Chapter 39 – How shabby (pt.4 )

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The movie premiere was set to June 27th while Zhang Yunan’s wedding date was scheduled to be ten days earlier.

He had his heart set on taking Ji Zhinong’s limelight as the male lead.

On the day of the wedding banquet, a grand occasion, simply the reporters outside already numbered in the twenties. Just the media who had business collaborations with De Yu Ent. took up two whole tables. They were responsible for joining in on the celebration as well as writing articles, promising to hype the wedding to the maximum. They had even prepared twenty something trending hashtags in advance.

The relatives, on the other hand, sat at the center table. Ten minutes before the wedding started, there was still one empty seat at the table.

Aside from Ji Qingshan, who wouldn’t have come from the start, Ji Zhinong hadn’t come either.

Zhang Yunan felt apprehensive, remembering Ji Zhinong’s previous words in spite of himself.

Was he really planning to get an eye for an eye and do something as extreme as jumping into the sea to ruin the wedding?

Impossible, impossible. He had Li Shaoyao, and even if he felt unresigned to it and wanted to get revenge today, Li Shaoyao would stop him.

He had kept exposing Ji Zhinong’s past wounds, but the one who couldn’t walk out of the relationship between the three was him.

He took Ji Zhinong’s life and his fiancé, becoming a thief and a bandit. But now, on the day that everything was finally falling into place, Zhang Yunan suddenly felt beside himself with guilt. It was precisely because he was about to succeed that he was anxious, afraid that there would be an unforeseen circumstance that would put his previous efforts to waste.

But everything was normal up to the official start of the wedding. When Ji Tianjun walked Zhang Yunan to the stage, everyone off stage was all smiles. No matter if these smiles were sincere or not, at least they looked warm and harmonious on the surface.

The hired emcee, Du Shen, was a prominent host from a certain TV network. In a few words, he lightened up the atmosphere in the banquet hall, amusing the guests in passing.

Only Ji Rugui was drinking with his head down, not saying a single word or laughing in the slightest. The camera travelling through the banquet hall captured that moment and highlighted it intentionally, hyping the hashtag of “DeepBrotherlyLove” with the pictures.

Du Shen moved forward with the proceedings in the interest of time. “Okay, next, we’ll have the newlyweds exchange their rings.”

Qin Kaiyu took out the rings and took Zhang Yunan’s left hand, slipping the ring onto his ring finger. Cheers sounded off-stage. As if those cheers encouraged him, Zhang Yunan completely relaxed and slipped the ring in his hand on Qin Kaiyu’s ring finger. The ritual went strangely smoothly, and the music sounded in a timely manner, and Qin Kaiyu embraced Yunan, kissing him deeply.

This segment was romantic and beautiful, everyone present engrossed in the moment. Only Du Shen remembered his duties as emcee and watched them kiss for a minute while keeping track of the time before he interrupted them. “All the relatives and friends present are mostly colleagues in the industry, so you all know that Yunan is an outstanding actor. He and Mr. Qin Kaiyu formed their ties at the famous drama academy Q University. On their journey, they supported each other and mutually made achievements. Next, let’s look back on their beautiful love with a video!”

But the large screen in the banquet hall was dead silent.

The experienced Du Shen kept his calm and repeated, “Let’s look back on their beautiful love with a video!”

There still weren’t any images or sound showing up. Right as the guests felt that it was strange and turned their attention to the large screen, two scenes gradually showed up on screen. Because the composition of the images were extremely exquisite, everyone thought it was some director’s creative, original approach.

Even Qin Kaiyu was a little taken aback. He looked at Zhang Yunan. “An An, you prepared a surprise for me?”

Zhang Yunan went from shocked to panicking in just one second.

“N-no! Stop! Turn it off!” He suddenly shouted. But the people operating the large screen backstage ignored his orders.

The curtain was lifted on the show, and the audience’s curiosity had been piqued. No one cared about Zhang Yunan’s weak opposition. The only one who was sympathetic to him was Ji Rugui. When their panicked and helpless gazes met, the lingering sounds on the balcony from two years ago sounded through the entire banquet hall.

