Chapter 14 – Only a plaything


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Yu Yan was sent back to the palace hall by Mu Yungui, and the imperial physician arrived soon after.

Although the suppressant incense could no longer suppress his scent, he hadn’t stopped using it. This medication had both the effect of suppressing his scent and also changing the constitution.

As long as it was not during estrus, even the imperial physician would not be able to discover his identity as an omega.

He wasn’t worried that his omega identity would be discovered. Rather, he was only worried about…

Yu Yan burned with pain all over. Holding onto his last trace of reason, he drove everyone out of the room, leaving only the imperial physician, Mu Yungui, and himself in the resting chamber to check his pulses.

If… If there was any accident, Mu Yungui could at least settle it right on the spot.

The palace hall was deadly silent. Yu Yan laid on the bed for the imperial physician to check his pulse, his free hand still holding to Mu Yungui.

The imperial physician looked at Mu Yungui suspiciously.

The second highness and this imperial bodyguard….

The imperial physician’s surname was Feng. After serving in the royal family for decades, he naturally knew what to ask and what not to ask.

He didn’t say anything, and sat down by the bed to concentrate on checking the pulse of the second highness.

Mu Yungui held onto Yu Yan, feeling somewhat helpless.

He was always careful not to get too close to his master in front of others. But with this sickness, Master was unlike his usual self, sticking very close to him.

The strong and self-reliant youth in the past was now pale. Even with no strength, this youth still did his best to hold him.

Faced with such a dependent posture, there was no one who could be willing to push away.

So it seemed when Master was sick, he would become like this.

“The second highness is sick with wind chill. Cold air seeping into the body, together with overworking and being on the edge for too long, resulted in fever.“ Physician Feng declared, “This subject will prescribe some medicine for your highness. After taking it, it will be good to sleep and rest. After a few days, it’ll be fine.”

Yu Yan struggled to sit up. “Just…cough cough. It’s really just a wind chill?”

Physician Feng nodded. “Just a wind chill.”

Physician Feng quickly went outside to prescribe medicine, and Yu Yan leaned in Mu Yungui’s arms, bowing his head in despair.

No child.

He actually spent all night thinking about the future, even almost settling on the name of the child.

In the end, there was none at all.

An alpha’s reproductiveness was supposed to be incredibly high. One shot and it’ll become.

The folk stories were all false.

Yu Yan raised his head to look at Mu Yungui, his face with a hidden bitterness. “Why are you so useless?”

Mu Yungui: “?”

He lowered his head, the rims of his eyes reddened. “I’m also useless.”

Mu Yungui: “???”

Yu Yan had been talking nonsense all morning, and Mu Yungui decisively stopped talking to him and laid him flat on the bed. “Master should rest. This subordinate will boil the medicine for Master.”

Yu Yan held on to his sleeves, his voice low and hoarse. “Inside the palace…there is Yu Shu’s informant.”

“This subordinate understands.”

In just less than one day, Yu Shu could find out that Mu Yungui hadn’t followed Yu Yan for a few days, showing that he knew everything within Yu Yan’s palace.

There was definitely an issue with the attendants in his palace.

Yu Yan’s eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. He instructed with difficulty, “I’m sick these few days. Don’t let anyone visit. You shouldn’t leave… No matter who calls you, don’t go. Just say it’s my order.”

Mu Yungui nodded. “Yes.”

Hearing Mu Yungui’s response, Yu Yan finally felt relieved, and his consciousness sank into darkness.

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He slept for a long time this time, and Mu Yungui roused him once in the middle of the night, and fed him a bowl of decoction.

Yu Yan opened his eyes. Once he saw that Mu Yungui was indeed in front of him, he fell asleep again.

When he woke up completely, it was already the next morning.

“Yungui…” Yu Yan’s voice was still a little husky. His head was groggy. “Yungui…”

No response.

Mu Yungui wasn’t inside the room.

Yu Yan suddenly remembered what happened yesterday, and instantly became sober.

Without caring to put on shoes, he ran out barefoot. Just as he opened the door of resting chamber, he slammed directly into a solid chest.

