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The production crew planned all the visits to the shooting location in one day. In the morning it was open to fans, and in the afternoon it was open to the media.

Even though Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids was keeping a low profile, the producers had an extraordinary relationship with the media. Those invited were the mainstream of the mainstream, and the reporters were very respectful of the production crew’s opinions.

For example, the director specially instructed the media that the third male lead of the movie was “Zhang Yunan” and that he hoped they wouldn’t mix it up into “Ji Yunan”.

So when they came for the interview, the reporters kept calling him Zhang Yunan.

For the first five minutes, Zhang Yunan could still maintain a calm smile on his face, but towards the end, he was ready to scowl.

“Mr. Zhang, what are your thoughts about being a supporting role to Ji Zhinong’s main role?”

“Zhang Yunan, do you still live at the Ji house? How is your relationship with Ji Zhinong? Are you friends?”

“Mr. Zhang, on the list of names given out by the production it says Zhang Yunan. So now, you’ve really separated from the Ji family and changed your surname to your biological father’s surname Zhang?”

Similar questions were thrown out one after another, the reporters calling him “Zhang Yunan” and “Mr. Zhang” enthusiastically.

Zhang Yunan finally couldn’t take it anymore and scowled in public, directly turning and leaving.

The anger overcame him, and he forgot that one of the media companies was currently live streaming this visit to the shooting location.

That night the topic of #JiYunanScowlingInPublic# got on trending searches.

Marketing accounts1accounts that post information to attract views and publicity or to advertise, based on this part of the live stream of him scowling, pointed out straightforwardly that it was because the reporters crowned him with the surname Zhang that Ji Yunan got angry on the spot—to hide his humiliation.

His fans were also controlling the comments2filling the comment section with supportive/positive comments for their idol and ignoring/reporting bad ones the best they could.

“Ji Yunan Ji Yunan @JiYunan forcibly changing his last name? Are the reporters dead?!”

“What did Yunan do wrong? Back to 20 years ago, he was also a swapped child. Could he decide his birth and fate? Where is the professionalism of reporters who rub salt into others’ wounds?”

“I’m so angry! @LemonEntertainment @TomatoEntertainment @BananaEntertainment your reporters will die tonight”

“Even so, the Ji family only seems to recognize Yunan as their son. Ji Zhinong isn’t presentable. Did everyone not enjoy the show during the wedding last time enough? I’ll give you a recap of the important points: right now, the one married into the Qin family and engaged is Ji Yunan, not Ji Zhinong! This shows that the Ji family values the adopted son more!”

“It’s said that the kindness of raising is greater than the kindness of birth3Chinese idiom that means the act of raising a child is more difficult, and thus more valuable than simply giving birth to the child. The way I see it, the reporters should cling onto Ji Zhinong calling him Zhang Zhinong—No, his original name was Zhang Nong!”

“Hahahahaha such a crude name. Even though he changed his name, it still didn’t stray from the word ‘Nong’. Isn’t this implying that even if a certain someone is recognized by the Ji Corporation, he’s still Zhang Nong in nature?”

As Ji Zhinong only had five fans, that group of fans immediately gave up on controlling the comments and were still investigating the important matter of northeastern rice.

They truly fulfilled the “Zhinong fly bravely, if anything happens deal with it yourself”.

Yunan’s fans thought they succeeded and started intensifying the ridicule towards Ji Zhinong and even pulled out and went through the exposé material from before.

Some passerby couldn’t stand it and said, “Didn’t Ji Zhinong’s studio already clarify the matter about him being a drinking partner? How come people are still clinging onto this? No matter how you look at it, he’s also a victim!”

In the end, this passerby was blocked by Zhang Yunan’s fans and reported until their account was banned.

This raging bloody battle continued until 9:59 pm that night. Zhang Yunan’s fans were large in number, organized, and had the secret guidance of the studio, completely taking the upper hand.

Until 10 pm that night.


Let’s have Xiao Lan review today’s media visit to the shooting location with everyone! Friendly tip: Our male lead @JiZhinong’s interview part is from 2:00-12:00. The other friends show up afterward @ZhangYunan

[Video of the Visit to the Shooting Location]

@GossipConsumer: lol, when you press @ZhangYunan, the user doesn’t exist.

