Chapter 38 – How shabby (pt. 3)

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Treading on Orchids was set to premiere in the summer, so Zhang Yunan started hyping up his relationship wildly starting from the International Labor Day break on May 1st. All kinds of gossip were everywhere; he was itching to get on trending searches everyday.

A certain onlooker ridiculed, [People who don’t know what’s up would think he got married 20 times in one go]

After the movie promotions started, the media’s attention was entirely focused on Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu’s relationship. No matter what the reporters asked, Zhang Yunan was able to change the subject to Qin Kaiyu within three sentences.

A reporter: “Do you have any specific expectations for box office sales?”

Zhang Yunan: “You should ask the director that question. But if the box office sales surpass ten million, Kaiyu and I will treat every single viewer to wedding candies!”

The reporter: “………”

But since he took the initiative to mention the wedding, the reporter could only continue asking some more questions related to this topic, and the entire press conference went off-topic. The true male lead didn’t fight for the limelight either; he just watched Zhang Yunan dance around in front of the camera.

After the press conference ended, the related trending searches and announcements were all linked to Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu’s marriage.

@Gossiper1: [So the male lead of TCO is Zhang Yunan?]

@Gossiper2: [lmfao Ji Zhinong didn’t fight for attention in the entire interview. He didn’t have any sense of presence like invisible air. He’s not like that in the actual movie, right?]

@Gossiper3: [Ji Zhinong: I’ll just watch you be affectionate quietly.]

@Gossiper4: [The male lead is Ji Zhinong. Zhang Yunan just has a little third male lead role. He won’t be upgraded to male lead just cuz he got married during the promotion period. Hope everyone knows that.]

@Gossiper5: [Though there is a lot of fraud to promote the movie, the main cast of TCO is Ji Zhinong. He’s the male lead who’s been approved officially. Stop dancing around, male supporting character. Thanks. Focus on getting married.]

When Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu’s relationship was hyped up so much that there was nothing new, a marketing account started controlling the flow of the conversation.

@TurningIntoGossipFromGossipingV: [Everyone’s Focusing on Zhang Yunan and Qin Kaiyu’s PDA. Who Would Pity the Poor Ji Zhinong in the Corner?]

And then OP posted a picture of the press conference in which Zhang Yunan was talking about the marriage details radiantly while Ji Zhinong was in the corner, looking dejected.

The warm-hearted masses automatically started thinking back to the trifling matter of Qin Kaiyu breaking off his engagement with Ji Zhinong for Zhang Yunan. At first Zhang Yunan’s fans had the advantage as the big fans were the best at being sarcastic.

@Yunduo: [Don’t compare the ex with the current boyfriend. It’s not as if the boss of De Yu Ent. is blind lol]

@Yunduo2: [The beginning is super sweet. Don’t ruin the view, a certain dumped boyfriend. Thanks.]

@Yunduo3: [But everyone with eyes would choose the handsome and sweet Zhang Yunan. But everyone with eyes would choose the handsome and sweet Zhang Yunan. But everyone with eyes would choose the handsome and sweet Zhang Yunan. But everyone with eyes would choose the handsome and sweet Zhang Yunan. But everyone with eyes would choose the handsome and sweet Zhang Yunan.]

Afterwards, Ji Zhinong’s only five fans rushed onto the battlefield.

@JiZhiZhiDecadalScholar: [Excuse him, everyone. There’s only one possibility for Ji ZhiZhi having an expression like this: he’s hungry. I’ll attach a few photos of him with the same expression. Photos: Ji Zhinong feeling “dejected” at the filming site, Ji Zhinong being all smiles in front of food, Ji Zhinong feeling “dejected” at the studio entrance, Ji Zhinong being all smiles at the company’s cafeteria.]

@JiZhiZhisOnlyOnlineFanbase: [I’ll post a picture of him eating cake backstage after the press conference ended. The kid was starved so badly that he went through a slice of Black Forest Cake in three bites. Photo: Ji Zhinong feeling “dejected” on stage, Ji Zhinong being all smiles after seeing the cake.]

@OneOfTheOnlyFiveFans: [So why did our male lead get hungry? It’s because a certain someone was too talkative and insisted on discussing his ear-bending relationship with reporters, making the press conference end 20 minutes later. From the looks of it, Zhinong wasn’t the only one who got hungry; the staff there must’ve been hungry too. If you don’t believe it, look at everyone else’s expressions. HD Photo: All the other actors and the emcee clearly have unhappy expressions]

@ImTheBestAtSoundingMystifying: [Zhang Yunan only cares about whether he gets on trending searches with Qin Kaiyu. Who would pity his starving colleagues and the staff?]

@ImTheBestAtSoundingMystifying: [Some people want the entire nation to know that they’re getting married and spread forced PDA everyday. Your PDA isn’t sweet but salty!]