Mu Yungui’s super-high martial arts played a great role at this moment. He held Yu Yan with one hand, and on the other, he held a bowl of decoction, filled to the brim, not even a drop was spilled.


Yu Yan’s head was still dizzy, but he was even more dizzy when he was hit like this, holding his forehead in pain. “Where did you go, didn’t I tell you not to leave?”

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate went to boil medicine for Master.”

Yu Yan couldn’t say anything.

He slept too long this time, his consciousness not particularly clear at the moment. His expression was still slightly glazed.

Mu Yungui sighed silently, placed the decoction aside on the small table and picked up Yu Yan as he walked into the room.

“Master’s fever burned for a day and a night, only fading just now. How could Master get out of bed without wearing shoes?” It was rare to hear Mu Yungui’s serious tone.

“The floor is obviously padded with fur…” Yu Yan whispered. Noticing Mu Yungui’s gaze, he immediately changed the topic, “I’m worried about you.”

Yesterday, Yu Shu’s words made Yu Yan uneasy. In fact, even if the other party found out that Mu Yungui had left Jiang Du, Yu Yan had his ways to remove any suspicion.

But an interrogation would be inevitable.

Mu Yungui was still considered a slave. If he was really suspected of murdering the prince, those people would not treat him as politely as Yu Yan.

Mu Yungui laid Yu Yan on the bed, then turned around to bring the decoction. He fed Yu Yan the medicine.

Yu Yan obediently sipped. Mu Yungui then said, “This subordinate switched to a new batch of palace servants, under the name of Master.”

Yu Yan: “Good.”

Since it was confirmed that there are informants in the palace, it was better to replace them all instead of spending energy to check.

Mu Yungui continued, “No one came to summon this subordinate yesterday. Only the fifth prince wanted to visit Master, but this subordinate stopped him at the door.”

“Yu Hong again…” Yu Yan nodded. “I see.”

After feeding Yu Yan the medicine, Mu Yungui took out a siken cloth and wiped Yu Yan’s lips. He muttered, “Master actually doesn’t have to worry about this subordinate so much.”

Yu Yan was taken aback.

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate has a life debt to Master. This subordinate has said before, to be willing to do anything for Master. Even if it is this life, this subordinate will…”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Yu Yan interrupted softly. “Me saving you, having you by my side, is not for you to owe me. It’s not even for you to give up your life for me.”


Yu Yan said sternly, “I’m worried about you because I have never regarded you as a servant. I have always regarded you as—”

His voice stopped abruptly. His lips purses. Nothing more was said.

What did he regard Mu Yungui as?

A confidant, a friend, or… an important person in his life?

But this was certain, Mu Yungui should be a very special existence to him.


Yu Yan looked away. “Anyway, you don’t have to be so careful with me. I want to treat you as equals, to be totally frank with you. If… If you agree, I hope you can also treat me like this.”

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate understands.”

Mu Yungui paused, and continued, “Can this subordinate ask Master a question?”

Yu Yan said: “Continue.”

Mu Yungui slowly asked, “…I can protect him. I can also protect you.”

Yu Yan: “…”

Mu Yungui looked at Yu Yan and asked seriously, “Who is the ‘he’ in Master’s words?”

Mu Yungui’s words instantly reminded Yu Yan of his scatterbrain words uttered yesterday.

Did his brain burn too heavily from the fever? Why would he think that he… he…

The thinking of those who were sick was usually unreasonable. Now that Yu Yan was sober, he wished he could go back to yesterday to dig a hole and bury himself.

The only good thing was he didn’t state out his conjunction. Otherwise, he would be so embarrassed.

Yu Yan comforted himself in his heart, then hearing Mu Yungui continue on, “Master also held tightly onto this subordinate yesterday, saying that he likes girls and doesn’t want boys, wanting this subordinate to promise for a girl before lying down to sleep.”

“These…what do they mean?”

Yu Yan: “…………”

“I’m sleepy.” Yu Yan decisively turned over, pulled the quilt and buried his head.

Mu Yungui: “Master just said that he would be totally frank to this subordinate.”

