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Qin Xiaohuo was sent to buy a rice cooker from the nearby supermarket.

Ji Zhinong personally rinsed and washed the rice and then put the rice in the pot. Half an hour later, the piping hot and soft rice was ready to eat.

He specially ladled a bowlful for the sugar daddy.

Li Shaoyao looked at the fragrant rice next to his hand. Even until now, he hadn’t understood why a fan visiting the shooting location would gift a bagful of northeastern rice.

His original plan was to eat lunch with Zhinong before leaving, so he ordered lunch from the restaurant beforehand. But now it was great, the takeout from the restaurant also had rice.

“Can the restaurant’s rice be compared to the rice I cooked?” Zhinong stared at Li Shaoyao, in disbelief that he was hesitating over choosing between the two portions of rice.

Li Shaoyao: “It’s mainly that you ladled too much.”

How large was the bowl used for ladling rice? It was to the point that he could hide his face completely when he raised the bowl with both hands. “This is my fan’s love towards me. I’m currently sharing the love I received with you. How could a five-dollar takeout be on par with my love-filled rice?!”

“…” Li Shaoyao looked at Yang Yi who was at the side. “What provoked him?”

Yang Yi: “…” It’s a long story!

Zhinong saw that Li Shaoyao still had yet to move his chopsticks and put down his spoon in rage. He hugged his arms and turned his head towards the window, seeming angry.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’ll eat this northeastern rice, okay?”

Li Shaoyao compromised and reached into the pot with his chopsticks, picking up a large chunk and delivering it into his mouth. The steamed rice was soft and chewy; it didn’t taste bad.

He occasionally raised his gaze and noticed Ji Zhinong was propping up his chin and watching him eat, a smile in his eyes. If the unrelated people were excluded and the eating place was changed to the home, it would seem like a couple’s daily sweet meals.

Li Shaoyao suddenly felt like eating this entire huge bowl wasn’t anything hard. This meal was especially pleasant and sweet.

As for those two portions of rice from the takeout, in accordance with the good tradition of not wasting food, they were dealt with by Qin Xiaohuo in the end.

That afternoon, Qin Xiaohuo ate four whole portions of rice. This left him unable to even look at rice the following week.

That afternoon, Ji Zhinong’s Weibo1a popular social media platform similar to Twitter was finally updated after two months.

“The strongest rice-eater!”

The attached photo was of the two empty rice bowls on the table.

It was only after around five minutes that a few comments appeared.

@JiZhinong’sFanClubInTheEntireUniverse: “If you like eating it, we’ll send you extra bags when we come to visit the shooting location again. We’ll haul it over to you using a tractor.”

@BirthYearLikeClothes: “The size of these bowls is way too exaggerated. @JiZhinong don’t tell me you were the one who ate that bowl the size of a face.”

Ji Zhinong: “…”

@JiZhinong replying to @BirthYearLikeClothes: “The big bowl belongs to a certain rice-eating tool2“rice eater” is a popular internet slang used to refer to people go all out to eat rice.”

@TheGreatGrandfatherOfTheJiCorporation: “Baby, who are you eating with?”

In the photo, there was indeed a hand with distinct joints. On the middle finger of that hand was also a plain ring.

A ring on the middle finger typically represented engagement or dating.

But Ji Zhinong was too unpopular, and there weren’t any fans who thought this way.

Very quickly another few scattered fans3fans who don’t interact with other fans of the same fandom; they support their idols independently guessed that the one sitting across from him was a staff member.

@MultiStanningEveryDay4refers to not having a bias when stanning idols and easily switching fandoms: “It can’t be a new relationship. Would he show off so boldly if there’s something going on?”

Currently, popular celebrities didn’t have the guts to, but ones unpopular like Ji Zhinong were way too gutsy!

That day, Film Emperor Wen experienced the happiness of being an invisible no-name celebrity.

Back then, every Weibo post he made would be observed under microscopes by the media and fans. His relationship with Lu Yuankong was discovered right in this way.

