Chapter 20 – Do you think I only use you for relief?

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The night was dark. A figure jumped off the roof and silently landed into Yu Yan’s palace hall courtyard.

The guard at the front of the hall was called out to the courtyard. The bed chamber was tightly shut, and only a dim palace lantern was lit in the room.

Mu Yungui came to the window and pushed it lightly. A tiny gap appeared.

A faint pear blossom scent wafted through the crack in the window.

 Mu Yungui’s breathing hitched. 

The reason why he didn’t return to the palace today was obviously not only because he had to prepare for the martial arts competition.

The power of a complete marking was much more terrifying than he had initially thought.

There seemed to be an invisible thread that connected him and Yu Yan, making their relationship closer than before. If it was just that, it would be fine. But what was even more frightening was that any of the other’s gestures were enough to affect his own emotions.

Becoming more emotional, becoming more likely to lose control.

Mu Yungui had never experienced such a terrible sense of loss of control. He had always been good at restraining and enduring, but in front of an omega’s monopoly, that felt like a joke, making him expend much more energy everyday to restrain himself.

If this continued, sooner or later, he would lose his senses in front of his master.  

Fortunately, the martial arts competition had been pushed forth. He finally had a reason to temporarily avoid Yu Yan, to give himself some time to calm down.  

After he left for the palace, although he could not avoid worrying, he thought it was better than staying together all day, having his walls raised up.

Mu Yungui quietly stepped into the room, movements so swift that even the air around his limbs didn’t move. The candle lamp placed on the window was still burning steadily, reflecting the figure lying behind the gauze screen.

With steps as light as a feather, he walked to the bed, and heard a faint gasp.  

Mu Yungui paused.

The person lying on the bed had his back to him. The thin silk had slipped off slightly, revealing a pair of slender shoulders.

The other party was curved up, his back was trembling a little, and his breathing was slightly unstable.

He was…  

Yu Yan exhaled gently. His eyes were a little red.

He was only annoyed for a while, and deliberately sent the paper infused with fragrance to Mu Yungui, implying that his heat was coming and he wanted the other party to come back to see him. After Shadow Two went to deliver the letter, however, he began to regret it.

He had only recently begun to learn how to release his scent. He couldn’t control it very well.

He deliberately wanted to hint Mu Yungui to return. But when the person came back to find that he had not entered his heat yet, how should this lie be covered up?

The competition was in three days. And the dignified second prince not only had his mind full of love affairs but also intentionally used this kind of reason to delay that man!

His face was gone.1Basically, his pride had combusted into thin air. Too ashamed!

There was no other way to cover this up but one: to arouse himself. At least enough to pass the night.

In the past, when Mu Yungui helped him, he could get stirred easily. Yet when Yu Yan did it on his own, he was unsure why, even when his hands were sore, there was no success.

With Mu Yungui’s speed, it would take less than an hour from the outer manor to the imperial city.

It was almost too late…

The more anxious he was, the more he couldn’t do it. Flushing with the feeling of not being up or down, Yu Yan wanted to rest a moment, when a hand stretched out from behind him, embracing his body,

Yu Yan: “!!!”

The heated body pressed him from behind. Yu Yan’s body stiffened. “Apologies. This subordinate has arrived late.” A low voice whispered in his ears.

” ——” Yu Yan was so nervous his teeth trembled. Before he could say anything, Mu Yungui’s hands moved gently.

Due to his recent martial arts practice, Mu Yungui’s palm had another layer of calluses. Yu Yan could tell, as those palms rubbed the back of his hand. 

He held Yu Yan’s hand. His movements weren’t particularly fast, but Yu Yan’s breathing became rapid.

It was a completely different feeling from just now. Waves of pleasure began to surge, to rise through his skin. His body seemed to be on a fire stove, burning, everything was scalding hot.

Suddenly, Mu Yungui bit the small red mole on the back of Yu Yan’s neck.


Yu Yan let out a low cry from behind his clenched teeth. His body trembled violently. In an instance, his eyes went completely dark and he even lost consciousness.

The pear blossoms in the air were fragrant and sweet. Yu Yan leaned into Mu Yungui’s arms, his breathing calming down little by little.  

Mu Yungui helped him clean up. Asking softly, “Does Master feel better?”

Yu Yan had no face left to look at him. He buried his head in Mu Yungui’s arms, and ‘En’-ed in a low voice.

Mu Yungui continued, “Master is not in heat.”

Yu Yan: “!”

He knew. Mu Yungui helped him through many heat periods. He could easily tell when he was in one.

Yu Yan’s cheeks flushed, reluctantly trying to explain, “I…I am…”

“It doesn’t matter. This subordinate understands.” 