Warning: Inc**t

“An An, I wanted to press you against the bed since the day you turned 18.”

“We aren’t related by blood, so this isn’t incest. This is pure love. Yunan, tell me, do you love me?”

Two years ago, Zhang Yunan panted while a few sweet words spilled out. “Y-yes…”

The relatives and friends off-stage stayed silent in tacit agreement. No one made a racket, much less shift their gaze away. Peeping is a hobby shared by all people, and the reporters from the media took out their cameras and turned on their recorder in retrospect. Someone accidentally left their flash on, and the white light flashed across, suddenly slicing across the screen in front of them like a knife through a still oil painting.

The person in the video started to go crazy and cry out in pain.

Zhang Yunan grasped Qin Kaiyu’s hand tightly, trying to explain, but the video was currently reaching its climax. His panting from two years ago was so intense that it drowned out his explanation. Qin Kaiyu’s expression while looking at him went from affectionate to hate. He even pulled off the ring that hadn’t yet warmed up from him wearing it and smashed it on Zhang Yunan’s forehead. “You really disgust me!”

Despite its size, the ring had a certain heaviness due to its high price. Zhang Yunan fell into a daze from the smashing, his ears ringing. Everyone and everything around him became twisted, and in this twistedness, he saw Mrs. Qin collapse straight into her seat. Qin Kaiyu rushed over to pick up his mother, and the crowd ran for the exit of the banquet hall in a hurry.

He saw the reporters outside rush in like a swarm of bees, the cameras pointed towards him and the rest of the members of the Ji family like guns.

Ji Rugui rushed on stage and blocked Zhang Yunan, wanting to protect him. But before he found his footing, Ji Tianjun had already kicked Ji Rugui onto the floor and turned to slap Zhang Yunan.

Zhang Yunan spun around like a top before collapsing onto the floor. Mother Ji wailed that he was a disgrace to the family and fainted. Ji Ruzhang hurried over to help and shouted at people to call 911, probably because her mother was in bad condition, but everyone was watching this ethical drama with interest and ignored her cries for help.

Seeing the wedding descend into chaos, the security immediately started to disperse the guests.

It only took half an hour for the full house to empty out.

A tall and handsome man leisurely stepped onto the tattered red carpet. He was absent when all the guests had arrived, but after all of them had left, he arrived late.

Ji Zhinong walked over to Zhang Yunan and looked down at him. “Isn’t this wedding gift much more exciting than jumping into the sea to commit suicide?”

Zhang Yunan’s eyes were completely bloodshot. He was forced back into his original form from acting as an innocent little bunny and pounced at Ji Zhinong like a wolf. But in the second, Qin Xiaohuo held Zhang Yunan’s hands behind his back and pressed against it, making him kneel in front of Ji Zhinong.

Wen Che didn’t care for making him kneel, but Zhang Yunan did have to kneel, even kowtow, to the original Ji Zhinong.

“Ji Zhinong… I’m going to sue you. I’m going to sue you! I’m going to sue you for ruining my reputation!”

He’d probably learned something from what happened last time—Zhang Yunan was actually planning to weasel out using the same exact method. What he’d forgotten was that he didn’t have a protector like Li Shaoyao behind him, and the only person who was devoted to him, Qin Kaiyu, had been cheated on and fled this humiliating place in a flustered state.

“You won’t have the chance to.” Ji Zhinong took out his phone, which was currently playing the second half of the video. Hearing the original Ji Zhinong’s cries, Zhang Yunan’s face immediately paled as he shrunk in fear.

Ji Zhinong caught his chin and forced him closer. “You might not understand the current me very well. I’ve always been one to get revenge.”

“Half a year ago, you reported me anonymously and made me get detained for three days over a groundless charge. I’ll settle these old scores with you today.”

Two police officers walked into the banquet hall. Zhang Yunan tried to run but was pulled back by his frontal hair by Ji Zhinong.

“Think about how you’re going to avoid getting charged for assault with intent of murder!”


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