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Chapter 69 – “Prince of Aaron Landis, please be my lover!”

A Tale of Strategies For the Throne
68 Chapters

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Although it was still a sunny morning, Garlan had already yawned several times. He rubbed his eyes hard, trying to wake himself up.

“Your Highness, you don’t seem to be in good spirits. Do you need me to call a doctor?”

The female officer Taputi glanced at Garlan who was yawning from time to time, looked down and couldn’t help asking.

“No need. It’s just that I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Garlan waved his hand in refusal.

If he knew that, he wouldn’t have sneaked into the guest areas of the palace last night. First, he was frightened by the group of Tasdarians, and then he heard something from Heimos that subverted his three views, it made him suffer a shock. After returning, he tossed and turned on the bed for half the night, and finally fell asleep in the early morning.

If one didn’t get enough sleep, it was natural to be a little sleepy.

“Really? Please pay attention to your health.” The female officer said, “Tonight you will be attending the banquet for the Tasdarians. If you are sick, it will be quite troublesome.”

Garlan paused for a moment as he drank the fruit dew. The shock he suffered last night was so great that he felt a little apprehensive when he heard the word, ‘Tasdarians’.

However, after thinking about it, other’s traditions were their business, and in any case, it had nothing to do with him. Although he was awkward, he still had to respect the ways of this important ally.

Thinking about it like this, he suddenly got the idea. He raised his head and drank the green plum fruit dew, then he raised his hand and stretched his waist.

Let’s go and loosen up my muscles.

The prince, who quickly put this matter behind him, stood up thinking so.



During the day, the spacious courtyard was brightly lit by the sun, and the pool with blooming white lotuses rippled and sparkled in the sun.

At this moment, in the square not far from the pond, a group of Tasdarians gathered together.

When the Tasdarians didn’t need to wear bronze armour on the battlefield, they usually wore very simple and light clothes, exposing their arms and most of their chests. They believed that since human beings had been given a fit and strong body by God, they should expose them to the sun to show this beauty.


He saw that the young man standing in the open space raised his hand, used the iron spear to support the big sword that the opponent was slashing over, and knocked him out with one kick.

Immediately after that, he dodged vigorously, avoiding the attack on his side, and with a backhand, the spear shot heavily on the shoulder of the other man, knocking him back several steps.

After it was over, he slammed the spear upright on the rocky ground.

This tall and well-built young man stood there with a long spear and slender limbs and glanced at the people he had defeated. His dark brown forehead was scattered around his deep cheeks, and his dark brown eyes were piercing. His whole person looked arrogant.

The Tasdarians who were watching around him burst into cheers, expressing their appreciation and admiration for this young man who had won successively in the fight.

The Tasdarians admired the strong.

They believe that strong people should have everything, and strong people were worthy of their worship.

Therefore, they believed in Ashur, the God of War who represented destruction and power.


A man threw a red apple at a brunette while shouting his name.

Opada threw the iron spear to the people next to him and caught the apple. Then, he casually leaned on the rockery next to him, sat on the short man-made rock, nibbled off half an apple in one bite. He didn’t care that the water splashed from the rockery fell on himself.

He left the field, and the Tasdarians over there were still at the open space. Someone had already stepped up to replace him who had left the position to continue to fight.

A duo fight. That was what Tarsdarians play when they were bored.

It was also a game that had been around since they were young.

“Opada, you’ve become stronger again.”

His companion sat cross-legged on a low rock, spoke as he nibbled on an apple.

The brunette, who had eaten the apple after a few bites, clicked his tongue.

“Strong?” His companion’s praise didn’t seem to make him happy, “I still can’t beat that old man.”

His unconvincing answer made his same-age friend laugh.

“Of course, you are talking about your father, the great military leader of Tasdar, and the first warrior of Tasdar.”

Although Tasdar also had kings, it was different from other countries.

In Tasdar, the General, the Supreme Military Chief of Tasdar, had the same political status and power as the king.

The Tasdar’s king was in charge of internal affairs, while military chiefs were in charge of armies and foreign campaigns. In wartime, the order of the military chief was even higher than that of the king.

If one wanted to be the military leader of Tasdar, they must be the bravest warrior in the country.

The current Tasdar military leader, Mesne, was recognised as the first warrior of the country. He had five sons in total, and Opada, the third son, was the most heroic and powerful among them. He was considered to be the next military chief of Tasdar.

