Chapter 24 – The End

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Emperor speaks ‘I‘ as 孤 Gu so I’ll underline this word. Formal ‘you’  (您)will be bolded.


The new emperor fainted at the enthronement ceremony, driving everyone at the venue crazy.

The poor inner servant, Eunuch Chang, had been worried all morning, waiting for the ceremony to be completed and before he could take a break, he was confronted with this incident. He lost his breath and passed out, just like Yu Yan.

In the midst of the chaos, only the newly appointed General Mu Yungui was calm and steady, ordering to call the imperial physician before carrying the new Emperor into a warmer area of the side palace hall.

There was a small couch in the pavilion to lay on. Mu Yungui gently placed him on it, but when he turned around, he found that the other was still gripping onto his sleeve.

Yu Yan’s face was pale, frowning uncomfortably. He looked so fragile and weak.

Mu Yungui’s heart softened. He sat on the small couch and took Yu Yan into his arms.

Eunuch Chang had just ordered the inner servants and eunuchs out as he opened the door. When he saw Mu Yungui feeding water to His Majesty in this position, he was so frightened his eyes turned white.

“Aiyah, General, you …… if outsiders see this, it won’t be proper.”

He roughly knew what was going on between Mu Yungui and Yu Yan.

Previously when the two were master and servant, they had fallen in love with each other.

Thereafter, His Majesty removed his slave status, sending him to the military camp and supported him until he rose to this status today. A story of deep love and great pampering, so touching.

But then ……

The new emperor had just been enthroned. Though the situation was stable, less is better than more. Trouble that can be avoided, must be avoided.

Whenever Eunuch Chang thought of this, his heart sank for this man. Hence, he always gave these two some time alone.

But now they were still in the Fengtian hall. What if someone saw this?

While Eunuch Chang was advising him about this, Mu Yungui finished feeding Yu Yan water and calmly took his hands back.

The new emperor was sleeping peacefully, his eyes tightly shut, one hand clutching Mu Yungui’s sleeve. The instant he felt Mu Yungui loosening his grip, he frowned and burrowed back into his embrace.

Mu Yungui raised his eyes to look at Eunuch Chang, as if saying:

See? It wasn’t me who wanted to stay. It’s His Majesty who doesn’t want me to leave.
If you have the guts, pull His Majesty away.

Eunuch Chang naturally did not have the guts to do so. He could only pull a straight face and keep watch outside.

Not long after, Physician Feng was led to the Fengtian Hall, trembling and worried.

He had already known about Yu Yan and Mu Yungui’s relationship. Seeing him like this was surprising. Physician Feng had not noticed Eunuch Chang.

There was no one else in the room, so Eunuch Chang brought in a low stool as Physician Feng put the jade pillow for checking pulse beside the bed. He sat on the low stool.

It was time for Yu Yan to let go of Mu Yungui.

He took Yu Yan’s hand and tried to loosen his grip on him. Surprisingly, it did not move. He patiently announced, “Your Majesty, the Imperial physician is here.”

“…… want, don’t want to see him.” Yu Yan’s grip tightened.

He had rested a little and looked much better now. However, he was not fully conscious yet. In his daze, the new emperor had not completely relaxed and disallowed the physician from checking his pulse.

To this group of people, it looked like he was throwing a tantrum.

Mu Yungui had no other choice. He raised his head to look at the two people present.

Eunuch Chang instantly picked up the meaning behind his look and turned to the other side. Before Physician Feng could understand what Mu Yungui was hinting at, he saw the great General lower his head and kiss His Majesty on the lips.

Physician Feng: “……”

But one kiss was not enough. Mu Yungui carefully traced the other’s soft lips, his movements gentle and meticulous. The kiss went from shallow to deep and Yu Yan instinctively tilted his head to meet it, his body gradually relaxing.

Physician Feng stared until his whole face was flushing. But then he saw the great General placing His Majesty’s hand onto the jade pillow before calmly looking up. “Physician, please.”