 “‌‌‌‌……?” Yu Yan blinked suspiciously, raising his eyes to Mu Yungui.

His eyes were as gentle as ever, he hugged Yu Yan, and gently stroked his back with his palms.

Mu Yungui explained carefully, “After the complete marking, it is natural for Master to need his alpha. This is not Master’s fault.”

Just like he needed Yu Yan, as his omega, Yu Yan would need the alpha who marked him too. 

Master must have endured it for a long time until today when he couldn’t take it anymore and sent a letter for him to return.

He did not think thoroughly, did not take into account Master’s mood.

Mu Yungui: “This subordinate knows the mistake. Master, please impose punishment.”

Yu Yan: “…” 

Always feeling that something was wrong!

Why wasn’t this person’s brain circuit normal? ? ?

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“Yun, Yungui. The truth is I…” Yu Yan opened his mouth, but couldn’t say another word.

He actually should be upfront with Mu Yungui.

But this second prince, who used to fear neither the heavens nor earth, had stage fright as soon as he was caught up in this situation. The last time, at the temporary imperial residence in Chang Lu, he had finally mustered up the courage, but he was blocked by Yu Hong, that bastard little brother.

Since then, there were no further opportunities to speak out.

And today was not the best time either.

Mu Yungui was about to participate in the martial arts competition. He could not disturb Mu Yungui’s mood now, nor could he release energy with him.

Yu Yan complained silently in his heart, and gradually calmed down.  

Mu Yungui sensed the change in his attitude and even looked as if he was ashamed of his own desires, touching Yu Yan’s hair comfortingly. “Master doesn’t have to be troubled. This subordinate has said before that he is willing to do anything for Master.”

“From now on, why don’t this subordinate relieve Master once every one or two days? What does Master think?”

 “…” Yu Yan was overwhelmed by his frustration towards this man.  

What did he think he was finding him for? To relieve his desire? ? ?

Seeing that Yu Yan did not object, Mu Yungui assumed he had agreed.

Sensing the body in his arms gradually being pacified, he placed Yu Yan down and sat up.

Yu Yan asked hesitatingly, “Where are you going?”

Mu Yungui: “Since Master is no longer uncomfortable, this subordinate will head back to the outer manor.”

“…” Yu Yan was annoyed. “‌Stop right there!”

Mu Yungui paused. He turned to look back at Yu Yan.

Yu Yan was so mad that his ears were flushing red. In a seething tone, he said, “You plan to leave just like this?”

Mu Yungui was surprised. What did he mean?  

He just helped relieve Yu Yan. Naturally, his body would have a reaction. They were so close to each other that it was impossible to conceal it.

Mu Yungui avoided Yu Yan’s gaze. “I…”  

He was going to take an exam soon. Can’t stimulate him too much.

Yu Yan took a deep breath, sat up on his knees and looked at Mu Yungui. “Yungui, I didn’t want to admit it before but to me, you’re not just someone I use you to relieve myself.  Actually I… I have always treated you as a very important person.”

Mu Yungui looked down at him, saying in a hushed tone, “To this subordinate, Master is also a very important person.”  

“That was not what I meant!”

The anger that had finally subsided, ignited again. Yu Yan was angry and annoyed. With a forceful pull of the arm, he made Mu Yungui fall onto the bed. 

Usually, this person wasn’t this stubborn. But since he doesn’t listen to whatever is said, it was better to show him with actions.

Yu Yan leaned forward and directly tugged at the belt on Mu Yungui’s clothes.  

Since the last two times when he couldn’t loosen the belt, he deliberately studied how to untie this broken thing, in case of necessity.  

Mu Yungui struggled to straighten himself, but immediately had his shoulders pressed down onto the bed by Yu Yan.

“Master–” The shadow guard who used to be calm and steadfast was currently flustered.

“Stay still.” Yu Yan straddled Mu Yungui and looked down at him. “Don’t worry. You’re about to participate in the imperial competition. I won’t do anything to you, just giving back what I received. Since you have an obligation to relieve me, as an omega, shouldn’t I also help you relieve?”

“Besides, our bodies are still growing. If you stifle it too much, what will I do in the future?”

Saying this, he smiled maliciously and lowered his head.

Mu Yungui’s body tensed.  

Lust finally took over him, burning rationality to ashes.



Three days later, the imperial competition was held as scheduled.

That afternoon, Yu Yan received an invitation. The prime minister had invited him to his home for a gathering.

The prime minister always remained neutral on the decision of the crown prince. As far as Yu Yan knew, the prince Yu Shu had already visited him.

