feel jealous.”


The author has something to say:
Mu Yungui: I feel like I missed one hundred million.

The plot of Yu Yan’s participation in the full moon banquet in this chapter is written in “I was marked by a tyrant after transmigrating”, so I won’t repeat it here. If you haven’t read it, you can poke the column and have a look. That one is pretty good too (suddenly boasting)

Ye Shu and Jin Wang will appear later. There are lines for them.

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    孤 gu
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    Author wrote 叶相, Ye Xiang. But I think it’s a typo since other commenters mentioned there wasn’t this character in the other story.
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    在下见过国君陛下,叶相大人. Not sure why it’s Ye Xiang again)

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