Therefore, for this meeting with the ally Aaron Landis, Mesne specially asked him to come as a member of the envoy, which was also to inform Aaron Landis that he was his chosen successor.

The companion continued, “You’re still ten years early before you can defeat Lord Mesne.

This man was clearly an admirer of General Mesne.

He said, “Lord Mesne had seen that prince of Aaron Landis not long ago, and is said to have greatly admired him.”

The Gaishu kingdom in the north had always been the mortal enemy of the Tasdar and Aaron Landis.

Not long ago, General Mesne led the Tasdar infantry and Aaron Landis’ cavalry to repel the aggressive Gaishuians. Opada was out on the expedition at that time and didn’t participate in this battle.

“The prince was called the ‘Black Knight of Hell’ by the Gaishu, and it was said that his appearance frightened them.”

Listening to his companion’s words, Opada sneered and snorted.

Being young and vigorous, he was extremely dissatisfied with the prince of Aaron Landis, who was greatly admired by his father and was also feared by the Gaishu, the mortal enemies of the Tasdar.

“Come on, there is also a so-called ‘Prince who was given wisdom and justice by the Sun God Shamash’.”

He said with a look of disdain, “It’s just a reputation made up by those boring people. it’s all just pleasantries.”

“No matter which prince it is, they are not my opponent.”

Opada said proudly.

His companion nodded approvingly.

“I think so too.” The Tasdarians were the most confident in their own strength, “No one can be stronger than our people.”

A light refracted from Opada’s chest and his eyes shook. The Tasdar man couldn’t help laughing when he saw it.

“Speaking of which, Opada, when are you going to give this thing out?”

The companion pointed to something around his neck and asked.

Hanging on Opada’s neck was a translucent azure blue gemstone whose colour was like the sky, reflecting a clear halo in the sunlight.

This was the most valuable trophy that Opada had won when he went out for his first battle at the age of fifteen.

“You’ve been carrying it for seven or eight years. You don’t plan to carry it for the rest of your life, are you?”

His companion shook his head, and clicked his tongue.

“Not to mention the men who woo you, there are quite a few women who have asked you for this gem over the years, right? You don’t like any of them?”

The men of Tasdar would give their lovers the most valuable trophies they had won during their first battle.

While Tastars cherished same-sex romances, not everyone was the same.

The women of Tasdar were not only beautiful and strong, but also very picky. In order to ensure that their children could inherit the excellent blood, they would only choose men who were strong and heroic.

Only warriors would gain their favour.

“Opada, say, what’s the type of person you like?”

“I also have no idea.”

The brunette young man answered, with his hands behind his head. Leaning on the rockery, his eyes looking at the far-reaching sky.

“Maybe the kind that would make me look up to…high…giving a feeling of being unattainable…”

That kind of aloof manner… was enough to make his heart move…

“I cannot understand what you are saying.”

His companion, who was good at using strength but not brains, said honestly.

“Actually, I also don’t know it myself.”

Opada said, then got up and turned to leave.

“where are you going?”

“It’s too boring here. I’ll go and borrow Aaron Landis’ training ground.”

“Hey, there is a banquet in the evening. It is said that the prince of Aaron Landis will also attend. Aren’t you going to prepare?”

“What’s there to prepare?”

Opada waved his hand without looking back.

Instead of thinking about these things, it was better to use this time to strengthen himself.


As the son of General Tasdar and one of the highest-ranking people in the envoy, Opada would naturally have no problem using the palace’s martial arts training ground. Soon, the attendants in the palace took him to the martial arts field and provided him with a horse.

Opada didn’t refuse. Although the Tasdarians were famous for their heavy infantry, it didn’t mean that they despised the cavalry. On the contrary, they had always attached great importance to it. The reason why they were friendly with Aaron Landis was also because the Tasdarians, who admire the strong, respected the strength of Aaron Landis’ cavalry.

The horse ran a few laps in the martial arts field. The martial arts field, which was much wider than the palace courtyard, made Opada much more comfortable.

Then, he dismounted and came to the training ground on the side of the martial arts field, intending to train his skills in using the sword and shield.

As soon as they entered the plaza, the young Tarsdar man frowned.

He saw that on the other side of the training ground, three people were fighting against a teenager.

What made him scowled was that the three of them were all tall and sturdy grown men, and they were very strong at first sight. The boy was blocked by the three of them, so he couldn’t see clearly, but compared with those men, not only was he shorter in stature, his body was also much slender.