“I…I…” Yu Yan vaguely stated, “I don’t remember. Don’t disturb me, I’m sleeping!”

Mu Yungui quietly stared at the bulge on the bed, almost couldn’t help smiling on his lips.

Of course he understood what that meant.

Last night, Yu Yan didn’t just say those words. The groggy, sick young man grabbed his hand tightly and demanded an answer – if he was willing to have a child together, if he wanted a girl.

Only after pressuring Mu Yungui to agree one by one, then he was willing to sleep obediently.

How could he be unwilling? He couldn’t not ask for more.

Such a pity that it was just nonsense talk from a serious illness.

If it was true, it would have been too good.

Yu Yan’s illness came and went fast. After the fever subsided, he quickly regained his energy.

Later, Yu Hong came to visit him again in the hall.

Not only that, he had sent a lot of things. Whatever nourishing medicinals, luxurious clothes, delicacies of gourmet food – even when the Yan Emperor welcomed the new concubines, they were not of this level.

Yu Yan looked at the pile of gifts on the table, a little expastrated. “Ah Hong, I just suffered a wind chill. It’s not a serious illness…”

“I’m worried about Imperial brother.” Yu Hong put the last box of Thousand Years Ginseng on the table and said seriously, “Even wind chill can cause serious illness. Imperial brother should not underestimate it.”

Yu Yan rubbed his eyebrows. “Okay, you can put it down.”

Yu Hong smiled, satisfied.

Yu Yan asked people to put things away. Mu Yungui served tea.

The two sat down and drank.

Yu Yan suddenly asked, “Ah Hong, yesterday you and Eldest imperial brother…”

Yu Hong said, “I have explained the matter to eldest imperial brother. He already believes that Imperial brother did not do it.”



The servants were all sent away. Only the two of them and the server, Mu Yungui were left in the palace hall.

Yu Yan was too lazy to keep him on tenterhooks. He asked directly, “I obviously didn’t bring Mu Yungui back to Empress mother’s palace that day. Why did you lie? You believe the death of the fourth prince has nothing to do with me?”

Yu Hong lowered his eyes and did not answer.

Yu Yan didn’t urge, but quietly waited for his answer.

The two were in a stalemate for a moment. Yu Yan placed the tea cup in his hand down. “Yu Hong, you have been very sticky to me since childhood. Emperor father, Empress mother and a few of our imperial brothers and sisters have treated you well, but you only like to stick to me.”

“I also like you very much. Although our biological mothers are different, I always take care of you like a younger brother.”

Yu Yan tilted his head to look at him, and said softly, “I am very grateful for you to cover for me that day, but I also want to know why you lied.”

Yu Hong said, “Because I know this thing was not done by Imperial brother.”

Yu Yan frowned, “Why would you…”

“Fourth imperial brother died at the hands of the Western Xia people. Someone deliberately revealed his whereabouts to Western Xia, causing the assassins to ambush on his only path and murder him.”

He raised his eyes to look at Yu Yan. “Imperial brother still wants to continue to ask who did this?”

“It’s you…” Yu Yan’s expression sank. “Why?”

“Because I promised I will prove it to you.” Yu Hong said, “Fourth imperial brother is just the beginning. I will eradicate all those who stand in front of imperial brother.”

When Yu Hong said this, his expression was the same as before.

The sixteen-year-old boy had a terribly calm expression, as if he had just done something insignificant.

Yu Hong held a sincere expression. “I said before, I will definitely help Imperial brother.”

Yu Yan fixed his eyes on him for a long while, then smiled softly. “Then you sending Meng Changzhou to assassinate me was to help me?”

Yu Hong’s face changed instantly.

“No…it’s not me…”

“It’s not you?” Yu Yan said, “If it weren’t for you, why did you send someone to kill Meng Changzhou and lay blame on Eldest imperial brother?”

Yu Hong’s lips trembled, unable to speak a word.

Even Mu Yungui was surprised.

The assassin he captured died in the manor, and Yu Yan said that the matter ended there. He thought that Yu Yan had given up investigating the truth.

He never knew, Yu Yan already had the answer in his heart.