“Yes …… yes.” The imperial physician didn’t say a word, lowering his head to concentrate on His Majesty’s pulse.

Wait a minute.

This pulse……

The imperial physician’s face fell blank. He gaped at Yu Yan in shock.

Mu Yungui frowned. “How is His Majesty’s pulse?”

Imperial Physician Feng: “This …… this ……”

Physician Feng was so shocked that he couldn’t even speak clearly. He lowered his head to check again.

Eunuch Chang’s heart sank when he saw this.

He had seen this look before, when he was serving the emperor. When the emperor was seriously ill and almost halfway to the ghost gate1ie, one foot in the grave, the physician had the same reaction.

It took several months of recovery and a lot of elixirs to save his life.

But this Majesty was so young, how could he ……

Eunuch Chang’s grief was overwhelming. Mu Yungui was keeping calm. He gently clasped Yu Yan’s hand and asked in a low voice, “What did the physician find out? You can tell us the truth.”

Eunuch Chang’s eyes were red. “Yes, just tell us. There are so many ministers outside the door waiting for news too.”

Physician Feng: “His Majesty is …… is…..expecting a baby!”

Eunuch Chang: “?”
Mu Yungui: “???”

The pavilion fell completely silent. Eunuch Chang asked in bewilderment, “This baby… where did this baby come from?”

“……,” Imperial Physician Feng stressed. “A child, it’s a pregnant pulse! His Majesty is pregnant!”

….. A child.

Mu Yungui’s eyes dipped, his gaze falling to Yu Yan’s little belly.

The young man was wearing the mianfu, curled up in his arms. At this angle, he could not see a visible lump at all. But recently, he noticed that Yu Yan’s waist and belly had rounded out a bit.

So it was because ……of pregnancy.

Master was pregnant with his child.

Mu Yungui’s eyelashes trembled slightly, his voice was a little hoarse, “How many months has he …… been pregnant?”

Physician Feng: “A little over three months.”

Three months.

Mu Yungui thought back carefully. It was when he was still stationed at the border, the time when he rushed back to see Yu Yan.

Yu Yan had pestered him so many times that he had hardly slept a wink.

But he had to rush back to the barracks the next day at dawn, so he didn’t have the time to remind Yu Yan to take the contraceptive pill.

It should be that time……

Mu Yungui’s heart was filled with both joy and distress. This meant he had been dragging his pregnant body to work since then.

How come he never found out?

In fact, Mu Yungui had noticed some abnormalities, such as Yu Yan’s refusal to any bedroom activities in the past two months and his dry heaves and drowsiness at times. But Yu Yan insisted that he was fine and did not need to see a physician.

He had always obeyed his wishes and since Yu Yan’s symptoms weren’t considered serious, he did not insist.

His eyes darkened. “Why did His Majesty faint?”

As a veteran who had spent many years in the palace, Physician Feng quickly accepted the fact that His Majesty was an omega and answered truthfully, “His Majesty’s body is weak because of the pregnancy and he has still been working hard all these days. Today he skipped breakfast, exhausting the little strength he had.” Physician Feng continued, “When His Majesty wakes up, make sure he eats something and drinks a few nourishing tonics. He will recover soon.”

Mu Yungui nodded. “Thank you for your help. Please wait outside.”

The fact that the emperor was not only an omega but was also pregnant, was not a trivial matter.

What should be done next? Whether to reveal the truth to the ministers or to hide it — this needed to be decided by Yu Yan.

Eunuch Chang had been in the palace for many years, so he naturally understood this and led Physician Feng out the door.

He left Mu Yungui and Yu Yan alone.

With much effort, Mu Yungui regained his previous calm look. He lowered his head and firmly hugged the person into his arms. Saying in a low voice: “Master…”

Yu Yan slept for a full four hours before he woke up.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a familiar face. As his mind gradually moved from a state of confusion to clarity, Yu Yan suddenly thought of something and sat up. “Phy-Phy-Phy — Physician came?”

Mu Yungui nodded. “He did.”