Regarding bullying the weak, Tasdarians were most disdainful about such acts, especially those tall men who bully a child.

Thinking like this, Opada ran over quickly, intending to help the boy who was surrounded by circles.

However, when he was just halfway through, the boy he regarded as the weakling who was being bullied suddenly moved.

As fast as the wind.

Obviously not tall and strong, or even a little slender, but like a golden cheetah that suddenly showed its sharp claws, his posture was agile and vigorous.

The young teenager didn’t fight head-to-head with his opponent, but his claws were still extremely sharp.

Often in an instant, the opponent’s vital points could be torn apart, and the enemy could be killed in one hit.

Opada stood on the spot in astonishment and watched, the sun was so strong that his eyes hurt a little, but he didn’t know why he was staring straight ahead.

He couldn’t take his eyes off the teenager.

The boy’s fighting posture was like a war dance sacrificed to Ashur, the God of War in the sun.

Like a burning flame, it was breathtaking.

The blunt-edged dagger in his hand slashed over one of the man’s throat, then he slammed into the other’s chest, and finally, one hand pressed onto the back of another man who was kneeling because he had kicked to his knee, and rolled over in the air.

The bent knee slammed hard on the last man’s chin, and he turned and landed on the ground.

Three tall men fell to the ground in a haphazard manner.

The young boy stood on the ground with a dagger in his hand pointing directly at the throat of the man who was sitting on the ground. His figure was awe-inspiring.

Who is that?

Opada thought.

He stood under the training platform, the teenager on the platform turned his back to him, and he could only see the silhouette of the teenager.

A slender but straight figure, and a bunch of bright blonde hair that shone in the sun.

For some reason, at this moment, he was extremely eager to make the boy turn around. His yearning made his chest a little hot.

And this eagerness made him step forward, wanting to step onto the training platform.

However, before he could lift his legs, he saw the defeated men stood up and knelt in front of the boy to salute him.

He heard them call the boy, Prince.

Opada was startled.

Was this blond-haired boy the prince of Aaron Landis? Was that the prince he talked about with his companions just now?

The teenager nodded slightly to those people, then raised his hand and whistled.

In Opada’s stunned and amazed eyes, a huge male lion whistled along with the whistle, jumped up on the training platform vigorously, and ran to the boy’s side.

It was a terrifying male lion that even the brave Tasdarians didn’t dare to face but he meekly approached the boy.

The teenager touched the head of the big lion, then turned over and rode on the back of the lion.

When he turned over, it was just nice facingit was just nice he faced Opada.

Opada stood under the high training platform and raised his head.

On the high platform, the blond-haired boy rode on the majestic and arrogant lion, and glanced at him.


Bright sunlight shone down from the sky and enveloped the teenager.

The young man in the backlight looked down at him, as if the unattainable god looked down at him lightly.

At that glance, it was like a sharp sword pierced through his chest.

It made his chest hurt violently as if it was being scorched by the hot sun.

He stood under the platform and watched helplessly as the boy rode a lion into the jungle beside the martial arts field and disappeared into the depths of the green forest.


“Opada, you are back so soon, why didn’t you practise more?”

Opada’s early return surprised his companion. As far as he knew, once Opada started training, he wouldn’t stop for at least half of the day.

“No, there is a banquet in the evening. Didn’t you say that the prince of Aaron Landis would also be there?”

“Tsk, so what, what’s there to care about? didn’t you say that the prince’s so-called reputation was created by making a fuss, it’s nothing at all… ooph!!!”

The Tasdar man who was speaking suddenly suffered a heavy punch from Opada in the abdomen, causing him to bend over in pain.

“Stop talking nonsense and get ready.”

The successor of their military chief said so solemnly.

“Also, Aaron Landis is our ally, and we are not allowed to say such things in the future.”

You were the one who obviously said it first!

Someone who was speechless due to the severe blow to the abdomen cried out in his heart.



It was already evening, and in the gorgeous golden palace, the soft melody played by the harp echoed in the brightly lit hall.

The light and thin white gauze fluttered softly like the graceful dances of the dancers. On both sides of the hall, the long sides from beginning to end, olive oil flowed in the water ditch carved by jade burning with flaming flames. The whole hall was lit up like daylight.

King Camos sat on the high golden throne.