@OneFifth: [Oh, that? Qin Kaiyu probably isn’t even as important as a slice of cake for Ji ZhiZhi. It isn’t worth being dejected over trash like him. Is our Li Zhi 1ship name for Li Shaoyao and Ji Zhinong not sweet enough or is the stamp on their marriage certificate not obvious enough? Be careful that CEO Li will call the police if you spout random stuff :)]

@JiZhinongFanclubInTheEntireUniverse: [But anyone with eyes can see that Ji Zhinong only likes Li Shaoyao, right? But anyone with eyes can see that Ji Zhinong only likes Li Shaoyao, right? But anyone with eyes can see that Li Shaoyao is a hundred times better than Qin Kaiyu, right? But anyone with eyes can see that Qin Kaiyu’s act of breaking off the engagement was immoral, right? But anyone with eyes can see that Ji Zhinong is a hundred times better than Zhang Yunan, right? But anyone with eyes can see that Zhang Yunan is jealous of Ji Zhinong, right? lolol]

Though Ji Zhinong only had five human fans across the entire Internet, the place value had changed long ago in the past half year. It was said that there were only five human fans, but in reality, there were at least fifty thousand involved in liking, commenting, and sharing.

Even though Zhang Yunan spent a great deal of money on hiring keyboard warriors, he couldn’t beat the “five human fans,” and the bout of ridicule got him into a mess instead.

That night, Zhang Yunan got a call from Li Wei, who told him to go to the old mansion with Qin Kaiyu.

Li Wei was Ji Qingshan’s trusted subordinate. What he said was the old master’s wishes.

They were both his grandsons, and Zhang Yunan had been raised in the family for twenty years at that. Their relationship was deeper than his and Ji Zhinong’s. It was just that after the truth behind his birth was revealed, Ji Qingshan had never again cared for Zhang Yunan, the fake grandson.

Zhang Yunan thought his grandpa was going to give him a present since he had given Ji Zhinong and Li Shaoyao a whole billion in just red bags after they established their relationship. Not to mention that the old master had put quite a bit of effort into personally negotiating with Father Li so Ji Zhinong could be recognized by the Li family. It hadn’t been achieved yet, but his sincerity was very valuable, showing that he cared for Ji Zhinong from the bottom of his heart.

Zhang Yunan was self-aware enough to not ask that Ji Qingshan attach as much importance to him as before. As long as he gave a satisfactory amount of money, he didn’t need anything else.

He told Qin Kaiyu about it enthusiastically, and the next day, the two went to see him with gifts.

But after they arrived, they were left hanging in the living room. Li Wei told them that they had come at a bad time and that Ji Qingshan had just started his afternoon nap, having them wait for a while.

Qin Kaiyu was very respectful of the old master and just waited as they were told. But after Li Wei left, he mumbled, “He was the one who told us to come at this time.”

They waited for an hour.

Ji Qingshan woke up from his afternoon nap and walked to the living room slowly, sitting on the chair heavily. “Sorry for the long wait. I’m getting old, and I couldn’t stand the exhaustion.”

Qin Kaiyu stood up hurriedly and poured a cup of sobering tea, smiling as he said, “Even children get exhausted in the afternoon. Clearly, your body is strong and healthy, just like a youngster in his early twenties.”

“Yunan, why aren’t you saying anything?” Ji Qingshan looked towards the silent Zhang Yunan and asked.

Only then did Zhang Yunan get up from the chair and walk over to his grandpa. Waiting an hour in vain made him feel unhappy, and he kept thinking that his grandpa was intentionally irritating him. Even so, he didn’t have the courage to act spoiled and well-behaved in front of him like he did before.

After all, he wasn’t related to him by blood.

Ji Qingshan rubbed the back of the squatting Zhang Yunan’s head and patted him gently. “You’ve gotten quite distant from me these past two years.”


“I understand your parents’ intentions. They want you to have a good life even if you leave the Ji family. Though you and Kaiyu fought a lot on the path, you two still got to this point in the end. Grandpa won’t oppose your relationship, but there are some things I have to tell you. Remember it well.”

Zhang Yunan lowered his head and listened closely, only to hear, “The switching of babies back then isn’t the fault of you children; it’s the adults’ fault. No one was going to force you to go back to a mud pit like the Zhang family. Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. You can’t force others either.”

The “others” referred to Zhinong.

Zhang Yunan nodded in agreement. He had tried forcing Ji Zhinong before, but he didn’t succeed, nor would he have another chance to succeed. Since he couldn’t succeed, he could only go along with what his grandpa said and stop there.

Ji Qingshan continued to say. “You aren’t related to the Ji family by blood, but the Ji family gave you the best in the past twenty years of raising you. Even though we knew we raised the wrong child, nobody wanted anything back from you, so you can’t take what doesn’t belong to you from others.”

“…I understand.”

“Another thing. Yesterday, I caught wind of someone going through Zhinong and Kaiyu’s past matters.”

Qin Kaiyu: “…”

Ji Qingshan glanced at the two young ones and said, “In regards to debts, in reality, it’s the Ji family that owes Zhinong. Since you say you’re a member of the Ji family, then you should take on this debt to Zhinong with the Ji family, Yunan.”

He said, “Grandpa isn’t asking you to really repay the debt. I just hope that you’ll understand that you took Ji Zhinong’s life before, and he was held up for the most important twenty years of his life in that mud pit. But you were protected and grew up while being cared for. An An, don’t be so greedy. If you still aren’t going to restrain yourself and get someone to expose Zhinong’s wounds, I won’t even have to do anything; Li Shaoyao will make things difficult for you.”

He said it was advice, but it was actually a warning. His words kept Zhang Yunan from raising his head with their pressure.

When they were leaving, the old master gave him a red bag according to tradition. Aside from a two hundred thousand dollar check, there was a short 14 word letter:

“Do not do to others what you would not have them do to you.”

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