@LeapingTheLandOfJiangnanToShareLand: Is this the official account drilling it in that the third male lead is Zhang Yunan and not Ji Yunan?!

@Gossiper1: Official Account: We only recognize Zhang Yunan as our supporting lead, not Ji Yunan.

@Gossiper2: So the fuss Ji Yunan’s fans made tonight was all for nothing?

@Gossiper3: It’s my first time seeing an official account face slap fans lolololololol

But Zhang Yunan’s fans weren’t tame either. They immediately went to Yunan’s studio to kick up a fuss, feeling that the production crew wasn’t respectful and requesting that Zhang Yunan just refuse to act! What was so special about a male supporting role? He could clearly go act as male lead!

The topics #TheProductionCrewOfTreadingOnACourtyardOfOrchidsIsntHumane# #JiYunanRefuseToActInTreadingOnACourtyardOfOrchids became more popular as they were hyped. The fans thought they vented a grievance for their idol and were pleased with themselves.

What they didn’t know was that Ji Yunan’s manager was currently begging humbly before the production crew.

The producer said very harshly, “When we first signed the contract, I clearly asked that you use ‘Zhang Yunan’ to cooperate in the entire promotion. Now that the fans are making a stir to this point and slandering this movie, I can sue you for contract violation!!”

Both sides were smart. That the media dared to ask so directly today was definitely something the production crew specially informed them to do.

That Yunan’s fans could hype up the topics so much was more or less because they had the studio’s silent permission.

But this time they had come across a tough opponent. They hadn’t thought the producer wouldn’t give them face. The manager couldn’t handle it any longer and could only go beg Qin Kaiyu.

Qin Kaiyu didn’t want to make Yunan feel wronged, but he also didn’t want to give up on Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids, a film that was sure to get awards. He could only put down his pride and personally call Li Shaoyao, hoping he could show mercy.

The response Li Shaoyao gave was “No one’s intentionally targeting your fianceé. It’s just letting the media know that the male lead of Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids is Ji Zhinong, and that there’s only one Ji family member in the main cast of Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids: Zhinong.”

This matter could only be handled through having Zhang Yunan change his Weibo name from “Ji Yunan” to “Zhang Yunan” and share that post from the official account about the visit to the shooting location, publicly admitting his surname was Zhang.

It was only after netizens watched the show about the rich family of the Ji Corporation to its end that they remembered another mysteriously hidden main lead in this matter——Ji Zhinong.

Someone intentionally went to check the main page of Ji Zhinong’s Weibo, not responding nor pressing likes from accidental hand slips. The newest Weibo post was still the one about rice-eater.

Li Shaoyao cared as well. He was afraid that Ji Zhinong would be sad and depressed over those unfriendly comments online and was also afraid that Yunan’s fans would come to insult him in the comment section under his posts, so he intentionally went to look with his side account. What he saw was:

5 minutes ago

@JiZhinong replying to @JiZhinongFanclubPresidentOfTheEntireUniverse:

“I think I know how to drive a tractor. How about I go haul the rice myself?”

Li Shaoyao: “…”

  • 1
    accounts that post information to attract views and publicity or to advertise
  • 2
    filling the comment section with supportive/positive comments for their idol and ignoring/reporting bad ones
  • 3
    Chinese idiom that means the act of raising a child is more difficult, and thus more valuable than simply giving birth to the child


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  1. the Ji family are all tools, yes, even the sister who at best treats Ji Zhinong’s wounds.

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  3. The family conflict in the story leaves me feeling so split, because I do 100% agree that Yunan is the one who should be treated as the Ji
    family son. I absolutely hate when media treats blood connections between people who’ve never met as more important/ “real” than life-long adoptive relationships. Yunan is the one who was raised and loved by the family, Yunan is the one who is a member of it. (In turn I would say that Zhinong had no family, because his accidentally adoptive family gave up their rights to the term by how they treated him, and Wen Che is working to recollect his original found family and will eventually accept his new husband)

    But, that being the case, they should never have tracked Zhinong down! They should have just quietly ignored the results of the DNA test, paid off the doctors who did it to make sure they wouldn’t spread rumors, and gone on with their lives. At most quietly investigated where their biological son had ended up and then if they felt guilty about how things had turned out for him put themselves in some sort of shadow backer position for his fledgling career, using their influence to make sure decent roles came his way


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