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Yu Yan pensively remarked, “Actually, you don’t have to kill that assassin. You have exposed yourself from the time you sent the assassin.”

Yu Hong: “I don’t understand…”

“Before Meng Changzhou left Jiang Du, he once said a sentence to me. He said that if I want to climb to a high position, every prince is my obstacle, and in the eyes of all the princes, I am also a hindrance.” Yu Yan said, ” Since we are all enemies, is there a difference between who made the move?”

The blood on Yu Hong’s face drained. He understood in an instant. “If it was Eldest imperial brother… if was Eldest imperial brother…”

Yu Yan’s eyes were cold. “If it was our eldest, he doesn’t need to risk waiting for Meng Changzhou to leave Jiang Du before sending someone to kill him. Because even if I find out that he did it, as long as there is no evidence, I can’t do anything about him.”

“But you dare not do this.” Yu Yan stated, “Worried about being discovered by me in Jiang Du, you can only be patient and wait until Meng Changzhou leaves. But even then, you still worry, so you deliberately let another pretend to be my soldier. Even when there were assassins captured by Yungui, they took the risk to head to the manor to silence my captive.”

“But the fact is, I sent Yungui just to confirm whether anyone was going to kill Meng Changzhou on the road. Once someone does it, no matter what the follow-up is, the answer is self-evident.”

“Yu Hong, your plan is very thorough, but you are too concerned about hiding yourself. Because of this, you are fearful and full of flaws.”

“… You understand now?”

Yu Hong did not answer.

His face was extremely pale, and a thin layer of sweat beaded on his forehead.

Yu Yan narrowed his gaze and sighed silently. “Yu Hong, you are very smart and powerful. I have underestimated you these years.”

“… This is the end of the matter. You might as well tell me directly, what are you doing this for – to take the crown?”

“Imperial brother still doesn’t believe me…” Yu Hong’s voice weakened, and his eyes were quietly turning red. “I sent someone to kill Meng Changzhou. It was also intentional to frame our Eldest imperial brother. But I… I never thought about hurting you.”

Yu Hong lowered his head, nearly sobbing, “I don’t want the crown prince position, and I don’t want to hurt you either. These are true.”

Yu Yan frowned.

He practically watched Yu Hong grow up.

This kid usually doesn’t like to read books, only liking to have fun, always having a simple-minded expression. He never knew that this child would have such deep thoughts and such vicious conspiracies.

But… why?

If you really have no intention of taking the crown, why would you do these things?

For the first time, Yu Yan felt that he didn’t know this little brother.

He wanted to ask more, but Yu Hong stood up. “The matter is over. What is Imperial brother going to do with me? Will you report me to Emperor father?”

“That’s fine too.” He smiled mockingly, “I killed the four princes, so naturally I won’t have the chance to be the crown prince. This way, Imperial brother will have one less opponent and can truly believe that I have no malicious intention.”

Yu Yan argued back, “You said you have no malicious intention, but you refused to tell me why you’re doing this. How can I believe you?”

“Since ancient times, the struggle for imperial power has made blood spill and sacrifices inevitable. I have expected these. If it was not a last resort, I wouldn’t want to go into fratricide, especially with you.”

“Yu Hong, no matter what plans you have next, I hope you can stop before you go too far.”

Yu Yan sighed and closed his eyes. “… Please leave.”

Yu Hong took a step forward. “Imperial brother…”

Mu Yungui stopped in front of him. “Fifth highness, please head back.”

Yu Hong raised his eyes to look at Mu Yungui, and then at Yu Yan, his eyes dipped, flashing a hint of coldness.

But he didn’t say anything, simply bowing to Yu Yan and turned to leave.

Yu Yan recovered from a serious illness, and felt extremely exhausted when he relaxed. He beckoned to Mu Yungui, who walked to him and was embraced very naturally.

“So tired…” Yu Yan whispered.

Mu Yungui brushed his hair, and said, “If tired, rest for a while. This subordinate will accompany you.”

“I think Yu Hong didn’t lie.” Yu Yan said, “But I don’t understand, why did he do this?”

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate will check for Master.”