Back then, Lu Yuankong was just reflected on the knife and fork. His fans, going with just this blurry and deformed reflection, turned Lu Yuankong’s family background upside down.

Upon noticing the other’s family background wasn’t great, they started attacking Lu Yuankong as someone kept. In the end, it was Wen Che who ignored dissuasion and publicly admitted this relationship, saying publicly that it was him who pursued Lu Yuankong. That calmed the malicious guesses about Lu Yuankong.

These were all matters from nine years ago, but Wen Che still remembered them clearly.

The one currently sitting across from him was Li Shaoyao, the young head of a corporation who was itching to write the word “arrogant” on his face. Presumably, no one would dare to go through his family background, nor would there be anyone bored enough to care about whether there were traces of a dating relationship in an unpopular celebrity’s Weibo.

An hour passed. The shares and comments on the post added together just barely amounted to 200. The comment with the highest number of likes was the one about sending rice, even the comment from the fan club President had only 50 likes.

Ji Zhinong had debuted for five years, but the response he received wasn’t even comparable to a newbie.

But Wen Che took pleasure in the moment. He held the phone, interacting with those few living fans happily, already looking into the 18 methods of eating the northeastern rice.

While he was playing with his phone, Li Shaoyao called Yang Yi out alone and asked about the situation with the northeastern rice. Yang Yi explained what happened during the visit to the shooting location in detail.

Li Shaoyao pondered deeply for a moment, saying, “So he was provoked by this group of honest fans?”

Yang Yi was both helpless and found it funny. “It’s also my first time encountering this type of situation. That group of fans is different from the type we typically met. They really dared to say any truth in front of Mr. Ji.”

Li Shaoyao: “Outsiders watching think it’s funny, but it’s hard for Zhinong to take. He should’ve been loved by more people.”

Yang Yi nodded very earnestly. “Director Lin complimented Zhinong as maturing late to me more than once. He’s actually very talented in acting. We have confidence in him that after the movie airs, it can definitely turn the tides. But Treading on a Courtyard of Orchids will only meet audiences next year earliest. I’m afraid these kinds of days without anyone being interested in him will last for another half year.”

Li Shaoyao turned and burped, saying concernedly, “I’m worried his heart disease will relapse with another provocation from a few more bags of northeastern rice. I’ll keep thinking about how to allow audiences to become familiar with the current him. The previous Ji Zhinong was way too unremarkable.”

Very soon he figured out that he was too pessimistic. On the road back to the urban district, he intentionally opened Weibo and saw that Ji Zhinong had already made several hundreds of posts interacting with fans. What a great chatterbox he was!!!

Li Shaoyao opened his side account and intentionally changed his ID name: @JiZhiZhiDidYouGetPopularToday

And then he cut into the conversation between Ji Zhinong and the president of the fan club:

@JiZhiZhiDidYouGetPopularToday: I like eating Yangchun fried rice.

After ten minutes, CEO Li specially checked his phone. There were actually no likes, and Ji Zhinong didn’t respond to him!!

Maybe he didn’t see it.

Li Shaoyao got out of the car and entered the Li Corporation building, preparing for a board of executives meeting. When everyone was present and was waiting for the young head to open his mouth, the young head opened Weibo under the gaze of the crowd. There was still no one who cared if he liked Yangchun fried rice or not. Ji Zhinong and the president of the fan club had already started discussing the topic of “how much it costs to haul northeastern rice with a tractor”.

He had to flip through so many posts before he could see his own response.

CEO Li turned off his phone and threw it to the special assistant, his face dark. He announced the start of the meeting. The old board members in the meeting wiped their sweat, not knowing who angered this decision-maker again.

  • 1
    a popular social media platform similar to Twitter
  • 2
    “rice eater” is a popular internet slang used to refer to people go all out to eat rice
  • 3
    fans who don’t interact with other fans of the same fandom; they support their idols independently
  • 4
    refers to not having a bias when stanning idols and easily switching fandoms


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