“Then I …… then I ……,” Yu Yan looked down at his stomach and then looked at Mu Yungui.

The other’s expression said it all.

He knew.

The surprise he hid for three months was wasted.

Yu Yan sat up on his knees, a little upset. “So now you know.”

Mu Yungui asked, “Why didn’t Master tell me?”

“I did want to tell you. I was just ……” Yu Yan whispered, “I wanted to wait until the enthronement ceremony was over and everything had settled down before I gave you a surprise …… I had planned so much.”

“Planned what?”

Yu Yan thought for a moment and said, “I thought I would find a place for just the two of us, a ten-mile sea of flowers, full of stars and fireworks, a perfect scene where I would propose marriage to the Great General. And when you say yes, I would have told you about the little brat to make you happy.”

“…… It’s all gone now.”

Yu Yan sighed rather regretfully.

Mu Yungui suddenly leaned in and tightly hugged the other in his arms.

Yu Yan froze, feeling the other’s shoulders tremble slightly, and asked, “Are you …… not happy?”

“No.” Mu Yungui’s voice was low and somewhat muffled. “I am happy.”

“This subordinate feels that…… very lacking.” He whispered, “It is already a great fortune to be together with Master. But if at that time before, if there was an accident, if there was any mistake, this subordinate wouldn’t know how to…”

“It was not an accident.”

Yu Yan pursed his lips and said softly, “It was me who purposely didn’t take the contraceptive pill.”

Mu Yungui was stunned.

He released Yu Yan from his grip, his slightly reddened eyes holding a look of surprise.

Yu Yan was a little shy. He looked away. “I admit that I was impulsive, but…… I just didn’t want to take it again.”

That day, three months ago, Yu Yan woke up to find Mu Yungui had left.

The folded clothes and a bottle of contraceptive pills lay beside him. The boiled soup was on the table, steaming hot. The burning oil lamp beside the bed was fading into oblivion.

Everything was well taken care of.

Yu Yan’s heart suddenly turned putty.

He also wanted to give him the best.

But… an alpha’s reproductive ability was ridiculously strong.

One time and it struck. Like the legends.

When Yu Yan thought of this, he suddenly felt a little better. “Anyway, these are my own choices, you don’t need to worry about me, I’m more than willing.”

He was very willing.

No one knew how happy Yu Yan was when he found out that he was pregnant. He had once rejected the identity of an omega, but now, he was willing to acknowledge and accept it. He was even willing to have more children with Mu Yungui.

Mu Yungui said softly, “Thank you.”


“Nothing.” Mu Yungui shook his head, “This subordinate is not good with words. Saying anything more might ruin the atmosphere again.”

He leaned forward and cupped Yu Yan’s cheek, dropping a soft kiss on the corner of his lips.

“But there is one thing that this subordinate sincerely wants to say.”

“Since a long time ago, this subordinate’s heart has always belonged to Master.”

For a long time, before he got the courage to say it. So long, that it had almost become a delusion. Until one day, when his hopes came true and he got what he wanted.

Yu Yan’s ears burned a little at Mu Yungui’s sudden words of affection. He hastily avoided Mu Yungui’s line of sight. “What is the situation now, where is the imperial physician?”

“The imperial physician is still waiting outside. Eunuch Chang is also there.” Mu Yungui asked, “What does Master plan to do next? This child ……”

Will it be made public, or will it remain concealed?

The child was the crown prince. Even if it could be concealed now, they will not be able to hide it forever.

But the new emperor has just ascended the throne. If it was revealed to all the ministers now ……

Yu Yan didn’t hesitate at all. “State it as it is.”

Mu Yungui was surprised. “But ……”

“The enthronement ceremony is over. Can they still yank me off the throne?” Yu Yan confidently stated. “Besides, who says one can’t be an emperor if they’re pregnant? I‘ve just ascended the throne and immediately solved the problem of the heir. As compared to the one next door who took three years for the concubine to solve the issue.2From the other novel the author wrote i guess!