He could roughly guess what the prime minister wanted to see him for.

A prince being too close with the state officials was a cause of suspicion. When the eldest prince first visited the prime minister, it was all in secrecy. 

If it was in the past, Yu Yan could have pushed this invitation aside. But today, he was truly too vexed while waiting for the news. So he might as well go out for a stroll.

Yu Yan took a carriage to the prime minister’s mansion. After informing about his intentions, the servants announced him in.  

In Great Yan, the prime minister was one above ten thousand people. His house was extremely magnificent, not losing even to the imperial palace.

When Yu Yan was led into the hall, the prime minister was sitting in the head seat and sipping tea. When he saw Yu Yan enter, he got up and bowed to him.  

This person was already over half a hundred years old, his physique wide and plump. He smiled. “Honored by the second highness’ arrival to my humble abode.”

Yu Yan also smiled. “Lord Prime Minister, this official mansion is much better than my Xingsheng Palace. This can’t be called a humble abode.”

The two exchanged common greetings, and the prime minister invited Yu Yan to sit.

The servants who were serving by the side stepped back one after another. Yu Yan scanned the closed room and came straight to the point. “This lord invited me to the mansion today, is it about the inheritance of the throne?” 

The prime minister did not expect that Yu Yan would be so direct, and choked on his tea. “Cough cough cough…”

Yu Yan had a look of innocence. “Lord Prime Minister, slow down.”

The prime minister took a while to regain his breath. He gave a forced smile. “As expected of the second highness, cough.”    

Yu Yan: “There’s only two of us here. You can speak directly.”

“His Majesty’s health is steadily deteriorating. Not long ago, he has already told this old official that he will make an imperial edict for the next heir in the near future.” 

This is what Yu Yan had expected; he nodded. The prime minister continued, “Your highness should know that between you and the eldest prince, the imperial court has been arguing ceaselessly about who to appoint.  His Majesty also doesn’t know how to make a decision.”

As if he really doesn’t know!  

Yu Yan silently muttered in his heart.

However, he didn’t show it on his face. Instead, he swallowed his temper and asked, “According to this lord, who would be more suitable to be the crown prince, me or my imperial brother?”

“Since there is no one else here, this old minister will say it straight. The eldest highness is good at planning, but his temperament is far inferior to that of the second highness. Towards the ruling of the empire, the second highness is naturally more suitable.” The prime minister stated, “Although this is not formally imposed, this old minister has felt that the second highness is the best candidate to be the crown prince.”

Yu Yan smiled. “But how did I manage to hear that those under you keep saying that this highness comes from an improper family background, not worthy to be the crown prince?” 

The prime minister waved his hand. “They are all ignorant. This old minister will ask them to personally apologize to your Highness.”  

The power the prime minister had in the imperial court was no small matter. Not that it would rock the whole empire’s authority but to some extent, it was enough to influence the decision of the monarch. 

This was also the reason why Yu Shu had visited the prime minister in person before.

With this man’s support, one could become the crown prince.

Yu Yan contemplated for a moment. “If this lord is willing to help me, how should Yu Yan repay the favour?”

“No need for payback, but this old man does have something to discuss with Your Highness.” The prime minister commented, “This old man has a little daughter, who’s currently seventeen years old and is not yet married.”

Yu Yan: “…”


Yu Yan left the prime minister’s mansion. The carriage was waiting outside.

He walked over, and saw a familiar figure waiting by the carriage.

It was Mu Yungui.

Yu Yan realized that the imperial competition was over.  

Mu Yungui did not wear an imperial guard outfit today. Instead, he was wearing a uniform from the martial arts competition. Even the simplest robe on him had a distinctive flavor, unlike in the past.  

Yu Yan liked this image of him so much that it made his heart flutter. Huskily, he asked, “How do you always find me, no matter where I am?”

Mu Yungui solemnly replied, “This subordinate contacted Shadow Two.”


It was useless to expect something romantic from this person.

A little discouraged, Yu Yan patted Mu Yungui on the shoulder. “Come, let’s go to a restaurant to have a big meal as a reward.”

 Mu Yungui laid the low stool beside the carriage and helped Yu Yan into the carriage. He asked casually, “Why did the prime minister invite Master over?”

Thinking of this, Yu Yan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said helplessly, “What else? He wants his daughter to marry me and become the Empress. As long as I promise to marry her, he will support me in becoming the emperor.”

Mu Yungui froze. 

Yu Yan happened to bend into the carriage, not noticing the sinking expression on Mu Yungui’s face.

He sat down in the car, leisurely explaining, “I haven’t even ascended the throne yet. Why do these people always make a fuss about my marriage?”


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