Yu Yan answered softly, “Do you think my letting him go today was a wrong choice?”


Yu Yan raised his eyes to look at him.

“In my heart, Master will never be wrong. Even if something is not handled properly, this subordinate will do his utmost best to solve the problem for Master.”

Mu Yungui warmly added, “Master only needs to follow what he wants to do.”

Yu Yan’s eyes felt a little sore. He turned his eyes away and mumbled, “If you trust me like this, won’t you be afraid I’ll let you down someday?”

Mu Yungui: “Master will never let me down.”

Not true.

You will be disappointed in me soon.

Yu Yan thought silently in his heart.

Mu Yungui was so loyal to him, but while he was ill, all he was thinking about was how to obtain this person and force this person to have children with him.

… Truly, he has no face left.1Aka his pride is in shatters

An announcement by a palace servant – Physician Feng has arrived for a review.

Mu Yungui helped Yu Yan back to bed, and allowed Physician Feng to check his pulse.

Yu Yan recovered very well, and Physician Feng left two packets of medicine and advised on his diet and daily habits in the next few days. Then, he prepared to leave.

“Physician Feng, please wait.” Yu Yan abruptly called out.

He hesitated for a moment, then turned to Mu Yungui and told him, “Yungui, you go out first. I have something to talk to the imperial physician alone.”

Mu Yungui followed the order obediently and bowed to Yu Yan. He left the palace hall.

The entrance of the hall was shut. Yu Yan lowered his voice, questioning, “I have something, and I need to consult this imperial physician.”

He was still concerned about the pregnancy.

It has been more than one month since his etrus but the medication he took for prevention was only half a month ago.

In the stories, once an omega was pregnant, it usually took about three months to be discovered.

Within these three months, it would not be safe for Yu Yan.

He raised his troubles vaguely, and Physician Feng replied, “Your highness is thinking too much. Though omegas won’t find an issue to conceive, it’s not as easy as what your highness thinks, not like what everything thinks.”

“Not like what everything thinks?” Yu Yan frowned. “Then why did the stories–”

Physician Feng was at a loss. “The stories?”

“Cough. It’s nothing. You go on.”

Master Feng stroked his beard, and drew out his words, “For an omega to be pregnant, it’s usually when the alpha enters the genital cavity and leaves a distinct scent marking.”

“Doesn’t that mean it needs to be completely marked?”


Yu Yan: “…”

Bastard Qing Jue. He lied again.

Physician Feng looked at Yu Yan’s clouded face. He tentatively asked, “Whose omega did your highness fancy? Even having the person……”


Yu Yan didn’t want to explain more, and it was unnecessary. Instead, he stated, “Whatever I asked today, I would hope this physician would keep mum.”

Physician Feng: “Of course.”

The Yan Emperor did not differentiate between male and female. Within the harem, there were plenty of male omegas. It had not surprised Physician Feng that the prince would have this hobby.

Yu Yan asked a few more questions about omegas’ conception and estrus period. Physician Feng answered them one by one before he was allowed to leave chamber.

As soon as he walked out the door, he saw Yu Yan’s personal guard, Mu Yungui, waiting in the courtyard.

“Thank you for your trouble. I will accompany you2Formally out.” Mu Yungui walked over and saluted Physician Feng.

Physician Feng looked him up and down.

He had only briefly seen Mu Yungui and there was no opportunity to observe this person seriously.

Up until now, he didn’t notice that the imperial bodyguard next to the second highness was so extraordinarily handsome.

With that appearance, even when adding all the omegas in the harem together, they would not be worth even one thousandth of them.

Physician Feng suddenly had a breakthrough.

So that’s how it was.

It was just, judging from the second highness’ questions, the prince seemed to not want him to be with child.

No matter how loyal he was, he was just a plaything.

Too pitiful.

Aas he thought of this, Physician Feng’s gaze at Mu Yungui was filled with a trace of sympathy.

He patted Mu Yungui on the shoulder, and sighed. “Child, it’s been hard on you.”

Mu Yungui: “?”


The author has something to say:
Yu Yan: Is it my fault that I’ve been reading too many childbearing stories???


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