On both sides of the hall, the noble officials of Aaron Landis sat on one side, and the Tasdarians sat on the other.

While drinking, the crowd admired the dancers’ movement, chatting and laughing loudly in the soft music, which was harmonious.

There was only one young Tasdar man, sitting on the seat, looking restless. The golden bottled sake and jade dishes on the table didn’t attract his attention at all. He sat there, frequently looking around.

Not long after, a servant walked over quickly.

Standing on the lower side of King Camos, he reported a few words to the king.

“…prince has arrived.”

Opada was relatively close to King Camos and heard this sentence. But because of the voices and music of his companions, he only heard half of it.

He understood the Aaron Landis’ language, so he was clearly aware of the words ‘the prince has arrived’.

So, he turned his head suddenly and looked in the direction of the attendant.

There was a side door there. Although there was a tulle in the middle to hide it from here and it was difficult to see clearly, he could vaguely see someone walking over amid the crowd, and the maids and servants standing at the door also knelt down and saluted the prince.

Closer and closer, he even saw the bright blond hair in his memory.

He drank a large glass of wine suddenly, and gave himself some courage. Opada stood up abruptly, and walked quickly to the side door under the surprised eyes of his companions.

His heart beated violently. He criticised himself for being like a young brat who couldn’t control this fierce pounding heartbeat.

He felt more nervous compared to being on the battlefield for the first time.

Opada raised his hand and tightly held the azure blue gemstone pendant on his chest. The cold touch had barely calmed him down.

But he was still so nervous that he didn’t even dare to lift his head.

He didn’t dare to stop, didn’t dare to look up, for fear that when he stopped and raised his head, he would lose his courage.

So he took a big step, almost rushing to the side door.

The prince who happened to be surrounded by the crowd just entered.

Opada gritted his teeth, ripped off the blue sapphire on his chest, knelt down in front of the man on one knee, and held the gem with both hands.

He shouted, “Prince of Aaron Landis, please be my lover!”

As soon as the words came out, everyone was stunned.

With his kneeling and one sentence, it stupefied everyone.

Even the musicians forgot to play, and the entire hall became silent at this moment, even the drop of the needles could be heard.



This is…awesome.

Garlan cried out in astonishment in his heart.

Garlan, who came to the dinner party, was in a good mood.

He stretched his muscles and joints on the martial arts training ground in the afternoon, and felt energetic. After he figured out that the traditions of the Tasdarians had nothing to do with him, he didn’t take it seriously, and came to the dinner party happily and with a light heart.

When he came to the banquet hall, he happened to bump into Heimos, who also came at this time, and the two naturally entered together.

However, when he was about to enter the side door, Garlan felt like he was stepping on something, which made his foot crooked. Thus he stopped subconsciously and looked down to see what he stepped on.

Naturally this stop made him fall a few steps behind Heimos.

So Heimos entered before him.

In the next second…

“Prince of Aaron Landis, please be my lover!”

With a sudden loud voice, Garlan instinctively looked up.

He only saw a Tasdarian who looked familiar, kneeling in front of Heimos, holding a blue gem in both hands and sending it in front of Heimos.


Public courtship.


Heimos was wooed in public.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa—

How amazing.

Heimos was wooed by a Tasdarian man—

The melon-eating group1(Actual word: 吃瓜群众) also known as group of melon eaters, refers to people that enjoy watching something happen to other people (usually something unfortunate or funny) that they themselves have nothing to do with. Garlan stood behind and watched the strong courtship scene, while exclaiming at the bottom of his heart.

I had a good laugh when I was translating this chapter. Thank you for the patience and I apologies for making you guys wait! ( I know it must have been torturous)

You may also noticed that the ‘……’ for the splitting of paragraph appears to be longer. Previously I followed just having three dots, ‘…’  but I realised it was pretty awkward. So, I’m following my gut feeling to do what feels right. ahhaha. LOLS. took me 69 chapters to correct this feeling-.-” im not sure what my editor and proofreader(Sleepy & Lore) think. I’ll ask them the next time. haha. Whoops.

Lately I’ve been into craft beers. I wanted to complete this chapter while drinking. Halfway, I was too sleepy and I gave up. hahahha. IM SORRY.


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    (Actual word: 吃瓜群众) also known as group of melon eaters, refers to people that enjoy watching something happen to other people (usually something unfortunate or funny) that they themselves have nothing to do with.


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