Sending away the previous emperor who indulged in beauty and ushering in such a wayward emperor. Was it the hundreds of ministers’ fortune or misfortune?

Mu Yungui laughed helplessly. “I’m afraid this time Eunuch Chang really will jump into the lotus pond.”

Yu Yan considered it seriously. “Then …… let’s wait for some more time?”

“Will listen to your Majesty.”

Yu Yan complained, “What is this attitude, Great General? You knocked me up. Shouldn’t you share my’s burden?”

Mu Yungui asked, “What does Your Majesty want?”
Yu Yan: “Reward me.”

Mu Yungui understood. He leaned forward, pressed the other onto the small couch, “rewarding” him gently and meticulously.

After another half a month, the new emperor straight-forwardly announced the good news of him being pregnant.

This had happened for the first time in the history of Great Yan. From the ministers to the common folk, everyone was shocked. What followed was an edict by His Majesty: Tax reduction and Amnesty. People were grateful and thankful. So they naturally didn’t make a fuss anymore.

Even their neighbor Chang Lu, whom they had recently formed ties with, sent gifts over.

How could this be!

In an instance, the imperial court was in a state of disagreement. Petitions were piling up in the imperial study.

The main protesters were the old fogeys who thought that Yu Yan’s bloodline was not right and disagreed with him being the crown prince.

Yu Yan didn’t even look at them, simply pushing them away. He asked them to dig out the regulations that said that the emperor could not be an omega and could not conceive and give birth to a child before coming to talk to him.

“…… I am now pregnant. I can’t get tired or angry. If the fetus is accidentally hurt, injuring myself and the royal heir, will you all take the responsibility?”, His Majesty declared as he leaned back on the dragon chair while eating the snacks that the great general had just made.

He didn’t look like he was tired, angry, or hurting enough to injure the fetus.

–Couldn’t even bother pretending.

The audience dared not speak anymore and had to leave in disgrace.

The rest of this group had already been taken care of by Yu Yan before his accession to the throne. The remaining ones, the patriarchs of the imperial court, had military power so it was easy to deal with them and they could be left to their own devices.

They were severely weakened by the previous incidents. Furthermore, the law had indeed not mentioned any regulation of that sort. After making some noise, they faded into obscurity.

But what was more puzzling to the ministers was that His Majesty had not yet married a concubine, nor was he known to be close to any alpha. So who was the other father of this child?

His Majesty did not explain. But when he was frustrated from being questioned, he said only one sentence. “Ask the Great General.”

Rumor had it that the great general had been His Majesty’s bodyguard before he joined the army. So naturally he would know a lot about His Majesty’s love life. For a while, the focus of gossip was all aimed at the General’s residence.

“When do you think they will realise?” Inside the imperial study, Yu Yan was lying on Mu Yungui’s lap, listening to the great general read his memorial for him.

Mu Yungui thought for a moment. “When the child grows up a bit and looks like this official.”

Yu Yan sat down and frowned: “Why can’t the child look like me?”

Mu Yungui: “Because girls follow their father.”

“Makes sense.” Yu Yan lay back contentedly. “My child is definitely a girl.”

Then thought something and shook his head. “Wait. If she’s a girl, she might be hooked by Ye Shu’s little Yezi to Chang Lu. It would be better to have a boy.”

Mu Yungui: “Will follow Your Majesty.”

Yu Yan was silent for a moment, feeling discontented. “But I still like girls.”

This kind of talk happened at least once in two or three days, and Mu Yungui took it in his stride as he flipped open another memorial and said seriously, “This official will protect her. Won’t let Chang Lu’s young prince come even half a step close to her. ”

“Well said.” Yu Yan was reassured, touching his slightly bulging belly. “You must be a girl, looking like your father.”

A few months later, the new emperor of Great Yan gave birth to the imperial son, holding a great celebration.

But no one knew that when His Majesty saw the child, he closed the door, shutting himself in and was coaxed the whole afternoon by the Great General.


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