Chapter 6 – You really aren’t picky! 

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What did it mean when an actor met an investor, and his first words upon opening his mouth were “Big brother”?!

Wasn’t this clearly telling the sugar daddy “I want to get forced by you” ?!

The sugar daddy himself had clearly interpreted this message accurately.

Ji Zhinong was forced to raise his head, his silly bowl cut bangs jumping upwards. Li Shaoyao raised his hand and brushed his forehead, lifting his bangs up completely. Only then was Ji Zhinong’s face completely exposed.

“Ordinary and average?” Li Shaoyao muttered quietly. “When used on you it’s in a derogatory sense.”

“What are you saying…big brother…”

The spirit started showing its effects. Wen Che’s mind was clear, but Ji Zhinong’s body was drunk. The more he wanted to avoid the words “big brother”, the more his mouth called “big brother” hotly, his voice also carrying a bit of the warm softness of drunkenness.

Wen Che wanted to die!

It was a good thing that his current identity was that of Ji Zhinong or else his lifelong reputation would be destroyed this very day!!

Not only did Li Shaoyao, who was called “big brother”, not get angry, but he also followed some strange logic and said, “You’re calling me ‘big brother’ for the role of Lu Yun?”

“…” The truthful-when-drunk Ji Zhinong nodded his head honestly.

Film Emperor Wen, who in the past several years had successfully protected himself from actresses with certain intentions, was currently testing the strategy himself.

Li Shaoyao’s expression said, “I see, as I guessed.”

Wen Che: Child, how could you have been corrupted?!! How could you have that sort of intention towards me?!!

His inner cries were silent. No one could hear them.

Li Shaoyao kabe-doned1wall slam, refers to anime troupe of pinning someone against the wall Ji Zhinong on the glass wall, trapping his lower body in a possessive stance.

“You can be the main lead if you want,” he said quietly. “I want you to not only be the Lu Yun in the drama, but also the Lu Yun on my bed.”

Wen Che: “…”

He was so angry that he wanted his soul to separate from his body and take the teacher’s pointer at the side to ruthlessly hit a certain someone’s butt!

But he couldn’t do anything. Ji Zhinong’s body gave him a new life but had also restrained his freedom at some point.

His powerless rage being of no help, he could only do his utmost to use the remaining bit of his rational, unmuddled mind to ask him, “Lu Yun is an upright immortal. How could you let me act as him? Do you know all the scandals about me…”

“Hmph. You have some sense of self-awareness.” Li Shaoyao said coldly. “Most of the paparazzi are nasty people. I don’t believe what they say. You tell me yourself who you’ve done it with and if it was all done willingly.”

“…I don’t remember.” That part of his memory was indeed fragmented. It was probably really shameful, so the mind of the original owner of the body automatically censored it and made it blurry. Wen Che couldn’t see the complete picture.

Li Shaoyao: “If you don’t remember it, then just treat it as if it never happened.”

Ji Zhinong: “You…” You really aren’t picky!

“It isn’t as if those scandals of yours can’t be changed.” Li Shaoyao scanned his fair cheeks. “You could be notorious or innocent.”

The alcohol overcame Wen Che’s last bit of rationality. He started feeling dizzy, his eyes unfocused and even seeing double of everything.

He’d told Wei Qing that alcoholic to stop drinking centuries ago! He’d never imagined that this time his alcohol would directly harm him!!!

He didn’t even want his last hope, the role of Lu Yun, anymore. He just wanted to run away immediately!

But his wrists were firmly caught by the other man.

That upright and honest child had completely been corrupted.

That was Wen Che’s final thought before fainting.

He fell into Li Shaoyao’s embrace and accidentally knocked over a flower vase on the table. The flower vase fell to the floor loudly, and Assistant Chen opened the door to ask if he needed help.

But what he saw was CEO Li tightly embracing the little celebrity who had just walked in, currently observing his degree of drunkenness closely, even to the point of touching the flushed ends of Ji Zhinong’s eyes.

Chen Qing unconsciously narrowed the gap of the door to not let a third person see this moment before he dared to ask. “Sir, what are you ?”

Li Shaoyao didn’t get angry at getting interrupted, only telling his assistant, “Go clear the hall so no one’s there.”


He lifted Ji Zhinong in a princess carry. “Tell the school I picked the male lead. I thank them for their cooperation these past three years.”


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